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Shalom  !

Are you a Christian now? 

Are you Jewish now? 

Are you something new ? 

David A.  

Shalom David  

I am human now!

A. Sina 


Mr. Sina:

You wrote the following about Hollywood "Hollywood , on the other hand glamorizes immorality and makes it look normal. Islamic countries already languishing with their own immorality now have to struggle with the superimposed immorality of Hollywood .

If you look at carefully at what you wrote and most of what comes out of Hollywood you will see that you are wrong, quite wrong in fact. Hollywood seems to me to preach one thing and only thing only- that good nearly always trumps evil. I see redemption in American movies. Yes there is violence but these is redemption and the good guy amost always wins. Look at the blockbusters. Do you see immorality winning out. I don't think so.

I think what you wrote here is wrong.  


Good and evil have different meanings for you and for a Muslim. A Muslim sees only good and evil in the context of haram and halal (forbidden allowed).  Sex out of marriage i is haraml. Murder and violence when done in the name of Allah are not halah and pleased him. Muslims interpret the kindness of the westerners towards them as weakness. They immigrate and take full advantage of the benefits available to them and do not become grateful. They believe that everything you as a non believer have, belongs to them and you are merely an usurper of the gifts of Allah destined only for his believers. Sex out of marriage is bad, polygamy and even temporary marriage that could last just one hour for a fee (among Shiites) is okay. Adultery is a major sin but stoning to death a rape victims who can't produce four make witnesses to the rape is okay. Drinking alcohol is bad but flogging the drinker is not bad. If you steal to feed your children your hand must be chopped but if you murder and steal to promote Islam it is very good.   

The problem is that Muslims belong to a totally different world that has a different set of values. That is why you don’t understand them and they do not understand you.




Dear Ali:

           Your website is a good thing and I hope that it helps stop this religious cult in the mIddle East that is destroying many lives. I would like to take issue with you on one thing though.

The aerage IQ in Middle Eadt countries is around 80. Saudi Arabia rates at around 78. If you accept this is the case how on earth can these people prosper in the world that is becoming increasingly complex. Aren't you in fact also offering a poison chalice to these people, i.e. get rid of Islam and you will progress. Let's face it someone with an IQ of 75 is not going to become the CEO of American Express or Morgan Stanley.  


Ali Sina Responds: 

IQ is not genetic. It has to do with how your brain is stimulated during childhood and later on. The same people when given proper education will have higher IQ indexes.  

Take the example of the Indian Muslims and Pakistanis in UK and compare them with the Indian Hindus in that country. These are exactly the same people from the same genetic stuck, the only difference is their religion. The Muslims constitute the lowers strata of the British society and end up in jail with much more frequency than the average population while the reverse is true with the Hindus who are more educated than the average British and occupy the highest positions. So IQ has a direct link to education.  

See this article as the proof:  




What can I as a Jewish woman do to help?

Dear C.  

Send out this letter to everyone you know:  

We want to reach to millions of people. Once everyone starts seeing what is the real source of the problem and come out of their denial mode, the doors will open and they will join in our effort to eliminate our common threat. Then our job is done. The difficulty is in pushing this huge rock down the hill. After that, the gravity will take care of the rest and all you have to do, is watch it happen.  

The rock is budging. I can feel it. Just another push and it'll start rolling.



 You are doing a great service to humanity with your relentless efforts to expose the true nature of Islam. Prior to 9-11 i knew very little about Islam and was shocked into reality on that tragic day. Thanks to your website i have made great effort to study the true nature of this so called "religion". One merely has to observe the events unfolding before our very eyes to understand that the dark, insidious and repugnant, murderous actions of MUSLIM terrorists (while these so called muslim moderates sit by in mute silence), inspiration comes from one source, Mohammad,the Quran and Al-hadiths. Your authors and contributors are top notch writers and hard hitting wielders of the truth.I hope it is OK with you that I share your website with others to help wake others up to the reality of the true nature of Islam. Once again, I thank you very much for awakening me.



