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23 Mar 2002

Dear Mr. Sina, 

First excuse my poor English. I am a German writer, a feminist who left catholic church at her teens (opposing the catholic politics concerning jurisdiction for many years). I am living in Switzerland, where I edited the first woman's magazine in German language, some thirty years ago. ("Die Hexenpresse", - witches' press). I retired from the feminist activist's scene, I got really tired with so much animosity, but Islam woke me up again, I am observing this danger since 20 years, but nowhere found a voice like yours, I was urgently waiting for.   

I agree completely with you in the criticism of this worst of religions, which is threatening us all, though western intellectuals are appeasing as much as they can. So do the christian churches, as looking forward to islam to abolish the achievements of enlightenment.  

I only doubt that there will be peace on earth once the religions have disappeared (which is no argument in favour of their remaining). What I try to say - I don't trust human nature (without knowing an alternative). For example the so called great i.e. monotheistic religions are all hatched from patriarchal brains. Patriarchy is the encompassing system underlying them. It is not only the consequence of these religions (as is patriarchal behaviour of the men who follow them), it is their reason of being. It is the male need to dominate, first of all women, the merely inextinguishable desire for violence (not of all men, of course of course but of far too much), that creates these religions of domination as its rationalization, as the legitimization of male power.  Maybe the animal heritage of the species.

Reason can criticize these systems of rationalization, but it cannot eradicate the male aggression. Men are raping women and slaughter one another through millenia with and without religions, though religion can aggravate their violence by sanctioning it.

 So mankind has to develop humanist patterns of behaviour by outlawing violence and discouraging those who feel attracted to aggression. The male god's authority is one tool of encouraging male violence, but behind this divine creature of men is men themselves, and the majority of them is not so peaceful as not to find one system of rationalization of their violence after the other, religions or mere secular ideologies.  

I not only wish muslims to be freed of their violent doctrines, I do not only regard them all as victims, there are many, too many perpetrators, who indulge in violence though not related to religion. (As do all rapists in the world, not always motivated by religion).

I want to be freed of male violence itself, I cannot excuse all offenders as victims. 

If the law of the survival of the fittest is true, we have bad expectations, since Islam is expanding in population in the same irrational way catholic church is condemning birth control. The demographic explosion is the consequence of controlling women. Were does this desire to control women arise from? You may say from the religion. But what drove men to invent and spread such religions? The question may be rethoric - could it be that we do not like to look into the face of mankind? Hell and the devil is real - but it is rooted in human nature... It's mankind - great parts of male mandkind - that creates the hells on earth. I am not a christian, I do not want to forgive my enemies, though I do not want to violate a creature physically. I want the men who commit the atrocities of sharia see jailed not only liberated from their "desease". I want justice, not only therapy. I do not like muslims, generally speaking, as I do not like catholics (church would burn us if it could), but I fear muslims more. Ii don't see them all as victims. As if they all were not responsible for what they are doing. Neither Christian creed is an excuse for the witch hunting. If you believe that man is a reasonalbe creature then he must be held responsible. I hate honour killers, not only their religion. As for the brainwashed women, living under permanent threat of death if they are disobedient, alas, I can't but see them as victims. But enjoying killing is another thing.  

I have no objections to make, only feel a little pessimistic about the outcome,  nevertheless I admire your courage and clarity of arguments. I can nothing but support your work (and I hope you have a long life unharmed by fanatics), though I'm a little skeptical as to the nature of mankind. (And at 61 exhausted by many struggles in the arena of religious politics)

If persons as you were the majority, there would be no problem. Are we really reasonable creatures, are there not quite other features of our dammned kind? Features that predominate until today, in the shape of whatever religion as product of the male brain? 

Excuse me for my sceptical view - reading your answers is in any way a great intellectual an emotional pleasure for me.


