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Sep 30, 2002  

Dear Mr. Sina,
I thoroughly enjoy your informative website every chance I can get on the internet, at work and at home. You and other authors are doing a great deal of good service for all of mankind. I hope and pray that with your website spread like wild fire every corner of this earth and all good people can learn and understand the truth for themselves. Therefore, the reason that I write to you today is to beg to you and other enlightened people like you to NOT reveal publicly to ANYONE who you really are at this moment in time. You and I really know how dangerous it is out there right now to criticize this Islam cult, even living in a Western country may not be even safe, nor anywhere for that matter. Everyone should know by now that there are evil doers out there who would love to kill anyone that criticize this cult as in the case of Mr. Salman Rushdie.
For the sake of the future of mankind and woman-kind, please please DO NOT reveal your and other like you the true identity (name, place of residence, etc.) to ANYONE, because many good decent people, Muslims and non-Muslims need your service to free ourselves of this nightmare someday. Take care and may heaven bless you in this struggle against the force of darkness.
Sincerely yours,
PS.  I also hope that Ali Sina is just an alias.

Thank you for your concern. Millions of Iranians are called Ali (at least 2 million) and Sina is also not a rare name. So don't worry about me yet. I have no desires to be martyred. I rather have one mortal houri here than 72 ever-young houris after I die. ;-) 



Sep 30, 2002  

Oh my...

Your site should be nominated for best site of the year, it is just so far out...

It's like "changing perceptions" everybody that goes there, if they are like me, will go through so many emotions, some, at first, may feel anger at either you or Islam, then they will get a perception change and think something else and on and on...




Sep 29, 2002  

Ali, I wish you could.  The largest population in this country is Christian and many of them give Islam the benefit of the doubt.  When they see another Christian like Pat Robertson or Franklin Graham criticizing Islam, many take it with a grain of salt because they might think that is what you would expect from a figurehead of a "rival" religion.  However if they see a FORMER MUSLIM than it is a different ball game.  In addition, skeptical Muslims who are on the fence can share empathy with you.  The fact that you are not a Christian can help even more.  This shows the Christian population that you are taking more of an impartial view point as opposed to an expected Christian viewpoint such as that by Robertson or Graham. 

Ali, I only started reading your website a few weeks ago, but as crazy as it sounds, even though we are not the same religion, in a way I still feel as if you are a brother to me in the spiritual sense.  Your website has impressed upon me the Islamic notion of the world divided between just Muslims and non-Muslims.  The discussion points that you have presented strike me as very rational and the questions that you pose are very fair. 

As a note of possible interest, a few months ago I was at Columbia University for a discussion of civil rights after 9/11.  A Muslim girl stood up to tell the room that she was concerned that the rights of the males in her family were in jeopardy.  I told her that many Americans were "concerned" about this rapidly growing religion, which has a mass murderer for a prophet and says that he lead the ideal life of a Muslim. I asked her if she knew that Mohammed was a murderer and I cited a few examples such as his massacre of

Medinan Jews in 627.  She seemed dumbfounded and only said that Mohammed was a gentle person and to also listen to the Muslim point of view.  However, by her reaction I honestly don't think she was aware of the brutality of this man Mohammed.  You are right, as soon as the truth is known via the Internet, the better off the world will be. 

I have tried to stay objective so I read other Muslim articles on the Internet and they seemed more defensive and chest beating in nature than they did insightful.  I also enjoyed your debate with the head of some Muslim group who would only cite the Muslim encyclopedia and not go straight to the Koran and Hadith like you advised him.  You showed to be less concerned with tooting you horn - as he did - ( a sign of insecurity) and more concerned with the facts. 

Thank you for your great work! 




 Sep 21, 2002  

My deep gratitude for your brave and wise and necessary website. I admire you all. As a writer of fiction and as an English professor, I live and work with colleagues who are blind to the ugly truths of this world. I admire your eloquent and detailed refutation of evil. 

James R



 Sep 21, 2002  


Dear Mr. Sina,

     I hope that this e-mail letter will find you and your family all well and happy.

     Do you think that the genocide of the Armenians by the Turks during World War I was either directly or indirectly related to Islamic beliefs?  Also do you think that the current atrocities being carried out against the Sudanese Christians by the Arabs in the North is in any way related to Islamic beliefs?

