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Tue, 27 Aug

Hello Dr. Sina, 

I am writing to compliment you on your website and on your efforts to educate people about Islam.  Your site is simply astounding!  In an age in which it is considered extremely bad form, if not a criminal act, to criticize religion in general, and Islam in particular, I have the utmost respect and admiration for you and others like you who are willing to speak out against the evils of totalitarian "faiths." 

Please accept my thanks and gratitude, and know that there are many, many people who support you in your endeavor



23 Aug 2002


I've learned a lot from reading your website "FaithFreedom."  It is a great resource for useful information on Islam, and an extremely relevant resource given current events.  I applaud your bravery in creating a website that promotes a controversial viewpoint in such an informed and rational manner. 

I think it is important for people to be able to reasonably question and critique religions without worrying about offending zealots.  Catholicism, for instance, is facing internal and external review in light of current scandals.  Why not critically examine Islam in the same way? 

Your position as a former Muslim offers you unique credibility.  It would be very difficult for a Christian or a Jew to offer the sort of criticism of Islam that you have without being dismissed as racist.  This is probably why we don't see more candid critiquing of Islam in the mass media. Who, besides a Muslim, could offer such criticism without being "insensitive", losing their job, or forfeiting their career?  You are in a unique position to question Islam without being dubbed a racist. 

While Bush tells us that "Islam means Peace," and NPR insists that Fundamentalist Islam is somehow not "the true Islam," you have the courage to point out what should be clear for everyone to see: that Islam has fanaticism at its roots, as exemplified by the life of Muhammad. 

This is just some fan mail to applaud you for a great website.  It must be a difficult task and I'm sure you have received your share of hate mail, etc.  So I just wanted to say great job and keep up the great work. 




23 Aug 2002

Just came across this site.
I know Nothing about Islam.
This is my first bit of education, and I do want to digest, completely, all your articles.

I do sense that Ali Sina thought deeply before writing this piece.  It was not an easy process.  May there be peace in your life, Ali Sina.

Blessed Be




From Wall Street Journal

Wednesday, August 21, 2002


Limousine Terrorists

We've all heard the pop sociology: Terrorists are poor and desperate, driven to acts of violence by poverty and a lack of opportunity. Well, no.

Mohamed Atta was of course a middle-class Egyptian. And now comes a new study from the National Bureau of Economic Research that finds no link between poverty and terrorism. Economists Alan Krueger and Jitka Maleckova discovered that precisely the opposite is true: The Lebanese, Palestinian and Israeli terrorists they studied are wealthier and better educated than the general population from which they came.

The study compares 129 Hezbollah "martyrs" who died between 1982 and 1994 with the greater Lebanese population in the same age range. The researchers found that "having a standard of living above the poverty line or a secondary-school education or higher is positively associated with participation in Hezbollah."

They find similar patterns for Palestinian suicide bombers and Israeli settlers who attacked Palestinians in the West Bank in the early 1980s (though they have less data). The authors also analyze GDP fluctuations and find no evidence that terrorism is more common in periods of economic hardship.

The study concludes: "There is little reason to be optimistic that a reduction in poverty or increase in educational attainment will lead to a meaningful reduction in the amount of international terrorism, without other changes." This won't surprise people of common sense, but it never hurts to have some evidence the next time the "root causes" crowd comes looking for more money.


Tue Aug 20


I'm writing in regards to the things published about Islam.  Well done, thanks for having the "balls" to do it.

I'm not a Christian, I'm not religious, it just pisses me off that over here in the UK the left expose Christian bigots for the people they are but refuse to say anything negative about Islam (because Muslims are a minority and that would be "persecuting" them), Islam is barbaric.

Anyway, thats all I wanted to say to you.  Oh one other thing actually, did you know that a court in Nigeria just sentenced a woman to be stoned to death for having a child out of wedlock?  When the judge passed sentence the court was filled with shouts of joy and praise from the fundamentalist Muslims in the galleries.  Isn't it funny how people are just like their "God".  Belief in a cruel God makes a cruel man, who was it that said that?  How true, I guess man must have made God in his own image after all.

Davey W.


