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Thank you Ali Sina for putting into one place things I have said my entire life. I never was a believer in any organized religion, but many people I love are. They are Christians but the same thing applies. The blind faith cripples rational thought and drives people apart, the doctrine of organized religion is written by evil men bent on control no matter how harmful. I will forward this tract on "weaning" to my wife in hopes of planting the seeds of doubt, she would never listen to me an "infidel" of Christianity. 

The circular arguments of using the example of others faith to prove the righteousness of one's own faith is crazy but pandemic. I will continue to read your site and maybe comment, again thank you for your courage. Fell free to write me back if you feel the need or have the time. I love to debate & discuss with intellectually honest people.

Pete R. 



Imagine that a company produces an automobile which, due to a design fault, is likely to burst into flames if it is involved in a certain kind of impact.  Imagine that this eventuality has actually occurred on several occasions.  What would the company be expected to do?  One would hope that the company would recall all instances of that model and have those cars modified at no cost to the owner. 

Arguments that the vast majority of owners had experienced no problems with their vehicles and were statistically unlikely to do so would be regarded as cynical and immoral. 

Now imagine a religion which, in certain circumstances, could be construed as not just vindicating, but positively proscribing the bombing of the World Trade Center on September 11th 2001.  What should the guardians of that religion be expected to do?  One would hope that they would effectively 'recall' that religion and modify its design accordingly. 

Arguments that the vast majority of Muslims have not committed acts of terrorism and are statistically unlikely to do so should be regarded as cynical and immoral. 

(However, I suspect that once the offending passages of the Qur'an have been removed we'll be left with a very slim volume indeed...) 

Andrew F. 


 I am so grateful to you for telling the truth about Islam.  There is so much rhetoric out there about this peaceful, caring and loving religion.  How can anyone begin to accept that as fact when you quote directly from the Quran that it is the opposite.  As one writer put it..there are two kinds of people in the eyes of the Muslim.  Those in the "camp of war" and those in the "camp of peace". The peaceful, caring and loving expressions of this religion is exclusively for those in their self described "camp of peace".  For the rest of us..they call for  our death.   How can one embrace a religion that has proven throughout the world to be oppressive and brutal to so many people.  We are truly in a war between "real evil" and that which is good.  Thank you for letting me say these few words of support.       EMS


Hello ,

I did find your site and I wish many will. I will send your link to as many people as possible.  May god give you courage and additional determination to divulge the truth.  You are endangering your life but history will show that people like you are the ones who saved humanity from this cancerous growth and dangerous endoctrination.

May God bless you and enlighten us all to bring peace to this world.

Youssef H


To the Author Of this We cite:


I read your articles on your site and I applaud you. I have never stopped to think about of Islam or Muslims.Ever since the World trade incident it has me researching it. And I agree totally I think this is the work of Satan. That is why the Muslims don' want any one to criticize them. They don't want the truth revealed. I really think that we are in the finals days and we should repent. I don't know what is going to happen from now on, These people are fanatics. God only knows what is going to happen to us from now on. and to all Muslims think. Does God really preach hate? have heard from Muslims through the news that they are peaceful people and are against terrorism then why does the Koran teach so much hate. To kill some one because one does not posses their belief. I think this is absurd even if one does not believe in God now one has the right to take your life.Why are these people so ignorant. Can they not open their eyes and see, can they not listen. I believe that this was a false prophet and the angel the revealed this so called Koran was a demon from hell. And to All the Muslims your are free to practice your believes but do not impose to us your religion if one does not want to believe in it. Why does your so called scriptures preach so much hate. Even if you say it doesn't according to all the information I have read it does. I pray that you open your eyes and accept Jesus as your savior and God as you Father. may God Save every one and may he conquer Islam.





You are indeed a wonderful person!  Your website was a pleasant shock!  May God give you a long life and may you succeed in your endeavors.  Please take care of yourself.  I hope that the end of Islam (or at least political Islam) is near.




Thank you, sir, for revealing some light on what is a very dangerous religion.  Especially in these times, when we Americans have to defend everything we do; to be so hated and judged by such false "piety" infuriates me.  Islam never really struck me as a religion that is good for women, but do you know that women are converting in rapid numbers?! 

