Afghanistan Since 9/11

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  1. Excellent article. Very informative. I love American democracy. It doesn’t mean I agree with all their foreign policies. US sacrificed 400,000 soldiers in WWII and saved the world from,fascism and Nazism. While Russia subjugated East Germany, the US along with UK and France given complete freedom to West Germany, and West Germany became the third largest economy in the world. The US lost nearly 64,000 soldiers including civilians and brought freedom to South Korea from communism and it became the third largest economy in the Far-East. In Vietnam lost 68,000 but failed to bring democracy. Although US nuked two Japanese cities, Douglas MacArthur of the Pacific command did a good job, Japan became a good ally to US and became the 3rd or 4th largest economy in the world.. In total US militarily or otherwise involved in 40 countries since the WWII, namely Angola, Ethiopia, Somalia, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Granada, Mozambique, etc. in order to neutralize the influence of Russian, KGB and not for oil. The current Middle East problem started with the invasion of Afghanistan by Russia. Unlike dictatorship, Communism is infectious; there were already Communist parties in hundred countries. The US wants to contain Russia but it did not want to confront directly, for it means 3rd world war. The only option is to support Taliban and Pakistan against Russia. This is the first time Jihadists from 30-40 countries gathered in Afghanistan and fought against Russia and won the war. Consequently Al Qaeda was formed. Osama bin Laden made an unprecedented attack in the US. It was foolish on the part of George Bush to establish democracy in the Middle East.