Aug 19 2002

Dear Fellow Human Being,

   I am grateful for your knowledge, courage, and love of truth that you exist on. I have a Great Love and Respect for You. Thank you. Thank you. I am relieved by your wisdom and love for truth.  My mind and soul seem to be a replica of yours. You have truly made my day.

   Your website is absolutely perfect. May God Bless You and Bless You and Bless You.

   I am in the New Age philosophies. I do see that Islam will go to extinction and I do see that only religions and philosophies with spiritual messages will flourish. There is no other way. "Growth is the only game in town. There is no other road to take".

   I will definitely be sharing your website. You have made an effect on planet earth for the better. Your existence has been well worth it. When you get to heaven, I hope you would say a nice word for me.

   About 3 years ago, Al-Aqeada had a website explaining how to kill non-believers. "You very slowly choke them, and as you do, you ask them if they want to become muslims; release only if you hear an affirmative".

   Islam is when insanity was in flower. I feel sorry for the good constructive thinking muslims, they are suffering greatly, too.

   May God be with us all in this adventure on planet earth.




Joe F



Aug 17 2002


Last night on C-Span-2, there was a broadcast of a conference held this past Wednesday by the Center for Immigration Studies www.cis.org   The were four speakers featured, with the main one being Daniel Pipes.  I looked for mention of this event at your site and didn't see any.   I think this was an extraordinary event in one sense, in that this was the first time I've ever heard legal immigration talked about in negative terms in a public forum, and more specifically, as it relates to the immigration of Muslims.    All of the speakers were in support of this view, with Mr. Pipes being the strongest advocate.  The essential point made was that Muslim immigrants to America have yet to prove their loyalty and support for America and democratic freedoms, while it has already been clearly shown that a number either support terrorist activities and/or Islamic extremism.   Mr Pipes cited the three main Muslim-American organizations as all being tied to Saudi interests, if not terrorism, themselves. He then cited another organization, the Council of American Muslims(?) as being moderate organization and a good model for American Muslims.  He then chided journalists for using as sources the corrupt mainstream American-Muslim organizations while ignoring the more moderate, less mainstream organizations and Muslim leaders.   Mr. Pipes laid out four points in his speech.  I don't know if I am repeating them fully.  One point he made that I thought really needs to get out there is how these particular Muslim-American organizations are misrepresenting Islam, by constantly portraying it as a peaceful religion with peaceful, integrationist intentions.   Its important to point out that Mr. Pipes is referring to Islamic extremists, in its most pervasive form, Wahabbism.  Mr. Pipes still does not maintain that Islam and the West are headed for a clash of civilizations, as he still likes to argue that Islam as it is originally intended is a peaceful religion.  I personally don't think he actually believes that.  I think the only reason he doesn't say otherwise is he knows he would lose his credibility, if not his life, if he were to come out and say it.   One interesting thing I've noticed in reading through his website was seeing his comment on the many email comments he posts at his websites, where a vast majority argue this very point, that Islam is not a peaceful religion.  Mr. Pipes said this is an indication that the American public is aware of what's going on.  I thought that was telling.

I think there is a good chance this particular program will be repeated some time this weekend. In case it isn't, you may be able to find a transcript at Daniel Pipes web site, at www.danielpipes.org, where he posts other transcripts.    Daniel Pipes' new book on militant Islam was just released this past week, so he is making the rounds on a number of programs.  I saw him earlier in the week face off against a big fat character named Hussein Ibbish?, head of the Anti-Arab Discrimination League.  This guy is obnoxious, and never seems to agree with anyone (he's the real extremist), and frequently uses denial to counter.   The interesting thing about this discussion was there was also an English journalist in the discussion, who used the example of the IRA as being a similar terrorist organization with evil intent, one which happens to funded and supported by many Irish-Americans.  His point here was that America should not attack Iraq because Iraq doesn't seem to have global ambitions toward terror, while there is now real proof it has.  He then added the specious argument that since Americans supported the IRA, other countries could find justification in attacking America for being a terrorist supporter.  Strange as it may sound,  I've heard these arguments before.  The IRA is not engaged in a worldwide campaign, nor do they quote scripture as justification for their acts, while they targets they do seek out have more to do with political aims than religious hatred.   Ireland is perhaps the most Christian country on earth, with a 91% church attendence rate.  