As a Christian, I am proud.  Some people think Christians are pushy in their beliefs, but I say Islam has a much more dangerous way to infiltrate.
These are dangerous times, and the Bible warns us of them.  Believe in God or not, one just has to wake up every day to the uncertain terror to realize that the world cannot afford  to suffer another world war.  Yet we must fight, or die for certain by ones who claim to love, but hate us with a "veiled" passion.
D. Ramanauaskas

Your website is brilliant and inspiring...hopefully more and more of humanity will see through the veil of ignorance and oppression inherent in Islam, and all religions.  Thinkers such as you are needed now more than ever in this world -- the messages of Hope, Free Thought, and Evolved Reason are being heard all over the world as humanity learns the lessons of blind faith and religious zealotry.  Let us all, throughout the world, unite in solidarity against ignorance and thus foster in a new generation of an Evolved Humanity.

Julian. H



Dear Dr. Sina. 

I wanted to write to you and thank you for publishing this website. I can tell a tremendous amount of time and thought went into all of it. 

I am Native American and not Christian, nor do I subscribe to the teachings of my people.  These are mostly moralistic fairy tales designed to impart some degree of magic to the Shamans and to induce the people into believing they should be feared and therefore minded. 

I was looking for answers after the events of 9/11 as to exactly why the Islamic people hated Americans so much.  I have talked to many people who had many different reasons, none of which seemed to me would be the cause of such hatred.  After all there are many deprived, suppressed and backward masses on this earth who do not choose to kill others.  

I was just about to accept the fact that these extreme Islamics were rogues and only using their religion to hide behind a lust for power. In other words, I was about to make a huge mistake.  Since reading the information on your website, I now understand the real truth.  Islam is based on hatred, particularly of Jews and Christians.  I suppose in the times of Mohammed this was the only way he was able to gain notoriety.  I AM THE TRUE PROPHET, all the rest are only pretenders and should be gotten rid of by any means possible.  This religion leaves no room for acceptance of anyone different from the "true believers".   While many religions are like this, few subscribe to murder as an end to eliminating nonbelievers.  

Thank you once again for opening my eyes.  I now know that there is no such thing as a "moderate Islamic.".   There might be different degrees of the lengths that the individual will go to in order to eliminate the competition, but in their hearts is murder if they accept Islam.  

Americans have a hard time accepting that there could actually be a religion with millions of followers based on hatred and murder.  It just may be our downfall.  I hope not.  But, you have helped me to know my enemy.  I have been confused ever since the events of 9/11 because I found myself disliking a people that I really had no real knowledge of.

You have given me knowledge.  Knowledge is freedom.




[email protected]


you must have done a lot of research on your essays.  The most distressing thing i have found is that muslims in general will not discuss the koran or mohammad, especially with an "infidel" like me.  There seems to be a collective amnesia about mohammad which i think has crushed the mind of muslims and made control by the islamic clergy easy.  However, i do believe that in the end, it is ideas that win minds and hearts and what the fundamentalists fear is a free exchange of ideas and a critical examination of the koran and mohammad's life, politics and morals.

Navtej B


Dear Dr.Sina, Your site is informative and your success will be really the success for mankind. I have no doubt that your efforts are comparable to that of MK Gandhi and Martin Luther. I wish you long life and success in your mission. Pls keep me informed if your site location changes due to any circumstance. 

Bye gn


To: Mr. Ali Sina


It was a stunning and delightful experience reading through your site, and it was one of the most comprehensive and perfect commentaries that I have ever come across. It is because of persons like you and your humanist approach that the world is still livable today, in spite of the turmoil of fundamentalism and intolerance that is rearing its ugly head, most notably in the Islamic countries and cultures. Congratulations to you is only the first compliment I would like to present to you: I would like to add that your site provides a beacon to some of the troubled human beings of our time.

Keep it up and may you succeed!! I am a fervent supporter of your site and your ideas.

Jai Jagannath.


I stumbled across your most excellent site whilst surfing the net for things Islamic. Not knowing too much about Islam, or caring much either, I was prepared to accept Muslim assurances that their religion is, properly practiced, basically peaceful and tolerant. The more I have read of the life of Mohammed and of the Koran the more I have come to the conclusion that those shrieking bearded mullahs with their bloodthirsty impreccations, far from being unrepresentative extremists, are its truest practitioners.

Some time ago An african student from a rural backwater told me he was
converting to Islam. He said that a Muslim had told him that if he converted he would "become rich". He had not taken this as meaning spiritually rich. I told him that the only reason that he should convert to Islam was if he believed that "there is only one god and Mohammed his last and greatest prophet". I also asked him if he was aware that once you have said the magic words there is no going back. He was not aware of the penalty for apostising from Islam. He was clearly ready to convert on the basis of lies and unsufficient information. This sort of thing must be going on all the time.

