The Two Faces of Islam

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  1. Idesigner says:

    Obama has very limited options dealing with ISIS

    1. To destroy ISIS means help Iran and Asaad of Syria.
    2. Neighboring sunni states like Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qutar, Yemen wont join any military action against ISIS. They all will run with rabbits and hunt with hounds.

    3. No Asian country muslim or not wont join in any military action against ISIS fearing that it will upset their muslim minority or majority.
    4. Cant expect Russia or China to join fight against ISIS.
    5.If still Obama insists on putting ground troops, in about one year ISIS volunteers will infiltrate so called “moderate” Sunni forces and kill many American soldiers.Whole war can drag on for next 15 years. Remember Afghanistan, Iraq,Vietnam. This will further divide Americans. America will become bankrupt.

    6. West cant even stop ISIS volunteers from returning home. They all will plead as victims of ISIS. Exploit citizenship laws. Only few high profile warriors will be punished.

  2. Idesigner says:

    My in house Islamic scholar of FFI has his own interpretation:
    3:56 Punish means enlighten unbeliever.
      8:12 terror means fill them with love
      9:29 Fight : strive to convince unbeliever

    17:16 Destroy means Allah  shows them how hell looks like

      Whole Kaffir world believes in this interpretation. I saw it being discussed on CNN few days ago.

  3. ODD GIRL says:

    Obama is trying to be careful as to not offend countries and states that are Muslim. he has to be careful with his words. he knows Islam is a disease but he is trying to contain it in extremist groups. he is a politician and that’s what they do! he knows the evils they have done and are doing but he cant just blurt out hatred to the whole religion, because then then all the muslins will turn against him. Afghanistan and Iraq wanted him out and so did his country and for political reasons, he done so. so you cant just blame him!
    Blair and Bush had guts and went for it and look how the world views them! It was obvious that the problem was not solved but Obama was told to leave and people did not realise the terror that remained. the Muslim governments should be blamed for their pathetic and coward ways and letting groups like these form and not dealing with it when its small scale. cant blame Obama but yes you the people can push him to strike and make him realise that allowing these groups to exist are a threat to his country and the world.
    I am sorry but David Cameron needs a poke in his nose for being a plum and the way he is running his country! faith schools out, headscarf’s off and Pakistani paedophiles out! and then we might get somewhere!……. I read an amusing quote once…….. if Muslims put down their weapons, there would be peace in the world. if the Jews put down their weapons, then there would be no Israel!