Regine Winter




 22 Mar 2002

Dear Dr. Ali,


Yours was a very enlightening article. I grew up in a very cosmopolitan background. I never knew religion would make a difference....we were humans first. This was shattered when I was a child in a muslim country. I am Hindu and lived in Bangladesh for a while as a child as my folks were posted there. As I played innocently with my neighbors as a child of age 8 the children I played with brought up the fact that I was a kafir and that we Hindus worshipped stone idols and hence false gods. Now as a grown and rational thinking adult I reflect upon the hatred that must have been indoctrinated into these kids for the kafir( infidel). My parents never had told me to hate muslims. Just a few days before my folks moved out of Bangla back to India, our house was burgled. The darwan( guard) had conspired with our servants( all of them muslim) to steal. He had told them that we were Hindu ...infidels and that stealing from us was not wrong and that it would not be a sin. That to me was shocking. Also living there I also found the slaughter of a grown bull slaughtered on a certain Islamic festival and children playing in the blood very disturbing. I had never seen this in my neighborhood in India. Over time several faiths become decrepit. Hinduism got entrenched in caste, idolatory and sever other eveils. These were never sanctioned by the original scriptures. The earliest vedas condemn idol worship and caste system is mentioned as a result of occupation not birth...and is mentioned as a mode of division of labor in society based on a persons talent and aptitude. It was misused by privileged Hindus to keep thier societal heirarchy. Decadence is not unique to any one faith, its in all. We must keep what is precious and discard what is not relevant. Hinduism has several beautiful ideals....non violence, tolerance, austerity. These are the core values of the gita the holy book of the Hindus. In the past 2 centuries...several reform movements took place and many were accepted. Notable was the Arya Samaj( Noble Society) by Dayanand Saraswati in the 1800s. It propagates a return to the vedas and denouncement of caste, idolatory and violence. The ancient Iranian faith ..Zoroastrianism has a lot in common with the ancient vedic religion. This I know as I had several close Parsi(Zoroastrian) friends. As of today I stand deeply disturbed by the intolerance that some muslims preach. I truly love one and all. The Gita asks a person to treat everyone with impartiality...see the the lord in all people. Islam must reform,  Hinduism has been open to change and has gradually adopted many modern values. If our Muslim brothers were to think of themselves first as Indians the Hindus too will sooner or later follow. By and large Hindus are not fundamentalist...but today we see the ugly head of fundamentalism raising its head amongst Hindus in India. This would not happen if the Muslims realise that they have provoked this with their intolerant views. I say this in sheer fear of what I could would happen if 800 million Hindus were enraged. A glimpse of this was seen in the recent communal bloodbath in India where 500 Muslims were massacred after Muslims set fire to a train full of Hindus who were rallying for a temple at the site of a demolished mosque( where a temple is said to have stood several  hundred years before) killing 58 people. I beg of the Muslims in India to pledge their loyalty to India. Muslims in the US to America. In both these countries the majority massively outnumbers muslims. They are also wealthier and more powerful. The non-muslim world is a lot more advanced and powerful compared to the Muslim world. A jihad will see a complete buthchery of Muslims....especially in India where they are outnumbered 8 to 1. The rest of the world will only be so tolerant before they recognise Islam as a menace if radicalism goes unabated. In the most sincere and genuine way all of us should by reason convince radicals to lay down thier swords and embrace peace and progress. If not the next millenium will see yet another bloody crusade!!  Krinavatvo Vishvam Arya( let us make the world noble). 





Subject: Gandhi's mistake

21 Mar 2002 

"I am a Christian, I am a Jew, I am a Muslim, I am a Hindu..."


Mahatma Gandhi 

"This kind of all-inclusiveness can go a long way in explaining Gandhi's very admirable sense of idealism. It also reveals an incredible naivety.

Universalism is something I subscribe to...and is an important component of both science and most religions. But some premises are fundamentally irreconcilable. Either Gandhi did not fully appreciate Muhammed's capacity for malevolence, or he chose to overlook it in the quest for inter-communal harmony. Of course the bitter truth is that Gandhi's call to non-violence, however noble and true as an abstraction, had no relevence in the real world. Extending the hand of brotherly friendship to an adversary can be the ultimate act of wisdom. If that adversary happens to be a machete-weilding madman, it is tantamount to suicide. The religion of Islam promulgates the violent vanquishing of those who resist its triumph on earth. It must be fought be all people of conscience who cherish the concept of freedom."

- An

American freethinker 


Ali Sina responds

Dear An,

Just like Gandhi I also advocate non-violence and regard that Mahatma as my source of inspiration. Nevertheless I agree with you that Gandhi did not fully understand the evil of Islam or perhaps a man in his position could not speak openly against Islam.