It is truly a tragedy that millions of people down the centuries have had their lives and minds controlled by this deranged cult. It is terrible that young people continue to waste their own and other's lives because they think they are going to be rewarded with an eterntal orgy with a host of self-revirginating maidens.

Keep up the good work.

Ronald B.



You are a brave person for hosting a website with such "defamatory" content.  I agree with you and would like to congratulate you on providing insight into this religion.  I believe religion is a very personal thing and should not be rammed down someone's throat.  I have many muslim friends ... as people they are wonderful, but when it comes to their religion they are distinctly irrational. 

I pray for your safety ... I can't help but think of the fate of all those who went against the rantings and ravings of the initiators and followers of this religion. I wish everyone would just keep their religion where it belongs .. in their hearts, try to treat others as they would have others treat them and thank whichever god we worship for every day on this planet (instead of destroying it with holy wars). 

God bless you and keep you safe ..

Jason f


To: Mr. Ali Sina


It was a stunning and delightful experience reading through your site, and it was one of the most comprehensive and perfect commentaries that I have ever come across. It is because of persons like you and your humanist approach that the world is still livable today, in spite of the turmoil of fundamentalism and intolerance that is rearing its ugly head, most notably in the Islamic countries and cultures. Congratulations to you is only the first compliment I would like to present to you: I would like to add that your site provides a beacon to some of the troubled human beings of our time.

Keep it up and may you succeed!! I am a fervent supporter of your site and your ideas.

Jai J.

May You Succeed.

Fri, 6 Jul 2001

Dear Dr.Sina, 

Your site is informative and your success will be really the success for mankind. I have no doubt that your efforts are comparable to that of MK Gandhi and Martin Luther. I wish you long life and success in your mission. Pls keep me informed if your site location changes due to any circumstance. 

Bye gn


Dear Ali,

 Your site was a pleasure to read and it is comforting to know that there are many out there who share the same viewpoints :) So far I have not come across anything you have said to with which I have not whole heartedly agreed.

 Keep up the great work !




27 May 2001


I can hardly breathe!!!!

oh, man!

Ok, me thinks you are more a Buddhist than a Humanist... or a Humanist with great respect for Buddhism...

etc. But, oh, man!

You seem to be very sincere, and your intellect is .... well, par excellence, but these guys are maniacs, don't you know? Bullet proof vest is not enough. They seem to have left Salman alone, but you do more damage than Salman. Salman's stuff is not as legible, crystal clear and ah! so sharp, as yours....


Man, I am a "gavur," aka infidel, but even I will think twice before I come out swinging like you do here....this stuff is true, of course, but it's like crying that Jesus Christ was a bastard, for the sandal prints of a Roman soldier beneath Mary's window, were clearly seen.....

wow! Salute! Slainte, etc.

Karen. O. 


Taken from the Guestbook

Note Nr.: 22 from 2001-05-19 05:44:16
by S. Kapur

email: [email protected] 

To all the contradictions and absurdities in Islam that you have already found, let me add my two bits. I follow Dawood's translation. Dawood does not identify each individual surah, so references are approximate.

Examine surahs 27:4 and 13.33.

[27.4]"As for those that deny the life to come, WE MAKE THEIR FOUL DEEDS SEEM FAIR TO THEM, so that they blunder about in their folly...." [Caps for emphasis].

[13:33]"Indeed, THEIR FOUL DEEDS SEEM FAIR TO THE UNBELIEVERS, for they are debarred from the right path. None can guide whom GOD has led estray."

Now examine surahs 6:44, 8:48 and 16:64.

[6:44] "But their hearts are hardened, and SATAN MADE THEIR FOUL DEEDS SEEM FAIR TO THEM."


[16:64] "But SATAN MADE THEIR FOUL DEEDS SEEM FAIR TO THEM, and to this day he is their patron."

So who makes unbeliever's "foul deeds seem fair to them", GOD or SATAN? May be ALLAH has a split personality!

Just thought you may find it interesting.

04 May 2001



After butchering Safiyyah's male relatives, enslaving the women and children of her tribe, and raping her...Muhammed showed his compassion and magnaminity by offering her the freedom to return to her people as a Jew, or to marry him as a Muslim. She could have chosen the former, except that her people no longer existed; they were all dead or enslaved. She could have wondered about, a young widow with no kin...vulnerable to the venalities of the men of that era. Or she could choose the security of being the wife of the prophet (peace be upon him). Naturally, she chose the latter. What a poignant illustration of the allure of Islam. What a poignant example of the chivalry of Allah's Apostle.



