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29 Apr 2002

Kind Attention : A. Sina Esq.

My dear brother Ali,

I find your views on the Holy Koran most enlightening, as like you I cannot accept the contents of the Holy Koran which exhort us Muslims to Kill, Hate, Destroy all other forms of Religion.

Now about myself. I am a non-practicing Muslim. Non-practicing as I am badly disillusioned.

My great grand father was a born Hindu Brahmin. However whilst he was just aboy a Muslim Pir came into our village and announced that he had put a big chunk of Beef in our well.

The community was shocked and felt that they were not Hindus anymore and converted to Islam.

My great grand father instead of growing up to be a person of wisdom etc. was now a Muslim and had his further education at the Madrasah. He ended up as a trainee to the local butcher. As such we were now termed as KASAIES - Butchers.

My grand father migrated to Bombay and found work at the Bandra Slaughter House. My Father followed him.

Eventually my father got a job at a butcher shop in Bandra.

We were put in for education at the local Madrash. However, to my good luck a Christian customer at the shop where my father worked saw me helping my father to earn a few Rupees. This gentleman prevailed on my father to send me to the local Christian School. My father said that we could not afford it. This gentleman was a ~Teacher at the Christian School so he arranged a Freeship for me.

My two brothers work with my father as butchers. We now have our own shop.

On completing my Schooling my mentor arranged to get me a Maharashtra State Scholarship to study at University. Whilst at University I got selected for Engineering College - again on a Scholarship of the Maharashtra Government.

I completed my degree and got a good job with an Indian Company. They have now posted me here in London.

I was very fortunate. I have married the daughter of my mentor. Both of us have a Condition Paramount i.e. :

Her Condition : I will not leave Islam

My Condition : She will not leave the Roman Catholic Church.

Our children will be given freedom of all religions.

My main problem as an Indian Muslim is that all my non-Indian Muslim freinds i.e. Arabs, Iranian, Pakistani and Bangladeshi etc. do not understand why I can be a Loyal Indian and Owe my Allegiance to India.

The Pakistanis especially and also the Bangladeshis expect me to be disloyal to India as India is not an Islamic country. They expect me to support Pakistan against India in every field.

Mr. Sina please understand that by being disloyal to India I will become a Namak Haram. I therefor request your advice as to how I can ward off these fanatic Muslims i.e. how can I Counter their arguement that Loyalty to India is Anti-Islamic.

When I refer them to your site and the arguement that the Koran is not right in preaching Killings etc they laugh at me.

Please help me

Thanks and regards / Abdul



28 Apr 2002

Dear Dr Sina, 

I thought I'd let you know to start with, what an invaluable website yours is. 

I feel so despairing sometimes.  There is so much political correctness in the West.  The churches here are hosting interfaith dialogues where Muslims (many of them, I am sure, well-meaning Muslims) completely obscure the facts of Islam - for example, they tell Westerners that suicide is condemned in islam (in the context of the Middle East) but make no mention of the fact that Islam distinguishes between suicide and "shahadat". 

People who criticize Islam, even in the West, however, do so at their own peril - as you probably know very well.  It's so hard to decide when to speak out and when not to.  Can you give me some advice on how you balance criticism with safety? 

Your website and that of ISIS give people like me a ray of hope. 

Thank you. 

S Abdul



26 Apr 2002


this is really a very interesting site. Are you not afraid some of these fanatic bastarts? Please, be careful and i wish you all the best. This is my fake mailaddress and fake name. 

Thanking you xyz

(sorry for not even writing my real name, actually i am shaming for this, but the problem is that these fundamentalists are in a big number and our government is not so strict as american or english against such type of criminals.)



26 Apr 2002

Dear Mr  Sina, 

I have read with interest much of the content on your site and have found it extremely informative, it has cleared up many questions and issues I had on the subject of Islam, however there are a few questions, three in particular, that I would like to ask you, and, would be truly grateful if you could provide an answer. 