I do not propose extending a hand of friendship to Muslims. Quran tells Muslims to maim you and they will cut your hand 5:33, This verse says crucify and cut the hands of those who wage ware against Muslims. But anyone who disagrees with Islam according to Islam is waging war against Allah and his Messenger.  My solution is not to make peace with Muslims or respect their beliefs least we hurt their sensibility. That is nonsense. Let their sensibilities be hurt. We must tell them the truth about Islam and wean them from this barbaric cult. Muslims are victims of Islam and they will also victimize the rest. We do not have to fight them or shed their blood. We have to show them that Islam is not a religion of God but the main cause of their miseries. We have to let them see that the West or the rich countries are not the cause of their poverty but they are poor and miserable because of Islam. If we fail to do that humanity would be in great danger and millions if not billions of lives could be lost in these coming decades.  



18 Mar 2002

You are so eloquent and learned in your reporting and debating.  I just had to write to you with a little praise and support.   

I am certain you receive a multitude of derogatory comments from Muslims.  Yet there is no refuting the thought out and obviously heavily researched information on your site. 

You are not alone in your opinions of Islam.  It can be very frightening knowing that there are people out there that have such crazed beliefs that lead to war and/or the very least the oppression of basic human rights, all in religions sake. 

Not to digress from my reason for writing.  I respect your professionalism and intelligence in getting your point across.  It is very eye-opening, and does not fall on deaf ears,(or in the Internet age, I guess that would be blind eyes). 

Again thank you,  




17 Mar 2002

Let me say that I applaud your great courage and sincerely hope for your continued success and search for the truth. No right-thinking person should be afraid of the truth. 

What you and many other brave people seem to be saying is that you have arrived at the conclusion that Islam has never been and is not now a religion, in the classical sense, but has always been and is now a politic which has and still attempts to crown itself with a religious concept in order to ligitimize itself and enhance its power within the minds and hearts of those who fail to see the difference. Since Islam is not truthfully, in the classical sense, a religion, than it cannot help but be repleat with much untruth and illogical conclusions. Thus, when the light of truth is shined that which is untruth cannot but help come crashing down. 




"your buddy" <[email protected]>

16 Mar 2002

hi ali, 

it was really interesting to read your site, faithfreedom. looks like gr8 effort in putting up the site. but i doubt you are a muslim by birth!! 

after reading your site, i guess you're a philosopher...but i really wish to ask you some questions...please reply them surely...i too have been into reading about world religions since many years....but i'm more of enquirer than putting my own opinion about faiths... 

1) tell me, do you believe in god ???(mind it, i am not asking about religion..but about god ) 

2) i read,you find christianity, hinduism etc. as false religions...please tell me is there any religion that you find as true...or any ideal religion that we may follow..?? 

3) what do you have to say about Sufism....?? 

please do reply...

i really wish to know your views .... 




Dear Buddy,

Thank you for your kind compliments,

1)      I do not believe in a personal god such as that being taught by religions. I do believe in the Single Principle underlying the creation. This is not a being but a reality.

2)      If by religion you mean having someone leading others I totally disagree with that. I think it is demeaning for us humans to act like sheep and follow someone else for guidance. Every human being is endowed with the capacity to find the truth on his/her own and we need no gurus, prophets or messengers of God.

3)      Sufism is a desperate attempt to humanize and rationalize Islam. But Islam cannot neither be humanized not rationalize. It is a barbaric and illogical cult. It cannot be reformed. It must be eradicated.



Ali Sina   



 15 Mar 2002

Dear fellow truthseeker Ali Sina-

I went through your Frequently Answered Questions and would like to bring your attention to Question No.36 and its explanation.

"Nowhere in the Gospel it says kill the people of other faith"

In the Old Testament, the followers of Lord God (or Yehweh) are warned not to worship goddess Ashera or the Paagan god Baal and ill incidents befall those who violate this rule.

It is also found in the Old Testament that when Moses spends a very long time with Lord God, the tribes awaiting Moses get worried and create a ram idol and start worshipping it. 

Thereupon, Moses' meeting with Lord God is over and when Lord God sees that the tribes have started worshipping the ram idol, he is about to kill the tribes but consoled by Moses.  We also have looting and destroying idol worshippers by the tribes which function under Moses.  As such, the Lord God is found to be against other faith.

Next reference to the following lines: "Christians do not go terrorizing people shouting Jesus is great"

If terror depends on brandishing a sword or a revolver alone, then Christianity can be considered terror-free.  If terror applies to creating fear, then I wish to submit that terror is present in Christianity too. 