Dr. Ali Sina, 

I am Jewish, and no I am not writing to congratulate you on helping to further the Zionist Conspiracy or anything like that, in the spirit of The fundamentalist Hindus and evangelical Christians who have written to you. Nor, on the other hand, would I dream of condemning you for courageously speaking your mind.

But I am confused. I have both Muslim and Christian friends. I was raised to respect the religion of everyone, and believe there is truth and moral value in all faiths. The faith of my Christian friends has no more in common with the Grand Inquisitor of Spain than my own; we are agreed that people who conduct inquisitions, crusades, etc. are cruel and idiotic. Christianity and Judaism certainly don't have the best of historical relations, right up to the first half of the 20th century, but I would feel silly condemning wholesale the faith that inspired Martin Luther King just because Martin Luther, for instance, was a bigot and believed in demons. 

I have read the Qu'ran, the Hadiths and studied a bit about the early history of Islam. Undoubtedly, it was not a shining example of democracy and tolerance. But neither was the theocracy of Moses or David, or the Christinaized Roman empire. I guess what I want to know, is, if there are liberal versions of Judaism and Christianity, can there not be liberal Islam as well? Is it not the totalitarian spirit (which can also have non-religious forms, such as Communism and Nazism) rather than religion itself that must be opposed? 

In your article to the moderate Muslim apologists, you state that their attempts to emphasize the kinder, more ethical aspects of Islam only Result in bolstering fundamentalist Islam. But if this is true, why did the Muslim fundamentalist over the ages seek so hard to murder and oppress the Sufis, who offered a less strident vision of God? In a democracy, is it not possible, even inevitable, that the more Sufi-like and liberal aspects of Islam will come to the fore?  

Actually, a month ago, I would not even have asked that question. I just assumed that my Muslim friends were liberal, religious Muslims, like my Christian friends. If they believed it was their duty to slit the throats of the khafirs, they wouldn't be hanging out with the likes of me, right? But I discovered that it was not quite so. Either they were not religious ATALL, or they were not as liberal as I had blithely assumed. One friend gave me an article about how, since Islam is a social religion, it must have control of the government, including the army, the better to wage jihad. He believed this. I was astounded. I didn't understand how he could be such a nice guy, friends with me and apparently easy-going, and yet believe this. How could he not understand that someone like me must find the idea of living under a Muslim theocracy as appalling as he would find the idea of living under a Jewish or Pagan theocracy? His assurances, "Oh, but you wouldn't be killed!" had rather more the effect of chilling me than reassuring me.  

I really wanted to argue with him. But I didn't want to be disrespectful of his religion or have him think I had some ulterior motive because of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict.  

I am not a Buddhist but what the Taliban did to those ancient statues made me want to weep. Again, I said nothing about it to my friend, because I was afraid I would lose my temper and ruin our friendship. But then I wondered if keeping silent was not the cowardly way out. I read in article that the Taliban issued a challenge to all Muslims to find one Qu'ranic verse or Hadith that outlawed their action. I am no expert in Islam, but I wondered why the moderate Muslims of the world didn't stand up and shout: "No one of you is a believer until he wants for his brother want he wants for himself."  Isn't that a Hadith?  

I searched the Net, looking for the liberal branches of Islam, equivalent to the liberal, humanistic branches of Christianity and Judaism and Hinduism and Buddhism. I did find some, such as the Submitters and a few Sufi sites, which seemed less fundamentalist than others, but even they still all seemed to claim to be the one, true Islam. (And even if they were kind enough not to condemn Jews and Christians to hell, not one had anything nice to say about Baha'is or Hindus or Pagans.) To me, anything claiming to be the one, true anything has just proved it is neither. Your site (and ISIS) was actually the closest I could find, and it rejects Islam rather emphatically.  

Your arguments are compelling, but is that the only choice? Islam or apostasy? (Although of course, "apostasy" is your right and no one should be allowed to threaten your life!) Surely there is some good in Islam worth preserving if it could be wrested from fundamentalists?  

I feel the whole Middle East and other Muslim countries would be better off with clear separation of Mosque and State. But is it the place of someone like me to say so? I know it is a favorite tactic of the Islamic fundamentalists to accuse any other Muslim they disagree with of being a "Jewish spy" or helping the Jews or some such nonsense. I have no wish to inadvertently make life more difficult for those Muslims trying to earnestly reform their civilization by appearing to confirm this hogwash. On the other hand, I don't see why all those who support freedom, of whatever religion, should be ashamed to cooperate. Isn't it the people who bomb one another's places of worship who should be ashamed?  