One last point.  I sometimes read comments at your web site about the relation of religion and secularism in the advancement of democracy and human rights posted by various menbers (I don't mean you).  Just to add my 2 cents. I don't believe Christianity is antithetical, more specifically Jesus, to democracy.   Though I realize there has been for long periods an adversarial relationship between Christianity and its governing bodies and democracy, I think these points of difference have had more to do with Christians acting in their own self-interest rather than based on Christ's teachings.   Basically, Christians got it wrong, as they had for a number of things, and as some bodies still do (another can of worms. I try not to confuse Christ with Christians or religion).  Historian Thomas Cahill makes this point in the last chapter of his book "Desire of the Everlasting Hills", where though he acknowledges the enormous debt we all have to secular thinkers, he still maintains this importantance of Judeo-Christian values in advancing civilization, and in the revolutionariness of Christ's teachings, specifically in the Sermon on the Mount.  Here he argues, along with historian Donald Kagen, a Jewish author, that there arose from Christ a more englightened understanding of the virtue of peace.   If I have point in all this in relation to Islam, it is that though I can see democracy coming out of or evolving, even flourishing while living alongside Christianity, I can't see it as such from Islam and its values.  That in itself may be the most profound argument against Islam.

The link below is an article that touches on some of the history of the point I've made.  This article may even have been written by a non-Christian.  I can cite other sources, like American historian Michael Novak, and so on, but I think I'll just stop at this.  




I thoroughly enjoy your site.  I have been to the Middle East three times for 4-month (Saudi Arabia), 3-month (Dubai), 6-month (Israel) stints.  I learned quite a lot about Muslims.  Here is a poem that I wrote mostly one morning when I woke up and could not write fast enough.


Hatred Justified


Deep is the wound,

How it hurts them so.

They could be Godís people,

If the Jews would just go.


How close they were,

How far away.

They were Abrahamís seed,

Not chosen by Yahweh.


Son of Sarah,

Godís blessing was given,

Son of Haagar,

From Abraham was driven,


The pain was great,

They could not bear.

Their God would not do that,

He must be more fair.


This story was thus,

The book said so.

The story must change,

The text must go.


The hate was deep,

For the people of the book.

The serpent saw his chance,

And the chance he took.


To a business man,

And a warrior too.

One who was confounded,

By Christian and Jew.


As an angel appeared,

Not God to heed.

Not a single new quote,

From God to read.


If the God of the Book,

Had treated them so.

They would have new text,

For the people to know.


It had to supplant,

The Old and the New.

Replace the Christian,

And especially the Jew.


The text seemed sweet,

The text seemed smooth.

The changes were made,

To make a move.


A large mass of people,

Would be so stirred.

The Book you see,

Has been quite blurred.


Presented as Godís Word,

But twisted and perverted.

But from Ishmaelís lineage,

No objection was blurted.


The new text would show them,

As those who God favored.

As Godís chosen people,

Which is something they savored.


It fit their interest,

It fit their need.

They must defeat,

Abrahamís blessed seed.


The infidelity to Godís word,

Could hardly be worse.

But any good lie,

Contains some truth of course.


Some of Godís Word borrowed

From Christian and Jew.

But made crooked with lies,

And personal agendas too.


Their jealousy strong,

Their blessing denied.

Now their hatred,

Seemed justified.


The people united,

Behind the angelís new word.

Cries of jihad, and war,

And killing were heard.


Their aim is quite clear,

Their course in view.

The Jews must go,

And all their friends too.


The angel and his prophet,

Have symbiotic need.

Based on envy and hatred,

False pride and greed.


The lie was deep,

From Satan it came.

To fight Godís Kingdom,

For him not just a game.


The angelís agenda,

Displace God as Creator.

No goal of Satan,

Could be any greater.


Organize a following,

By changing Godís word.

Make it sound sweet,

So no objection is heard.


Supersede the Bible,

Godís word not the same,

A new god to pray to,

Allah is his name.


