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Feb 10, 2002

Dear Mr Ali sina, 

 Please accept my Greetings to you,i happened to go through your entire website and found it quite interesting and thought provoking.but please forgive me for the length of my query. 

 let me introduce myself,i'am from india and i was born a Hindu (kafir and i'am proud of being one) but i'am certainly not religious by any stretch of imagination. 

since my days in school i had observed some quirks if i may say so,i found that many of our muslim classmates seemed to be very hyperactive,inattentive and more prone to get into fights. they seemed to use abusive language more than other infidels and i personally did get into trouble with many of them since i'am not the one to give any quarter since my motto is "GIVE RESPECT AND TAKE RESPECT". 

my first question is,is it because from a very young age these impressionable kids are brain-washed into islam as you claim it to be ? 

I would like to now ask you some questions with respect to your own country IRAN in the same year as i was born iran underwent a revolution which brought Ayatollah Khomeini to power.i happened to see a very fine movie about that "On the wings of the Eagle".which showed in quite graphic and lucid detail about how common iranians took to the streets with placards and pictures of Khomeini and brought him into power.so there was no overnight coup d'etat here. common iranians took to the streets and though they had a choice of  ushering in a democracy they preferred the islamic regime of khomeini. 

now it so happened that the islamic regime turned out to be even worse,a correct analogy here would be, it was like `jumping from the frying pan into the fire`. 

All of a sudden now many iranians like yourself realised that islam entered iran as a barbaric conqueror way back 1400 years ago.well that did not seem to have bothered you in 1979. 

if this is not hypocrisy what is? 

where were you in 1979?why did you not say the same things back then?why did not you and people like you tell people of iran the truth and convince them to rally around democracy instead of islam the religion of a bandit,paedophile,rapist,murderer as you claim it to be. 

Also,you tried to clear the perception that iran did not submit to islam willingly,that people fought it tooth and nail.but please forgive me i do not know farsi and hence i could not follow the many articles in this regard can you please provide me an english translation. 

also i saw your gruesome picture gallery.but believe me that is nothing,much worse animistic rituals take place across the world i have personally attended many in india were people walk on red hot coal,pierce there skins and mouth with an iron rod.fast for many days on end unlike the phony fast in ramzan these people fast for real for weeks they do not consume a drop of water.sit on bed of nails,stand on one foot to meditate and so on. 

one particular interesting thing i saw was a child holding a picture of imam Ali who you describe as " the man who massacred hundreds of thousands of Iranians and took them, their wives and daughters as slaves selling them in the markets of Mecca and Medina to a bunch of Savage Arabs, who thanked Allah for the bounty". 

well then why on earth are you still named after that man why don`t you change your name to a iranian one like darius or cyrus? 

i can easily see through you people a dog's tail is always crooked so is a muslim .if iran were under the shah today you might be one hosting a website praising some mullah khomeinei.then you would not mind whether islam was barbaric or quran was full of hate isn`t it? please answer me truthfully. 

and one last question i would like you to answer 


i don't think so as i said before once a muslim always a muslim 

i would like to again apologise for the length of my query.but it would mean a lot to me if you replied as it would prove that there are freethinkers even among muslims who are willing to admit the evils of their faith. 

Thank you



Dear Rajesh,


Thank you for your email and your queries. Let me start answering them without a prelude.

Islam is a cult that indoctrinates its followers to be violent aggressive and insolent. From childhood Muslims are brainwashed to believe that their religion is the best, that they are the only ones who would inherit the heaven, that the none-Muslims are sinners by virtue of their disbelief and they would go to hell irrespective of whatever good they do in this world. Muslims are convinced that all those who are not Muslims usurp the land (the Earth) that belong to Allah and have no right to live on Earth. It is merely through the Muslims magnanimity that they are left to live and whenever they wish or they can they should fight them and clean (Pak) the Earth from the infidels.

The word “righteous” for Muslims does not mean the same thing that it means for other people. Righteous is one who submits to Allah irrespective of his conduct. All these inevitably make the young Muslims arrogant, self righteous, disdainful towards the non-Muslims to the degree that a non-Muslim loses all his rights and can be dealt with, with disrespect. Many Muslim youngsters systematically rape the Australian non-Muslim girls. Many Pakistani Muslims in England constantly break the law and get into trouble.

As for your second question, this is a little more complex than the way you describe it. You should know that Iran during the reign of the late Shah and in fact for that last 2000 years have been under the domination of dictatorial regimes. Muhammad Reza Pahlavi, the last shah of Iran was an ideologist, a modernist but also a dictator. He did a lot of good things for Iran. He introduced the law of Protection of Family that curtailed the absolute power of man and prohibited him from marrying a second or third wife.

