The Arab Rationalists’ Struggle to Modernize Islam

Jacob Thomas

Consultant on Middle Eastern affair/ Columnist

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  1. Face_The_Truth says:


    [] Headline of JACOB THOMAS: The Arab Rationalists’ Struggle to Modernize Islam []


    Modernization of Christianity came after the bloody, extremely violent French Revolution of 1789 A.D. to 1799 A.D.

    History tells us that, Christian rulers did not reform themselves out of mercy to non-believers!

    And, Christianity was not what it is today before the French Revolution.

    Even so-called Christian Protestant reformist Martin Luther did not actually revolt against the core falsehoods of any of the existing Christian beliefs, rather perpetuated all existing Christian core principles with renewed, fervent propagation of existing anti-Jew ideology!

    In Islam, there has not been a bloody, violent revolution to reform and replace existing Islamism with something similar to what Christianity has gone through.

    We often see in the past 1400 years of Islamic history, Christians wanted to preserve Islamism as Christians see their reflections in the mirrors of Muslims where a certain group of humans tend to act in accordance with “Divine Commands” based on blatantly as well as utterly false and fictitious stories of a “Son of God” or a “Messenger of Allah”.

    We know the reason behind medieval Christian leaders’ careful refusal to complete the “Crusades” to exterminate all Middle Eastern Muslims; because, medieval Christian leaders wanted medieval Muslims to obliterate all Pagan temples, all archives of hand-written Pagan histories, and Pagan people — that medieval Christian leaders could not obliterate on their own — either by converting to so-called Middle Eastern “monotheism” or by indiscriminate slaughtering of Pagan males — who refused to accept Middle Eastern falsehoods of so-called “monotheism” — as well as Islamic enslavement of all Pagan females of all ages and all Pagan children.

    Christianity stood on the pedestals of destroyed Pagan temples, Pagan literature, and Pagan arts by means of bloody Christian endeavors to devour everything of medieval Pagan people.

    Medieval Christian rulers wanted science to prove the existence of “The Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost”; but instead, science gave Christian rulers not only the alchemists, but also the most effective and technologically advanced war-tools of guns and bullets to start colonial exploitation of non-converted Pagans all over the world.

    But the fact remains that, Christians always wanted to preserve Muslims to subjugate non-believing Pagans wherever Christians themselves failed to subdue non-believers of “The Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost” with all of Christian guns, all of Christian bullets, and all of Christian battleships.

    Medieval Muslims used to capture and sell non-believers to medieval Christians while medieval Christians used to exploit non-believer human-slaves for financial gains and financial prosperity of all faithful Christians!

    So, here we are today.

    After losing the imperial power during French Revolution where ordinary Europeans rejected Christianism, Christianity wanted to revive itself again to rule entire Europe by means of Nazism 75 years ago where Christian Church colluded with the military machine of Nazi Germany.

    And now, Christians are inviting and importing Middle Eastern Muslims to Europe and America in order to create another forthcoming widespread mass disturbance in the lives of ordinary people of North America and Europe.

    Writings are on the walls.


  2. Truth Seeker says:

    Declaring Jesus son of God by Christians, Musa declared messenger of God by Jews gave idea Muhammad to declared himself final messenger of God. Partially Christians and Jews false beliefs were also responsible for breeding of Islam.

  3. Ulema or Islamic theology doesn’t have a mechanism to do the right thing.

    For a moral person ‘it is more about the right thing to do than the expedient thing to do.

  4. Face_The_Truth says:

    Islam’s founder Muhammad was a bastard by birth circumstance alone as Muhammad was born out of his mother being raped by an Arab bedouin long after his supposed father died and as his biological mother did not re-marry at or before the time of Muhammad’s birth.

    So, Muhammad the Arabian bastard followed old Jewish traditions of punishments for homosexuality, bi-sexuality, and cross-dressing.

    Today’s Jews have almost fully accepted homosexual, bi-sexual, and cross-dressing behaviors in their midst; but, world’s Muslims have not for the basic interest of preserving original Islamic ideology propagated by Muhammad the Arabian bastard.

  5. sammy says:

    Islam is a man made invention bourn within 7th century pagan Arabian culture, its founder was a deluded Arabian,as well as a false prophet, who just used everything familiar to him within this culture, and encased it within his invention he called Islam.
    Islam is nothing more than reconstituted Arabian paganism, entwined with the cultural heritage of tribal warfare of 7th century Arabia, made to look and feel like true religion, it cannot be reformed, or brought “up to date “because its own scriptures locks it within a time frame,i.e. the time of its invention,7th century Arabia.

    Anyone who has tried,(and will ever try, to reform this bogus faith) will be despatched heavenwards forthwith.

  6. A large part of the effort to “modernize Islam” is really an attempt to “reform Islam” Therefore , so on this subject the following essay does ,very much ,apply.
    On the topic of a reformation within Islam, a very different yet possible valid and true view on this had been explain by the Christian, Nabeel Qureshi ,who was in the past was a Muslim .He wrote in his book which is entitled ANSWERING JIHAD wrote about the suggestion “that Islam needs a reformation .What they may not realize is that radical Islam is the Islamic reformation. This might sound shocking, but consider: Just as the Protestant Reformation was an attempt to raze centuries of Catholic tradition and return to the canonical text, so radical Islam is an attempt to raze centuries of traditions of various schools of Islamic thought and return to the canonical text of the Quran and Muhammad’s life. This desire to return to the original form of Islam can be seen not only in the words of Sayyid Qutb, but also in his method. He focused almost entirely on references to the Quran. it is true also of the Muslim Brotherhood and ISIS today, whose publications and proclamations are punctuated by references to the Quran and hadith literature. Radical Muslim organizations are explicit in their aim to reform Islam.” page 75. Further on pages 79,80 the author makes his case clear by writing that “Radical Islam is the Islamic reformation . The endeavor to modernize Islam and make it relevant to the twenty -first century is called progressive Islam. Progressive Muslim thought leaders, though few in number and limited in influence are present and are working to recreate Islam’s religious framework from within. Indeed, that is what it would take for Islam to become devoted to peace – not reformation but reimagination. “