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I have regularly visited your site since chancing upon it. I hope he Muslims do not succeed in shutting it down again. It is hardly surprising that they try to gag you. Reading their comments it is clear that they are unable to refute your arguments. In fact they merely confirm them. Their minds are in a cage that Arabia's "messenger of God" built for them 1400 years ago. I marvel that you have managed to free yourself from its confines. I wonder, if I had been brought up a Muslim, whether I would have been able to do so. I am not confident that I would. Islam has got o be about the most effective self-perpetuating brainwashing programme ever devised. I pity those who have been subjected to it from birth. I have less pity for those who have willingly submitted themselves to Islamic mind control. They have thrown  away something precious.

Richard B. 


I hope this mail reaches the right person.
I just got to read your article on Islam. Was that wonderful or what.
I wanted to sctually study the Koran and find out exactly why he Muslims behave in this manner. But never got an opportunity to do that.
But you have successfully done it. And I really appreciate the fact that you are open to discussions. That should prove to them, hat their beliefs are all messed up.
I also appreciate the fact that you have come oHGUIJGHY7TGYFRR6YY7YUUJOIKO9UYO87T67RT6OYHYOJNJ               

With you all the way............


Dec. 02, 2001

Hi Ali,

I looked at your site today - not in great detail but I will do and I read that you said that some angr Muslims email you saying you should take down your site.  Well I just wanted to say he opposite - I just wanted to say that out there you do have supporters like me.  I am Indian and my religion is Hindu/Sikh.  I don't know if you know but we people have had o deal with the inequity and barbarity of Muslims outselves for many years.  I studied Islam because Muslim friends at school said that the Quran is the word of God and that it has scientific facts in it that couldn't have come from Muhammed.  Well, I read about these so called and I can see why an ignorant, illiterate, savage would think yeah this is true, it must be from God.  Many such people never bother to look into the scientific mistakes in the Quran.  Im glad though that there are people that are willing to think for themselves.  

I have a fear that one day America and perhaps Britain also (where I live) will one day have enclves where Muslims want to break away.  They may one day try to do this you never know - if hey grow big enough they may try to do this.  I hope I'm just being silly but it happened in India with the formation of Pakistan.  I know it's a different situation but you can never tell with them.

Any way thats enough of my nonesense :-)

Bye Ali


Dec,. 01, 2001 

To Ali...thank you for your bravery, knowledge, research, talent for written expression, and for the education we all need.  



I'm an Indonesian.

I hink your site is very good. It can open the narrow mind of most Muslims.

Indonesia is populated with almost 200 million muslims. I think you will be a great help if you can "touch" them.

You should have an Indonesian language for your site. If you want, I may try to find volunteers to do that.

I can do that, but very limitedly. You see, I am an employee. But if I translate a little and a thousand more people translate a little, I think you could soon have it.

And we, Indonesians, can refer those muslims to read a thorough explanation in Indonesian language. You see, most of Indonesians do not speak English, at least they avoid reading things in English.

Please ell me what you think.


Below is an example I make for your "A CHALLENGE" part. I made good translation for that. (I used to be an English teacher in the best English Language Center in Indonesia for 10 years.) I hope you are interested.


Best regards,





Saya menerima banyak e-mail dari umat Islam yg marah yg minta saya menghapus situs ini. Kalau anda menentang situs ini dan ingin saya menghapusnya, saya undang anda untuk menolak tuduhan saya thdp Muhammad & Islam. Kalau anda dapat menunjukkan bahwa yang saya katakan tidak berdasar, saya berjanji akan menghapus situs ini setelah sebelumnya mengakui bahwa saya salah dan bahwa Islam adalah agama yg benar.

Sejauh ini, sedikit muslim yg berani menjawab tantangan ini. Berikut adalah diskusi-diskusi kami. Kelihatannya mereka gagal membuktikan bhw saya salah. Anda bisa? Anda tahu ada ahli Islam yang mungkin bisa ? Kalau kamu tidak bisa membuktikan bahwa yang saya katakan tentang Muhammad itu salah, kenapa anda masih tetap menjadi Islam ? Kenapa anda memaksakan untuk mengikuti doktrin yg salah? Tidakkah anda berpikir bhw kekacauan yg terjadi di dunia islam adalah karena mengikuti doktrin yg primitif dan salah?

Mohon jangan menulis penolakan sebelum baca keseluruhan artikel di situs ini. Itu sama saja dengan bunuh diri. Kalau anda menulis pada saya: “Oh anda salah. Islam adalah agama damai.” Anda sudah keluar konteks. Juga jangan ada ucapan klise serupa. Setiap hari saya terima sekitar 10 e-mail spt ini, dan saya bosan membacanya. Jangan kirimi saya URLnya situs Islam dan meminta saya membacanya, seolah-olah akan ada hal baru yg belum saya ketahui di sana. Saya sudah membaca seluruhnya, dan mereka menghasilkan omong-kosong yang sama saja dan sudah saya jawab semuanya. Saya sudah membuktikan bahwa Quran itu salah dan tidak perlu membuktikan kesalahan ribuan situs Islam pembenaran Quran. Kalau Quran dianggap keajaiban terbesar Islam, jangan pula meminta saya membuktikan kesalahan interpretasi dari pengikut Quran. Santai saja dahulu, telaah pembuktian saya tentang kesalahan Quran  serta pandangan saya tentang anggapan keajaiban Quran atau klaim bahwa itu ilmiah. Surati saya HANYA setelah anda baca beberapa artikel yang saya taruh di situs ini. Hampir semua (kalau idak seluruhnya) argumen anda sudah terjawab di situ.

Cara terbaik untuk mengalahkan musuh adalah dengan mengerti dia dan mempelajari kelemahannya. Jadi, bacalah dengan seksama.



Dec, 01, 2001

Just quickly as you have your work cut out for you, ell done.

We must fight these atrocities with the power of words and knowledge, as your website depicts and not with suppression and eradication of other humans and their beliefs.

