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Jan, 3, 2002

Dear Dr. Ali, 

 Hi, it's been with great interest and enthusiasm of reading your site. 

In fact, I've been following it almost everyday ever since I found it half a year ago. Your facts and details have been most consistent I would say and even to the extend of enlightening. I admire your vividly clear train of thoughts, which, English or not, is best at it's raw consumption. Salute to the work you and those involved in making this website a successful one. 

 I am a Malaysian but I am not a Muslim neither a Malay(indegenous).I have not been a Muslim but I have been born and raised to see Muslims and the practice of Islam around me. When I was small,

 I used to see  Malaysia as a beautiful place that hoped she would grow in harmony as I was growing up. I lived in a neighbourhood where four different races lived together with different religions of course. As years went by, the influence of Islam was growing stronger and stronger.

I knew Islam is up to no good, from the din of their prayers as a starter (let alone other mistakes in this religion). I have seen how they imposed their laws and beliefs to non-muslims, the violence, hatred, lies and all those that you have stated in your site. I love my country and everyone who's born Malaysian. Often I feel very sad looking at how it is now.          

Sometimes, I even feel like crying for how Islam is taking away my country from the face of the world and all the good things that we could offer.   My intention of writing this is not to show my support to your 

organisation or whatsoever but to write a small piece of my agony, distress, pain and sorrow this religion has brought to the humankind. I am 23 years old and all this while I have been living in great hopes that someday, Islam will change its course, at least, and help those who are lost and not to make them when they already are.

If I could, I would wish to drive away this religion from my country, for the better. 

I do not hate you too Muslims.        

Do not unto others what you want not to yourself.






Jan, 2,2002

Was Muhammad forced out?

In one of your articles you mentioned that Muhammad claimed that his group had been forced out of Mecca and he used that to justify his attack on them. You countered that they had left voluntarily. 

In "Islam", by Karen Armstrong (I know you don't like it), she claims on pages 12-13 that:  

- The Quraysh had imposed a two year boycott on Muslims, refusing    to sell them food or anything else (it had ended before he left).    Which she claims had caused sickness and financial ruin.  

- Muhammad's uncle and protector Abu Talib had died, leaving him    open to vendetta's.  

So his departure wasn't completely voluntary. I agree with you that it didn't justify his attacks. Do you have any additional information regarding the boycott, its justification and impact, and other measures that were taken to try to get the Muslims to behave?  



Dear Bill, 

Yes the Quraish did impose a ban on Muhammad and those who supported him but he was not forced out of Mecca. This ban was “That they would not marry their women, nor give their own in marriage to them; that they would sell nothing to them, nor buy aught from them ;-that dealings with them of every kind should cease” 

What was the reason for this ban? We should remember that Muhammad for years taunted the religion of the Quraish and ridiculed their gods. The Quraish were angry of this behavior and the relationship between them and the Muslims was not amicable. However despite all the insults that Muhammad hurled at their gods no Muslim was persecuted, or killed by the Quriash. The only incidence of physical violence is when Omar prior to his acceptance of Islam beat his sister for having converted to Islam. 

In another part I explained about the migration of the Muslims and why Muhammad coerced his followers to leave town. I demonstrated that Muslims were not forced out of the Mecca. On the contrary the families of these Muslims tried hard to keep them and prevented their departure.

We also should know that Muhammad’s followers went to Abyssinia and according to the reports Najashy the king of Abyssinia was supportive of them. In earlier years Abyssinians had attacked Mecca and this country was not friendly with the Quraish. This act of Muhammad, i.e. sending his followers to a country that is inimical to the Meccans was seen with suspicion by the Meccans. What he did was nothing short of treason. The reaction of the Meccans towards Muhammad and his followers is understandable and very mild. Even today treason can is a capital crime.  

Also Meccans were not pleased of the fact that Muhammad was seducing their relatives and forcing them to leave town. The ban was intended to reduce the contact of the Muslims with the population. Yet despite the tense atmosphere, the Quraish never committed any act of violence against the Muslims or Muhammad himself. Nevertheless Muhammad and his family withdrew to a quarter near the city called Sheb of Abu Talib. The only member of his family that did not go was Abu Lahab the learned uncle of Muhammad who did not like his nephew’s lunatic claims of prophethood. But Muhammad and his family were free to come to town during religious festivities when they sold and bought their goods in the Market trading with the outsiders. After two years the ban was lifted and the house of Hisham (the extended family of Muhammad) came out of the quarter and resumed their normal life. 