     Now for some comments.  It is obvious that you and the other ex-Muslims who write articles, comments, etc. on the www.faithfreedom.org website are intelligent, well-educated, articulate, logical and rational people.  However, and this a compliment not an insult, it does seem that any like minded person would not have to delve very far into Islam before coming to the same obvious conclusions that you and people like Mr. Abul Kasem have come to.  Nevertheless it seems that the vast majority of people here in the United States are quite wiling to go along with the politically correct mantra of  "Islam means peace..."

.  Why?

     I am a very busy person and do not even owe a television as I would prefer to read at home if and when I have any spare time.  The only place I see TV is when I ride the exercise bike at the gym.  During this time I usual watch news commentary type show.

Amazingly at least once a week I see a Muslim on one of these shows explaining how the terrorists have "hijacked his religion" and how angry he or she is about it.  Even the most politically INCORRECT commentator will usually go along with this.  Even if such a commentator cites a verse from the Koran advocating violence the Muslim talking head will usually explain that the verse is taken out of context. Case closed.

     Before 9/11 I never had any real discussion with any Muslim about Islam.  What I do remember was that before that almost each and every Muslim I ever knew was quite anxious for me to know that Louis Farrahkhan, Malcolm X, and the Nation of Islam movement were NOT authentically Islamic or Muslim. These same Muslim people also seemed quite prejudiced and bigoted against African-Americans in general, Muslim or not.  Now I see however that Muslims living here after 9/11 are quite content to have people like Muhammed Ali and Mr. Farrahkan speak up for them.  I find this to be the height of hypocrisy and deceit.

(You might be interested in knowing that many African-Americans are very aware of the role of Islam in slavery.  These formerly downtrodden people understandably and justifiably want to identify themselves as African-Americans rather than simply Americans.  It does not make sense that they would chose Islam as an identity since it had so much to do with their enslavement.).

     A final comment.  In engaging Muslims in any kind of dialogue they continually bring up the fact that the United States "abuses" Muslims.  Any Iranian person has every right to be angry about the fact that the United States wrongly  backed Saddam Hussein against Iran in that horrible, horrible war.  But isn't Saddam a Muslim?  Of course the subject of Israel and the "Palestinians" will come up.  Doesn't it matter that more "Palestinians" have been killed by their own leadership under Yassir Arafat since the Oslo accord?  I guess not.  Over and over again we are told that the United States gives weapons to kill "Palestinian" children.  Muslims do not want to hear about their centuries long ruthless treatment of Jews, Christians, Hindus, Parsis, etc.  What I guess this all boils down to is that Muslims believe they have the "Allah" given right to kill and abuse non-Muslims.  Non-Muslims on the other hand should have no right to fight back.  Who can reason with this kind of mentality?

     I could write more but I do not want to abuse the privelage of writing to you. 

Sincerely yours,



 Sep 19, 2002  

Dear infidels, 

   I discovered your site by chance and at once realized that I’ve been wasting so much time when I did not know about it yet. Thank you for your truthful explanations and faithful efforts to expose the real evil of all times: Islam.  

  As a Kurd I feel it my duty to enlighten my fellow countrymen and women about the dangers of Islam. In Northern Iraq there is adequate freedom and also willingness among people to listen to new things. If I someone do not takes over this task right now the radical Muslims when take advantage and spoil the heart and mind of Kurdish youth there who suffer from unemployment and seek a vent for their discontent and anger.  

  I’ve read Ali Dashti’s great book, Twenty Three Years: A Study of the Prophetic Career of Mohammad, and decided to translate it into Kurdish. But for that I need two things: first to be certain that it is not already translated, second, some financial assistance to print it or at least to put it on the net. 

  If you think the endeavour deserves the effort please try to help me in accomplishing it. 

Best regards,



Dear Ali,

I have no idea whether Ali Dashti’s book is translated to Kurdish or not. I doubt it has been but you can find out by calling Iranian booksellers out site the country.

Yes the publication books and production of literatures is one of the goals of Faith Freedom International. We do not have much money but we will raise it. The Islamists are expending millions of dollars to promote their cult of terror. Just today the Saudis announced that they plan to open a chapter of Ibn Baz “Research Center” in India. Ibn Baz was the prominent Islamic scholar who gave a fatwa that whoever says the Earth is round is a kafir. http://www.arabnews.com/Article.asp?ID=18721

Yes, tomorrow is too late. Every day more Islamic terrorists are created. We have to reach these young kids before they are brainwashed. Please condense the translation of Ali Dashti’s book in Kurdish. You have all my support. I will make sure that enough money is raised for the publication of that book and of course I would be glad to post it in faithfreedom.org site.