  • Religion is irrelevant, it comes down to your basic philosophy; Respect Life. Why is this so hard for people to unjuoiuuuyt    





Dec. 01, 2001

Besides growing up in a traditionally Baptist family, I've always been agnostic and been skeptical about religion and one of the main reasons was because, despite the proclamations of religion (usually a certain kind depending on who you talk to) being good, it was always being used to commit atrocities against people throughout history.  The story of Ham in the Bible justified the slavery of blacks, Jesus' death (for some strange reason) justified hatred of Jews.mhjhyemma  And now this terrorism that we're at 'war' against.  It's just more proof to me that religion does more harm than good. People should learn that as long as you teach people with respect and don't force your beliefs (or death if they fail to convert) on hem, then you should be okay to go to heaven or paradise or whatever you want to call it.  I would never accept a God hat requires atrocities against humanity instead of basic human kindness.


Dec. 01, 2001

Hey, I read some of your stuff online, some of the articles etc etc... It's interesting.  I have question hat I was wondering if you had an answer too.  It's the fact hat the Quran is so easy to memorize?  I remember as a child I could remember those passages like the back of my hand.  How do you explain that?  I know kids from the age of 5 to adults till they die that have this entire book memorized.  And not just a few, millions.....


If you memorize anything at the very young age, you’ll remember it till you get old. This has nothing to do with Quran. But many people choose to encourage their kids to memorize Quran at the very young age. This is because they think Quran is the most important book. Those who are not Muslims teach their kids other things to memorize. I knew some Baha’is who had memorized thousands of verses of Bahai writings. They had started at verty young age. The child remembers anything that you teach him/her. This is no miracle of Quran but he miracle of the human brain.

Joanna Thorpe <[email protected]>

Do you think that you're site is constructive ?  To single out Islam as a dangerous religion is to miss the point and only serves to support bigots in the West in a " crusade " against Islam.

 Your site encourages hatred , something you claim Islam does and you claim to oppose .

Remove your hate-site or amend it to include all religious fundamentalism . I am not Muslim  , I am an atheist but feel your site is both negative and dangerous.

  Hugo Tremayne


Whether you are a Muslim disguised as an atheist or not your objection is answered in the following message. 



Nov. 27/2001

Dear Ali Sina 

I feel that you should add all religions to your website and refute them as they are untrue.  I feel that Christians especially are using this to strengthen there arguments about islam.  I can tell by your writing that you are a rational yet blunt individual but please make it clear that you are not promoting Christianity Islam is a threat but Christianity is as well.  

Thank you please keep up the good work

I hope you are not a christian, 





Dear Jawad, 

Thank you for your email and suggestion. No I am not a Christian. In several places in my site I have said that I do not believe in Christianity and consider it to be a false doctrine. All religions, invariably, in my opinion are false. Please see “What Religion to Choose?  

But I also believe many people need something to believe. Religion to many people is a crutch. I do not want to take away that crutch from them. I do not want to be the champion of truth and prove to everyone who believes in something that he or she is wrong. The very act of believing is a primitive concept. But we are not all mature people. Let those who want to believe in a god or a religion, have heir faith. If this makes them happy and they do not hurt anyone why should we dissuade them?  

I do not believe in any religion. I believe all religions are useless. Even those religions that have good teachings are superfluous. We can distinguish the right from the wrong by following the Golden Rule. There is no need for someone to tell us the difference between the right and the wrong. But if these beliefs make them happy, let hem believe. 

I am not against false beliefs. I am against hateful beliefs. If Christians want to believe that Christ rose from the death and with his body went to Heaven, this belief does not hurt anyone even if it is ludicrous. The same can be said about spurious beliefs of the Jews, Hindus or other religions. I do not say we should not tell the truth and guide these people. But this is not my battle. I don’t want to be the champion of the Truth. My battle is against hate and hatemongering beliefs. I fight Islam not because it is false, but because it preaches hate. You don’t find any verse in the New Testament that tells people to kill those who do not believe in Jesus. There are those who commit acts of terrorism in the name of Christianity like bombing the abortion clinics, etc. But there is not a single verse in the New Testament that sanctions those acts of violence. You can actually follow the teachings of Christ and become a saint like Mother Tereza. On the other hand if you follow he mandates of Quran to the letter you will become a Khomeini or an Osama Bin Laden. 

The difference between Islam and other religions is in their holy books. While all other so called holy books call their followers to be good, loving and forgiving, Quran clearly calls upon its followers to hate the non-believers, fight against them, subdue them and kill them. Islam is a danger to people. If we do not eradicate this cult it will kill millions of us. All religions are like crutch, but Islam is not just a crutch to its believers, it is also a gun. 



Ali Sina



Nov. 26, 2001

Dear Ibn Warraq, Taslima Nasrin, and Ali Sina

Faith Freedom Foundation 

Thanks for your thoughtful article. I shall circulate it amongst our members of Bangladesh-USA Human Rights Coalition and other members. September 11 incident should be our eye opener or wake up call for all human being specially the Muslim.

Last Friday, 23rd November we demonstrated in front of Bangladesh Embassy for the looting, harassment, and rape on the minorities of Bangladesh. We shall send you about our activities from time to time. Thank you again for your effort to seek the truth and to spread the truth.

Yours sincerely,

Golam F. Akhter


Nov. 25, 01


I just wanted to complement you on your site and offer my support. I am impressed with your forwardness and appreciate your message. I agree with you on several points. Mainly the facts that Muslim websites are so busy defending their views and showing only the verses from the Koran hat support their viewpoint. These are the exact same tactics used by many Christian fundamentalists who want to promote a certain sect of Christianity. I agree with your observation that he Koran promotes violence and hate. I am not scholar of the Koran, however every translation that I have seen seems to appear o promote the same anti-Christian and Anti-Judaic message. I cannot understand how so many Muslims believe that this could be he word of God if God is holy, peaceful and loving.

Keep up the good work and if you need some webspace, I have some to donate.

