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A personal campaign of a Muslim woman


Dear Muslims;

Do you know that most Muslims are ignorant of most of the Islamic history and most of what is in Quran and hadeeses. The religious leaders and moulanas, who have done detailed study, leave out many objectionable facts from their writings and speeches to avoid creating doubts in inquisitive and smart minds because they want to maintain their influence and job or as a service to Islam for sawab.

When confronted with some thorny issues and facts by the few Muslims and non Muslims who do make these studies they tend to sugarcoat the facts and give answers like "you do not know real Islam", "It is out of context", "Arabic cannot be translated correctly in other languages so you cannot get the real facts by reading translations", "It was the tribal custom of those days", "the hadeeses are not reliable", "it is metaphorical statement and doesn’t mean what it seems" or simply lie if they are not sure how to prove their point. If you want to know the facts and educate yourself you have to study and critically analyze the scriptures yourself with a mind unfogged with blind faith and fear of hellfire and then form your opinion. One of the faster ways is to go on the websites of scholars who were born as Muslims, and have spent a long time studying Islam and support their findings and conclusions with authentic references so that you can check them out. Some of these sites are secularislam.org, realislam.org and faithfreedom.org.  

It is widely feared that blind faith and fanaticism will cause fanatics to attack U.S.A with weapons of mass destruction, if that happens needless to say that it will trigger WW III and no one will be safe. Only education and enlightenment can prevent this disaster from happening. You can help by forwarding this e-mail to your e-mail list of friends and acquaintances.





which is verse 2:178

YUSUFALI: O ye who believe! the law of equality is prescribed to you
in cases of murder: the free for the free, the slave for the slave,
the woman for the woman. But if any remission is made by the brother
of the slain, then grant any reasonable demand, and compensate him
with handsome gratitude, this is a concession and a Mercy from your
Lord. After this whoever exceeds the limits shall be in grave

      This means
      1. If a slave is killed by a free man, then the innocent slave
          of the killer free man has to be killed (who is not the
      2. If a female is killed by a male, then a female (probably owned
          by the killer male) has to be killed

Is there any way an apologist can defend this as the word of God?
I have never seen any critic of the scriptures point out this verse
in any refutation. This may be the only one you need to put the
kibosh on!



"Henri Henri" <[email protected]>

Sun, 30 Jun 2002

Subject: Ali, you have just proved my point

I quote you a set of comments made in your comments section, by somebody posing as a "Rationalist". BTW, why do you not choose to publish the emails of non-Muslims who send comments but Muslims who do so you leave there emails for everyone to see. Again just goes to prove my poin that you are extremely immature, and a plain coward. I want to refute the nonsense of "Rationalist" therefore would be grateful if you could ask him/her to get in touch with me.



which is verse 2:178 



"I have never seen any critic of the scriptures point out this verse in any refutation."

Let the idiot know that the reason no critic has ever raised this is because the critic is able to comprehend what is being said, unlike Mr  "Rationalist". There is nothing to refute here the fact remains Mr "Rationalist" mind is plagued with nonsense, bad intention and hate - he has grasped the true meaning in the most wrong way possible. Ali, do you pay any heed??? 

This child-like reading is very indicitive of a major dilemma America faces today – dysfunctional illiteracy, i.e. the average American can read and pronounce words but has absolutely no clue as to what it is telling them. 

Ali, I sincerely ask you to wise up and not just paste any old garbage from people posing as critics. The above conclusion is beyond wild, and you know that. It is irrational, stupid and plain childish. The verses narrate noting of the nature your so-called friend "Rationalist" has made.

Our friend seems to think that ANY free man, or ANY slave, or ANY female is allowed to be killed for retaliation. This is stupidity at its highest. Nowhere does it make these inferences. The free man who killed another free man is to be killed. The slave who killed another slave is to be killed. The female who kills another female must be killed.

Looks like your "Rationalist" friend needs a dose of prozac. Unless you feel the someway...if so come and refute us, and explain why YOU never noticed this supposed teaching of the Quran throughout your "many" years as a Muslim.

Thank you.


Ali Sina Responds:

Dear "mature" Henri Henri,

I cannot post the emails of the people who criticize Islam. This would jeopardize their lives. Muslims kill those who criticize their religion. Isn't this a convincing reason in your opinion?  I even change the name of those who send their testimonials as apostates. 

Now can you please tell us why Allah needed to specify a slave for a slave, a freeman for a freeman  and a female for a female? What should be done when a slave kills a freeman? What is the punishment of a free man who kills a slave? What if a man kill a woman? Why Allah did not just say kill the one who kills another human being? Have you thought of it? 

Of course Muslims never practiced this law. This is the most blatantly stupid law of the Quran that no one put it in practice. Fortunately most Muslims, just like you, believe that the meaning of this verse is something different than its obvious meaning. The majority of Muslims are in denial.  

The reason I did not notice this blatantly unjust teaching in my many years as a believer is because I did not read the Quran and was not aware of it. This is unfortunately the problem with most Muslims. All Muslims chant the Quran daily but no one understands what they are reading. Even if I had read it, I probably would have brushed it off just like you,  giving it a meaning different from the obvious. 





I see we share a common goal and was wondering if we could share links on one another's websites.

A bit about myself and how I came to become a Kafir:

Anti-Jihad was born shortly before the Sept 11th attacks on the US.  I was not aware of their existence until after the 9/11 attacks.  Since I suffered personal losses (8 former co-workers and friends murdered in the Pentagon) I took it upon myself and had to seek some assistance.  I retired from the US Navy in Feb 2000 (I worked closely with a Naval Communications Center at the Pentagon; this is where the plane hit).  Through anger and determination of seeking help from others on the web, I discovered Anti-Jihad back in October of last year.  Since then, I have become the North American Branch Leader of the group.  We are a non-violent, non-terrorist group.  We are represented on every continent except Antarctica.  We spread word of ourselves using the Internet and email.  We fight using the pen and not the sword.



North American Branch of Anti-Jihad





Dear 2nd crusader, 

Thank you for your email. I added the link to your site in my link page. I also chose your site as the Site of The Week and placed a link to it from my main page. 

I surly applaud your resolve to fight this evil that is hitting your country and I regret to hear about the loss of your friends in the Pentagon. I also lost my dear friends to Islam after the Islamic Revolution, ethical people who were guiding lamps to humanity. 

There was also a time when my country (Iran) was the only superpower of the world. We wrote the first Charter of Human Rights. We freed enslaved nations like the Jews and helped them to return to their land and build their temples and worship their gods. In all the vast Iranian Empire all people were free to worship their god and practice their religion. There was freedom of thoughts. We had “Good deeds, good words and good thoughts” as our motto. Our women enjoyed equal rights and some of them even reined our great land. Our god was Ahura Mazda, a god of mercy and of benevolence. But today we worship Allah, this Arab deity of hate and vengeance. As the result we are the prime abusers of human rights; we have relegated women to 2nd class citizens. We discriminate against religious minorities. Today we are a primitive, backward and poor nation. Today we are a terrorist nation. Today there is a shame associated to our name. Today we are a disgrace to human race. This is all thanks to Islam. 