Even though the Christians do not shout that Jesus is great like the Muslims should Allahuakbar, they do move CALMLY and approach people FRIENDLY and after a few days of friendly acquaintance they talk about the KINDNESS OF GOD and the consequences that can happen if one DOES NOT ACCEPT CHRIST as their saviour.

You also have a form of hypnotism that makes the subject think that the HOLY SPIRIT has entered into his/her body and will keep guard on the ill things that may befall them.
Such CALM, PURE, and SLOW poisoning is present in Christianity which confuses each person and can also lead to their mental imbalance.  Christianity also has the restriction against following another faith.

Love and regards,





12 Mar 2002

the hardest part is not just listening to them go on and on about what a perfect
religion it is, how it always depends on the interpretation ie. there is this perfect islam
hidden away somewhere..but of how my own dignity and views are worth crap.
Why do i have to listen to the azaan five times a day, and then if i try to drown it out
with my stereo, noo i have to turn that down too. and if i say i'm a not a muslim, now
all they say is that i'm going through a phase, or that i am actually a muslim deep
down inside (how could anybody not be one) or that i am just playing devils
advocate. funny thing is that when i was growing up lots of my friends were like
me..now they'll all reverted. some have even become panch namazis (how holy they
are), its tough being alone. is it only islam that causes such irrational behaviour or is it the human condition, that when presented with the agony of living alone/dying alone, that causes this?


9 Mar 2002

Dear Sir, 

            You are absolutely right.  I wish there are more people like you around; the world would be a better place. 

            I did not expect a reply.  Thank you very much for doing so and I hope I have not taken the time off your busy schedule. 

           Unfortunately I do not have a copy of the email to Lycos as it was sent through their web site.  However I have their acknowledgement which I have appended below: 


Thank you for writing to the Lycos Abuse Team.  We have received your email and will be reviewing it shortly.  Please be advised that due to the volume of emails we receive, this may be the only email you receive from us regarding this matter. 

For more information, please visit http://reportabuse.lycos.com 

Thank you. 


Your sincerely,




 7 Mar 2002

Dear Ali Sina-

Thats an interesting site you have.  There is a lot to read too.  I may have to read it in instalments for a few minutes each time till my eye starts aching due to exposure to the computer.

The quotes and criticisms have aroused in me an interest to read the Koran. 

Since you are a bit exposed to Muslim activities, may I ask you whether there is, in your knowledge, any organisation from which I can request a free copy of the Koran.  If so, could you please send the email address of the same.

Thanks and regards,




[email protected]

6 Mar 2002

Dear Ali Sina

There are approximately 15-20 grammatical errors found in the Qur'an which cannot be denied by those who master Arabic grammar This has created a heated argument because these grammatical errors are not expected in a book which Muslims claim is dictated by God and its inimitability lies in its perfect Arabic language. Thus, how can the Qur'an include grammatical mistakes which a junior high school student who has a basic background in Arabic would not make? If anyone of the Arab readers wishes to expand his knowledge of these errors, we would like to refer him to the following Qur'anic verses: Chapters 2:177; 3:39; 4:162; 5:69; 7:16; 20:63; 21:3; 22:19; 49:9 and 63:10. As an illustration, we refer to one example which is found in chapter 20:63. The Qur'an says,

    "These two are certainly magicians"-Inna Hazan Sahiran. The correct grammar must say, Inna Hazyn Sahiran.

According to Arabic grammar, these two must be in the accusative case after "Inna", but they are stated in the nominative case which is completely wrong.

As you've already given to me the solid proof which is relevant to the Verse above. I'd like you to do the same for the rest if you don't mind. Actually, I'd be very grateful doing that for me.





4 Mar 2002

Hi, Peace!  ...I am a Christian and ran into your site while looking for info on Ibn Warraq and his books, and saw some of the material on your site.  I used to believe in learning about other cultures and I would read about Arab countries and culture, but 9-11 severly shocked me.....  like many AMericans, I went looking for books to try and understand the unrelenting mindless hatred that seems to fill Muslim countries..... After seeing your site and reading Warraq's books, I am moved that not all Muslims are totally suffused with hatred for anything non-Muslim and Western...... it has somewhat revived my belief in the basic goodness of others and hope for peace in the future.....

"C B" 




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