The more I study the different religions, the more of an atheist I become. I believe that by looking at the evolution of society with an open mind, it becomes easy to see how he different religions developed and why ancient people could easily confuse natural phenomena with acts of God. I especially liked your article on the pre-Copernicum view of Islam. I believe hat this view alone should bring modern people to the conclusion hat God is to be found within ourselves, not in ancient writings.


Jack Cummiskey



Nov. 25, 2001

Excellent website.  It expounds and demonstrates all that I've been saying for the last 30 years.  I've bookmarked it and will be distributing the URL  to friends and acquaintances.  I'll also make reference to it in my usenet posts if you don't mind.

Are you really a muslim?  Are you of Arab descent?  Don't you think the only way to eliminate Islamic fundamentalism is for Imams, mullahs and clerics to band together and to rewrite he Qu'ran, eliminating the hate filled words and deeds?  It would take generations I'm sure, but how and where else do you start?  Is the only hope WWIII?


Dear Dave, 

Thank you for your interest in my website and promoting it.

Of course I am not a Muslim. I am working to eradicate this cult, to expose it so to call someone a Muslim become tantamount to insulting him. But if you are asking about my background, yes it is Islamic. As a matter of fact I am a descendent of Muhammad. In Iran they are called “seyyed”. I am Iranian and very proud of my humanistic culture that was destroyed by Islam. 

I do not think Islamic fundamentalism can be eradicated as long as Islam is alive. Islam is fundamentalism. Those good hearted Muslims who are not errorists are lukewarm Muslims and do not follow the Quran. 

I do not think you can re-write the Quran. Quran claims to be the words of God revealed o Muhammad. Re-writing it is not possible unless you have a new messenger with a new revelation. But that is not possible because Muhammad insisted that his message is the last one and there will be no more prophets after him. Baha’u’llah the founder of the Bahai Faith disregarded this injunction and reinterpreting it differently founded a new religion that is humanistic and much more humane. But he is being denounced by Muslims and Baha’is are executed. Bahaism has its lure but no future. The main crippling flaw of the Bahaism is that it accepts the prophethood of Muhammad and believes in that same deity that Muhammad believed. 

Yes the WWIII is a possibility and if that happened it would be between the Muslims and the civilized world. But we can avoid that if we debilitate Islam by exposing its fallacies to its followers. I am certain hat most of Muslims will stop following this cult when they learn he truth. Today the majority of Iranians do no more believe in Islam. Go to any Iranian forum on the line and see it for yourself. The hatred of Islam among the younger generation inside Iran is greater than those who live outside Iran. 

The easiest, the least painful and the most cost effective way to peace is to expose and eliminate Islam. I wish our politicians in the West realize this and instead of trying to endear themselves to Muslims and call it “a religion of peace” promote information that tells the truth about Islam.


Ali Sina




Dear Mr. Sina, I stumbled upon your website while searching for any information on why Islam is a false religion, and Muhammad a false prophet. Though I was raised in an Agnostic home, in my adult years I became a devout Christian. Even hough I was not raised in a Christian home, I studied the religion and believe in it completely. I was just writing to thank you for all of your information. Also I admire you for investigating religion instead of believing what others tell you.


Chasity Taylor



I find your site most informative and educating and it is information that should be told on a greater scale.  I would like to see you provide more easily in the form of footnotes the source of your information so the reader can easily go and check it out for themselves.  Makes your site far more creditable.   It is obvious to me that the entire Islam organization is pure satanic by virtue of their behaviour.  If you study real Christianity closely, you will find it going in the opposite direction.  When I say Christianity, I do not mean what the USA calls Christianity in heir church system, but I refer you to the books of the Bible hat describe the church, as in the book of Acts and the letters from Paul to the different churches.  Anything less is just hat, far less than the real thing.  14k is not pure gold.   Please continue your work in trying to inform the people of the ruth about Islam.  If I can help in any way then please let me know. 

Robert Moors 
Bondservant Ministries


Nov. 18, 2001

Dear Mr. Ali Sina, 

     Thank you for replying to my e-mail.  Yes, I did learn about your work hrough your website I just don't know how I found it in the first place.  Now that I have the website address I will be accessing the important information you are providing. 

     The events of the last two months have made me feel like a very ignorant person.  I had always thought of myself as a person with a good knowledge of other world cultures.  I would like to think of myself of a knowledgeable citizen of the world.  Obviously I still have a lot to learn. 

     Please allow you to give you a bit of background information.  My late father was Russian Orthodox and my mother is a Sephardic Jewess with roots in Morocco. Since they encountered a degree of hostility from their respective families, in establishing their household it was agreed hat their children would be raised in an atmosphere of tolerance especially in matters of religion.  In fact I am proud to say hat last year when my father passed away his doctor, a Muslim from Pakistan wrote our family a most warm letter praising my father for his willingness to be treated by a "foreigner".  I hope you will understand that I did not approach Islam with an attitude of prejudice. 

     Indeed before I began to read the "Qu'ran" and the "Hadith" I hought that Islam was just another ethical monotheism.  Obviously I did not have depth of knowledge about Islam but I did have a superficial and romantic interest in it. I love the works of the

Egyptian writer Naguib Mahfouz and when I lived in Los Angeles I saw and admired of several famous Egyptian and Persian film makers. While I will continue to value these beautiful things I cannot but fear and reject Islam. 

     I hope I have not bored you with this lengthy letter but I would like to relate a few more things. 

     After the attacks a friend of some six plus years, a Persian woman, while mourning the ragedy of the Twin Towers, expressed her delight at the bombing of the Pentagon.  When I tried to explain that the people on he plane were civilians and that many of the people who worked here were civilians also she said she didn't care.  This woman has a child out of wedlock and thus cannot return to Iran.  Since she is by herself and because I and my family genuinely care for her, we have embraced her as a sister and daughter.  In addition she said that if she had the means she would like to get a plane and personally drop bombs on Israel.  I do not need o say that her statements were infuriating and hurtful. 