Dear friend, Islam destroyed my country 1400 years ago and today Muslims have set their eyes on your country. If anyone thinks that America is immune to Islamic poison he is a fool. The Muslims are here and they are infiltrating in the lands once called Christendom. They are pouring millions of dollars into their propaganda machinery, building mosques and brainwashing your kids. They are converting your children into terrorists who hate their motherland and will sell or rather destroy her to appease this Arab deity of hate. 

Today Muslims are making Islamic bombs. Pakistan has many of them and within 20 years their number will be over 1000. Iran according to a Russian General has already the atomic bomb. Iraq has been making chemical and biological weapons of mass destruction for years. Have you ever imagined what if all these countries load their commercial ships and passenger-jets with their arsenals and send them to thousands of North American and European cities and nuke all of them in a single day? 

If any one thinks this scenario is not possible or is science fiction he is a damn fool who knows nothing about Islam and how the Muslim mind works. Did you hear Al-Qa'ida Spokesman Explaining September 11 and Declaring Intentions to Kill 4 Million Americans with Weapons of Mass Destruction? Read this

The MAD Mutual Assured Destruction that worked as détente during the cold war has no meaning for Islamists. They are ready to kill themselves as long as they kill more of the Kafirs. Islam is a cult that celebrates death. Devout Muslims pray for martyrdom. They consider their desire to die for their religion as the sign of their faith to Allah and his messenger. Take a look at this link and see how the mother of a suicide bomber rejoices in the death of her son and sheds tears of joy for his success in murdering ten Israelis and wounding many more. She says "Jihad is a [religious] commandment imposed upon us. We must instill this idea in our sons' souls, all the time” and ads "Allah be praised, I am a Muslim and I believe in Jihad. Jihad is one of the elements of the faith and this is what encouraged me to sacrifice Muhammad in Jihad for the sake of Allah. My son was not destroyed, he is not dead; he is living a happier life than I. Had my thoughts been limited to this world, I would not sacrifice Muhammad."  Read it, it will shock you.  http://memri.org/bin/latestnews.cgi?ID=SD39102 This sick mentality is shared by all Muslims who truly believe in this cult of death. The worst thing we can do is doing nothing. Can we afford that? 

But I am not suggesting we should nuke them first preemptively. That would be ludicrous. We cannot go killing millions of innocent human beings based on our fears. Yet these fears are real and we have to do something. The United State wants to expend billions of dollars to fight terrorism. At the same time the President gives assurance that "this is not about Islam" and that "Islam is a religion of peace". But the truth is that this is about Islam and Islam is not a religion of peace. In your site you make emphasis on Islamic "extremism". The problem is that Islamic extremism is the real Islam. Those Muslims who are not extremists are not Muslims. They are wishy-washy believers who know nothing about Islam and do not practice it. 

Sir, if you want to fight Islamic extremism, if you want to fight Islamic terrorism you have to fight Islam. Islam cannot be reformed. This was tried for over a century and failed. Islam cannot be humanized because, as one Muslim put it, “Islam is a non-humanistic religion par excellence”. Islam has no respect for human rights or human lives. Islam is about worshipping a deity that craves for blood, is vengeful and is unforgiving. Unlike what Islamic propagandists claim Islam does not mean “peace”, it means submission to Allah, this god of hate, and his psychopath messenger.   

So you ask what can we do. The answer is we can destroy Islam. We can destroy this cult of ignorance and win Muslims as our friends and allies. Yes Islam can be eradicated and believe it or not it is the fastest, the easiest, the most effective and the most humane way to combat terrorism. Islamic terrorism is inspired by Islamic theology. But Islamic theology is based on total lies. Once you disprove that theology, the whole edifice of Islam will come down like a house of cards. 

Muslims are humans too. Once they see that Islam is nothing but a huge lie, they will leave this cult in big numbers. Once that happens, Islam will crumble under its own weight just as communism did. Do not look at the fanaticism of Muslims today. Despite this zealotry or perhaps because of it, Islam is extremely vulnerable. Islam is vulnerable because it is based on total lies. We can destroy it with truth. 

Our site is doing just that. We want to spread the truth. We want to educate Muslims about the real Islam. We fight this darkness of ignorance with the light of knowledge. And we will be successful because knowledge is more powerful than ignorance as light is more potent than darkness. 

I believe we have to work together. We have to be organized and work systematically in order to slay this devil. What we have to do is to make our message reach far and wide. But we are just a few people. Our enemy is powerful and has billions of dollars to expend in their propaganda campaign of lies and deceit. While we have to rely on our own meager resources. This is more than the battle of David versus Goliath. We have taken upon ourselves to eradicate a religion that is professed by over a billion of people, is funded with billions of dollars and whose brainwashed followers are ready, willing and able to kill anyone who opposes it.   

I invite you to join us, let us put our heads together and see how we can make our message reach the world. We need to translate the faithfreedom.org and its articles to many languages; we need to have a radio, create TV documentaries and much more. I promise that if we do our homework, if we can reach all the Muslims with our message, soon millions of them will walk away from Islam, This weakens the faith of the more hardcore Muslims and eventually Islam will fall apart. 

Islam will be eradicated within 30 years. This is what I said a year ago. I am aware that with this claim I risk not being taken seriously and being looked upon as a wishful thinker and an idealist. But I am neither. I am also not a psychic. I consider the events and foresee the fall of Islam within 30 yeas in the same way a meteorologist foresees the coming of a tempest. Either we will be successful and can weaken Islam from within so it falls apart like communism did or we do nothing and Islam will destroy half of the world killing more than half of humanity and then it will be destroyed like Nazism was destroyed, with a vengeance. Whatever happens it will happen in these thirty coming years. These would be the most eventful years of human history. The Muslims, all around the world are preparing themselves for the big Jihad that would thwart the first and second World Wars. Their own destruction does not matter to them because they believe Allah will protect them and will make them victorious.  We either do nothing and let them destroy the humanity in their madness, or educate them, weaken their faith and eliminate their motivation to do more harm. 

The members of Faith Freedom International believe that the second option is better. We know this is doable and we are working towards that goal. But we are a small group with limited resources. If you know people who can help us make our message heard please contact them. Please ask them to contact us. We have to reach the innocent youth in Islamic world before the terrorists reach them and convert them into suicide killers. We have to make our message heard by all the Muslims. Do you think you can help?     

Kind regards 


Ali Sina 




Dear Mr. Sina, 

I recently paid a visit to your web site under the recommendation of a friend. I have to say I strongly agree with the majority of your views regarding Islam and most other religions. 