Dear Ali SIna, 

Throught history we've had some  great men amongst our midst but non can or may come close to you .Sal Rushie yes who  fired the first salvo deserves his place in history ,But you have a revolution going on that will be the greatest history ever told .History (His-story) has always been written by the victor. But posterity will have you as the greatest savior of mankind .Not too soon in the future don't be surprised if ambitious media guys try to track you down to make a sensational story or the scoop of the century.

Your ideology -let's not hate the Muslims but save and liberate them - is what sets you apart from other freedom fighters this swordless message is just all too pervasive-Its a matter of time. 





Dear Ali,  

You mention the outrage and fury of the Muslim response to any criticism from non-Muslims or the west. I don't think that applies any more, around here, ( UK ) at least. The ulema seem to have realized at long bloody last that the News is out and about, and that we know the truth about Islam. The last few weeks have seen pretty intensive exposure of the dark side of the mosque, and there hasn't been a squeak of protest, only whimperings for help from the infidel enemy. This week the BBC broadcast a dramatic re-enactment of the Hamburg Jihadis preparing for the 9/11 attack, with very clear and terrifying facts about Islam put into the mouths of the actors. Then there's a drama about terrorism, with swarthy men in tastefully-draped tea towels, an indispensable fashion accessory for all Mujahidin, it seems. The Government of Holland openly criticised the Quran this week! BBC World Service interviewed some mullah, Tariq Ramadan, who has been refused permission to enter America , and a good thing too! The usual polite questions of the BBC have now become open challenges, using facts and figures from Islamic law and the Quran! And of course, the tragedy in Russia set off an international reaction when it was proved that many of the terrorists were Muslim Arabs and Africans, part of the global Jihad. All discussed quite openly now on the BBC who have gone into Attack Mode. Very politely of course. SLOWLY BUT SURELYTHE TIDE WILL TURN...  

As Orson Welles said in his famous speech in The Third Man: In Italy under the Borgias, they had warfare, terror, murder, bloodshed; and they produced Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci and the Renaissance. In Switzerland , they had brotherly love, 500 years of democracy and peace. And what did they produce? The cuckoo clock.



Dear sir Ali Sina,  

I read your site http://www.faithfreedom.org/. I think it's very interesting.  

I'm a Catalan ( Catalonia is a country in Western Europe whose capital is Barcelona ). I'm worried about Islam first because of international terrorism and second because of the behavior of Muslims immigrants in Europe . I got conscientious of the problem when I read Oriana Fallaci's  "Rage and Pride".  

I know Muslim immigrants don't accept Western civilization, they form their communities alone, apart from us. I'm afraid that some of them, if not all of them, trust that when they became the majority of the European population (because of immigration and higher rates of fertility) they will rule Europe for imposing Islam to us.  

What has to be done with them? Forbidding immigration from Muslim countries, sending them back home? Is it possible to change their minds? In Europe , if you advocate banning of immigration you're called fascist. I'm not a fascist.  


 Dear friend,  

I am afraid the answer to your question is not easy. This is a complex problem and the answer is also complex.  

But there are several things we should do. I’ll mention two of them.    

1-     We have to make the real Islam known to the world. Both Muslims and non-Muslims must be educated and understand what really Islam means, who Muhammad was and what is creed all about.  This is a straightforward task: Read the Quran and read the original history of Islam.  With this knowledge we can prevent the spread of Islam among the naïve Europeans and fight back the leis with the truth. This will also help a great number of Muslims who are good people to wake up and leave Islam. With their exodus the other hardened Islamists will be disheartened. After all Muslims are triumphalists and Islam is a religion built on hypes. So defeat will really slow down the fanatics and it would be a blow to their fanatical faith.