     I do not know in what country you live but here in the United States it is ironically some of the people who claim to be the most tolerant and open-minded who are in fact the most reactionary and stubbornly closed minded.  This past summer I meet a woman who is the pastor of a Methodist congregation. Since I believed we shared the same commitment to human rights, the environment, and other "progressive" cause I started an friendship with her.  When I told her some of the things that I had learned about Islam she became irrate and told me how intolerant, ignorant, and untruthful I was.  Without even more than five minutes of what I had to say she yelled that she never wanted to communicate with me again. I can't say this will be a great loss. If she were not a woman and a Christian she would probably feel most comfortable with the mullahs. 

     The vast majority of Muslim people are innocent victims of Islam as well.  I hope and pray that people who learn about what Islam is truly about will not react negatively or violently towards Muslims.  I hope that we will be able to intelligently solve this problem ogether. 

     I would welcome your reply.  Please feel free to contact me at anytime.  

Most sincerely yours,

Your friend,

Matthew J. Fleming


Dear Matthew,

It immensely saddens me o know that there are Iranians who think like the lady friend of yours.  How shamelessly ungrateful of her for having so much hate for the country that has given her refuge when her life would be in danger in her own native land. Unfortunately I have come across people like her my self. I simply cannot fathom their lack of humanity for being so callous about the death of so many innocent people. 

But I know that people like her are diminishing in number. As Iranians are awakening to he reality of Islam and leaving this cult of hate, they view people of other nationalities and religions as humans, members of he same family of mankind and not as Islam teaches them as infidels and fuels of hell. 

I had nightmares for many nights after seeing people jumping to their death from the owers. Often tears fills my eyes even now two months after the incident when I think of it.  I saw the pictures of some of he victims in the newspapers. It was as if they were speaking to me and telling me to continue. I promised them to do what I can to eradicate this cult of hate that has killed millions and is still killing. This madness must stop. This hate must end. Islam is not a religion of peace.  Tell this to your politicians. Tell his to your media and to your western apologetics of Islam like Karen Armstrong

As of your lady friend, he pastor of the Methodist church, all I can say is that she is ignorant of Islam. What she does not know is that there are religions that actually promote hate and order killing people. She American who thinks all people have the same values as she has. She wants to be a nice person and she thinks by not hearing bad, not saying bad and by not seeing bad she is being wonderful human being. But she is hiding her head in the sand. We have to confront Islam in the same way we would or should have confronted Nazism 70 years ago. Chamberlain with his appeasing policies was wrong. It cost millions of lives.   Are Prime Minister Tony Blair and President George W. Bush doing the same mistake today? See how heir policy of appeasement is emboldening the Muslims. 

"the most powerful man on the planet, the U.S. president, respects and reveres islam. in fact he reads the Qur'an along with his bible. September 11 is responsible for this miracle; no Muslim would have ever imagined the U.S. president reading and quoting positively from the Qur'an. this shows u clearly, God's plan is infinite and his plan never waivers to spread Islam, even to the leader of the most amoral nation on the globe". Mujtaba Ali 

or this one: 

Moslems are increasing everyday, Moslems are migrating to west more and more, people in he west are diminishing in number, their reproduction is very low but Moslems are not, Septempter 11 pushed the whole world to know about Islam, many are asking and many are turning Moslems .."which by the way is an emphasis to truth words narrated by our prophet". Sherif

As you can clearly see, Muslims are jubilant about the Sep 11. In their mind this has been he turning point in the fortunes of Islam that has forced even he most powerful man on earth to admit that Islam is such a great religion. 



Nov. 18, 2001

I must admit its not everyday you come across a great site like this all I can say its deep brother real deep, i have been questioning my own religion for years being born and raised Jewish i have had my share of obstacles with religion aspects from everyone else including my own rabbi who in his own right is a good man but lost with all of the blankets that religions teach us ,,,,,we live in fear at all times why i ask if g-d is loving and caring why do we fear so much its ashamed what propaganda does to centuries of people we fight wars we kill people in the name of what g-d i don't think so its mans own greed and control of everyone's mind like the matrix keep people in the dark so you can control and despair them forever in the name of  a prophet ,,,, its a joke. mankind will destroy mankind for what, greed and control  of everything our minds, freedoms, our livelihood, our souls, you see i think the leaders of all of our so called countries are the real killers they now the truths but why expose it ???? let us die over there greed and abuse of the system .its a shame in today's world there is no more morals ethics truth

left, were are we headed too that has always been my question what's next on the plate of lies and deceit for us .......i do worry maybe i shouldn't, maybe i should become a robot like everyone else ............



Nov. 18, 2001

Dear Dr Sina, 

I feel so stunned I cant think how to start this mail.  Having read around 90% of your site (staying up until 4 in the morning on the night I discovered it!) I can say definitely, that your site is the single most amazing, thought provoking and brilliant thing I have ever read on the internet.  Your site was truly a revelation!  You are truly a courageous individual.  I have many close Muslim friends, and have seen heir evil side all too often.  While the media has been leaping to the defence of all muslim’s after the anti Islam backlash started in the wake of September 11th, I’ve kept a clear head, and carried on to advise people against this evil doctrine.  I have showed this site to a muslim friend of mine, and he claims he can refute some of what you are saying, I have told him not to tell me, simply to write in to you and politely say what he disagrees with, I look forward to seeing his response to your response!  Finally I would like to say that it is such a good feeling to have finally found someone who fulfils the enormous potential of the internet.  The internet is a gloriously unregulated industry, and is truly one of the most powerful mediums ever to arrive on our planet! Keep up the good work, Yours continuing to be stunned

 Ross G.