However, I would like to take this opportunity and say that your site would provide more of an enlightening experience if you would portray more of a balanced view regarding intrinsic flaws in Islamic doctrine and how it is and has been exploited for peoples own gains. 

Moreover, I would like to point out that Islamic Fundamentalism, in certain circumstances, has been nurtured by foreign powers such as the American CIA for its own nefarious designs. This is not a conspiracy theory but a well-known fact. People such as Saddam Hussien and Osama Bin Laden have been funded by the CIA and used for their own purposes such as causing secession in the former USSR and conflict with Iran.  The fundamentalist movement in Afghanistan was jointly devised by the Pakistani

ISI (intelligence agency) and the American CIA during the cold war. Its initial objective was to repel the Soviet invaders. However, due to the success of the mujahideen against the soviets the CIA continued with the program but this time sent mujahideen to Soviet republics with Muslim majorities in order to create secession (might I add just like we are

seeing in Chechnya). The aid to the mujahideen was flowing into Afghanistan several years before the Soviets invaded and continued for! many years after resulting in th 

These are just some of the more obvious incidences where by a hostile or corrupt Islam has been advantageous for the West. However, I’m not intimating that the west is culpable for all the ills of the Muslim world because there are many aspects of Islam that result in fundamentalism and can be seen through out Islamic history. The main point of this correspondence is to highlight that your web site at times seems to be ignoring the fact that some of the problems, which the Muslim world is facing, is due to foreign involvement, which is most evident in the Middle East. 

Yours sincerely, 

A Concerned Individual


Ali Sina Responds:

You are absolutely right sir. It is time that the American public see how their tax money was and is being expended, supporting puppet governments and rearing terrorists all around the world. And now the smoke of the fire that these very American governments have started is catching up to them and is burning their eyes. But worse than American are the Europeans headed by they British who had never any respect for human rights and would rather support the most corrupt governments as long as they can sign lucrative deals with them. At least the US government acknowledges that some of its old policies were mistaken and avoids dealing with the most terrorist governments such as the Islamic Republic of Iran, but the Europeans and especially the Brits thumb their nose at the Human Rights reports coming from Iran and keep making deals with the terrorists that have usurped the power in that country. It is a shame that the government of a country with such a long history of democracy, is so shamelessly in cahoots with the thugs and terrorists out side its borders.   



Dear Mr. Sina,

Firstly I would like to thank you for putting my message on your web site. Secondly I would like to say that your comments regarding the British are correct to a certain extent however the US and Britain can be though of one entity when it concerns geo-politics. Their interests are very much linked and their intelligence and various military establishments are quite integrated.

The following is an excerpt from your reply which I do not agree with at all and reads as follows:

“At least the US government acknowledges that some of its old policies were mistaken and avoids dealing with the most terrorist governments such as the Islamic Republic of Iran” 

First of all the US government aren’t naive or stupid people who don’t know that their dealings with certain governments will result in the torment and destruction of the people of that nation. On the contrary the US government knows full well the implications of their actions, their only concern is to gain an advantage be that economic or political. 

I would like to draw your attention towards a terrorist camp devised by the US government in its own back yard in the state of Georgia. The name of the camp was S.O.A (School of Americas) however it’s name has been changed to WHISC (Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Co-operation). The following are excerpts from an article, regarding the aforementioned terrorist camp, which appeared in the British paper. The Guardian, on October 30, 2001 and can be viewed in its entirety at the following address: 


"If any government sponsors the outlaws and killers of innocents," George Bush announced on the day he began bombing Afghanistan, "they have become outlaws and murderers themselves. And they will take that lonely path at their own peril." I'm glad he said "any government", as there's one which, though it has yet to be identified as a sponsor of terrorism, requires his urgent attention.

For the past 55 years it has been running a terrorist training camp, whose victims massively outnumber the people killed by the attack on New York, the embassy bombings and the other atrocities laid, at al-Qaida's door. The camp is called the Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Co-operation, or WHISC. It is based in Fort Benning, Georgia, and it is funded by Mr Bush's government.

Until January 2001, WHISC was called the "School of the Americas", or SOA. Since 1946, SOA has trained more than 60,000 Latin American soldiers and policemen. Among its graduates are many of the continent's most notorious torturers, mass murderers, dictators and state terrorists. As hundreds of pages of documentation compiled by the pressure group SOA Watch shows, Latin America has been ripped apart by its graduates.

Last year, partly as a result of the campaign run by SOA Watch, several US congressmen tried to shut the school down. They were defeated by 10 votes. Instead, the House of Representatives voted to close it and then immediately reopen it under a different name.

This terrorist camp is still in operation today. Now Mr. Sina my question is, have the US government acknowledged that some of its old policies were mistaken? If you’re still in doubt please read the above article in its entirety and also research US involvement in Guatemala, Peru, Chile, etc. The US aren’t Muslim are they? 

Yours sincerely,

A Concerned Individual





Dear Mr. Sina,

I have read many of your articles, and I can feel your sincerity toward humanity, so I begin to think if there is something I can do for you, though I don't know you personally and never I come to your country.
After many thoughts, I determine to give you a cup of information for help you in dealing with the people who have blind faith to their "scientific" religion. Perhaps The Buddha can help them find the light.

In the Kalama Sutra, we find the Kalamas (tribe), a people of apparently skeptical natures, asking Buddha for guidance in distinguishing good teachers from bad ones, and proper teachings from evil ones. The Buddha answers in three parts, which are treasures of wisdom. He outlines the criteria we should use to distinguish good from bad teachers and teachings:

"It is proper for you, Kalamas, to doubt, to be uncertain.... Do not go upon what has been acquired by repeated hearing; nor upon tradition; nor upon rumor; nor upon what is in a scripture; nor upon surmise; nor upon an axiom; nor upon specious reasoning; nor upon a bias towards a notion that has been pondered over; nor upon another's seeming ability; nor upon the consideration, 'The monk is our teacher....' "
"What do you think, Kalamas? Does greed appear in a man for his benefit or harm? Does hate appear in a man for his benefit or harm? Does delusion appear in a man for his benefit or harm?"

The Kalamas answered, "For his harm, venerable sir."

"Kalamas, being given to greed, hate, and delusion, and being overwhelmed and vanquished mentally by greed, hate, and delusion, this man takes life, steals, commits adultery, and tells lies; he prompts another too, to do likewise. Will that be long for his harm and ill?"

The Kalamas answered, "Yes, venerable sir...."

"Kalamas, when you yourselves know: 'These things are bad; these things are blamable; these things are censured by the wise; undertaken and observed, these things lead to harm and ill,' abandon them. "

Mr. Sina this is just a cup of help from a simple person like me. I hope it will become a benefit for you and humanity.
Thank you for your attention, Sir.