Replace Godís word

With more favorable text.

To replace God Himself,

Was hoped to be next.


The God of the Christian,

The God of the Jew.

Is not the same god,

These people pray to.


It greatly depends,

On oneís reference believed.

To call Satanís plan good,

Is to call Godís bad you see.


With fidelity to Satan,

Islam prays five times a day.

As an infidel to them,

To God the Creator we pray.


Arrogance of Satan,

Is nothing anew.

To bet against God,

Not a smart thing to do.


Satanís plan to usurp Godís place,

Is nothing new in the world.

But, under Islam,

Itís legitimized, taught and nurtured.


These are people God also created,

They can also receive Godís Love.

But, they support His enemy,

And donít seek Him from Above.


As Islam seeks to spread,

By force and deception.

Those who believe in God,

Must give it no kind reception.


Muslims are people too,

Who are misdirected.

From their wayward path,

They must be redirected.


Their path is untrue,

A way much diverted.

They must be shown,

Godís word unperverted.


God of Testament Old,

And of Testament New,

Is God to the Christian,

And God to the Jew.


The Bible remains strong,

A message well heard.

Godís people will win,

God keeps His word.



August 18, 2002

Dear Ali Sina;

I am an ex-muslim as of 20 years ago. I have been in the US 25 years now and I find that your website is the only place where we can find the truth about Islam from a historical, religious and political perspective.

I congratulate you for your brave stand to teach others the truth about the real Islam and make an attempt to shed some light for the 90% of Islam's followers who are totally ignorant about the truth with respect to Islam. This is truly a good service you are doing for mankind and I hope you keep up the good work to educate everyone about Islam.

It is important to unmask Islam's religious leaders who continue to thrive on the ignorance of the masses and present these poor followers with a mirage of Islam and not the truth about the hate and violence which keeps these dishonest religious leaders in control both spiritually and politically.

Please continue the good work!

Kaveh Ahangar

Houston, Texas





I went to your page and found the link to the anti-Sina site.  Interesting to say the least, especially the two pictures, the one of the woman  being beaten and the partially clad woman. 


I may be very mistaken about this, but are many men  from Islamic countries obsessed with sex?


I have asked people through chat if a woman in an Islamic country can drive alone at any hour of the  night like I do and not fear violent crime.  I live  in a larger city.  I've also lived in small towns where women will walk alone after dark without fear of molestation.  I've never had this question answered.


Dear D.M.


Not just Muslim men but Muhammad himself was obsessed with sex. It is reported that he refused to shake the hands of women who wanted to pay allegiance to him and his cause. Now this is either because he considered them dirty or because he was having sexually feelings about them and therefore wanted to avoid temptation. Muslim men think like him. The reason they beat the women if they expose a hair or a body part is as you said, due to their obsession with sex. They are unable to see women as fellow human beings. To them women are sexual objects and since this would cause temptation they force women to cover themselves.


Of course Islamic veil has other causes. Muhammad was an old man with a bunch of beautiful teenagers as his wives. He felt very insecure when young men laid their gaze at his wives. Therefore in one occasion when some men were visiting him and his wives were roaming around in the house, he made his ready-to-comply Allah to "reveal" some verses that ordered his wives to cover themselves. Now Muslims use those verses to impose Islamic hi jab on millions of women.




Ali Sina



 3 Aug 2002


        I think you are doing a wonderul thing with your site and hope it gets alot of exposure. It's set up with the truth and of course that is what sets people free.
        What do you think should happen in order for this faith (rather misguidance)
to become one of pacifism and tolerance? Am looking for answers and can any be found in the Qur'an and in any leaders or sects?
         I continue to look at your site and go to the different links to learn more. Thanks for providing it!
         Out of curiousity, what is your religion?

Thnaks for the good work,


Thank you, 

I hope that this site get a lot of exposure too and for that I rely on you to promote it. I also hope to translate it in other languages. For that I either have to raise funds or win a lottery. :)

Islam cannot and will not become a pacifist and tolerant religion. Violence is the message of Islam. Your question is like asking how can we make chicken soup without chicken. 

I have no religion. I am cured from it.


Ali Sina  .



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