He modernized the country, introduced land reform, universal education, “quasi” equal rights for women and many other good things. During his time there was prosperity. But one thing was lacking and that was democracy. This man could not tolerate criticism. He was paranoid, he created a very brutal security force to spy on the people and they abused their power and dealt with the critics of the Shah mercilessly. Shad modernized Iran but at the same time created a state of terror. Thousands of people were executed accused of treason. Their crime was to be sympathizers of the communism.

People of Iran became tired of that much iron fist and when Khomeini came along and promised freedom, they foolishly believed in him and as you said jumped from the frying pad into the fire. They said let the Shah go any thing is better than him. There is no use to say that I never supported the Islamic regime. I liked the government of Dr. Bakhtiar the last Prime Minister nominated by Shah. However, many intellectuals of Iran decided to back Khomeini to oust the Shah. The masses of people trusted their intellectuals like Dr.

Bazargan, Dr. Sanjabi, Dr. Forouhar, Bani Sadr and many more.  The question is why these people did not see the real face of Khomeini? It is a good question.They themselves want to know why. The answer however is dawning on many Iranians now. These men were religious. They did not necessarily believe that religion is the answer or that Iran must become an Islamic country. But they did not think religion could be so deceiving, so damaging, so evil as it proved to be.

In 23 years Iranians have had a good chance to see Islam at work. The revolution took place because the late Shah kept the Iranians in dark. Where there is no freedom of speech people have no way to learn the truth. Ignorant people do what ignorant people do and the revolution became foreseeable.

Despite this, many Iranians have not learned their lesson. There are some “educated” Iranians who now think Monarchy was better and Iran should revert to Monarchy. These people now rally around Reza Pahlavi, the son of the ousted Shah and hope to revive the days of Monarchy in Iran. As an Iranian I will do my best not to let that happen. It would be total idiocy for Iranians to go back to Monarchy when the rest of the world has abandoned this antiquated system of government and has established democracy and free elections. Would any intelligent person hire a servant that he can’t fire? How any sane person would chose a master for life when he knows that there would be no more chance to undoing it if things go wrong?

You asked why I did not warn the Iranians during 1979. The answer is that at that I did not take part in this revolution and did never support it, but that is beside the point. The point is that just like millions of Iranians I did not know the evil of Islam. I learned about the truth of Islam only recently when I decided to read the Quran. But I am not the only one. Many Iranians have learned the truth of Islam also and that is why I say with confidence that Iran would be the first country to get itself rid of Islam.

Speaking of the picture gallery in my site you said that such thing also happen in other religions and cults. This does in no way lessen the brutality of such acts as depicted in those pictures. Islam claims to be the religion of God and what it does is convert people into terrorists and zombies. Should I accept these barbarities just because the animists and Hindus have also stupid rituals?

As far as my name is concerned, this is the name that I carried since childhood and I am used to it. I should also tell you that Ali is an Arab name not Islamic. This name existed prior to Muhammad and his religion.  Moreover there have been many great men who had Arab names and they were not Muslims. Zakaria Razi, Abul Qasem Ferdowsi, Bu Ali Sina, Ibn Rushd, Omar Kayyam, Abu Muslim Khorasani, Al Muari, Ahmad Kasravi, Ali Dashti and many more, were enemies of Islam yet had Arab (or as you say Islamic) names. If these great “apostates” were happy with their Arab names, I am happy too.

Lastly you asked whether I would ban Islam if I were elected the president of Iran. The answer is no. What I would do is to separate the government from religion. I would not ban any ideology no matter how crazy or foolish that may be. I would not ban Communism, Nazism or kkk. I would not ban Islam or any other religion. But I would give freedom to the press and let people say anything without fear. I would eliminate the laws that curtail the rights of the individuals to criticize dominant ideologies or beliefs. No belief is sacred. No ideology is sacrosanct. What is sacred is human liberty, human  dignity and human rights.  

Muslims who not only insult everyone’s beliefs but also take their right to believe are the first to cry, “Oh you have to respect the belief of 1 billion people”. That is nonsense. Beliefs need not be respected. If a belief is based on facts then it can defend itself and will be respected automatically but if a belief cannot defend itself and the only defense it knows is through violence that belief does not have to be respected. Would anyone in his right mind respect Nazism? If not why one should respect Islam or any other belief for that matter?