>From : Qitth Aswad



Dear Sir,
The above site does highlight the persecution endured by the Ahmadiyahs of Pakistan. However, it is only a small portion of the whole site. I sense the feeling that in that site, the Ahmadiyahs are grieving despite their great services in the cause of Islam and Jihad
and sacrifices for Pakistani and Arab causes. In short it is like " Hey look. These are the things us Ahmadiyas have done for Islam,Pakistan, Palestine, Arabs and Jihad etc. We are not less Muslim than you. Why are you discriminating against us? We are part of
the Umah. Just look at our resume!"  I am not sure the Ahmadiyahs would be tolerant of
Faith Freedom International.



Ali Sina Responds: 

No of course Ahmadis are Muslims and as such are very fanatical people. They are powerless now but should they become powerful they would do the same as other Muslims do. The intent of showing that site is to demonstrate that Muslims are intolerant even among themselves. Shiites persecute the Sunnis and Sunnis persecute the Shiites. Muslims are a people that cannot live with anyone. If there is no unbelievers to persecute, they call each other heretics and murder each other with even more ferocity.



June 20 2002


I am becoming addicted to your website, which is very educational. I admire your strong will and courage towards this cause, with which I agree. I'd like to present a few points and questions to you.

I suppose that I am an agnostic. I am a Catholic medical student and would like to have a stronger faith, but just cannot seem to do it. I don't lose sleep over this state of being and just try to be as kind and loving as possible. If there's a God, then I would think, assuming He
cares, that He can differentiate between who is good and bad. On the other hand, I haven't totally abandoned the usefulness of religion, which can be used for both good and evil, and as a means of holding communities and civilizations together. I think that a healthy society
is one that has struck the right combination between faith and secular matters.

Extremes in either direction, toward the religious or secular, tend to produce pathological societies. The 20th century was a prime example of the triumph of both atheism and the state. The result was industrialized bloodshed and suffering on an unimaginable scale. The
wars and genocides of Lenin, Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, etc. are unsurpassed by all of previous history. If religion is the opiate of the masses, then socialism is the opiate of tyrants. Ironically, as religions in the West lost political power, they gained in their humanitarian aspect. Therefore, I think that it is not religion that causes human misery, but any sort of ideology run amok - something in our human condition. Jared Diamond, in The Third Chimpanzee, writes about how chimpanzees and other primates have been seen to wage primitive wars between groups and to commit genocide. Since our primate cousins do not have advanced abstract thinking abilities, they do not need ideology to spur them on to violence. Their biological nature compels such behavior. Whereas we human beings are compelled to violence by our animal instinct as well as our ability to come up with all sorts of various ideas that justify violence. Man, in his primitive state, could only come up with primitive explanations for the world through religion. Man, in his post-industrialized state and more advanced society, can come up with more sophisticated political theories and models, such as communism, that often lead to violence. Who knows what nonsense the great political thinkers of tomorrow will come up with.

In regards to Islam, I have a few concerns.

Muslims are not likely to accept a message like yours from Westerners. However, after reading some of your debates with Muslims, I am not encouraged. The people writing to you have access to computers, some degree of money and financial freedom. They are, therefore, probably among the relatively more educated. The fact that some people try to justify the abuse of nine year old Aisha, for example, by claiming girls enter puberty earlier in warm climates is extremely disturbing. Anyone with the least bit of knowledge of evolution, genetics, and general biology knows that this is laughable. The debate you had with Ayatollah Montazeri wasn't exactly close. If he represents one of the most respected religious voices in Iran, that is scary.

How are you and like-minded people going to make any significant headway against the stubborn reactionary mentality of many Muslims. If you are having difficulty with the higher-ups, then how can you possible reach those without access to the outside world and to communication? How can you convince young, desperate, unemployed, and angry youths to not join a terrorist group or to engage in jihad?

It would be an immense relief to me if you are indeed making headway with like-minded individuals. Is there a decent sized network that you all maintain in order to encourage each other and foster ideas and debate? Do you really believe that Islam is as weak as you had maintained and that it will likely cease to exist (I don't remember where I read that line from your text)?

The reason I worry is because I think that there is a race between Islam's ability to be reformed internally and a clash between civilizations. Eventually the people of the West, and perhaps the entire non-Muslim world, will themselves become desperate, afraid, and angry enough to strike back ferociously against all of Islam. Even pacifist Europe, traumatized from having fought so many wars, is beginning to become increasingly anti-Islamic, as the recent wave of right wing political victories indicate. Europeans are going to become more and more afraid of being overwhelmed in their own countries by Islamic immigrants. We may not have seen the last religious war in Europe (likewise I wouldn't be surprised to see an emergence of a vehement reactionary Christianity in response to fear generated by Islam).

Perhaps I am too pessimistic. But I think that you are too far ahead of the curve. The most successful leaders are often not those too far beyond the capacities of the average person. Extremely intelligent people or those who present too sudden a dramatic change are not often followed by the masses because they cannot relate to such a person. Therefore, I believe that the uneducated and bigoted mullahs, as well as the charismatic and bigoted terrorists will always have a larger following than you and your allies - just as more people will watch sitcoms than C-Span.

I am not optimistic. Have a great day and good luck to you and your friends!


PS - I'm glad to see you mention that pre-Islamic Iran was one of the great classical civilizations of history. The Arabs were mostly backwater peoples, barbarians on the fringes of civilization. The snuffing out of the great civilizations of the Near East, such as Mesopotamia, Egypt, and Iran, by Islam is a true shame and loss to humanity. I have often wondered if there is any residual resentment of injured national pride felt by the people of Iran and the other countries in the area.

I had also come to a similar conclusion about monotheism and polytheism as you have. There weren't any religious wars in polytheistic antiquity  before the advent of the Abrahamic religions in the West and Near East. The world was much more tolerant.


June 20 2002

Jawad wrote:

 Is ibn Warraq from Iran...? and are you from  Iran...I have noticed a lot of  Iranians are hostile to Islam why?



Ibn Warraq is from Indian subcontinent. I am not sure which country.   

Most Iranians are against Islam now because they saw the real Islam during these 23 years of Islamic rule. At first they said, this is not the real Islam and Mullahs are doing unIslamic things. Some still say so. But more and more Iranians are learning about Islam and they realize this is the real Islam. That is why they leave it.




19 Jun 2002

Dear Dr Ali Sina,

You are a great man . Doing the world a service and educating people on this evil hoax.History will definitely reward you some way or another.

You have the wisdom of Bertrand Russel, courage of Ghandi and the strength of Churchill in this uphill but winning battle against the menace of the 21st century.

Personally I am indebted to you in understanding  Islam and the other theological religions. Now I am able to refute these Islamic maniacs in trying to propagate Islam.

As a Buddhist I am also grateful that you give support to Buddhism through your articles All my Buddhist friends also read your site.

I will publicize your website in Singapore and Malaysia. I am now telling claer thinking Muslims to read your site.

Hopefully the world will realize the truth.

May you be well and happy.