Best wishes,


Ali Sina


 Sep 13, 2002  

Dear Ali,

I am an American who is interested in the Middle East and its rich culture. I was contemplating converting to Islam. 2 months ago I met a former Muslim Saudi Arabian man in a mall. He invited me to his house and told me about why he left this religion. He read me some verses from the Quran (eg: the never aging boys in paradise) and certain hadiths (eg: Aisha removing the prophet's semen, wiping the anus in an odd number of times, etc..). I was shocked by what I read. Now, I am still fond of the culture but I do not think Islam is a true way to any sane God! I emailed my thoughts to another american friend who converted to islam. I will post his response below. I hope you are not bored with it :) I still have a question though to you: what makes an intellectual modern American (or even a Muslim) still accepts islam despite the stuff in the hadith and quran? I hope you can provide me your feedback to my friend's note.

best wishes,




I'm sorry to hear that your interests have turned away from Islam.   However,  I would strongly caution you from listening to the approach of this man who  has rejected his Islam.  There are plenty of people who know Arabic well  enough to offer you insights in these hadiths, and nothing that you have  mentioned is hidden from the common knowledge of Muslims.  It sounds to me  that this man only offered you the information that, at first glance, is most incongruous with Western values.  I strongly encourage you to research these matters with your own "intellectual mind".

As for the information you've mentioned: The Prophet's wife 'Aisha is one of the most highly regarded personalities in Islam.  The prophet married her when she was a child but did not  consummate the marriage until she had reached an appropriate age.  Here  actual age is in fact a matter of dispute, but her biography is all the proof that's necessary to affirm the righteousness of the relationship.  I have heard 'Aisha referred to as the greatest scholar in Islamic history,  because she was able to inform the people about so many details of the Prophet's "sunnah" or life example.  If your friend is truthful, ask him to show you the staggering number of hadith in any of the major volumes that were transmitted through 'Aisha.  This does not indicate a life of abuse or misery but rather one of honor and dignity.  More importantly, ask him to relate to you the hadiths where 'Aisha herself is describing the prophet in the best of terms, again the clear proof that there was nothing unlawful or exploitative about this relationship.

In terms of her cleaning semen out of his clothes, this is not shocking at all.  It is easy for a man to release small amounts of semen unintentionally or for clothing to become soiled in some other manner.

 All this amounts to is that his wife did his laundry for him, and the hadith is related only to indicate the level of cleanliness that is necessary for a Muslim.

As for the hadiths on dogs and pictures, these are things that make complete sense even though they conflict with American popular culture.  The only conditions for the ownership of dogs in Islam is for hunting, guarding, etc.

  Having a dog as a house pet is not allowed because they are dirty  creatures and it makes the home environment impure. Similarly, pictures of  anything with a soul (animals, humans, etc.) that are hung on walls are easily taken as objects of reverence or worship, so this is not permitted in Islam.  Since God detests these sorts of practices, his angels also show distaste for them.

As for wiping the anus, it is important to remember that Islam provides a complete way of life the covers everything from the highest acts of worship to the most mundane details of daily life.  The "odd number" is something that appears over and over again in many hadith because the prophet liked to do things an odd number of times.  This is because odd numbers will always yield a remainder of 1 when divided in half, and this is small reminder that there is only one God.  In this sense, the worship of

God is able to infiltrate every area of daily life.  There may be other reasons for this as well, even if it seems absurd to you at first glance, but Allah and his Messenger know best.  Muhammad, peace be upon him, is the best example in everything, so if a hadith can establish that he performed a certain acts,

Muslims will also follow that because we recognize that his wisdom is manifest in all his actions.  There is a hadith (narrate by his wife 'Aisha) that says Muhammad, peace be upon him, was "the walking Qur'an."  It is through his example that we are able to fully understand and implement God's holy book.  It may seem strange that this would include bathroom etiquette, but that is why Islam is a complete religion.

Again, I would encourage you to investigate your doubts with people other  than this man you met.  I think you will find that he used his knowledge of  Arabic to portary an authority that he does not possess.  In my opinion, I would only advise him to fear Allah and to think about what the fruits of  his mischief and deception will be on the Day of Judgment when he stands before his Lord.  I pray that Allah makes this man's mischief clear to you and opens your heart to the truth.  



Dear Jack 

More and more born Muslims from all Islamic countries are realizing that Islam was a hoax and are leaving it in big numbers. Your Saudi friend is not an exception. However you do not see them advertising this because they are afraid for their lives. Those who leave Islam are the intellectuals, the educated people who soon realize the stupidity of the Islamic belief.

