Allah Supports The Crimes of His Creator, Muhammad in the Quran

Jake Neuman

Author of 7 free books available at www.godofmoralperfection.coms

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  1. ODD GIRL says:

    you are absolutely correct! The Quran teaches evil and rewards for evil doings! This book is manmade and so are all of the hadiths, so where does God come into it? man has created this religion and rested on this book for justification for his wicked ways! women are seen as liars, temptresses, slaves and oppressed because backward and uneducated men actually fear the power of a woman if educated. I have no idea who Allah is? and if I am correct, this word Allah is used to in Hinduism and was an idol deity and also a name of a man… so all Muslims have done is created a religion by using parts of other religions, added pagan rituals, continued their small backward minded thoughts and named their god Allah and put forward an illiterate mad man and named him a prophet!
    The religion does not make sense, it has done nothing for humanity and if anything, it has made the world a more scarier place to live in… Hitler must of been an undercover Muslim for sure! 
    I really don’t have much respect for any of the Abrahamic religions out there, as their foundations are weak, confusing and actually do not make sense in an intelligent world… yes I have respect for people have passed on good and moral teachings but the fact that these wise people have been used as reasons for religion and religions are made so easily, is disturbing! what is heaven and hell? that does not add up? these priests, religious scholars, men in high places who choose to put fear into people and brainwash and actually commit sins themselves! what pathetic nonsense! This world looks like hell with nice some nice scenery and how can one actually live peacefully in a heaven after all he/she has seen and gone through and just forget? sounds a bit selfishly weird?
    How can a perfect God create an imperfect creation? How can this creator just sit back and watch and do nothing? if we cant watch or hear about a heinous crime, then how can god? How can it all be a test? a test for who? the victim or the perpetrator? NO NO NO! something is not adding up here???
    We don’t need religions to be good human beings. we need education, an open mind, respect for each other and some strict punishment for those who are wicked!
    What is the meaning of life? who bloody well knows! people are just jamming out babies without thought or means! I really am curious about a million things but am sure about one thing – ISLAM IS EVIL AND A DISEASE, AND ANYONE WHO THINKS THAT IT IS A PEACFULL RELIGION NEEDS THEIR HEAD CHECKED! FAST!