I just wanted to commend you on your excellent site http://www.faithfreedom.org.  I have been referring many people to this site and I think it has really changed the way they think about Islam.  If you ever need donations to help keep your site up let me know.  Keep up the good work.

Frank  H


June 17, 2002

Dear Dr Ali Sina,

I have just read the debate you had with Ayatollah Montazeri and I must say
I felt very embarrassed - for him!

His futile and pathetic attempts at squirming and wriggling his way out of
your incisive probing and incontrovertible counterattacks speak volumes
about his utter lack of intellect and power of reasoning, not to mention
integrity. And to think that he is an Ayatollah, someone who is supposed to
be steeped in Islamic knowledge and holy (more like full of holes). Is this
what Islam does to the thinking and reasoning faculties of humans?

As someone who does not subscribe to any of the theistic beliefs but who
sticks by Buddha's Kalamma Sutra and his advice, 'be a lamp unto thyself', I
clearly discern the validity and soundness of your rock solid arguments,
and, because of that, I fully support you.

The other debater who seems to be talking through his hat is Steve ( a Jew).
And he calls himself a scientist?

Best regards.



June 17, 2002

I recently stumbled upon your website while trying to learn more about Islam. I have had much difficulty finding any information about Islam other than the Qoran (sp?) and some odd, malformed texts.  Your website has given me a clearer picture of Islam and what it is doing to the world. I have always been against organized religion because of many reasons. (Control, logic, fanaticism, etc...). Now I can add Islam to my long list of religions that are based on human needs rather than logic or reason.

I read your feedback section on 'what muslims think of me' and I had to chuckle. It seems that it doesn't matter what religion, faith, or nationality people are, they still have a blind devotion to what they are told to believe. While growing up, I got into many debates with christian followers and leaders, and many of the debates went along the same logic that your critics seem to have. (Or is that lack of logic...)

Anyway, thank you for having this site up, and please know that there are surely many people who think and feel the same way that you do.

Patrick Dickey

BTW: Has anyone tried your challenge yet?

Yes of course. Here is the debates I had with them 



June 14, 2002

Dear Dr. Sina,

I have spent the last 5 hours reading things in your web-site...and I am no where near finished.  A couple of things I would like you to know about me.  First, I do not have anywhere near your education or ability to so succinctly state your views.  Second, I was raised as a Christian...Southern Baptist to be exact.  I've never really been a believer.  I broke away from that at about age 10 when no one could give me a good answer to the question "If God loved his Son, why did he let him be brutally murdered?"  The sacrifice on the cross for sins never did make sense to me.  After all, God's supposed to be a lot smarter...couldn't there have been another way to be forgiven?  My apologies...I digress.

I came your site because I've been researching, actually, let me put this more succinctly, trying to disprove the statement of a Christian friend that the religion of Islam is the most dangerous threat to the world today.  You see, I have Muslim friends who are the most gentle and loving people that I know.  My dear friend Fatima is like a sister to me.  I perceived negative statements about Islam in the context of the woman I know and her family.  I could tell you so many stories of the loving-kindness these people have shown me.  I certainly bought the mythology of Islam as a peaceful religion because my only real exposure to it has been through these good people.  Even after 9/11...after all...those were just crazed maniacs who weren't "true" believers.

I started my research by going to Islamic sites and reading about the religion.  These sites were mostly educational.  Focusing on the peaceful nature of Islam...quoting verses from the Quran the propagated that image.  So...I consulted my friends and bought an English translation of the Quran that they selected for me.  I started to read the Quran and very soon the rot set in.  I confess that after I read that a woman can be beaten (lightly) by her husband if he suspects her of bad behavior, I didn't go much further.  I kept trying to go back and read it but another problem I had is that it just didn't make much sense.  I couldn't find any organization...couldn't follow a flow.  Couldn't really make any sense out of it.  I thought the fault was my western mind set, so I returned to the internet.  Looking for instructions on how to read the Quran.  Talked with my friends about it...and that's when I was told about the writings of the scholars (hadith? forgive me, after five hours in the website my mind is a bit fuzzy around the edges and I think my eyes have popped out of their sockets and are hanging somewhere around my hipbones) and how the Quran was organized...chapters by length instead of any chronological order.  So, I dived back in...found some websites with the writings...and was still confused...and more...deeply troubled by what I was reading.

After a month of that and still not a 10th of the way through the Quran (I kept going back and re-reading things, trying to make sense)  I took another approach.  Back to the web.  I looked to Islamic sites that would disprove what my Christian friend said.  Particularly what she said about the strange silence of Muslims about the suicide bombings in Israel and the lukewarm condemnations of 9/11.  I couldn't find anything that supported my view point.  I have yet to find a single Islamic site that condemns the suicide terrorists.  And while American Muslim sites were passionate in condemning 9/11, sites from other countries were indeed lukewarm...or worse...supportive.  I found some of the most horrible things.  One site has pictures of dead and malformed babies in Iraq...all the fault of the US...no mention of Hussein and his repression.  This site clearly states that all democratic or republican governments are wrong...and that the whole world should be under Islamic government.  Very, very scary. I guess you've seen those sites as well, and probably know about more of them than what I found.

Through yahoo I saw opposing viewpoints links..which led my to your site tonight.  As I said before, I've been in there for 5 hours...I just couldn't stop reading.  I had my copy of the Quran and looked up every quote I read and compared it...and also verses before and after.  Sir, I don't see where you've taken things out of context at all. Your points are valid in my mind.

I went researching to prove someone wrong...and now I believe that I was wrong...and now I don't know what to do.  One thing, for certain, is to go back to my Christian friend and apologize for calling her a bigot.  (We're still friends..her response to my heated remark was a slight smile and "Prove it.")  But what of my Muslim friends? I really love these folks.   I have seen the same attitudes in them that you and others have described...one dare not question beliefs..one dare not question the Quran.  And I have not with them out of respect.  One part of me just wants to let it slide...I suppose that's cowardice.  Another part of me wants to show them the truth...but how?

Anyway, I admire what you are doing with your website...and thank you for reading this long babble.



Ali Sina responds: 

Dear Lynn,

Thank you for your kind email. I am happy to learn that the articles I post here mostly written by ex-Muslims are helping others to see the truth about Islam. 

What you say about your Muslim friend is not an exception but the rule. Most Muslims are wonderful people. If they come from Middle East they are also very hospitable. (Hospitality is of course a Middle Eastern quality; it has nothing to do with Islam. People belonging to all religions in Middle East are hospitable.). Good people are found in all societies and there is a good percentage of that also among Muslims. 

But at the same time you read terrible things happening in Islamic countries and by devout Muslims everywhere. The reason is that Islam converts good people into evils. The purpose of my site is to inform the good Muslims about the real Islam and help them leave this diabolic cult.  Now of course if you say this to your friend, you will most likely lose her as a friend and wouldn’t’ it be a pity to lose such wonderful friend? 

