Regarding Gaza and Hamas

Ibn Kammuna

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  1. Ibn Kammuna says:

    nathan greenberg1967 Well, Hamas has been sending rockets for years. Hamas charter calls for the annihilation of Israel. Hamas has been piling up rockets from Iran and building attack tunnels for the purpose of attacking Israelis. If you were Israel, Nathan, what would you do?
    Israel have tried time and again to move toward peaceful solutions. Arabs, and I am an Arab by the way, proved to be not a peace-willing partner.
    The best solution is to keep the west bank for Abbas and Palestinian state, and have Gaza as part of Israel. This will be a great solutionin the long run.

    Ibn Kammuna

  2. nathan greenberg1967 says:

    May I disagree with this article? It’s rather Israe which is treat to Gaza and it’s Israel which needs to be taken care of to stop its murderous campain which has slautered thousands of Palestinians in the recent years.

  3. ODD GIRL says:

    AliSinaOrg ODD GIRL jewdog well then they need psychiatric therapy once they are moved and lots of education and to be shown that there is a better and peaceful way of living out there. if they can be brainwashed into that religion, then they can be brainwashed again into being human! and if all that fails, prison or mental asylums! but I am sorry, they must leave Gaza and Hamas needs to be eliminated now!

  4. AliSinaOrg says:

    ODD GIRL jewdog Gazans are brought up in a culture of hate and violence Without any doubt, they are the most damaged humans on the face of earth. 
    If they go anywhere they will bring that culture along and will destroy that country.

  5. ODD GIRL says:

    jewdog let the Saudis take them in! wherever there are muslims, there will be no peace! they flippin fight amongst themselves too! their unholy book has made them mad!

  6. ODD GIRL says:

    as long as muslims are anywhere, there will be no peace! they flippin fight amongst themselves too! they are a very disturbed religion/race/organisation or whatever they are! their unholy book has made them mad!

  7. ODD GIRL says:

    AliSinaOrg jewdog 
    let the Saudis take them in! NO WAY any more muslims needed in the west! we need the ones from here to get out too, if they cant live here peacefully neither, go back!

  8. AliSinaOrg says:

    jewdog Emigrate where? If they want to go back to where they came from I think Israel should even pay them. But we don’t want them to come to the west.  Have enough Muslims already. No mas por favor!

  9. jewdog says:

    About 80% of Gazans want to emigrate. The Israelis should facilitate that. As long as there are Muslims in Gaza, there will be holy war.