Although it  does appear that Islam has a low opinion of women who are treated as second class citizens in the Islamic world, I don't understand why Indonesia, the worlds most populous Muslim country has a women as the president, further more why does she not wear the traditional veil etc that you see in other Muslim countries ?. 

My second question is in regards to Lebanon. I know that Lebanon experienced a civil war between Christian and Muslims who now appear to live in peace. I also understand that although its present population is comprised of a Muslim majority the prime minister and many members of parliament are Christians. Now according to quotes I have read on Islam in reference to the Koran, it is not the practice for Muslims to be subservient to non Muslims i.e. Infidels, however this appears not to be the case with Lebanon where a majority Muslim country is largely controlled by a Christian (Infidel) parliament. 

My final question is in regards to Turkey, where exactly do they stand regarding Islam and its role in society, on the surface it appears that they have in some way successfully separated religion from the daily running of the country. I know that many Turks wish to identify more with western Europe rather than the middle east, at least that is what I have been told. I also notice that many of the women there do not wear the traditional veils etc. So how is it possible that they can still be supporters of Islam but at the same time not abide by its laws when it comes to daily life?. 

I apologize if these questions sound ignorant but to me they appear to be anomalies within the ideology that drives the Muslim mind, I find them difficult to explain. I would really appreciate your time if you could please give me a brief reply, I'm certain that you have a logical explanation which would clear up these issues. Once again thank you for providing such an informative and mind opening site, probably one of the most fascinating and interesting Intellectually stimulating sites I have come across in a very long time. 

Tony B


 Ali Sina responds

Dear Tony, 

The answer to you first and second question is that luckily many Muslims do not practice Islam to its full extent and still maintain traits of their own humanistic cultures. Those countries that fully practice the sharia are extremely misogynistic and anti “unbeliever”  Saudi Arabia, The Afghanistan of Taliban and Islamic republic of Iran (especially during the Khomeini) are the real Islamic countries trying to live by the laws of sharia. 

As for Turkey the society is divided between two factions. One is the progressive pro west and pro democracy and the other is the Islamic fundamentalist who try to regress and Islamicize the country. 

Kind regards


Ali Sina



25 Apr 2002

 Ali- i have been studying your site for some time now since 9/11. although i am far from an expert it seems to me that you present the reality of the muslim world honestly without bias one way or another. your debates with muslims and their denial is just plain scary. It's unbelievable! i want to congratulate you for having the guts to not only abandon your original religion, but to also present to the world the reality of this hateful religion. i am myself not religious but i am shocked that so many americans still believe that it's all o.k....i hear the same old story all the time..."you can interpret anything you want in any religion"..."you can find the same things in the bible", etc. etc. keep up the good work.... 

msh msh


20 Apr 2002

Hi Ali,

You did a wonderful job explaining and exposing Islam on your website.


You certainly deserve credit for your hard work! If there is anything I can do to help you as an ex-muslim too, please let me know.



"ex-mulsim apostate" <[email protected]>

3 Apr 2002

dear dr sina 

congrats on yr superb website,it is very enlightening and wonderful  i always thought judao-christianity-islam r biggest practical and saddest joke on all of mankind.  

now u hv re-enforced by humble self's opinion. pls keep up the good work!!! 

i wud love to be of help to u,and wud love to rcv any more guidance from u. 

yr humble student...





2 Apr 2002

Oh my God!!  literally, you are my God.  I have never thought this kind of detailed and extensive research on 'true' Islam existed.  I stumbled upon your website while surfing the web.  

Oh my God!!!      I m not worthy!  I m not worthy! Your website is a river of knowledge on real Islam.  I m a 30 year old ex-muslim, enlightened about 10 years ago.  I have seen my share of hard times due to the fact.   Family, friends, and colleagues alienated me for years.  If I had found your website earlier, I would have been bolder on my claims and would have suffered less.   

Anyway, once again congratulations on your hard work.  I hope one day I can read and remember "ALL" of your work and can argue with any idiot muslim anywhere. 







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