So instead of telling her that you found out that Islam is a false religion, you may ask her to read some of the articles of this site and help you understand it. Send her the URL of some of the articles but do not say that you have already made your mind. Let her read some of the articles posted in this site and let her come to her own conclusions. She may not like what she reads and she may stop reading it. Let her alone for a while and then ask her whether she knows someone who can help you understand or refute the claims of this site. 

At Faith Freedom International we have started a campaign to educate Muslims about Islam. We want our message reach all the Muslims, she will hear of us again. If she is sincere she will eventually come to see the truth. Islam is a religion in fast demise. Soon it will be eradicated and millions of Muslims will be freed. Your friend is going to be one of them. 




Dear Dr. Sina,

Thank you so much for your response!  And thank you for protecting my anonymity in the website. Lynn is my middle name and my monniker on the web. I shall try what you suggest.  In fact, I tried to send something from your website tonight...but I think there's some kind of rot.   I will try again tomorrow.  You see..I want to send her your testimony.  And I shall, but in the spirit you suggested, as someone who doesn't understand...I shall ask her to explain.

Yet, my heart aches.  I wish I could be more...honest.  But I know if I confront this dear woman, she will turn me out.  Dr. Sina, you don't know me from anyone else in the world...and I thank you for taking time with me.  But I ache and hurt all over for Fatima and her family.  I wish there was an EASY way to show these good people the truth.  Nevertheless, you are correct.  If I go in with my western attitude and John Wayne guns blazing, all is lost.  Sir..they are such loving people!  Good and kind and humble.  They have taught me many things about my own pride and selfishness.  Now, I'm getting maudlin.  Anyway, I shall follow your advice.  I hope it works.  These people are too good to be bound in slavery.



Dear Lynn,

You wrote that I don't know you from anyone else. But of course I know you. You are my dear sister in humanity. So is Fatima. We are all blood related. We are all bound by love. 

Each time I come to know a person from close, I see his or her humanness, his or her vulnerability, fears, hopes, aspirations and sadness. I see myself reflected in each human being. This tells me that even those whom I never saw are just like me with the same qualities and I love them even I had no chance to know them yet. 

I am touched by the love that you feel for your friend Fatima. But please do not let your desire to guide her out of the slavery of Islam make her resent you. There is no truth worth destroying a loving relationship for. Love and friendship is more precious than any truth. be very tactful with your friend. If you sense that she is sensitive to the issue, forget it and never raise the subject again. If she and her family are such wonderful people as you describe them, they will be wonderful people even if they are Muslims. Islam will only make those who have propensity to do evil to do evil things. Those who are good naturally will never do evil even though they are Muslims. Let her find the truth through other people. She will eventually see our site. this site is growing very fast and is being read by thousands of people daily. There are some people who have offered to translate parts of it in other languages. We will become a force to be reckoned by the Muslims. It is just a matter of time that our message reach the entire Muslim world and millions of them will not only abandon  Islam but will join our campaign to wean their brothers and sisters from it.   

All you have to do is shower your friend with love. But you can help those whom you do not know through the Internet. This is a powerful tool. We can bring the renascence to the Islamic world and eradicate Islam with the help of the Internet. I think this site has helped thousands of people so far to see the real face of Islam and many Muslims have abandoned Islam thanks to what they read here. Please join our forum and join our effort to spread this message. 

Take care 

Ali Sina 


June 14, 2002

Dear Ali: 

There is an organization by the name of Jewish Task Force and their website is JTF.ORG. The chairman predicted on September 11th 1994 that terrorists would come back and destroy the WTC and kill thousands of Americans. You can download the show in which he said this on his website. Now he predicts America will be hit with nuclear weapons. Do you believe this will happen?


Ali Sina responds:

Yes I do! One does not have to be a psychic to predict that this will happen. If you read my writings dated prior to the September 11 event you will see that I predicted that terrorism would hit New York and the rest of the Western cities.  

The Bush administration, just like all its predecessors has it all wrong. They try to make a distinction between Islam and Islamic terrorism. The fact is that one cannot fight against terrorism without fighting Islam.

People of America as well as people of other western countries must take this cotton out of their ears. They are targets of Islamic terrorists and they will die by millions. They cannot eliminate this terrorism unless they eliminate Islam. The terrorists are not just the Middle Easterners. They could by any American gangster converted to Islam.

The ONLY way to fight terrorism is to weaken their belief. Good people who happen to be born Muslims will leave Islam when they come to know the truth. They will be shocked, they will go in denial, they will be disheartened, dismayed, angered but eventually they will see the truth and will leave Islam. When the masses of Muslims start to leave Islam the whole Islam will crumble under its own weight and like a tower of cards it will come down.

Islam is a religion based completely on lies. We can eradicate it with truth. Truth is more powerful than lies just as light is more powerful than darkness and it will eventually win. Today we have young people who strap bombs to their bodies and explode to kill other innocent people because they believe Islam is a true religion and they will be rewarded in hereafter. They believe Islam is a true religion not because they read the Quran or know anything about Islam. They believe so because they think Islam is the fastest growing religion and sure if others find Islam to be good and convert, it must be good. . The truth is that Muslims are the fastest breading people, but they interpret this as Islam being the fastest growing religion. This gives them all the assurances that Islam is true and worth dying for. What will happen when millions of Muslims publicly declare their disbelief in Islam? Do you think the suicide bombers will continue to give up their lives for a dubious afterlife when they see everywhere Muslims are leaving Islam? I doubt so.

Every age has its own problem. Today’s problem is Islam. Eradicating this cult is the greatest cause that peace loving men and women must dedicate themselves to. Letting Islam unharmed means death for millions of humanity. This is a high price to pay for our inertia and negligently trying to appease Muslims. 

I earnestly call upon the awakened people of the world to not rest until Islam is eradicated. Yes we can eradicate Islam in one generation. It takes only one generation or less for Islam to be completely wiped out. But we have to work together towards that end. There is no time to waste. This is no time to rest. The good news is that each Muslim who is awakened becomes our ally. He or she, like you and I, becomes another soldier in this army of light. We have set in motion a movement… a movement that is destined to bring peace to humanity. Peace at last,… peace at last,… peace at last….



June 12, 2002

Like you, I was born in Iran However, unlike you I was born into a Christian family.  My family moved to the United States in 1964. Like most Armenian Christians in Iran, I knew nothing about Islam.  I began to learn about Islam while attending college in the United States.  Having developed an interest in comparative religion. I continued to study Islam through books, newspapers, and the Internet.  As a result I found your web site. 

I had an Arabic Quran and I purchased an Arabic-English Dictionary.  I even had some Muslim friends in school teach me how to pronounce some of the Arabic words in the Quran. It was an Iranian who brought to my attention Mohammed’s moral character. Your web site has so far been the most informative and most honest one that I have examined on the subject of Islam.  I re-examined the Quran and found that what you are saying is true.  