When confronted with arguments like that placed forth by my friend, should I just listen and disagree politely, so as not to hurt his feelings, or should I really try to persuade him that what he proposes is offensive to anyone who cares about freedom? Or would that only convince him that all Westerners hate Muslims? I don't hate anybody. I don't want to insult anybody. I don't want to be silent in the face of evil, either. I am just trying to do the right thing.  

I respect your integrity and your intelligence so any thoughts you would be willing to share with me on this matter would be appreciated. Whether or not you want to post this on your web site is up to you, I would not be offended either way.  


From Kaushik

Dear Jamal, Today afternoon I had some time so I could go over the many mails you have sent me in last few days. I also had the opportunity to examine the 'Rational thinking' site of Ali Sina. You seem to be perplexed why he is so vicious against what is supposed to be his own faith. Within the very core of your heart you must have some softness towards the religion/culture that you identify with- involuntarily and by birth. We all have that feelings whether we admit it or not. 

So what's wrong with Ali Sina of Iran. Is he deviant, abnormal or is there a secret. Looking at his apparently fanatic expressions a Muslim person can only feel baffled and wonder whether he is actually Jewish. 

I think I know the secret and let me forward it to you to help us to understand the rhetoric that surrounds Islam in Iran. 

Mr Sina is an Iranian. as you know Iran or Persia was the cradle of the earliest Aryan civilization in history who followed the religion of Zarathrustra. Zarathushtra, gave the world a universal message, meant for all humanity without any discrimination. Good Thoughts, Good Words, Good Deeds were first propounded by him. This meant that a thought, word or deed which is beneficial to one's own self as well as to all others. It should benefit the living world of human beings, other animals, plants, in fact, the entire human environment. Zarathushtra says that the entire living world is a single unit, a Fellowship and every man and woman should endeavor to promote it through Good Thoughts, Good Words and Good Deed. This can be achieved through good education to train people who "radiate happiness to others, whoever they be, and in turn feel the happiness themselves."

 In the seventh century Iran was invaded by the Arab warriors. Conversion to Islam, which offered certain advantages, was fairly rapid among the urban population but slower among the peasantry and the dihqans. The majority of Iranians did not become Muslim until the ninth century.Although the conquerors, especially the Umayyads (the Muslim rulers who succeeded Muhammad from 661-750), tended to stress the primacy of Arabs among Muslims, the Iranians were gradually integrated into the new community. Men of Iranian origin served as administrators after the conquest, and Iranians contributed significantly to all branches of Islamic learning, including philology, literature, history, geography, jurisprudence, philosophy, medicine, and the sciences. 

The Arabs were in control, however. The new state religion, Islam, imposed its own system of beliefs, laws, and social mores. In regions that submitted peacefully to Muslim rule, landowners kept their land. But crown land, abandoned by fleeing owners, and land taken by conquest passed into the hands of the new state. This included the rich lands of the Sawad, a rich, alluvial plain in central and southern Iraq. Arabic became the official language of the court in 696, although Persian continued to be widely used as the spoken language. The shuubiyya literary controversy of the ninth through the eleventh centuries, in which Arabs and Iranians each lauded their own and denigrated the other's cultural traits, suggests the survival of a certain sense of distinct Iranian identity. 

In the recent time a group of Iranian intellectuals are renouncing their Islamic heritage and trying to relate with the original Persian culture which is distinctly Aryan and very liberal like other classical civilizations. They are looking at the present Iran as a country dominated and culturally raped by the Arabs. They are also claiming that the major intellectual contributions of the Abbasid era are non-Arab and an expression of pre-invasion classical wisdom of Persia and its excellent connections with the rest of the non-Semitic world- Greece, India and Byzantium. This is a fairly wild thesis but the claims are not totally unfounded. To propagate this idea in a country so influenced by Islam, a strong anti-Arab and Anti-Islam tide must be created. Today's Iran is sick and tired of the prevailing suffocating atmosphere of the Islamic revolution. Khatami is acting as an Iranian Gorbachov in his effort to open up the floodgate slowly but surely, hoping that a washout of the traditional structure may be prevented. But the suppressed youth is becoming very pro-western every day and the ground is set for a strong Anti-Arab propaganda. So a new power game may start there and what we are seeing is probably a groundwork for that. 

