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Up until I saw your site, I had a very low opinion of people from the Middle East, however your site made me realize that its not the people from the Middle East that are the problem, but rather the Ideologies behind Islam which guides many of  them. After having read several of the essays with quotes from the Koran, I can now see why they behave the way they do here in Australia. 

The big problem, as you make clear on your site is how to reason with these people without having to worry about fearing for your life?. Of the Middle Eastern Muslims that I have been in contact with in Australia, many are not very well educated, and some can become quite agitated when questioning their beliefs. 

When you start with misguided presuppositions in an argument, which cant be questioned and therefore negated, it is difficult to have a logical argument. This is not only a peculiarity with people who believe in Islam but I have seen similar behaviour with Jehovah Witnesses. It is good to know that there are people like your self, as it gives hope to many, that possibly one day we can have a world where we all live in peace and harmony. 

I think that the biggest reason why there has been so much progress in the West, is that we stopped religion ruling our every day life a long long time ago, whilst the Islamic world continues to cling onto a piece of archaic literature which has led them to where they are now. I only wish that more Muslims would take a leaf out of your book and open up their minds to question some of the fundamental beliefs in the Koran. Keep up the good work. 




My Dear Friend Dr. Sina:

After reading your works and listened to what you had to say on this BB, I came to these conclusions that you are indeed a:

True-Finder, a reformer, a mystic, a Truth-Seeker, an individual who sees deeper than life, and admirer of love, a transcendentalism philosopher, a refreshing and regenerating spirit of the age, an advocator and struggler to bring about the divine vision for man, reunification with True God, Self-reliant, a brilliant, an erudite man.
A man who has a mission in life. To enlighten his people and other humans in intervals.

Dr. Sina, your mission indeed is a splendor one, you will give people "life," "truthfulness," a true love and the the most important of all HOPE" for a better life. Many years from now, your ScreenName name "Freethinker" will be synonymous with "life-maker."

My. Friend, I am very happy that we found you here, in this very valuable board, to discuss your ideas and your thoughts with us. In hope that people being patient and take advantage of your immense knowledge.

I salute you my friend, I salute you.



30 May 2002

Wow.  Just reading some of the first few hate-mails on your site gave me chills.  Well... not really.  I guess I always have known that idiot/hate mongers like this exist.

These people spout the most hateful, anti-Semitic, anti-civilization, anti-education messages.  How many of these idiots are there in America, let alone the rest of the world?  It's frightening.  Most of these hate-mails that you receive are full of inconsistent, illogical verbiage, bad grammar, misspellings and just plain stupidity.

I notice that most of the writers of these hate-mails have a very poor understanding of language and how to communicate through the written word.  That prompts me to think that they are from those strata's of society who do not think that education is important.  Could it be incidental that most of these illiterates are also Muslim?

Have you noticed that hate does not use logic well?

This conflict is not only a clash of cultures, it is a clash of values.  The values of a free society vs. the Islamic theocracies of the Arab world and all anti-Semitic, anti-Judeo/Christian groups. This is demonstrated the by the OBVIOUS difference in the value placed on a single human life. 


-Daniel C
Columbus, Ohio.




If you had a recipe that failed repeatedly, and continually produced the most unattractive, foul-tasting meal that you had ever eaten, wouldn't you at some point ask if there was something wrong with the recipe? That is, if you were an intelligent person. If you were an idiot you might just keep blaming it on the cook, or say the oven wasn't calibrated right, or say that the ingredients weren't fresh, or anything BUT blame the recipe.

I've heard that "judge us by our scriptures, not by our followers" line so many times it makes me want to scream. And it's such a stupid "argument" to begin with.

First of all, it's basically admitting that there is something wrong with a large number of Muslims. It's like a school headmaster saying, "yeah, we admit it, a large number of our graduates are numbskulls, but don't judge us by our students, judge us by our curriculum." What kind of a recommendation is that for a school? Who would send their kid to a school that promotes itself in such a manner? "Yeah, we're a great school, but a lot of our students turn out to be uneducated morons, but we don't know why."