Nov. 18, 2001

Dear Ali:

From the outset, I was really astonished by your site.  This site is so informative and really goes down to the underlying principles of Islam. The lacuna which creates the edifice that most of our Muslim brothers do not see is the fact that once you start going deeper into Islam, one can see that there is no historical or scientific facts to support its pillars. They always blame it on people's lack of knowledge of the Arabic Language. Therefore, we have to go to Al-tafseer. The question which I always ask is "Why would God put His ultimate Word in the hands of sinners (almoufasereen)so they can explain what is in the Quraan according to their own understandings." In addition, is it a requirement to have a PhD in Arabic to know God?" I speak Arabic fluently, and still they tell me that no your lack of he Arabic language creates this problem. The fact is that only 15% of Muslims in the world speak Arabic-speaking Arabic and not knowing it-and out of the 15%, only less than 0.1% know Arabic fluently, the way the Quraan dictates that we should know the Arabic language. In essence, Islam is only for those people who can excel in this language which is abhorrent since God is for all, and God is for the meek.

The irksome issue of principles here that should be canvassed is he fact that almost 99% of Muslims don't know what other religions are teaching. They refuse to read the Bible out of ignorance, and may be fear. They don't know the fact that most of what is in the Quraan came from the Bible.

Their greatest plunder is that Muslims always say how come God can be a human being and so forth.  Well if you read Sorat Mariam-where God was informing Mariam of the coming of Christ, you will know hat God became a human being there. I think it is Verse 47, and it says that God has sent His soul and He became in the image of man. The Quraan is so confused about the persona of Christ that leaves the reader in a maze.  Of course, if I just read the Quraan as is, I am wrong; I have to go to Altafseer, and see what it says. Well those moufasereen are human beings like me, so they can make mistakes as well! Their outlet from this predicament is hat Gabriel is the one who became man, but the problem here is if his is true, then God's soul became Gabriel since Mariam was praying to God, and God answered her, unless Mariam was praying to Gabriel! In addition, if this is true, then God has many souls which nullify the oness of God since if He has many souls, this dictates that God is a multiplicity of gods.

What I find intriguing is the fact that God in the Quraan is so weak since He commands His followers to kill in His name, especially those who convert from Islam to other religions; in essence, God cannot protect His religion, and that is why He needed us to kill in His name-Fagatelo Fe Sabeel Allah-which is very obscure and contradictory to the nature of God!

Something I found really upsetting is the fact that the ranslation of the Quraan to other languages is incorrect. It is written in a manner that entices those who do not know Arabic.  It is written in a way to resemble Christianity since Christians are the target here, and I am sure of it, especially since they are who went astray-althaleen!

There is a plethora of other examples where the Quraan contadicts itself, but I will leave that to the astute reader to find them.

I always say since there is no original copy of the Quraan, may be he present day Quraan never existed at the time of the prophet Mohammad.

One correction, Christians never claim that the Bible was a revelation from God as our Muslim brothers proclaim. It was written by regular human beings, unlike the Quraan where it was given to the prophet directly from God to Mohamad through the angel Gabriel.

For all those who insulted you in their E-mails, especially those who have used foul language and obscenity, I have the following to say: It is high time that they open their minds and not show anger and hatred towards those who want to challenge their theological ideologies, and realize that God's persona is not how it is depicted in the Quraan, but start to love God, and not fear Him; hen He might dwell in their hearts and show them that God is Love, and not fear, killing, and so forth....I can only say to hose that: they have eyes, but they don't see, and they have ears, but they don't listen! And finally, He Who Loves Best His Fellow-man Is Loving God The Holiest Way He Can....

Best regards,

Nov 17, 2001ii8ott78i98ojihguyu7989oyujyuiuyighjhggvgjmmntrreedhjvghcgvfxvzdfdzgdgdf

Dear Mr Sina,

Thank you for your courage. You have told the truth. The truth hurts but it must be told. Westerners know little about Islam and Mohammed. Even Moslims know little about their religion.

I consider myself an agnostic. But I was born a Christian in a Moslem country. My family's Christian roots went back to the First Century. We were given Moslem names and we kept our religious identity a secret. Our Moslem neighbors for the most part were good, decent people but they did not know we were Christians. They considered all non Moslems as less than human, destined to Hell. Many of my ancestors had been massacred because they had resisted conversion to Islam. Killing a Christian (or a Jew) was not considered a sin.  On the contrary they believed they would go straight to Heaven for killing non Moslems. After all didn't he "Holy" Prophet Mohammed himself kill scores of non believers?

I have respect for religious views of others as long as they don't impose it on society. But I have serious doubts Islam can be olerant. The entire doctrine is based on intolerance and demonization of the Other.

Keep up the good work.


   I would just like to thank you, for such an informative web page, I had been looking for something like this, someone sent your web page to me,  keep up the good work,

Knowable is power, People need to know what we are really up against..... you have to dig deep to find it. They hide is well. some, or they do not seek the truth.


Dear mister Sina ,

With great interest i have bin reading your site. You are a great teacher! You opened my eyes and also the one’s of many of my frienhtffffffff bgfhgjggggggggggggggds .I’ve bin ‘terrorising’ some Islamatic internet site’s where people can do discussions about he Islam with many of the things i’ve learned from you.

I stole hem from you with the idea that Einstein is also not the owner of gravity.

It didn’t take long to learn that my questions aren’t really welcome. I put them in front of them anyway . These are things hat Imams don’t want the believers to be aware off. They have bin doing that succesfully for 1400 years. Internet is really an unislamitic thing . And there is nothing they can do against it.

My writtings are in Dutch and i’m too lazy to translate. To give you one example of the things i wrote is the thing that Allah says he first give the Bible and the Gospel. This must be really hard for moslims to be aware off , since any contradiction found in here by moslims are against their own beliefs , since this is a book from Allah to. I dont think i have to inform you about the silly defences the Moslims make . I think you know them all.

But one , i think i should mention. A imam called Haselhoef answerd me and said that it was a trick used by Christians to convert Moslims to Christianity. Imam Haselhoef you must know is on Duths television all the time. He’s explaning the Islam and tries to make it look good in these days after september 11th. Also he asked me to tell something about myself. I didn’t tell a thing. If he reads his he will know some more. But off course he didn’t answer the question. For a man with that kind of authority he makes a very weayujk impression . Isn’t it?