2-     We must also stop the flow of immigration. As you said, Muslims will not integrate ever in their host countries, and they will not accept your ways of life. Democracy which means the rule of people over people is contrary to Islamic concept that promotes the rule of Allah over people.  As the Muslims keep growing they will want more power and will want to rule themselves according to the Sharia law. This has already happened in Canada and will happen elsewhere. They will also force their opponents to silence and coerce their host governments introduce anti blasphemy laws and protect their doctrine of hate against criticism. Eventually, as they grow they will impose the Sharia on the non-Muslims as they are already doing it in Islamic countries. So you have to review your immigration laws and make it Islam specific. I am not against immigration in general. But immigration must be limited to those who can and want to integrate. If someone does not want to integrate but rather endeavors to overthrow your system of government and your way of life, then he/she should be barred from entering your country. This is not an unusual measure. Muslims have been practicing it since the time of their Prophet. The non-Muslims are not allowed in certain cities in Saudi Arabia and no non-Muslim can take permanent residency in that country. In other Islamic countries non-Muslims are disallowed taking part in political life of the country and they are only allowed a representation in the Islamic parliaments. And generally they are treated as second class citizens.  

There is much to be done, but these are the two main areas I suggest we should focus our attentions for now.


Ali Sina 



 Dear Mr. Sina  

First of all I apologize that I am disturbing you with my mail because I have nothing special to say. But I found it very hard to keep silent. I am an isolated ex-muslim living in Pakistan surrounded in fanatics. I have been beaten and threatened to death several times and in such conditions I found your site very helpfull me to remain courageous, firm and 'un-faithful' I am really thankful to you.  

Your work is really appreciable. It provided me great knowledge and hope that someday I, too will be free to speak aloud. You better know that conditions for seculars like me are not very much different in Pakistan and Iran . I am really grateful to you for you work. You are a true humanist and a brave man.  

I am forced to say that you have done an excellent job and I hope that you will never quit.  

My best regards for you!  


Dear M.  

Thank you for your email. I am living in the West and I too am afraid for my life. Muslims are everywhere and they kill with clear conscience. Just see the Muslim’s comments in this site and you’ll see there is no dearth of Muslims ready, willing and able to kill you. But one thing we do not need is martyrs. So stay safe and do not talk to anyone about Islam ever. I never do that either. All my activities are on the net. So please do not try to be a hero. You are not worth to us as a dead man at all. Limit your activities on-line, go to various forums and speak out the truth about Islam but keep your thoughts a secret and if necessary go to the mosque and pretend to be a Muslim.  We are freethinkers; we do not have a cult of death and do not encourage murder and suicide. Stay safe. This is the first rule.



Ali I was in France last week, near Toulon and Marsaile to be precise. Both cities do have a high percentage of Arabs living in them.

However what I found rurprising, was that only very few women were vailed. Most were dressed just as attractively as western women.

I was guest at an arab family (relatives of my wife) who hate despise all religions, saying that all religions are violent.

Their relatives who had stayed back in  North Africa however are not so enlightened, and it is from there where I sometimes get problems also, which however aparently have nothing to do with Islam. If one takes a closer look however one can notice that islamic social dynamics are aggressive. If you are not strong you are driven over. (But that is annother story.)

However the impression was that the values of the French Republic (liberté; egalité; fraternité) do indeed have a strong influence among the arabs. Helpfull also is that the French state vigourously separates church and state. This way the Muslims cannot feel discriminated, versus the Jews and and the Christians.

Many such as the arab family we were guests at, have specifically left their country because they could not stand the hirarchy anymore, and are now happy to prosper under french law and french values.




 Yes KI, that is very true. Most Muslims really want to live in freedom and are tired of Islamic tyranny. It is to these people that we have to reach and show them that Islam is not a religion. They must leave Islam and stop calling themselves Muslims. Even though they do not practice Islam and do not like it, just by calling themselves Muslims they provide moral support for the terrorist Muslims. Islam must be defeated and eliminated completely. Not all the Germans were evil, but since most of them had enrolled in Nazi Party the thugs in that evil party were invigorated. These good people provide support and validation for the terrorists unwittingly. If they are good people, they must leave Islam because Islam is evil. I can’t claim to be a loving and good person and at the same time belong to KKK. By the same token Muslims can’t be good and belong to a doctrine of hate. Moderate Muslim is an oxymoron. Muhammad was a sadist criminal, how can any sane person call himself a follower of this monster and be a good person at the same time? These good people do not know who Muhammad was. They must be informed and pressed to decide between truth and falsehood. 


Ali Sina 



Greetings to you Mr. Sina and may Allah's peace and blessing land on your neighbor's garden shed. 