Unlike most Christians in Iran my grandparents survived the Turkish atrocities against Armenian Christians in the Ottoman Empire during WW1.  They later migrated to Iran.  I learned to hate Turks without realizing that Islam was the Ideology that drove them to conquer land in Iran, Anatolia and the Balkan Peninsula.  Islam also drove them to commit atrocities against other non-Muslims.  Now I know better and I do not hate Turks.  

Only in a non-Islamic country is a kafir like me allowed to read the Quran with a critical mind.  When I first read the ninth surah of the Quran in it’s English translation, I threw the book at the wall.  I didn't learn about the full evil of Islam until I read your web site.  Please read the following quotation. 

Moreover, the Turks caused one of the greatest genocides of history. In 1915, irked by the Christian Armenians within the Ottoman Empire, the Turks intentionally deported the whole population of Turkish Armenia numbering 1,750,000 to Syria and Mesopotamia, to mainly desert areas in which there was little hope of survival. In this manner, 600,000 Armenians died, a stunning 1/3 of the whole Armenian population. This horrific "final solution" to the Christian Armenian "problem" was consciously imitated by the Nazis one generation later in response to the Jewish "problem." If you can't convert them, kill them. Justice has never been done for the Armenians either, and as a people to this day, they hate the Turks, possibly even more than the Greeks, Serbs, and Bulgarians (who the Turks at least did not try to kill them off 

This quotation is from the following web site about jihad. It reminds me of what Mohammed did to the Banu Qurayza Jews.  I learned from your web site that Ali, the 4th khalifa, did the same to Iranians back in the 7th  century. Most of my Armenian friends are ignorant of the doctrine of Jihad.  The Quran is never quoted in any Armenian web sites on the Turkish persecution of the Armenians. I did find out from an Armenian site that Ottoman declared a Jihad during WWI 

Have any Islamic scholars condemned the Turkish Atrocities as being UN-Islamic? Have any Islamic scholars condemned the Nazi German genocide of the Jews?  Have any Islamic scholars condemned the destruction of the World Trade Center as being UN-Islamic? 

I believe the following.  Muslims or people from Islamic countries are not the only ones that need to be educated about the evil of Islam.  Many Christians from Islamic countries, who I believe are ignorant of Islam, are sympathetic with Arab (Muslim) causes.  Americans are the most ignorant of Islam and Jihad.  Your cause needs more than attention from Muslims.  Your cause needs world attention! 

My question to you is what can I do to peacefully fight this bad idea known as Islam?  Do you have any suggestions? 




Dear James

You are absolutely right. Muslims are not evil. It is Islam that drives them to commit crimes.

What you defined as my cause is not actually my cause. It is the cause of humanity. All Humanity must come together and eradicate this last bastion of evil. This responsibility of course is more upon the shoulders of ex-Muslims. But the rest of the world should view Muslims as the main victims of Islam and be more sympathetic to our cause.

Now as for your question what could you do, the answer is you could do a lot. You could speak out and tell the truth wherever you find the opportunity. Do not allow the perpetuation of the lie “Islam is a religion of peace, which is misunderstood”. Stand firmly and correct those who want to appease everyone and rather be politically correct than be truthful. Those who think by praising Islam and calling it a religion of peace they can eventually make Muslims more peaceful are committing a grave mistake. That is foolish. Islam is what is taught is Quran and not what Tony Blair, George W. Bush or the moral relativists apologists of Islam such as Karen Armstrong and her ilk tell us. 

Call the talk shows, write to your local newspaper, and let the world know the truth for only the truth will set us free from Islamic terrorism.

The number of people who have realized Islam is evil and it must go for the sake of the peace is increasing daily. Some of us have even formed an organization to combat the Islamic lies. Join us and help us in our efforts. We plan to create different chapters of the faithfreedom.org in different languages. See what you can do. Can you, for example, translate some of the articles or write articles in other languages? Can you take the responsibility of managing the faithfreedom.org in another language? Soon we will have radio programs, can you help with some of the productions? You have to take the initiative and see what you can do. Although I prefer that those who want to help help with their own time and expertise, I also acknowledge that there are those who do not have time but still want to help. For these friends I am setting up a fund where they can contribute monetarily. So far I was the only contributor to this site, but I realize that in order to grow and take our message to the entire world, I have to team up with others. Islam can be eradicated in one generation, but certainly it takes more than one man to do it.

Ali Sina




Dear Dr.sina, (pbu-u) 

Fantastic site.which I thoroughly enjoyed how you knock every debatee(?)out. keep up the good work. Yours, 


He probably would have declared himself a prophet aswell if MohamMAD had'nt rigged his cult with so many no go zones).




Dear Ali,

I am writing this in the hope that you will answer me some time soon...

What is your opinion of Guru Nanak of Sikhism (born in 1469) and his holy book the Guru Granth Sahib? Our Guru was a man who studied Islam and Hinduism continuosly throughout his life. In his book he praises Islam and Muslims and has utmost respect for the character of Mohammed. He even at one point calls Mohammed "the friend of God". Our Guru was a very wise man, a spiritual man whom I admire much. There is no way he could be wrong about Mohammed. How do you explain his views concerning Mohammed?

Also what do you have to say concerning Mahatma Ghandi's views as expressed in 'Young India' :

"I wanted to know the best of one who holds today undisputed sway over the hearts of millions of mankind ... I became more than convinced that it was not the sword that won a place for Islam in those days in the scheme of life. It was the rigid simplicity, the utter self-effacement of the Prophet, the scrupulous regard for his pledges, his intense devotion to his friends and followers, his intrepidity, his fearlessness, his absolute trust in God and in his own mission. These and not the sword carried everything before them and surmounted every obstacle. When I closed the 2nd volume (of the prophet's biography), I was sorry there was not more for me to read of the great life."

Please do answer me some time soon.

Yours patiently,



Dear Kehmet, 

When we believe in someone it is hard for us to be objective as the love of that person truly blinds us to the truth. For you Guru Nanak is a holy person who could not err. The truth is that we are all humans and no one is infallible. The only way for you to find out whether Guru Nanak’s opinion of Muhammad was right or wrong it to read about Muhammad and be the judge. The humanity is in this miserable shape because we are all “followers”. We cannot think on our own but rather want to see what our guru, prophet or messenger says. 

Mahatama Gandhi is my hero. But he was wrong too. He did never study the Quran. He was a politician who said these words to appease Muslims and bring about the unity of India. If he truly believed that Muhammad was such great person, he would have become a Muslim. 



Ali Sina 




Dear Ali: 

Do you believe that the United States was wrong in going to war with the Iraqis in the Persian gulf war? 

The united states did not liberate Kuwait because of humanitarian reasons but because of its oil interests. 

Do you believe that Iraq had a right to take over Kuwait? Maybe it was right because Kuwaitis are Arabs and so are Iraqis. Why should they stay separated if Kuwait was created for reasons of politics. 