Ali Sina 


Dear Dr Ali sina, 

 Thank you very much for your prompt reply.it was very informative and good to hear from someone who has seen it first hand.you come across as a person who loves his country a lot and is a humanist who wishes good for all  humankind irrespective of their faith, ethnicity, race, sex, creed or whatever. may there be more and more people like you. 

also you said that you won't ban islam if you become the iranian president that is indeed correct why should you be the villian.just enact a law saying that the vulgar and violent Quran should not be given to those under 18 years of age. soon people will debate the why and how and islam will stand exposed.isn't it? 

 a syrian had once said that all the gods belong in the museum.i can't say it any better.we should openly come out against all religions and expose them and make sure we don't fall into the trap of political correctness while doing so.  

you never said anything about christianty. but we tend to forget that young mohammed travelled to christian lands like syria, palestine and egypt and was "inspired" by it. his views are largely christian and all the jihad stuff came much later as he strived to establish himself.he was basically a political opportunist who changed his colours like a chameleon when and where it suited his interests and that explains a lot of the contradictions in the quran. isn't it?  

so, he was no different than say George Bush and Tony Blair who go out brandishing the lie that islam is a" peaceful faith".

  but today christendom seems to have come to its senses and is mellowing down.but the Islamic world has not.i really do not understand the logic of bin laden.did he not expect america to hit back what if it had declared war on islam itself? between sept 11 and today islam would have become extinct this is AD 2002 not 1095.islam has no chance against america,nor israel or India for that matter.

 now again i would like to ask you some queries that nobody seems to ask at all.

 Is khatami really honest? many iranians seem to have pinned their hopes on him.nearly 77% voted for him.or is it really the very old game of GOOD COP vs BAD COP to throw people off track?

 maybe it is a ploy by the regime to put out a show of dissidence and tension within to throw small crumbs at the people so that they don't rise in revolt again like they did last year in Tehran university?

  what is your views about israel?don't you think that palestine is their rightful land?who are those arabs to lay claim to it?

  And about my own country india.once it stretched from afghanistan to burma and kashmir to kanya- kumari today islam has taken away afghanistan,Pakistan and bangladesh nearly a third of our nation.

 the area in present day pak is where the roots of our great civilisation is(many experts say iran also has its roots here).Harappa and Mohenjadaro are there.so instead of gifting islam Kashmir i think we indians should strive to get back our own lands under the illegal custody of islam. what do you say about it? 

there is no doubt that in the past one year i have come to hate islam a lot.it all started with the mutilation of indian soldiers by bangladeshis.these are people who we saved from the barbarity of pakistan in 1971 and they repay us with this?! 

i began to wonder why it is so and soon i began to uncover the true face of islam. but whatever the others say. it pales in comparison to when a person who was born and brought up in islam exposes its evil. 

it is why i'am very thankful to you for taking time to reply to me .i'am sure you are doing all this at a great peril to your own life there are enough crazed jehadis who would be declaring fatwas on you and wanting to kill you. 

and lastly why is it that the mainstream western media does not dare to bring people like yourself forward? they seem to find all kinds of "experts" on islam. but not one person like you why are they so eager to coverup on islam?

may i know why?



Perhaps they do not know that we exist. The Faith Freedom International and its knowledgeable members are ready to answer the media. May be you and other friends could approach the press and tell them about us. 

Your views abut Khatami is also correct. There is no shred of honesty in any Mullah and Khatami is a Mullah. 

.Ali Sina  

Feb 10, 2002

I actually started studying the Muslim faith a couple of months prior to 9-11 and asked God to guide me to a place of understanding for it.  There was a response from a Chinese Christian lady that sent me a book that explained in detail the differences between Jesus and Muhammad and I was thankful to learn so much more about Muhammad. 

I have not stopped searching for reasons and the mentality for Muslim faith; however, we need people like you having a web site that just "states it like it is".  I have been totally suprised by statements in the Koran which seems to be just an adultered plagerism of the Bible in the name of Satan.  I have always been aware of other religions and beliefs and never explored Islam.  Thank God I did, I am proud of people like you prepared to bring this information to all people. 

Thank you again.



On Thu, 31 January 2002, Amy wrote:


Hello Ali, 

My name is Amy. I have to tell you that I am extremely impressed and humbled with your approach of teaching us about the Islam. 

I know you're not into backstabbing, hating mode but your website was very tactful, tasteful and mature. It has helped clear up the misconception that I have had about Islam. It is the religion that causes this, not the people. True to the point. (Christianity isn't perfect as well. I am a freethinker.) 

