Islamic State in the Grand Scheme of Things

2 Responses

  1. enchodus says:

    You write with the impression you understand the Qur’an and Islam!! I’m afraid when it comes to the Qur’an, you’r as ignorant as ISIS and Al’Kaeda. Islam is way past you and a simple logical proof of that is the amount of Muslims including scholars who oppose the actions of ISIS or any other filthy groups that kill in the name of Allah and for such opinions to carry weight, it would necessitate proof from Islam itself. Incidentally the proofs are there but you are oblivious to them because like I said, you have no idea what Islam is past the fear you spread in your incomplete articles based on the actions of small minority from a body of over 1.6 billion and growing despite all the false propaganda.

  2. abrahamhab says:

    I wonder when those in authority in the West will realize this imminent threat. It is like opening your door to those you know are intent on looting your home and enslaving your family.