You can turn around the question very easily by saying "Yeah, well if your scriptures are so great, how come they don't turn out better people?"



Doctored pictures

23 May 2002

 Dr. Sina, if you remember, I was an idiot that emailed you a long time ago claiming how wrong you were.  

but I was the one who was wrong, anyway, I'm not here to make a testimony, I have something to add to your website.  

remember the page about miracles of Allah stuff, you know the praying tree, well I found it to be so ridicules that I felt obliged to pound my head on a wall just to get rid of all the lameness.  

the tree wasn't a fluke of nature, it was a doctored picture, I know it, anyone, I mean ANYONE who knows even a tiny bit about computer graphics can tell, I've seen dozens of doctored picutes before, and I can tell you, this isn't a tree at all.  

It was probably brought in by two people, some guy got into prayer position and the other guy took a picture, then they used computer graphics to 'dress' up the praying man and make him look like a tree, this is the only possible thing, it was a fraud, pure and simple, I was astonished that some people acutally buy into this stuff.  

I should know, I've made several doctored pictures myself before.  

Anyway, thanks for your website.

Salim F



Ali Sina responds: 

No my friend, 

You are no idiot. I used to think just like you but I was no idiot either. We were raised in an atmosphere of lies where critical thinking was prohibited. We were brainwashed. I am pleased to read you saw the light. For me this passage from darkness to light was very painful but I am pleased that I did it too. But you and I are not alone. Millions of Muslims are waking up and are seeing the truth for the first time. Let us hope this mass awakening take place before the ones who are still asleep blow up this planet. 

Thank you for writing and please join our forum. Also if you want to write your testimony it would be helpful to others who are still in the dark. 

Kind regards 

Ali Sina



 22 May 2002

Dear mr. Sina,

I find your site very inspiring. And I must say that it's brave to speak out. I really hope that your site will make a difference in the world and stop the hatred, but the truth is that I doubt it will. Not because of what you write or how you write it, but mainly for the fact that the audience you reach is seldomly the audience that should be enlightened (the suppressed masses). But maybe one day

Anyway, keep up the good work and let's all hope the spirit of freedom will eventually enlighten mankind.




*Friendly* question about your Quran translation

21 May 2002

Mr. Sina:

As you can see from the emails below, I am an appreciative fan of your site.  In trying to "spread the word" so to speak, I used quotes from the Quran supplied on your site.  As a scientific researcher, I should have known better than to speak without 100% knowledge - can you tell me more about your translations?  I was told by one muslim that the translations sounded so extreme because they were "hijacked" Wahabe versions.  Is this true?  Are there tamer versions of the Quran in other parts of the muslim world?

Please let me know.




Dear Philip,

If you click on the verses of Quran that I quote in my site you will be taken to this site.


There you will see 3 different translations of Quran. If you pay attention youíll see that there is not much difference in the translations. Other translations of Quran are also the same. However the original Arabic is the most violent and harsher than all the translations.

This is a lame excuse that Muslims bring. They want to blame the translations for the harshness of Quran but those who know Arabic know better.


Ali Sina




Subject: The best website I have ever visited

20 May 2002

Dear Sir, 

I would like to congratulate you on your efforts at debunking the unpardonable myth and mysteries surrounding Islam, a religion of the zealots and parochial fools. I doubt whether there is anybody else who has been bold and vitriolic enough to take the cudgel against the religion. I praise you for your unexampled knowledge, insight, perception and deep scholarship. 

It is people like you who dare to challenge assumptions and brave the ire of violence. 

May the God of the Universe be with you and shower you with His choicest blessings! 




 19 May 2002

For years I am on the net fighting with these people. 

I thought I was lossing. But on finding your site, I know I am wining. 

What a incredible site.! 

However, Please be extremly careful and I am sure even your life may be stake.  

Keep up with the good work.  


R. Segaran  



19 May 2002

Dear Ali Sina, 

For years I am on the net fighting with these people. 

I thought I was lossing. But on finding your site, I know I am wining. 

What a incredible site.! 

However, Please be extremly careful and I am sure even your life may be stake.  

Keep up with the good work.  