Another thing, my South African friend mentioned to me about General Pershing in 1915 where he stopped the Muslims terrorizing the non-muslim Filipinos. General Pershing used pork blood against the Muslims who were practicing the terror. Do you know such of thing about pork blood & General Pershing?




Hi Amy, 

Thank you for your kind comments. No I am afraid I never heard of General Pershing and his tactics to fight Islamic terrorism. 

I thing there is only one tactic that works and that is to combat the ideology behind terrorism. My site is about this. President Bush wants to expend billions of dollars to fight terrorism. With all modesty I believe my site that is maintained by very little investment out of my pocket and a lot of love is far more successful than all those B-52’s daisy-cutter bombs in eradicating terrorism. 

Islamic terrorists get their strength from the number of Muslims. They get their encouragement from those idiot Americans and Europeans who “embrace” Islam. These brainwashed morons are the moral support for Islamic terrorism. It is people like Cat Stevens, Muhammad Ali, Karen Armstrong and other misinformed commentators that say, “Islam is a religion of peace” who feed the frenzy of Islamic terrorists.  

Once people are informed of the real Islam, they wont go close to that cult and those poor Muslims by birth, such as myself, will also abandon Islam. Only when Islam is weakened, Islamic Jihadis will be disheartened and terrorism will be eliminated. 

Ali Sina 


On Thu, 24 January 2002, "Hussein" wrote:  

Hi ali, 

I went through your web site , it is very interesting , and I admire your way of thinking , I grew up in Egypt , and I consider my self also a free thinker , a lot of things in Islam do not make sense to me , however I am still wondering , (and may be you can help me here), why  did Mohamed take  all that torture from the Arabia people back then , what was his purpose, did he really get revelation from a divine thing ( I do not buy this ) , I am still struggling of course with his personal life

( i.e his marriages,  the fairy tail journey to the seventh sky ,  etc ) , but my question is what was his objective or goal in life to announce himself a profit !





Please take a look at this article. It may answer your query. 



Ali Sina 



Dear Ali, 

Thanks for your enlighten response, your rational makes a lot of sense. I thought of something also, Mohamed said that when we die we will go into a "limbo " period where if we were bad " and specially did not pray " there will be a "bold snake who will torture us till the judgment day where we all going to be judged, and god will decide whether we deserve heaven or hell. Mohamed will make recommendation to God that for some

Moslems they deserve a break so God can forgive them and put him in heaven! 

So that means that no one will enter heaven or hell before the judgment day for all god's creatures, so when Mohamed went on his journey to the seventh sky, he mentioned that he saw Hell full of mostly "women" (question where all these people come from that he saw in hel? I thought they would be there AFTER the judgment day! He also met with god to ask him "or to negotiate to drop the number of prayers from 50 a day to 5 a day! 

Can you believe this , I just wanted to add this information , which I am sure you know about it already keep up the good work  



 23 Jan 2002

Dear Mr Sina, 

Just a word of encouragement to say how much I appreciate people who make

the sacrifices that you do (and you must devote a great deal of time and money to your wonderful website, not to mention the risk you incur to your own person), in order to, well, I suppose "make us free" would be the best description. Free from centuries (nay, millenia, aeons) of primitive thinking and bigotry. 

I have never been particularly religious, being half-Jewish and half Christian, my family were "nothing". But the great philosophical questions continued to bother me even late in life (when I should have been more mature...!): what are we here for, where are we going.... 

A number of years ago, ALL questions of this sort were answered, and my life has been stabler and happier ever since. The answer was provided by carefully reading Richard Dawkin's "The Selfish Gene", which explains in layman's terms the workings of evolution in the light of modern genetic theory. I realised that Science, unlike any religion, did not have a premise to prove by any means. Rather the other way round - science proposes a theory or explanation, and then tests it thoroughly by rational thought. Science, unlike religion, is the first to be delighted when one of its theories are disproved. 

Religion has never done anything for man. Has it been responsible for curing deadly diseases? Has religion put men on the moon? No - men have done that, using science, which has no pretensions, and would be appalled to hear itself called a "religion". (I must put in one aside in favour of religion: religion has been instrumental in inspiring men to the greatest works of art and music, and I am grateful to it for that!) 

Giordano Bruno, the scientific philosopher, was burned to death by the Inquisition in Rome in 1600 for his heretical views. Galileo was condemned by the church for his Copernican theory. You are like them, or other enlightened people who have been courageous enough to stand up and tell the world: "Look carefully, this is really a load of rubbish". And eventually, we poor mortals realise that they were right all along. 