On the other hand you meet less than educated people like your friend Musa who sees nothing wrong in the fact that a 54 year old man make love to a 9 year old girl, and believes that Muhammad’s superstitious fondness for odd numbers has a spiritual significance and when he wipes his anus in odd number it is a remembrance of Allah. What a nice way to remember Allah!  

Obviously stupidity has not limits. This man has abandoned logic and rational thinking and still has the audacity to invite others to used their "intellectual minds". He has no clue what intelligence means.  

His entire argument is based on fear of afterlife. A lie concocted by Muhammad to subdue the gullible that after they die God would burn then eternally in Hell if they disobey his mandates. These poor souls are unable to see that this lies was intended to coerce them into submission and the creator of this universe is never so petty to do such horrible things to his creatio n. This is sadistic and unbefitting of a sane human let alone the maker of the world. But once one is brainwashed to the extent that Musa is, there is nothing else one can do.  

Please read the articles in our site and join in our struggle to expose Islam to the world. Now that you have seen the stupidity of this cult you should not remain silent. Islam is not just a stupid cult it is also a dangerous cult and those who believe in it kill other human beings convinced that what they do is the will of God. Please promote faithfreedom.org Let us save those unwary souls that may fall prey to this cult. Write your testimonial for the faithfreedom.org and join the forum.  

Best wishes,  

Ali Sina



 Sep 11, 2002

Mr Ali Sina 

First of all that I just say how informative your site is. It this world obsessed with PC it is refreshing to read the works of someone who is not afraid to call a spade a spade. I have a few comments on your site. 

1. In the readers' comments section, the post by Kehmet on 6/11/02 is an obvious fake. No Sikh would be given a name like Kehmet as there is no such word in the Punjabi language. This person who is probably a Ahmedi muslim is trying to say that Guru Nanak, the founder of Sikhism praised Mohammed by calling him a 'friend of God'.  I have come across these Ahmedis before justifying Mohammed by citing mostly fake praises of Mohammed by other religiou leaders. I believe that Muslims are allowed to lie in the cause of their faith. In the Guru Granth Sahib the name Mohammed is not even mentioned. Guru Nanak taught the opposite of what the Koran teaches. He stated that all paths lead to God. It is not the religious label that counts but the actions of the individual. Guru Nanak taught against religious extremism, against the division of humanity into believers and unbelievers. In fact Sikh Gurdwaras (laces of worship ) are the only religious places that are open to all irrespective of one's religion. They provide free of charge food and drink from dusk till dawn. 

Sikhism suffered a great deal under the Muslims. Out of it's 10 Gurus two were martyred for refusing to convert to Islam. The 9th Guru, Guru Tegh Bahadur was martyred as he took up the cause of the Kashmiri Hindus who were being forcibly converted to Islam by the Mughal king Aurengzeb. The 9th Guru was arrested by the Mughals and was given the usual choice of Islam or death. Aurengzeb was like all muslims a great believer that the proof of holiness is the power to work miracles. He gave the Guru a third choice that if he could work a miracle then he would be set free. The Guru then took a piece of paper and wrote on it and tied it around his neck. He said that he would work a miracle only after the executioner had done his work. The Guru was martyred and the paper was read. It had the following words on it. 'I gave my head but not my faith'. This was the miracle of the Guru. 

2. I totally agree with you that most Muslims are good people because

3. Islam is totally different from the Eastern religions such as Sikhism, Hinduism and Buddhism. These religions do not divide the world into believers and non-believers. This is probably also true of the religion of your ancestors, the Parsis. Christianity and Judaism have out grown such concepts also. It is only Islam that persists in such beliefs. If civilisation is to beat Islam then it will need all non-muslim religions and peoples to wake up and cast aside their differences in order to survive. Muslims no matter how much they claim their religion to be the fastest growing and still only 1 in 5 of the world population.





 Sep 11, 2002

Dear Ali,

Before I finish this, I want to thank you again for your site, your continued fight and your kind and good words.

Thank you, again.



I guess I had to wait a year to write this.

I wonder, as I track the news today, exactly where the media event stops and the remembrance begins....

Proper remembrance.  Something to think about.  To dwell on.

I do not care to see any more grieving widows.  I do not wish to see any more video of people jumping from large buildings. 


Continuing grief and closure where possible is for the families of the people killed by terrorists on September 11, 2001.  I grieved on September 12, 2001 and shortly thereafter.  My Love and I watched the videos of the jumpers -- remember the couple, hand-in-hand? -- and we promised each other that if given the choice,  we would go as they.