R. Segaran



18 May 2002

Dear Mr. Sina, 

I read most of your articles, debates, comments etc. on your site. 

I truly think you are a free thinker that shad quite a light on religion in general and Islam in particular.

I would not want to analyze nor rationalize or explain your conviction and your abundant wisdom and common sense you display in your writing. But one thing Iím sure you are a true comrade of peace. You are a truly citizen of the world. Your objective is beyond personal gain or fame.

Your vision is the future not a year or two but a generation and next generation vision. I truly admire your voluntary work you do which will shape our future world in the following centuries.

Iím sure your movement which you have started will grow to become a gigantic force to wake up not only Muslims but any one who suffer from a lack of self awakening chromosomes in their souls.

I knew very little about Islam before 9-11 and gladly I must say this event opened many peopleís eyes including myself. My first introduction to Islam was my curiosity to learn more from those who still claim and justified their adherence to Islam so I joined Islam.com Board.


Mike Adir



17 May 2002

Dear Mr. Ali Sina, 

I stumbled on your site browsing at my office. 

I went through your site and could not help feeling repsect and admiration for your scholarship, courage and determination. 

Yes, you are a true warrior and a man I can truly call my hero. 

For years , I researched Islamic 'scriptures' for a benign and justifiable view of Islam. There is none that exists that we can see without being intellectually dishonest to ourselves and to others. 

Please do not give up your noble resolve of exposing the most successful fraud of human history- Islam! 

If ever you need any material or moral support from me, please do not hesitate to write. I am not very rich but I would do whatever is possible in my humble capacity to assist you. Yours is a noble task...please do not ever give up. 

I am a formerly 'secular' Hindu. I am just a Hindu now. I have had to abandon hackneyed and hypocritcal 'Gandhian' respect for Islam after years of research and reflection. Mahatama Gandhi completely misjudged Islam. 

I do not know if you are an Iranian. In case , you are one I am very happy to conclude that all is not lost with Iran after all. There is a faint chance that the great Persian civilzation , ruthlessly pillaged and vandalized by Islam, might someday spring back and blossom again. I hope and pray for that day. 

Many thanks for all that you are doing. 






 10 May 2002

Dear Ali,


Thank you so much for creating such a brave and informative website.  Like you, I am very concerned about Islam and particularly its appearance in Europe and the reluctance of European politicians to criticise or contain it. In Britain I have a number of friends who are, like you, non-believers who come from Muslim countries. Some are atheists; others have a spiritual sense, like yours, but are against religion and especially Islam, with its anti-life rules and all its hatreds. 

Thank you again. You are not alone in your struggle against the evils of Islam that are tearing apart so many countries around the world. 

Best wishes, 

Michael Graham



10 May 2002

Hiya buddy. My name is Sonny. I perused  your webite content - thank you for demystifying Islam. 

Hitherto, it has been mighty difficult to engage in rational debate with most Muslims, as Islam, to them, was beyond reproach and questioning the veracity of fondly-held beliefs of Islam was tantamount to an invitation for conflict - of which I got into a few. 

It is good to know that are some Muslims around with critical faculties still intact and who are prepared to invite the wrath of the majority of his faith by writing about this fascinating issue. 

You and your fellow-travellers are humans of great courage, willing to stick your neck out. It is those rare individuals - appearing now and then in a millenia - that are prepared to question ancient beliefs with analytical tools of modernity. 

Wide swathes of mankind have evolved to the intellectual stage, but, evidently, not all. 

I could say more, but time does not permit me...yet. 

Keep soldering on, and enlighten us (non-Muslim secularists) with more cerebral articles. 

Take care,





7 May 2002

Dear Dr Sina,

I am a great fan of yours. I know the real nature of Islam because I was in Saudi Arabia for three years during my formative years. I know the Islamic psychology very well.

My name is Dr Robin J. I am an Indian. I think you should do more research into whether Mohammed suffered from an organic brain disease called Temporal lobe epilepsy (TLE). I have found astonishing similarities between the clinical discription of TLE and mohammed's Pyschology.

Please keep up the good work and let me again congratulate you on your bravery.

Thank You





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