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Dear Ali Sina
I just wanted to let you know that you have a big supporter here and that I absolutely admire your strength and courage to stand up against darkness. Reading your website assures me that I am not the only one and there are others who believe in freedom of body and mind. May we rid Iran of the cancer of religion some day.


If they [the Muslims] are as brainwashed as you say, and they despise our culture and hate me as an Infidel, what am I to think of them? I could pity them, but that does nothing to stop the influx, and their increasing political power.  More and more people are calling to expel them as seditious traitors, but that happening would require that Islam be labeled as a seditious belief system.  

I suppose that having a goal of deprogramming the 4-6 million Muslims in America is as good as any other.  It is true that ex-Muslims become the strongest spokesman against Islam.  

Thanks for your time,



Dear Ethelred

I do not think the right attitude is pity. I do not think you should despise them either. If prostitution or drug addiction becomes a problem in your town you are not going to despise the prostitutes or the addicts. You’ll try to address the problem in a more radical way. The same approach must be taken vis-à-vis the Muslims and Islam.  

You can protest the construction of new mosque in your neighborhood, just as you would try to stop building a new brothel or a drug operation storehouse in your neighborhood. Write in your local newspaper, invite other citizens to a conference, rally and organize protest marches. Call the local media to cover the event. If necessary commit civil disobedience. Like blocking the construction and get arrested. All this will help to raise the public awareness and will make people discuss Islam. Once the discussion of Islam starts, the end of Islam is just a matter of time.  

Do not alienate the so called moderate Muslims. You said it right; the ex-Muslims become the strongest spokesman against Islam. They are your allies. Many of them call themselves Muslims because they have been born into it and have never thought of it. Most of these people will join you rather becoming extremists. A debate is starting to take place among the Muslims. Many of them are realizing something is wrong with Islam. Help these people to make the transition. It is not easy to renounce one’s faith so do not be impatient.  

Deal with the Muslims as victims but stand firmly against the spread of Islam. This is the way you would fight drug addiction. You will be very supportive of the addict and try to help him so he can quit his addiction and recover. You may even face some resistance but despite that you’d not hold this against them. At the same time you would be very intolerant towards the proliferation of drugs. So be kind to Muslims but be firm in you opposition against the spread of Islam in your city and country.  

Call radio talk shows and ask them to have discussions on Islam. Write to your local newspaper. Write in the Internet forums and Blogs. Place a link to faithfreedom.org in anywhere you can. Make small flyers inviting people to visit faithfreedom.org and place them everywhere you go. There are myriad things you can do to raise the public awareness. Remember the Islamists are proselytists and they are very active. To stop the spread of Islam you have to become also proactive. Islam cannot be stopped if you do nothing. Everyone must do his share. Together we will be able to win over this beast.   



Hi Ali,  

I am an American and voted for President Bush the last presidential election.  There is a strong chance I will again.  

Your comments on Arabs dancing in the streets on 9-11 resonates with me.  I was in Manhattan on 9-11 and went to look at the carnage at ground zero as close as the police would allow, which was probably somewhere around the lower portion of Tri-Becca.  The west side highway was shut down with the police letting in only emergency units as we onlookers were waiting for the burning Tower 7 of the World Trade Center to fall.  The subways were still in lock down mode so I started walking back home.  I stopped off in what seemed to be an Arab deli to get a drink for my long walk.  I do not speak Arabic but still have a good idea when I hear it due to its distinct guttural pronunciations and accents.  As I was getting my water only a few hours after Tower 1 and 2 fell, I, another guy and an African American woman were looking at the catastrophic news coverage on the deli TV, which was on.  

As we watched, I heard the two male workers who appeared and sounded Arabic talking and laughing.  Granted, I do not understand Arabic so maybe they were talking about some happy family times or innocent jokes.  However, this was only hours after the towers fell with the TV showing replays of the collapse and bodies being pulled out on stretchers.  I did not understand what these individuals who appeared to be Arabic, were saying.  I did know however, that they were laughing almost hysterically.  In a New York City deli on 9-11 not far from ground zero.  




Hi There,  

I was browsing through your web site very quickly - I am a christian who believes in the content of the KJV bible and had some observations:  

I disagree with Muslim beliefs purely because they have missed many things mentioned by Paul in the books from Acts to Philemon (original text-Church Age). However, your debates etc. have very few biblical references that I can see. Is there a reason for this, as I find the debate somewhat meaningless ?  


We reject Islam on the authority of reason and not on the authority of what other faiths say. There are many people who just do not agree with Paul and hence he is no authority to them to measure right and wrong based on what he said. But anyone familiar with reason can easily understand Islam is false if Islam is contested rationally.



Dear Ali, 

Like many others, I salute you for the work at FFI . Humanity will be indebted to you. I live in Singapore and we have our own terrorist threat from Muslims. Many of them are behind bars though. Your work has encouraged me and given me hope.  



Dear Ali,  

Thank you for your thoughtful essay.  I just wish that our politicians could articulate these ideas as well as you do.  They speak in bits and pieces but no one really explains the "big picture" in a way that is totally clear.  Unfortunately, the enemy stays focused like a laser on the "big picture" and uses terrorism to move toward their goal. 




