Africans forced to convert to Islam or left to starve

Starving Africans are being forced to convert to Islam by so-called humanitarian aid workers

2 Responses

  1. hashan bibile says:

    Muslims are murderers they are the ones who should be starved.

  2. Passive observer says:

    It is because the Libyan intellectual Sheik Khatami once said in Al Jazeera TV that every year six million Muslims are converting to Christianity, particularly in Africa. Similar thing is happening in Indonesia after it was revealed that every year two million Muslims are converting to Christianity. Islam is a fighting religion, so the Muslims are fighting back. I don’t think they will succeed. In this modern electronic world many Muslims are becoming aware, after seeing so many suicide bombings and killings, that Mohammad is a false prophet. They are more inclined to believe that Jesus, the Son of Mary, the Messiah, the Word of God, as said in the Koran, is the true prophet; who healed the sick, revived the dead, was taken to heaven by Allah and will come back to judge the people on the last day of judgement.