Truely proper remembrance, however, for those of us fortunate not to have lost our close ones, is in ACTION.

The best remembrance is in justice.  Duty to those who died, and our way of life.

Let us use all resources, not only in a matter of justice, but as seems to be obvious, in need for survival.

Let us track the money.  Hunt it down.  Let us track the groups responsible, not only those who aided through physical means but those who provided financial backing for the deed.  Let us find them and ACT.  No matter WHO they are.

Our action should be one of devastatingly powerful retribution.  We should find these people and PUBLICALLY wipe them from the face of the earth.  It is needed for both the justice of true remembrance -- and survival.  Only ACTION will be understood. 

Inaction combined with our own need to explain such is the way to death and the destruction of our culture and our lives.  Both the enemy and their deeds are merciless, the retribution must be AWFUL!   As a culture, we do not truely understand the word "merciless".  It is against our basic, core beliefs.  Our culture and our nation is set against an enemy that would mercilessly destroy us. 

"Live free or die".  It is our only choice.   If not yours, it is surely mine.



Daniel Canterbury

"You are known by the company you keep."



 Sep 11, 2002

First of all I want to say thank you for enlightening me.  I was actually looking into Islam, and even was a member of a Muslim chat. I thought in order to find the truth one must look into something from all sides, and it actually terrifies me.  I was never a "convert", but I'm afraid that I responded negatively to the chat, deciding that this religion was not for me, and asked to be removed.  Quite frankly I didn't realize how dangerous it is to not just question, but to openly state my opinions that do not agree with Islam.  I live here in the US, however, and I certainly am not anyone of importance, but I am curious if I am in any danger??  I know that you are bombarded with mail, but if it is at all possible please advise.  I also am against hate and your site is very informative.  


Thank you and God Bless.


Dear James,  

No you are not in danger. First of all you never converted to Islam so technically you are not an apostate. There are so many born Muslims who are leaving Islam that it is virtually impossible for Muslims to kill them all. Also you do not live in an Islamic country. So you are not under any danger. 

However if you start to write against Islam, even if you were never a Muslim you could be in danger. The translators of Salman Rudhdie’s Satanic Verses were assassinated even though they were not Muslims. So if you start actively exposing Islam and I earnestly encourage you to do so, you better be careful of giving away too much personal information about yourself. But do not let the fear prevent you from speaking out the truth. You won't be hurt unless you become famous for your anti Islamic activities. 

The Islamists expend millions of dollars in their campaign of misinformation and deceit. On the other hand we have just people like you. We have no financial backing and a non cooperative Pee Cee Media to deal with. Now that you know the truth about Islam, please do whatever you can do to spread this news. The world must be alerted before it is too late.

Kind Regards


Ali Sina 



 Sep 5, 2002

Dear Mr Sina, 

I have been reading articles and debates posted on the FaithFreedom website for some time now. It confirms by way of facts what I have only suspected up until this time about Islam. 

I wouldn't call myself a 'Westerner' in the truest sense of the word, since I am a South African (and I feel myself to be neither fully European or fully African, but a unique hybrid along with my countrymen), but like  many Westerners, September 11 came as a shock to me. That's how my investigation into what Islam really teaches came about. The FaithFreedom website has been only the latest in a series of websites that I have visited in the last year. 

In the city where I grew up, there were large Indian and Muslim communities that I really didn't think about much. As you may or may not be aware, South Africa has had a history of 'seperateness' between cultures in the past. So, suffice it to say that I didn't mix with either the Indians (who were predominately Hindu) or the Muslims to any degree. I suppose I thought of the Muslim community more as a culture than a religion. I certainly wasn't very much aware of different religions in those days. 

One thing I remember from all those years ago, is driving with my folks through this Indian/Muslim area on the way to town. And painted on the  side of a buliding were the words "Read Al Qur'an, the last testament". Because I had little understanding of the religious nature of Islam, the message confused me. I have since learned that it is like Da'wah or something. 

Around 1991, I became a Born-Again Christian and became more aware of the opposition (so to speak). I know that you have probably had e-mails and correspondence from many people of many faiths who do not appear to be 'freethinkers', however, I like to think I have a relatively open mind. And, if you were wondering, yes I do esteem some of what you call 'mumbo jumbo'. That doesn't mean that I can't think for myself. But anyway, after September 11 happened, I wrote a short book of about 60 pages which I had bound. And a little like the FaithFreedom website, it's subject matter was about the blood-lust of Islam and what the religion really stands for and why they attacked the US. The events of 9-11 galvanized me you might say. So I began to spread the message that Islam is not a warm and fuzzy religion, this after having done some research on the internet. 