I was reading the comments made on your website by Muslims and terrorists. As usual, the Muslims have done themselves proud by sending insults and threats. I specially liked the one which threatened to cut off your head and play soccer with it. Lets hope these Allah-fearing peaceful Muslims are better at soccer than the Saudi Arabian soccer team who lost 8-0 to Germany a couple of years ago. I am also an Iranian who was born a Muslim, but after applying logic to my life and studying the Quran, I realised Islam is just a lie and left. 

I thank you for your educational and informative site, and wish you the best of luck.



Mr. Sina,  

I am interested in donating money to your cause.  Can you provide me with information on how to do this and, if possible some information regarding financial accountability (whether you are a non-profit, audited statements, etc).  

I strongly encourage you to make this easier for the many people who must be interested in donating, but who do not find this information on your site.  

Thank you for your efforts.  I believe you may be one of the most influencial persons in history by your ideas.  

Fred .

Atlanta , Georgia


Dear Fred,  

Thank you for your interest in this site. I publish your letter first because you stroked my ego big time and second because you are not the first one who has asked me these questions.  

Without trying to take any personal credit, I agree that this site will have a tremendous influence in the way Muslims think. Of course it takes more than an Internet site to eradicate Islam. But we’ll get there one step at a time. The ideas expressed in this site are not new at all. The same very questions were posed to Muhammad by the thinking men of Quriash. The point is that up until now anyone who spoke about them was killed and these ideas never got anywhere. Now we have the Internet on our side and hence the difference.  

As for your thoughtful offer to make a donation, I have a Support This Site link in the main page, quite visible. I do not know how I can make it any more noticeable without giving the impression that that is all I care.  

Unfortunately FFI is not registered as a non-profit organization, for two reasons:  

a)   With over 100,000 visitors per month, the total donations I receive are less than $100 dollars per month on average (some months it is more, other months there is zero)  It really is not worth to register a non-profit organization for this amount of money. Also I will have to register in several countries because a non-profit organization registered in USA will not be accepted for tax benefits in Canada or other countries. So it is not practical.

b)      To register an organization I will have to disclose my personal information, including my address. This will certainly reduce my life expectancy substantially. I am not sure if it is worth risking my life for the kind of donation I receive. After all I value my life more than $100 dollars.    

Now as for accountability, I thought my work speaks for itself. I have spent thousands of hours researching and writing these articles and putting together this website all for free. I am sorry that all this is not enough and you still need more accountability. I am not sure what else I should do. Anyway, I would have given the exact account of where I spend the sixty, seventy or ninety dollars that I receive per month through the generous donations of the visitors if I felt safe. But how can I do that without revealing too much about myself? 

However, since you insist I will be honest. I am hoping that the donations reach $100 dollars per month and then I can take off, buy a boat and go sailing around the world and live like the rich guys do for the rest of my life. I am very close to that mark. All I need is to double the visitors to this site. Also if every visitor paid 1/10th of a cent, the monthly donations would exceed $100 dollars. 




Dear Ali Sina,  

I am a black person who lives in the wes namely Uk . The amount of attrocities committed against me as a black person on daily basis are paramount to the imagination of any human being. The popular beleif is" blacks" kill them. Seven out of ten Britsih police beleive that the death of Africans,Asians and asylum seekers is justified.The rise of the far right and nazism and fascism is worrying. The British society is blaming its failures on its foreign population"non-white Euorpeans".As a humanist myself I have sunk to the bottom level morally and reading your website made me think "oh Islam was not that  bad after all" as I would be enslaved then or kileed now by white supremacy.  