One of my reasons to ‘attack back ‘ is the following : I don’t believe he Koran is the word of God. I have no problem with what ever people want to believe. But if some ‘believers’ are harming ‘the world ‘ because off their believes i want them to give me good reasons why they think the book is the truth. That’s because i have good reasons to think the book is false. They have o proof that to me that i’m wrong. If they can’t , they must shut up and keep their religion at home. This is my world to!

They own an explanation to all of us. If they don’t want to go along with hat , don’t aks for any respect or what so ever from 5 billion unbelievers. Does everybody have to accept someone’s believes just like that? Please give me a reason why. I think its stupid to even consider it a ‘ justfull ‘ question from the Taliban to westeren countries to come up with proof of the quilt of Ben laden . I think they are the one’s who have to come up with proof about their believes. Respect should come from both sites .

There is a big danger if George Bush can’t stop the terrorists in the years o come . Americans might vote for a president who can hgjghjghjghjghjghjghjgj. The candidate might say : What the hell are we paying taxes for ?

Why do we fight for years against those "no good"countries , while we are able to win every war the same day we started it ? Why do we pay taxes? Who is gonna stop us? Allah?

People might vote for a presedent like that i believe.


I have a few questions i hope you can answer.

Moslims on v say its not allowed for a moslim to kill innocents. So the wtc attacks are unislamitic. My idea is that unbelievers are never to be considerd innocent. Only a moslim can be innocent. Am i right? If i am , the attack is not unislamatic , and they are lying about it , right in our face.

What respons give moslims to the fact that the Koran says that the stars are in the lowest heaven and closer to us than the moon? In his matter you can not believe science and the Koran both. Since he Koran are the words of Allah and are absolute thru and without he posibilty of mistakes a moslim has to make a very ‘creative’ story to let the Koran be believeable.To me it seems just as hard to denay the facts of science. Looks to me an ‘imposible’ situation.

To me it is a great help knowing the fact that thejhjghjhjjjjghjgjg Koran are the words of Allah. No one can say that humans mistakes are causing the contradictions in the Koran. (if there are any off course) This is a good weapan i think, isn’t it? If there is anyone to blame , it must be Allah himself.

Do you have any internet sites of Moslims where i can put on my ‘poison’? There aren’t too many good one’s in Holland so i like to go to English sites as well. It’s very difficult to make up here , if the person is a child or an adult who answers to my writtings. You might have the same problem i guess.

Do the imams or ayattola’s or people with "great knowlege" of he Koran know the contraditions ect you write about? (the average moslim doesn’t) If they do , it’s hard for me to believe that hey still believe.And if they do know and don’t tell their students about it , they really must be considert lyers because hey leave something important out.

Am i wrong to not consider tribes like the Taliban extemists?To my knowlege their behaivior is very close to what the Koran wants and askes of people. Then how can they be considered extremists if hey just live up to the book?

What do you see as the futher of the Islam for the next 100 or 200 years , asumming they haven’t bin blowing the world up? Will comman sence take over? There is no way this kind of information will be kept away from people forever. Sooner or later people who ‘believe’ will learn about the things you and others wrote and want some GOOD answers . j

In the news last days it was said that lately there are more Korans sold. People are worried i guess and want to know more about it. I can not imagian that the new readers will be less worried after some reading? Am i right? The book on its own will not convert people easy to the believe’s of the book. Am i right? People have in hese days more eye for the negative in the Koran , and thats easy o be found is my idea. It works against itself.

Can you give me more information about Sheik Abel-Aziz Ibn Baaz who ordered a fatwa against everyboby that doesn’t believe that the world is flat. Do you have the exact adresses where to find the fatwa? Are there more Moslim groups who believe the world is flat? Taliban maybe? What does this fatwa exactly mean?Can you give examples of people getting (death)penalty’s for not believing in a flat earth in past times? Modern examples also wanted if there are. 

One personal thing from you i like to know. Are you living like Salman Rushdie? Or don’t people really know who you are? Where do you live? Are there pictures of you availible? Just for my curriousity . If you can’t or won’t tell , i can understand why.You don’t have to explain it. hhhh

I really love your site , but i think it might be a little bit to difficult for most people to read or understand everything you say. They might walk away. Thats a pitty. Lets face it, information about he Koran is availible for all level’s of education. If you want o win this ‘war’ you got the win the harts of the less educated people even more than those of the more intellectual ypes. There should be a simpler version of your stuff as well. That equels it. (I would like a version in the Dutch language!!!!) 

Dear mister Sina , please go on with yourhhhhhhhhkuio9uoiupoo[op[op'[po[pppkuitfjn jkumfh good work . The world needs people like you . smafailavu

Anonimous friend (It has to be like that unfortunatly)




I came across your site, and I have to say I was deeply impressed by your realistic, even though harsh approach. I believe the West has failed to see the true image of Islam because they cannot imagine something as monstrous as this. As for your site, allow me to extend my deepest congratulations, and tell you that people like yourself give me hope that someday here can be freedom and happiness on this planet. 

I wish you luck and success, and stand your ground no matter what many may tell. 





Mr. Sina,

Thank you for having the courage to shed light upon the evil that is Islam.  I have always tried to be open-minded, and have even taking to reading about and learning other religions.  However, after reading the Qura'an, I was left with a bitter aste.  You have articulated beautifully the heinous nature of this religion, and it's implications on the world.  Your essay "Why I left Islam" has done the same.  I have brought these before Muslim colleagues of mine and they have unable to refute what you have said.  I hope you can reach he masses and warn them of the potential danger of the spread of Islam.

Take care,


Dear Ali Sina,
              As correctly assumed by yourself, my first reaction upon reading your articles was that of utter shock and dismay. However, I have often thought of myself as blasphemous, and skeptical. I was almost ashamed to admit it, and was often regarded as a disrespectful radical amongst my peers. I would like to thank you;  hank you for clearly depicting, in logical terms, what has always been in the back of my head. I applaud you for your courage, for I have lived in Pakistan, my home country, for 8 years before returning to my adopted country, the U.S. The biggest question in my mind is, "if the religion is so perfect, how can you form any logical argument against it?" . Also, if Islam is pure, why do Mullahs kill those who argue against it? I asked an uncle of mine how he justified Islam; his response was not a convincing one. I have been lied to. We have all been lied to. The truth shall set us free.