Hi Diane,  

Thanks. I am always available to come and run for presidency   J    (j/k)


The argument about the priority and necessity of this fledgling movement of yours will get their attention, and to an even greater degree after George W. Bush has won his 2nd term. Believe me. I won't forget you. YOU ARE the future!  It could well be the grand plan, the divine design from or by the Creator of the Universe, that the wave of rejection rises from within the "belly of the beast" itself. That's how I perceive it. You are so breathtakingly enlightened, that you deserve all of the help and support that we "outsiders" (from Islam) can provide...............and I shall do my best to help.

Military operations of all kinds, and special ops, are necessary and have to be utilized. However, the real antiseptic to these vermin is sunlight - TRUTH!  I'm simply astounded that no one has had your courage, insight or vision in the past 1,500 years since this atrocious, murderous, sub-human sect arose!  It's mind boggling.


Dear Charlotte, 

It is simply not true that no one else in Islam has ever said what I say. The fact is however that all those who dared to whisper were either killed or imprisoned and their books were destroyed. 

Just to give you two contemporary  names: Ahamd Kasravi was assassinated and Ali Dashti passed his last years of life while he was in his eighties in the horrendous jails of Khomeini.  

If it were not for the marvels of the Internet, would I dare to say a word? I doubt it. Now you hear thousands of enlightened ex-Muslims coming forth and denouncing this cult. Don't assume everyone was stupid. The apostates always existed. Only no one could hear them. Now you can.


Ali Sina     


That is immensely encouraging. Whatever heaven there is, after the earth life, you and your supporters and colleagues deserve a special place there. You have within your hands the power to SAVE THE WORLD!  I'm humbled by people with your courage. It is simply thrilling.




Dear Ali,

Islam is not only the only enemy of mankind but it is the enemy of its own believers. I do sincerely believe that this is a religion that is in conflict with the world as much as it is in conflect with itself. It can only survive by fighting with others, when they are assimilated then it eats at itself. The West is Islam's target because it has turned it's own backyard into a barren, polluted and diseased ground. Islam now sees the West as the last frontieer where the PC liberal media will help it achieve it's goal. The battle against Islam has to be intellictual and not with weapons. Weapons will keep them out for a while but to expose Islam's stupidity the world must be educated, unfortunately the schools and Universities of the West will not help in this. Remember, the Jamaat-i-Islami has won, it educated this disease (Islam) through the education system. They are already like canser in the Western education system. 


In light of the above I hope mass mailing will work, I for one never look at a long mas mail. This one I did because it interests me. I have visited your web site and applaud you for what you are doing. Kill this religion please.

should we distrust all islamic muslims and all others that preach islam? i have never been called a racist, but i do not trust nor like islamic muslims.

 There is a huge difference between those who just happen to be born as Muslims and think they are Muslims but really live their own lives and want to be part of the civilized world and those who are active Islamists trying to convert the world to Islam. Let me emphasize the difference is huge. The majority of Muslims are of the first category. Yes you can trust them completely. They do not dress as Muslims, do not pray unless they are in some difficulty, do not go to mosque, and mingle with the rest just like anyone else. But as for the second more radical Islamists, you should be aprehensive of them. You can know them by the way they dress. Both men and women have a special way of dressing that clearly distinguishes them as Muslims. (Please do not confuse the turban wearing Sikhs with Muslims, Muslims do not wear turbans)  My advice to you is “do not get too close to these extremist Muslims”. Personally I believe they should be rounded up and deported and all the mosques leveled. These mosques are recruiting grounds for terrorists. Those Americans who have converted to Islam are potentially far more dangerous. They should be under constant surveillance and treated as the fifth column. 

This is what I feel, but can I say that publicly? No! because it is not politically incorrect. That is the problem with our society. We can no more tell the truth because someone would brand us as racist. Hell, let them call me racist. That would elicit guffaw more than anything else. After all I am the least politically correct person when it comes to Islam. I am of the opinion that only truth can save us and political correctness will bring upon us our destruction. So, viva la verita.



i simply wished to extend a friendly hand to you and say that i -- as well as those here in america close to me, that i have alerted to your site -- truly appreciate what you are doing.  we are not muslims, never were; but we've watched as this so-called Holy War has encroached upon our soil, and thus have learned about middle-eastern religions (???).  i realize the courage it requires for you to take such a stand, and i just wanted you to know that you are a wonderful, incredible person for doing so.  you are the kind of person the world needs. . .and we thank you.  hopefully it will make a difference. 


southern california



Dear Ali, 

I fully and whole-heartedly  support your "A Letter to Mankind". The danger is very imminent and humanity faces a danger that is far worse than Nazism and Communism. Iran has given mankind many courageous men and without exaggeration Iran is proud of you. You have disarmed the so-called " Islamic scholars" and you have discredited these charlatans. It is time to deal with other charlatans who call themselves "politicians", among them Tony Blair, Jack Straw, Chirac, Schröder, Putin and many, many more. There are dishonest news organizations that distort truth and deceive people that should be treated the same way and  I name the BBC as the most dishonest news organization. The EU and European countries like Britain , France and Germany are as much guilty as Muslim terrorists who commit their crimes on a daily basis. Please take utmost precautions for your safety and take care of your health because humanity needs you. 


Behrouz A


I always like it when people stroke my ego and credit me for more than what I am worth.  J

But I fully agree that the PC crowd and the appeasers of the Muslims are part of the problem today mankind is facing. 






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