Cannot wait to hear from you



Dear Piankhy,  

I think I understand your frustration and anger. I too felt the kind of discrimination you are talking about after the Islamic Revolution for many years.  I had nothing to do with that damned revolution and I opposed those thugs always. Nevertheless I had to face a lot of humiliating situations especially in airports when I was singled out taken away from the line I was standing in, interrogated for hours and my luggage searched as if I was a potential terrorist. However, I am not embittered. I know these people were conditioned to think of us Iranians as terrorists. I could not blame them for it was my own countrymen who gave them that impression. So I decided to fight back and I started this site. In this site I am trying to be as much objective and honest as I can. I do not justify or hide the barbarities committed by my fellow countrymen. I strive to make them see their wicked ways and their twisted thinking. I hope to bring them back to the fold of humanity. This also has changed the opinion of the Westerners vis-à-vis Iran and Iranians. Now many people see that their dislike of the Iranians is not founded on facts. Not all Iranians are savages. The problem actually is not in being an Iranian at all. The problem is in being a Muslim. It makes no difference what is your nationality, if you are a Muslim you are most likely a potential terrorist. So as you see I fought back in defense of my people and I won. I have redeemed Iran and Iranians.  

Someone wrote to me saying, he had never thought that one day his hero would be an Iranian. Those words made my day. I thought I finally accomplished what I set out to accomplish. Without being vainglorious, I was very proud of myself and what I had done. The secret is that I did not deny the wrong. Instead of apologia, I offered apologies. Then I explained why my people behave the way they do. Now those who are familiar with my writings do no more see my people as inherently evil but rather as victims.  

You are facing the same problem about your color. I am perfectly aware that many people have very wrong ideas about blacks. They are paranoid of the young black males. You have two choices in front of you. You can respond to their fear by reacting angrily, even joining Islam, as many American blacks do, to revenge against the whites. A lot of American blacks commit crimes, go to jail and come back as Muslims only to hate their own country more.  

Or you can choose my approach. Ask yourself: “is the fear of the young black male unfounded?” Perhaps it is not! Statistics show that the chances of a black male committing crime are higher than a white male. You can deny that, but no one would believe you because the statistics speak very loud and clear. But if you really want to do something positive, you first acknowledge the existence of the problem. Why is it, that black young males are more prone to commit crime? Why black men are more likely to beat and abuse their wives? The answer obviously is not “melanin”. Color of the skin has nothing to do with a person being more violent. Color has nothing to do with intelligence either. There are many researches on that and you can avail to them if you like. So what is it that makes young black male commit crime more than his white counterpart? Perhaps it has to do with lack of opportunities. Young blacks see doors are close to them and their reaction is natural. Hopelessness drives people to desperate measures. May be it has to do with their lack of education. That problem can be easily addressed and solved. You can sensitize everyone, black and white alike, to the importance of education of the blacks. We all benefit if blacks find their place in society, become educated and occupy higher positions.  

When people are prejudiced against us, instead of blaming them it is better that we find out the causes of those prejudices. Acknowledge their fears. These fears are not totally based on fantasies. They are based on negative experiences and since it is also human nature to stereotype, we all pay for the mistakes of a few. When the fire starts, wet and dry both burn. You could be a wonderful person, but you pay the consequences of the errors that other blacks commit.  

I knew I was a good person. It saddened me to be treated like a terrorist simply because of where I was born. I had a choice! I could get bitter, isolate myself even more and become vitriolic against the westerners like many Muslims do, or I could understand their fear, acknowledge it and try to remove those fears.  

The blacks are also victims. They are the victims of lack of opportunities, victims of stereotyping, victims of poverty, victims of faulty education, etc.  

So what you do is up to you. You can convert to Islam, and actively hate the whites like many blacks do or you can address the problem and make the world see; where the problem originates. If you do the first you only validate people’s phobia against the blacks. If you choose the second alternative you will certainly find many allies and supporting hands. Instead of complaining, offer solutions. Let the world see that providing opportunities for blacks is in everyone’s interest, but also talk to the people in the black community. Address the problem openly. People are afraid of the black young males more. Why is that so? What has given them this idea about the blacks? What the blacks can do to change this negative stereotyping? Responsibility means acknowledging our own share of the blame. If I do not smell fresh, people tend to avoid my company. I can keep blaming them and call them prejudiced, xenophobes or bigots, or I can smell myself and see why these people dislike my company. May be I need to take more regular showers too.  

We all like to blame others for everything that goes wrong. We’ve done that for thousands of years and the problems have aggravated. May be it is time that we changed our paradigm and took responsibility for our own actions too. If people are prejudiced against me, the first question I have to answer is whether I have contributed to that.





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