I agree with you about the Quran and Islam but I have to admit that the United States has done some pretty evil things. I know that Muslims would still have the same hatred they have for infidels even if the infidels never did anything to them but do you believe the United States has done bad things to the Middle East? 

One last question: I heard that the United States put the Taliban in power. Please tell me that this is not true. 


Dear Pedros,

I am short in time and I am not a politician. My opinion about these questions is irrelevant to my cause. Nevertheless I will answer briefly.

No I do not think USA was wrong in attacking Iraq and I do not think that Saddam had any right to invade Kuwait. No country must be allowed to invade another country and annex it without the will of the people who live there.

Now I do not agree with you that USA liberated Kuwait only for oil. Saddam is a maniac and letting him gain power is a mistake. For the peace of the world it is imperative to keep him at bay. But can you tell me why USA and allies attacked Yugoslavia to liberate Kosovo and Bosnia? Certainly there was no oil there and that war was pure economical loss for the NATO. I wish we were a little bit fairer in our judgment.  

However this does not mean that the US is a saint. America has done many mistakes and some of them were evil.

I believe UK, France and most European countries have evil policies towards the developing countries. I am not talking about the Opium war in China or the era of colonization. I am not even talking about the malicious hand of UK and its role in persuading the US to overthrow the government of Dr. Mossadegh and install the puppet regime of M.R. Pahlavi. I am talking about the present. These European countries, heralded by the UK are shamelessly making lucrative deals with the criminal regime of Islamic Republic of Iran and have no concern of the fact that their business associates are enriching themselves by dragging the country in poverty and keeping the Iranians in prisons. These European countries think only of their profits and are not concerned at all if that profit is gained through the blood of millions of people.  

USA is guilty too. America has committed huge mistakes all due to the short sightedness of its policymakers. These mistakes have eventually come to hunt them. During the second half of the last century, America suffocated the voices of the people in many country and supported dictators such as Pinoshe, Noriega, Saddam Hussein, Suharto, Markos, the Taliban or M.R. Pahlavi. All these policies proved to be detrimental for USA in the long run.

Take for example the situation in Iran. In 1953, CIA funded a cope against the democratically elected government of Dr. Mossadeq. They did not like democracy in Iran because through democracy the commies used to participate in the government. The UK of course had its own agenda in persuading America to overthrow the government of Dr. Mossadeq. They wanted free oil and were not pleased when Dr. Mssadeq nationalized the oil.

But the wrong policy of the America in its deal with Iran came to hunt her half a century later. Iran instead of becoming a democracy became a dictatorship. The pressure mounded and any voice of dissent was dealt with harshly. Eventually people got fed up of dictatorship and in the hope of gaining their freedom made a revolution and kicked the shah out. But people, who were kept in total ignorance, had no political savvy. Ignorant people do what ignorant people do. They trusted a devil like Khomeini just to get rid of Shah and the result was disastrous. Over a million people were killed and millions more became refugees while hundreds of thousands of Iranians are kept in prisons, tortured and beaten.

However, America paid also for its hand in meddling with Iran’s democracy. The rise of Islamic fundamentalism created a wave of fundamentalism throughout the Islamic world. Bin Ladden, who was also one day on the pay roll of the USA, confessed that it was the success of Khomeini that inspired him to peruse Islam as a tool to for power. Eventually this very Bin Ladden attacked USA and killed thousands of innocent Americans in the tragedy of 9/11. 

Do you see how narrow minded, short sighted American politicians half a century ago put in motion the series of events that eventually like a boomerang came back to hit America 50 years later?

Do you think America has leaned her lesson? I doubt it. Even today, I have the feeling that the Administration of G.W.Bush is secretly talking with Reza Pahlavi and instead of supporting the uprising of the people of Iran, are planning to help him come to power.

If America wants to gain the trust of the people in the developing countries, it must take the side of the people and support the democratic movements within those countries. But they keep supporting dictators and thus alienate the people. Then they wonder why most of the people of the world do not like America.




Dear Mr.Sina, 

I cannot find the words to express my great admiration for you. I believe that you are at the forefront of a titanic struggle that will decide the future, and even to a great extent the present course, of humanity. I  hope and even pray that you may succeed in winning the hearts and minds of our brothers and sisters who are at present laboring under the yoke of Islam. 

Your well-wisher & admirer,




06 Jun 2002

Dear Dr. Sina,

I am a Malaysian and I want to commend and thank you for your courage to enlighten the world of the evils of Islam which my country state religion. I find that our Malay indigenous culture is dying and is gradually being replaced by an Arabic culture. It is crazy that Arabic languages are introduced in my country schools where the main commerce and industrial dealings are with non-Arabic nations. Malay indigenous dresses and dances are now considered “haram” forbidden or un-Islamic. Most Muslims from middles east and even Pakistan considers Malaysia as a progressive Islamic country – a role model to emulate and yet our nation is gradually implementing  the restrictive and unjust laws that strangles Islamic nations like Pakistan and Saudi Arabia. See below recent Malaysia news articles : (Access to the newspaper article –30 days archives requires free membership which is free) concerning the implementation of the “Hadd or Hudud” penal code of the Islamic laws, replacing the penal code based on the British system. Terengganu is one of the important Malaysian states rich in oil.

Besides thanking you for your website, my other reason for writing is that I hope you can help me. I have been recommending your website at www.faithfreedom .org to my friends since I discovered it a month ago. Your website helped me to overcome my political correctness of refraining from calling Islam an evil religion. You very clearly distinguished the difference between hating the ideologue of an inherent evil religion, and not hating the blind followers. I have been visiting your faithfreedom website almost daily until last Tuesday 4 June, 2002. Unless the faithfreedom website is having technical problems since Tuesday, I believe Malaysians access to your webpage is now being blocked by the Islamic authorities who run our bureaucracy.  I wonder if this move which contradicts the assurance (not to practice censorship of the internet) given by the Malaysian government to western IT companies  (including Microsoft) who invest here, can be brought to the attention of the media and hopefully pressurize the Malaysian authorities to allow access to your website. Apparently your website is considered more dangerous that the pornographic websites that are freely accessible to Malaysians.

I know I can get some of the stuff from the rationalthinking website, but is there a mirror webpage of faithfreedom that I can access to? Another possibility is to email me the new articles so that I can pass it around to my friends who would love to receive them.

Please keep my email address confidential as I am sure you’ll understand that the evil that is spawned by this religion knows no bounds and I can easily be traced and targeted.

Yours truly,



Dear Nicolei,

Faithfreedom.org was down for three days because we were moving to a new server. I apologize for the inconvenience.



30 May 2002

1-Islam or any other religion does not have anything to do with the Zakaria Razi ,Ibn Sina or Omar khayam.

they are the children of Persian civilization where the first human right ever written.

the gift that Islam brought to that civilization is the burning scientific books of Persia ,because they thought those science books are not better than Moslem bible. 




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