The End of the Rainbow: The Decline of Western Civilization and the Rise of Islam

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  1. Idesigner says:

    Problem was or is neither MLK or Marx or liberal philosophy of immigration or one man one vote.
    Problem is ideology of Islam.

    Even a main line mosques of Cambridge, Mass, Musllah  prayer group of Calgary or even a garden variety mosque where so called liberal mullahs preached, it turned out to be fertile ground for ISIS recruites.

  2. rajenderpandey3 says:

    AliSinaOrg Islam teaches to do the opposite. Herein lies the antidote. If Islam prays shut their prayer; if they kill then kill them in return. If they rape cut their organs. Tackling Islam is a form of bull fighting. Kill the bull if needed and do it quickly.

  3. AliSinaOrg says:

    The problem started with Marx. Firs the leftists destroyed the West’s immune
    system. What happens if you kill the white blood cells? You lose your immunity
    to fight invading germs.  The leftists systematically attacked the
    Jude-Christian values of the western civilization. They of course did this for
    their own end. They promoted multiculturalism, moral relativism, (which means
    tolerance of evil) and political correctness (which means lying when truth is
    offensive) and by doing so the made impossible to distinguish right from wrong.
    In fact as far as the leftists are concerned, right and wrong are only
    conventions. Nothing is inherently right or wrong.  This made the Western
    countries fertile for the Islamic infiltration and propagation. Once the immune
    system is destroyed the body can easily be infected by germs. 
    What we need now is to restore the sanity. Acknowledge that Islam is evil,
    reject it in its entirety and ban it practice. We must send back Muslims to
    their country of origin.  This idea that the place of birth establishes
    the citizenship is a western doctrine. For all Asians, from Israel to China,
    citizenship is tied to nationality. The third generation Pakistanis born in UK
    still see themselves as Pakistanis.  Send them back to Pakistan if they
    want to practice Islam. 
    We have to start shutting down the mosques, banning Sharia courts, closing
    down madrasas, fining wearing Islamic clothing, for both men and women.  We
    have to openly denounce Islam in the same way we denounced Nazism. 
    Islamic gatherings must be outlawed. Islamic protests must be outlawed, The
    protesters should be rounded up by the military and sent back to their country
    of origin within 24 hours. 
    This is the solution. There is no other solution. When a patient is infected
    by cancer, he has to submit to chemo therapy, radiation to kill the cancerous
    cells and change the diet to restore the body’s immune system. 
    The west has been weakened thanks to the junk food promoted by the leftist
    media and governments. It has to be taken off multiculturalism, cultural
    relativism and political correctness if it wants to survive.

  4. rajenderpandey3 says:

    Islam is a smallpox that is spreading fast. Civilized world is playing footsie thinking that being politically correct will make the smallpox vanish. This is most stupid. Had, for example, the US acted when Bamiyan Buddha was blown to smithereens 9/11 would not have occurred. Free World must act quickly. Best way is to vanquish ISIS for starters.

  5. Firenze25a says:

    A very astute summary of the reality we live in today. May many be challenged to rise up and make a stand for freedom. Thank you