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A baby can be torn from its parents because a Muslim woman dared to marry a non-Muslim.

Ibn Warraq and the amazing Nonie Darwish in the Secular Islam Summit - Panel 5 PT1


Secular Islam Summit - Panel 5 PT3


Secular Islam Summit Panel 2 Pt3


Persecution egyptian copts- destroying their tombs, 

part 1 09:59

Persecution egyptian copts- destroying their tombs, 

part 2  09:59


Ex-Muslim Terrorist who left Jihad


Taraji Mustafa; Sudanese-Israeli Friendship Association


Islam around the world.
04:26 min

true muslims  Teaching hate to toddlers 
02:59 min
Welcome to Sweden
How Muslim immigration is changing the face of Europe 
Arab Opinon
Walid Shoebat and Zak Anani interviews By Fox News
former muslem PLO terroris speaks out against arab terrorism

An American View on Freedom of Speech 2006/03/31

  Watch Brigitte Gabriel's Interview 2006/03/31 

  How Muslim Women Eat? 

  Interview with three ex-Muslim terrorists. See how change of religion can change hearts 2006/03/24

Islamization of Bosina 2006/03/24

  Culture of death

  Taqiyyah in action: Hilarious scenes of  Palestinian staged victimhood  Must see. 18 Min. 

  The Birth of an Icon aldurah.wmv

Listen to the one and only Wafa Sultan in English Forward to the middle of the tape,

  Wafa Sultan calls Islam barbarity

  Wafa Sultan vs.Prof. Bin Muhammad  July 2005

  Interview with Nonie Darwish, another incredible Arab woman 
Part I       Part II 
(The first few minutes are about recognition of Israel by UNO. The interview is after that). 

  Listen to Islam is not for me







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