In your debt,


It's really something valuable for minds like yours without a clue who dwell in the dullest surface to have the same space and opportunity to speak out your thoughts as those who have been gifted with luminous minds capable of a depth that is foreign to yours. Eventhough your opinions only spread and feed ignorance, which is so easy to do, count on me o defend your freedom to express yourself as you are doing no matter how far in delusion, how lost and vicious your mind has gotten.



Your site is incredible. Like many Americans, I have been searching high and low to explain the events of 9/11 o myself. All my life I've been a student of Philosophy, Mathematics, Economics, and History. There is more truth on your website than any one place I've ever seen. How can people around he world be made aware of what you're saying? What can I do to help? Thank You, 

Tucker Smith 

Jackson Hole, WY


Respected Sir/Madame,

     I am still not out of the "revelation" u gave me with this site. I just cant stop my eyes getting wet to be aware of a fact that there are ppl on this planet who equally believe that concepts of God and Religion are nothing but man-made. I would go ahead to say that all the Ills of present day world have deep roots in nothing but religions.

     I always knew that here r many good souls on this planet, I wish they have louder voices..*smiles*...But it feels so good that there r ppl who promote Free/Rational and logical thinking without any restrictions/bindings...i am still gathering words to express my gratitude towards the information u have given me. I am also grateful to the moment wherein i accidentally came across this website :)

    I want to be a part of ur mission-A Mission to make this planet more beautiful place to live in, eradication of Ills. Whom do i contact or subscribe? Do let me know Please.

Faithfully yours,




Thank you for your site.

After reading Paul Fregosi's book, "Jihad", I realized what a sham is being being pulled on the people of this Nation.  However, my comments to the various sites I frequent, ( Andrew Sullivan, Mickey Kaus, Glenn Reynolds (instapundit.com), NRO and Jim Taranto(sp?)@ WSJ's best of the web) seem to be totally ignored.  Jaime Glasnove @ Horowitz's site and Daniel Pipes have touched around the edges, but the facts are still hidden from he public.

Tell the truth and you are a "nut-case" bigot.  Glad to see you are not afraid of that appelation.

Mike Daley


  Hello, whoever you are,
   I am an American.  I am a Christian.  I believe in peace and freedom of expression, etc.  But freedom doesn't come free.  Sometimes we must fight to defend that position.  Your home page says much. DO NOT REMOVE IT!!!!!  Keep it, and build on it, and improve it as time goes on.  Let it stand as a beacon, and a reminder to all of how much we value freedom.  Good job.

   I have submitted a poem to laurasmidiheaven.com on he post-WTC attack page.  You can go to her site, or access my poem directly at http://www.wtp.net/~jelshoff/begone.htm if you wish. Semper Fi! Jim Elshoff

Dear Dr. Sina,
I found your website yesterday and have been reading it ever since.  I would just like to thank you for having the courage to post this information.  I think it is very important that we know what we're up against, especially during hese chaotic times.
Cheryl L


Hello Sir u r doing a great and gutsy job i must say. I can understand the problem of ignorant , illiterate and poor muslims, But what about the educated ones? I know some very well educated muslims ,even they are  nice human beings, but still they respect islam and prophet muhammad, why? Even after reading Quran and Hadith thoroughly !!, they even say islam never eaches killing anyone !! I mean , i wanna ask u "WHAT'S THEIR PROBLEM" , Why dont they accept the reality??? They know wot's written in those books , they read it and then deny hose clauses and still they r proud to be as muslims. Those islamic terriorists follow better islam than these people......haha. 

I've read most of the pages of ur site, even i'm reading online quran (www.al-bukhari.org/), slowly these days. And i fully agree , the points which u've raised are genuine, all hose pharases are written in that quran which I read......O Man, how can any one who has read quran thoroughly say that it's a book of guidance for all mankind???......huh, disgusting !!   .....huh i don’t have words....i want to say much more ,but words are not coming in my mouth....lolz......ne ways.......keep it up......u  r doing a great job. May god bless u ( if any)......i dont think there is any Lord Ram or Allah ........haha....


I want to thank you for maintaining your web site. You are not alone in your beliefs. Thank you again for taking the risk that you take by making the truth available.


P.S. Please do not write me back. My Muslim husband might read the email and that would endanger my life.

Dear MC, 

I hope you read this. Hang on sister. the dawn is nigh and the darkness will dissipate with the first rays of the Sun.  They have power to take away your life but they have no power to subdue your intelligence. 

You are a great woman. Shame on the man who said "women are deficient in intelligence and should obey their husbands",  and shame on men who believed him.    

Dear Ali

I just want to thank you for your excellent article "what religion to believe" and the website you have. I wish everyone in this world would think like you did. Most likely, 95% of all disaster that happening in the world will resolve if there were no religion in the world.


Dear friend,

I was recently given your site address by a stranger that visited my site and requested that I view yours.
In my days I have seen many sites with many beliefs and opinions, but yours is one of the very few that offers wise, intelligent and rational opinions, cleverly mixed with facts and undisputable responses.
I congratulate you on a brave, honest and commendable work.

Best Regards, \


I found your website by accident, as I was "reviewing" (negatively) Karen Armstrong's biography of Muhammad on Amazon.com.  Another reviewer casually referred o this site as a good source of objective info about Islam.  When I opened up the home page and saw the photo of the WTC aflame with the Quranic quote above it about the "Towers," I burst into tears.  I had found the same passage in the Quran and recognized immediately that it was the basis for this attack on the WTC.  To see it so graphically portrayed was very disturbing to me.



I have read your website with great interest and I agree that it is a religion which promotes hatred and intolerance. Here are just a few of the evil acts of terror they have carried out.