Whether my efforts prove to be futile or not, I have been discussing matters of religion with some of my Muslim colleagues and using a little bit of logic to get them to critically examine some of the things that they have been told. One colleague didn't even know that Mohammed was poisoned and buried in Medina. And this same colleague didn't understand Arabic. He regarded it as a spiritual experience to just be able to listen to the Arabic and accept it as from Allah without actually knowing what it was saying. I had to temper the look of absolute surprise on my face. Talk about not being a 'free thinker'. 

The way you talk so irreverently about Islam is kind of refreshing,  what with all the Political Correctness out there. If and when Islam is slain, maybe you could move on to eradicating PC. The truth be told, I am of the opinion that there is going to be a great deal of blood shed before

Islam's influence is finished. The mechanism that Mohammed built into his religion of the reward for Jihad is a bit of a danger. I read a book recently that said that the Cold War between The US and USSR was a war fought about an illogical ideology (Communism) but in a logical manner. Which is to say that the Commies were following a crazy social system but they didn't want to all die just to prove a point. Therefore the thing about Mutual Assured Destruction (MAD) kept either the US or USSR from having it all out. Islam follows an illogical ideology in an illogical manner. That is what makes it so dangerous. And one morning I expect to hear a 'Breaking News' report about an act of Nuclear terrorism against the West by Muslim terrorists.

You and I may never agree on who God is or what He is like, but the enemy of my enemy is my friend. Like it or not, I guess you, me and whoever wants to expose Islam are stuck together. If you will permit me Mr Sina, Jesus said that the truth will set us free, and the truth about Islam is on your side, on OUR side. May it set our fellow human beings free. 

Yours Sincerely, 

Sean J.  

Cape Town  

South Africa 


 Dear Sean

The question whether God exists or not is a philosophical question. The question whether the Bible is the world of God is a private matter. I may consider the Bible mumbo jumbo but I do not want to stop people believing in something that they hold close to their hearts even if that thing is mumbo jumbo in my opinion.  The Faith is a personal matter and no after slaying Islam I am not going to start a campaign to slay other religions. It is none of my business to tell you what is the truth and what is not. For that I have to have found the truth myself first and only a fool could make such claim. A finite mind can never grasp the infinite reality. 

Today is not the time to debate on these trivial points. As you said it rightly there is an enemy that is threatening mankind. This threat is far greater than what the other two false ideologies of the last century ever posed. This is the time that we have to stick together and together fight against the enemy of mankind. After we defeat the enemy and save the humanity, we can sit together, sip tea and chat. Then we can agree to disagree on religious matters. But we will still sit together, sip tee and chat despite the fact that we may think differently. Surly I hope we will eliminate the apartheid because it is very anti Christian as well as anti humanistic.

I am sure that the Christianity has a lot of good things that can teach others and humanism/rationalism also can teach the Christians a thing or two. But now we have to save our lives first.

Please promote this site. I am not going to dissuade the Christians out of their beliefs. As long as the Christians preach non-violence, I love them.



Ali Sina



2 Sep 2002

      I am an American who has had similar thoughts about Islam. I started reading a translation of the Koran today and learned new things that only re-enforced my beliefs. I am a man who has to deal with facts as they are. Nearly thirty years of being a mechanic has taught me one cannot fix a problem unless one looks at the facts of the situation. Wishfull thinking and disregard of the truth shall never come to a solution. I think the Muslims are guilty of doing just that.

      I have been told that Muslims never commit suicide yet thousands of my countrymen died at the hands of muslims in less than two hours almost a year ago. This is only one example of reality versus the self-deception of many Muslims. There are many more.

      As a citizen of the United States of America, I have been taught to treat all people as equals and to never discriminate against anyone based on their race, creed, sex, sexual preference, national origin, and physical disability. In fact, it is the law of the land. I can go to jail for attacking someone based on those six reasons. I shall never discriminate against Muslims but I don't think I'll ever be friends with them either. I think they are stuck in the past and have a snowball's chance in hell of ever leaving it.



Dear Doug, 

I am not asking you to be friend with Muslims. All I am asking you is to help them recover from this disease called Islam. You can do that by promoting this site. Truth like the Sun will eventually melt the ice of ignorance.   




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