Although this site graphically exaggerates it, there is ample evidence of violence, atrocity and barbarism in Arab history. The basic question is whether the very diverse population of Muslims will eventually dissociate themselves from their Arab heritage and seek union with the culture of their native lands or they will continue to be dominated by pan-Islamic ideology. Only time can answer this.



From:  "Aisha Islam" <[email protected]
Subject:  islam is the true religion
Date:  26 April 2001 


Hello- i would like to say that after reading this site i am a stronger muslim and inshallah believe that everybody who submits to God is a mulim."muslim" means "he who surrenders himself to almighty God and obeys the laws of almighty God"this means whether naturally, or in any other way, everything that surrenders to the law of Almighty God is a Muslim- when a child comes out of a womb of its mother at the time that God has ordered it, what is it? a muslim

when the sun goes around in its orbit what is it? a muslim

when the moon goes around the earth what is it? a muslim ...

the law of gravity- what is it? a Muslim.Everything that submits to Almighty God is a muslim whther non- believers accept it or not.lets point something out that maybe you havent looked at- after going to a lecture on islam by a christian that converted to islam we questioned that;

how come in the Old Testament of the Bible God is referred to as the one, the master the lord the KING of the universe and that in the first commandment given to Moses he did not allow anybody to worship graven images or to bow down to anything (the heavens or the earth or anything of that sort)- all the prophets said he was one and that he was the almighty God- throughout the old testament this has been repeated then all of a sudden in the New Testament there are four testamonies the Gospels that called god a 3-in-1?How can christians base their faith on 4 gospels by people who didnt seem to know their last names?

Prophet Mohammed did not write the Quran- nobody came and helped him to write the Quran- nobody collaberated with him but in the Quran there are revelations that have come true- such as Prophet Mohammeds prophecies about a baby being fromed by an "alaquah"- a blood clot and other revelations- how did Prophet Mohammed (Peace of Allah Be Upon Him), an illeterate man of the desert, know this? did he have a telescope? No.

Finally, i am convinced that Islam is the religion and i am a much stronger muslim now than ever before

thats why 1 out of 5 people in the world are muslims

people who turn their heads away from islam and reject it are ignorant


Dear Aisha, 

To "submit" one has to have a free will. The sun is made of gas and the moon is a rock. Inanimate objects do not have free will therefore they cannot "submit". Hence the sun and the moon are not Muslims. For the same reason the Earth, the mountains, the trees in your backyard and your cat also are not Muslims. 

The law of gravity, is a law. It does not have any physical existence. Something that does not have even physical existence cannot submit and therefore, the law of gravity also is not a Muslim. Likewise the penal law, the traffic bylaw and the building code also are not Muslims.   

Muslims are those who believe in Muhammad, and follow his mandates. There are many religious people who believe in God but do not accept Muhammad. These people are obedient to God but are not Muslims. Of course to be a real Muslim one has to have freedom to choose. If you are born in an Islamic environment and have chosen blindly to follow the religion of your fathers and have not investigated other religions independently, your religion is based on blind imitation and not of free choice. With only few exceptions, all the Muslims are born in Islamic families and have no other choice but to become a Muslim. If they decide to choose another religion they will be executed. This is not freedom and therefore technically, they are not "Muslims" because they do not have the freedom of choice to submit..   

Now you may say that Islam is the only true religion those who do not accept Muhammad are disobeying God.  You are entitled to your thoughts. People of other persuasions believe that Muhammad was an impostor and is misleading those who follow him. If someone really wants to find who is right, she must read the arguments of both sides without prejudice. Otherwise she will remain in her ignorance all the her life believing to have found the truth.  

Also God does not need anyone to worship him. He certainly will not punish someone eternally with such horrible tortures as described in Quran for failing to worship him. This quality is more befitting of narcissist psychopaths like Saddam Hussein and Hitler and not the almighty God. If this is your god, then you are worshipping a very wrong god. 

As for the formation of baby, please read this article For other errors of Quran see this list. 


Ali Sina 


assalamo alaykum

my previous e-mail that i sent you are not just my thoughts- they are of a man who converted from Christianity to Islam when he realised the wrong and misleading path he was leading-the previous e-mail was quoting him in a conference he made about islam in Cardiff International Arena. consequently, the comments i made were quoting him - i would like to say also that turning your back on a religion and rejecting it is the penalty that you have to pay to Allah and it is between you and Allah- consequently it is up to you what you want to believe





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