Compare this to the massacre of the Banu Quraiza and other Jewish tribes that fell in the hands of Muhammad. He killed them all, took position of their belongings and enslaved and sold their women and children. 

I apologize for not having enough time to go in more details. Please join our discussion group at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/mukto-mona/  other friends could carry on this discussion. 


Ali Sina


Jan, 2. 2002

Feeling great reading your artical

My name is Amrit patel. I am an Indian by ethnicity. I came across your website. I read you great article, your rational logical thinking gave an exciting experience. I am feeling as if I have found my childhood friend. The world is on its course just because of the people like you and their honest affords. I believe in logistic thinking. I have no faith in "faith" . All the institutionalized religion have done nothing but spreading hatred, war, misery. They ceased the rational, logical thinking. They want to secure their interest by pushing the people into darkness thru fear and lust.
I am showing my gratitude just not because you reveal the hypocrisy of Islam and I am non-Muslim, but because your rational thinking. It absolutely insult to our humanity if we are seeking help of age old fable, fairy stories of religion to solve the 21st century problem. It is equally true for Hinduism. Let us see each other as our own kind. Let us through away the burden of religion from our shoulder.
I would like to be helpful in your effort. Let me know. Long live humanity.


Jan, 1, 2002

Dear Sir: 

Happy New Year!  I thank you for your fine website.  I believe that websites like yours do much to help lift Islam's veil of darkness, thereby making it easier to enjoy the freedom and wisdom of truth's light.  You are a particularly courageous individual to not only leave Islam but to also to fearlessly tell the world you have done so.  The world needs more such bravery.  Anyway, best wishes for 2002! 




Jan, 1, 2002

Congratulations on your site. Frankly, Mr. Sina, I think you are a superior and enlightened human being. I am not a Muslim. I am an ex-Christian who like you, believes in God, but not in organized religion. For you, raised a Muslim, to have taken an honest look at Islam and to come to the conclusions  you have shows great courage and a brilliant mind. 

For many years, I have been disturbed and terrified by the growth of Islam in the west and of Islamic fundamentalism in the world. I do NOT hate Arabs,  Pakistanis or other Muslims as people. I have found many of them to be wonderful human beings individually. What disturbs me is the religion of Islam, the violence, the intolerance, the sexism, and the militant urge to impose, to control and to conquer. Islam is NOT just a religion like any other. It is an cruel, violent and dangerous force in the world. 

Most Christians to whom I have made such comments accuse me of being small-minded and bigoted, and stress that all religions are good. But when I ask them what they really know about Islam, I realize that they know practically nothing. Unlike 99% of non-Muslims in North America, I actually own a copy of the Koran (Pickthall translation) and long before the Sept. 11 incidents I had become very concerned about the growth in the West of a  religion that does not accept the separation of church and state, or the freedom of conscience of the individual. 

One evening about a year ago, I attended a Humanist discussion where, among others, a leader of the Muslim Community in my city was speaking. He stressed that Muslims are quiet, law-abiding people. All fine and good. But  when we got to the topic of Salman Rushdie, I realized something amazing. This kindly old man DID NOT DISAPPROVE of the idea of murdering a man for having written a book. He stressed that the fatwah (hope

I spelled that right) to kill Rusdie was not done lightly, but was the result of long deliberation by Muslim clerics. As if that justifies wanting to murder an author whose book you dislike, and gunning down his translators. 

Finally, I asked this old gent a question. I asked what he, as a law-abiding Canadian 

citizen, would do if he knew that Rushdie was in Canada and he knew of a

Muslim "fighter" who was coming to kill him where he was hiding out. I at least expected him to say that he would call the police. But no! He simply refused to answer on the grounds that this was a "hypothetical" question. 

On another occasion, I wrote to ask Yosuf Islam (a.k.a the former singer Cat 

Stevens) to ask if he would approve of a law in his native Britain, where he lives, that would provide the death penalty for apostate Christians, just as Islam provides the death penalty for Apostate Muslims. He never answered me. 

