ISIS are defeated but you ain’t seen nothing yet

Europe's next generation of the unemployable - ANTONIO SEMPERE/AFP/Getty Images

2 Responses

  1. Walter Sieruk says:

    With a threatening statement by an ISIS jihadist “We are in your own backyard.” Shows that he and his other ISIS friends are trying to scare us. Yet we should yet feel not fear but keep aware of our surroundings and stay alert to anything that looks not quite right. As in “What’s wrong with this picture? Then go ,if something wrong is seen, and tell the right person about it. For example, in NY.NY that Tee-shirt vendor who saw some smoke come out of a parked van and then told a police officer about it. Furthermore , as Americans we should and must remember that for the United States to continue as a great power in the world in spite of the current threats of the Islamic terrorism by jihadist /Muslim terrorists who are operatives of ISIS, Al Qaeda and other jihadists of other similar jihad terror entities. Americans then should have Vigilance, Conviction and, of course, Fortitude. As one of the signers of the Declaration of Independence had declared, Thomas Jefferson, “Let the eye of vigilance never be closed.” and “A conviction that we are right accomplishes half the difficulty of correcting wrong.” Likewise, Mr. Jefferson had also stated “Fortitude…teaches us to meet and surmount difficulties; not to fly from them.” So in other words we , as Americans ,should have learned keep moving on strongly with Vigilance, Conviction and Fortitude.

  2. Umer Deen says:

    Actually is would be good if Islamic terror happens in Europe. This will trigger the Europeans to get together and crush the growing Muslim population.