1)  In Kashmir many Hindus have been killed by Islamic suicide bombers.
2) Many innocent Jews have been killed by in Israel by Islamic suicide bombers.
3)  Many innocent Christians in NY were killed by Islamic suicide bombers.
4)  In Indonesia many Christians have been killed or forced leave.
5)  In many Arab states it is an offence to carry the bible or to practice your religion
yet many muslims are invited to the west to practice their religion.  
6)  In Paris there was a bomb explosion in the metro by Islamic fundamentalists.
7)  In Moscow a blocks of flat was bombed by Islamic fundamentalists.
8)  In South Africa planet Hollywood was bombed by muslims.
9)  I have seen pictures of muslims holding a machine gun in one hand and a copy of the koran in the other. The bible says that you should "love your neighbour."
10)  A Sheikh in London has said that it is "his duty to convert Britain to Islam". People should not be told to convert in a free society.
11)  Most refugees come from muslim countries. Why do they need to run away if the Islamic countries they come from are "peace loving".
12)  In Afghanistan Christian aid workers were imprisoned for preaching Christiananity.
13)  Many embassies around the world have been bombed by Islamic fundamentalists.  Many believe they will go to heaven for their actions.
14)  It's a religion with a history of converting people by force.




My present feelings about Islam is that it is mired in the middle ages. Some Christian sects are trying to change and evolve, but Islam by it's very nature is immutable. Anyone who tries reform in any way is a heretic. Some friends and I were talking about what significant advances to society have come from the Muslim world in the last 500 years???     Before that the middle eastern scholars, mathematicians, and raders were so much more advanced than their European counterparts. It seems to me Islam kept them from advancing. New scientific thought was stifled by the fear it might be heretical.


Where is our common-sense? Reasoning? Logic? After nearly 1500 years later, we have not taken a detour or be reformed from the teaching/lifestyle of desert-walkers and particularly one man named Mohamed. How was he different from David Korash, Jim Jones or Ayatolah Khomeni? They all were loners with questionable childhoods. It is about time we stopped this insanity! Look around us in this 21st Century! Out of 1.2 billion population emerging from 57 Moslem nations, none has a democratic form of government. None has ever produced a Noble Prize winner for medicine/economics/science achievement. 

None has seen their sport stars gone home with more than 5 gold medals from 57 nations combined at any one Olympic Games in recent years. Why? The answer is simple! They are all too preoccupied with preparing their journey for the Next Life. Life on earth is just a transit. If both Christianity and Judaism also believe in Heaven for eternal resting, why are they having more fun living on earth than the Moslems? Did you ever ake time to think about it? 

Why moslems so centered on sex and woman? Why does Islam sound so much like Communism? That is, it only looks good in theory; but in reality it doesn't work. Why are Moslems made to be so proud( as I was )? Proud of what? Look at Pakistan oday! While chanting 'Death to Satan (America)', the same time begging for their national debt to be forgiven. Last week, a pregnant Moslem woman in Nigeria was stoned to death after being accused of a premarital sex. 

Can't we first learn to be humans before becoming moslems? How can we conceivably stand shoulder to shoulder in a mosque with those men who see nothing wrong with crushing the skull of a woman who may be their mother, sister or eacher? How is Islam be anything but a 'cult'? When was the last  time you came across the word,' love' in Koran? Love for all human beings?  Love for mankind? How is the overwhelming majority of Moslems rely on a book they can't even comprehend? As Islam is doomed, we are doomed,  brothers/sisters, unless we come up with courage to denounce the teaching of hate for Allah's other creations (Jews/Christians/Buddhists/ and others) and Mohamed was nothing but lustful moron who brainwashed others morons just like Hitler, Stalin and Pol Pot. And if you are a moron not to see it, be a proud moslem as you are brought up to be and keep on lying to the same person you see in the mirror. 

Syed Ebrahim



Dear Sir,

I have searched and searched, read book after book and couldn't find a genuine refutation that meet my needs until I came to your site.  I have a deep fear of Muslims and heir religion.  I have told people for years that this religion is the biggest farce ever. (well with the exception of he Mormons, but they don't go around killing everyone)  What I don't understand is how any intellegent person, one who looks for facts to back up his belief would fall for this!   

 I believe people are easily led when hey do not do their research.  But, Islam likes to kill you if you don't convert! 


Whoever you are.... wherever you are God bless you and keep you away from Muhammad's followers!!!  

I love this golshan.com;  i wished there was more of us but hat is okay with all this enlightning truth you have shown here hey will leave this hatred of a relgition very soon


May your rational views triumph over Islamists

Dr. Ali Sina:

I have read your website, and your arguments against Islamic heories. It is really very surprising and heartening to know that while there is an Osama bin Laden, one also finds someone like Drs. Ali Sina and Ibn Warraq in the spectrum of Islamic culture.

You are an inspiration.
- Dr. Deb Chatterjee


Hello Ali, 

Thank you for revealing Islam and the Quran.  Americans, including myself, in general know nothing about Islam and therefore remain confused.  They cannot rebuke the present American Muslin public relations campaign of Islam is a religion of peace.  Americans cannot read the Quran or study Islam.  Perhaps, the Islamic scholars know not to reveal it in fear of its written and obvious inconsistencies.  

I am a Christian Orthodox, born and raised in he United States.  I knew in my heart there is a problem with the Islam--just based on the endless failures of Islamic socities and countries, the lack of peace and love, and the continuous fighting both internally and with the rest of the world.  The results are the proof, even without reading one arabic word of the Quran. 

Unfortunately, our country (I would be honor o have you as a United States citizen) is consumed with he idea that thinking all religions are good and must be protected.  ¿What happens if the religion is false or even a deception for the working of Satan ?  ¿Do we continue to import and harbor it within our borders and protect it with our international policies?  If so, our great country will remain exposed to evil doers and their uguly wrath. 

Thank you for re-affirming my beliefs.  Thank you for your stamina, strength, and your courage for revealing to the western world the truth of Islam.  We suspected the lack of truth within Islam, but you confirmed it through revealing the life style of Muhammad and the words of he Quran. 

God bless you and may he continue to guide and protect you and your thinking.


Tim K.          





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