Keep up the good work. I worry about you, though. Are you sure your identity is secret? I am sure there are more than a few Muslim fanatics who would like to put a bullet in you on behalf of Allah. (Funny, isn't it, how the Koran constantly says that Allah will do this and that to the "bad guys", but it is always some Muslim with a sword or a gun (or

a hijacked plane) who has to do Allah's punishments for him.) 

May the God of your understanding be praised for having created the Internet. Before it came along, people like you and I would have been afraid to express ourselves. Maybe if the Internet had existed in Mohammed's time, he would not have had the same ability to have his critics murdered! 

I will continue to monitor your site with great interest. I am delighted to  learn that there is a strong secular movement in Iran. Perhaps, someday, the human race will look back on organized religion much as Europe today looks back upon the long nightmare of witch trials, tortures and burnings. As a horrible nightmare insanity from which humanity awakened because of people like you, Mr. Sina. 

May you live and prosper! 





Dec. 31, 2001

Dear Ali. 

Thank you very much for the website you published. I spent several hours reading it and will spend many more. I come from a former Czechoslovakia and live in USA. The former "east block" countries, that were under influence of communism and the religion was being prosecuted there, have developped a "religious vacuum". Muslim extremists are trying to take advantage of that vacuum to convert Christians or Atheists to Islam. I did waged many discussions in internet chatrooms and discussion boards about the Qur'an inciting violence against non muslims. I encountered exactly the same responses as you did. Most of the time sheer denial or accusations of taking scriptures out of context or just plain vulgarities. I found your site as the most comprehensive explanation of the dangers of Qur'an and i think that it should be translated to other languages, mainly to Eastern European like Czech, Slovak, Polish, Hungarian, Rumanian, Bulgarian, Russian and others. In those countries the islamic extremists are trying to gain their foothold now.

 There is a "Jihad" on internet in these countries. A public relation war waged to justify the terrorism of muslims.  I cant sign my true name because i received also many threats against me. If i can be somehow helpfull to you please let me know kindly regards. 



Ali, all I can say at this time is God bless you for your intellectual contribution on this enigma called Islam. As someone that used to be from a country with Muslim population, I know how phony these guys are. Extremely violent, deceitful, conniving lying bastards. Please let your security be paramount to all your endeavors because these guys do not like dissenting opinion about Islam, they like to shove it down nonbelievers throats.

Thank you and thank you again, please stay in touch.



Dec, 28. 2001

A beautiful site

Dear Rational Thinking, 

Your site is a true gift. People need to wake-up to the fallacies of ALL religion. Religion is a sore that needs to be put in it's place. Your site is fantastic! Keep up the great work. I hope 9/11 will make more people aware of the despicable nature of religion. Especially, Judaism,Christianity and Islam. We don't need organized religions that teaches "enlightenment" by way of submission. If only more people would taste liberty for just a moment. They would never want to go back to the shackles of religion. 


Mr. P. Brian Draq


Dec, 28, 2001

Dear Sir: 

I read through your webpage and I must say that it is fantastic! Good work. You may appreciate mine which deals with the same subject. Let me know if you have any comments. 



Dec 28, 2001

Dear Ali, 

I just stumbled on a site called, www.islam-qa.com, today and was dumbfounded to see the types of questions&answers asked by moslems around the world to a so-called moslem scholar. In fact, I felt totally ashamed to realize that I was born one of them. I suggest that you visit this site if you dare to have your intelligence insulted.  

syed ebrahim


Dec, 28, 2001

Dear Dear brother in humanity,


I have read quite a bit of your writings and I have learned at least a few things if not more. I am glad that there are people like you out there who wish to save humanity from self destruction. Your site is very encouraging and very useful. Please keep it up. People like me support you whole heartedly. I myself have done some writing, which is on ISIS site. Of course, I may be older than you but I have just begun writing. I am about 20 younger than Mr Anwer Shaikh, whose courage I admire. He is a great man at his age to come out fighting against the intolerance that islam teaches. I hope things will get better providing we do what needs to be done. That is we must carry on informing people about the dangers of religious indoctrination in general but about Islamic indoctrination in particular. I wish you all the best and a good luck.