May you continue your hard and thankless work. We are all bigger because of you. God (who of course doesn't exist) bless you!




 22 Jan 2002

Many Muslims living in western countries do not seem to have grasped a basic fact about the societies in which they have settled which they must grasp if they and their co-religionists are going to keep the goodwill of their hosts.

 In our countries Islam is and shold be just one religion among many. The fact that Muslims have been allowed to come and live here at all is due to the secular nature of our societies and the fact that most of us no longer take religion too seriously. For most of the past 1400 years the practice of Islam has been prohibited in the predominantly Christian lands of Europe. If Muslims see themselves on a mission to turn our countries into Islamic states by stealth then they are not welcome and should leave. If they think our societies are decadent then they should go and live in countries more to their liking.  

Muslims constantly complain that "westerners" don't understand Islam. That is just as well for them. If the population of my country were aware of the nature of this nasty, hate-mongering religion when large-scale immigration from the Indian sub-continent began then not a single Muslim Would have been allowed to set foot on our shores. Although Muslims constantly express contempt for our "western" values, Muslims living in todays western democracies have enjoyed more religious freedom than Jews and Christians in any Islam-dominated society that has ever existed. Muslims take advantage of our climate of religious tolerance to seek converts to their faith yet give moral support to Islamic regimes which deny the same liberty to non-Muslims, as well as financial support to organisations like al-Qaida whose aim is the creation of an Islamic superstate with the power to threaten, invade and conquer non-Muslim countries.  

It is time we treated these subversive fanatics according to their own warped standards.



On Mon, 21 January 2002, "yaser q" wrote:


  Hi, i just visited your site and realized that you have become my personal hero. Never before have i ever seen such clearly presented ideas, a very  balanced and unbiased mind and intellgibile statements to convince others about oneselves beliefs. You've done a great job. I was born muslim and for days I was wondering after reading an article on Abraham and his journeys through the middle east wether these monothiestic religions are true or are just an invention and philosophies of the people from the middle east. Today i have completely been elightened by you. You iranians are the most sensible

of all the muslim people, I must say. Others would listen and accept the doubts of islam but will always stay on that fundamentally weak path because  they are too egotistical to accept any mistakes. And beleiving and following Muhammed is one big mistake. Anywaze besides your site having so much information on the message you are trying to convey i would really appreciate it if you put some information about yourself. Since you

are living in canada i beleive you will have no problems in revealing your identity. I know this is a long term decision and i bieng impatient can not  wait and would realy like to know all about you. So please do reply to me with whatever you can tell me about yourself. I am sorry for having to write  this e-mail so long but i could take out anything i have written here.


Please do reply. 

Dear Yaser,  

I thank you for your very kind words. Actually what I write is just simple commonsense. The reason you like it is because you already know it and believe in it. There is nothing new or original in my website. I say nothing that others have not said before me more eloquently. In fact I am very much aware of my own ignorance and shortcomings. My writings are expressions of simple thoughts. That is all I can produce: “simple thoughts”  I am actually very much honored to see people expend their time reading them. In fact I am more than surprised to see so much attention given to this site. I am quite aware that the reason this site has become so popular is not because what I write is important (of course there are very good writings that my friends have written and I have adorned my site with them) but because the message I deliver has never been allowed to be expressed and therefore has never been heard. In Islamic countries people like me were silenced and their books burned and in Western countries people avoided the criticism of religion and especially Islam due to “political correctness”. I suppose Sep 11 have changed everything.   

Anyway, despite my shortcomings I decided to write. I always wanted to do something positive for the world. For many years I dreamed of starting orphanages in third world countries. But this dream never materialized. I never made enough money to launch my ideas. With this website, I try to spread the message of love, eliminate the causes of hate, ward off a world catastrophe of unimaginable consequence and bring about the unity of human kind before nothing of that is left. Of course what I do is so insignificant but that is all I can do. As Edward Everett Hale said, “I am only one, but still I am one. I cannot do everything, but still I can do something; and because I cannot do everything I will not refuse to do the something that I can do."  

As for writing about myself, I don’t think that is necessary. In one word I am nobody. I do not write to glorify myself. I am not after fame or name and I do not wish to become the center of any attention. My site is not about me at all. It is about a message. The thoughts expressed there are not mine either. They are things I learned throughout my life from better thinkers than myself. They are commonsense. The problem is that the commonsense is not very common. And there are those who oppose even the commonsense.  

Best wishes,

Ali Sina 




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