Dear Sir I just want to thank you for this site. And thank you for your courage to say all this and to keep on going. It is a light in a dark world. 

Thank you 

Heinz Reich


Dear Ali 

        I am a Pakistani boy of 21 years of age in a professional college.I just to write a few words to

The first thing that struck me was when i read about a that We created the stars as missiles to be thrown at the satans...I thought probably Muhammad could not differentiate between shootings stars and real stars... 

Everything you said was true .... I went exactly through the same stages of Denial Shock+confusion Guilt+confusion and then anger   and now Confused.. 

There are many things that appeal to me in Islam and many things are ridiculous. Since I grew up in a very

There are some things though i want to ask .. Like we do know from History that Moses defeated the pharoah HOw did he do that ? and also How was Abraha  the man who went with an army of elephants to mecca  defeated?

I dont know where to go from here and who to talk to...but im beginning to get the whole picture of what

i cant even pray to God ...What a stupid world....

But anyways you are doing a great job... 




Dear Afrasiab,

You and I are not the only ones who after reading the Quran have been shocked. Today more and more Muslims are reading that book on their own and are leaving Islam in troops. In fact Islam has started its descent into oblivion when the Internet became the medium of communication between the people. The Mullahs can do very little to stop this trend. In Iran the authorities have banned the Internet and the satellite dishes so people become cut off from the truth. Of course books have been banned for the last 1400 years. Islamists know that Islam can only thrive through misrepresentations and lies. Truth is extremely dangerous to Islam; it is like lighting a mach in total darkness.  

You said that after reading the Quran you went through the stages of shock denial and now you are confused. Well, your odyssey of learning is not over yet. Soon you will find the enlightenment and that is the state of bliss that is certainly worth waiting for. That is the state when you yourself will find the answers to your questions and everything falls into perspective.  

You wrote that since you grew up in a religious conservative family you would lose everything if you revealed your thoughts to your family. This is of course true and as you suspect you may even lose your life. I STRONGLY suggest not saying a word about religion to anyone. You have to practice the art of keeping your thoughts to yourself. 

The only way to express your thoughts must be through the Internet. In this way you can reach many more people and remain alive. Avoid talking about religion to your parents and never argue about things that you disagree with. Today Dr. Yunis Sheikh is in jail awaiting his execution in Islam Abad. He committed the imprudence of stating the obvious that Muhammad prior to receiving his revelation was not a Muslim and his parents who died before he proclaimed his message were not Muslims either. His students thought by these statements he desecrated Islam and the Mullas agreed. In such atmosphere of bigotry and blindness any word could be interpreted as blasphemy and your life could be endangered.  

As for stories of the Bible about the miracles of Moses or the tales of Quran about Muhammad’s bogus claims of splitting the moon or ascending to Heaven, know that these are all fables concocted by charlatans to fool the foolhardy. Muhammad was an ignorant Arab who thought the Moon and the Sun are two lamps hanging in the sky. He was a narcissist. Narcissists are emotionally sick people who desperately seek attention. They live for power and domination. They are very insecure and have very low self-esteem. They try to compensate this feeling of insecurity by dreams of grandiosity. They are sagacious, conniving and manipulative but ruthless and stop at nothing to achieve their personal goals. They are pathological liars. It means they lie impulsively and out of control. Yet they say it so emphatically and with such confidence that often they themselves believe in their own lies. All the dictators belonged to this category. Their self-confidence, which is but a show to cover their lack of confidence impress people and since they have no regards for the lives they destroy, they give empty promises and can even rose people into excitement and mass hysteria. Hitler was one of them. Once you see Muhammad in this light everything falls into place. So when he made up the story that he went to heaven his foolhardy followers believed in him and he kept making more lies about receiving revelations and being in contact with Gabriel and God. Today we have many cult leaders who are as sick as Muhammad was but Muhammad’s fortune lies in the fact that he came among a people who were lawless. So he kept invading caravans and towns, killing people and usurping their properties and his ignorant followers attributed this to the power of Allah and the sign that God must be with him.  

I invite you to join http://groups.yahoo.com/group/mukto-mona/ and participate in the discussion of freethinkers.  

Best wishes, 

Ali Sina    




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