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Dear Sir : 

I was reading your call in the home page of


and this line was there: 

" The intellectuals are leaving it by millions only fools will keep believing." 

It is clear that you catagorized yourself you  as an intellectual without any hasitation, good and confident argument in deed. That is of a problem at all. 

My question is, how my intellectuals left islam in our known time period? How many after your call? Can you sent me a list at least 10 names on it who we know well? 

Thanks and have nice time. By the way, your web page is really good but

e-mail link in contact page is not working. 


Dear Abu Sayed

When I say millions have left Islam, I think mostly of Iranians. Today more than half of Iranians do not more identify themselves with Islam. Compare this to more than 95% only 24 years ago. Take a look at the testimonials in this site and the secularislam.org site. You’ll see how people are becoming disenchanted with Islam and are leaving it. Many intellectual Bangladeshis are also declare themselves as secular. Do join the forum of this site and meet ex-Muslims e from all the countries. Also Ibn Warraq just released his latest book about apostates of Islam where he has published the testimony of more than a dozen of people who have left Islam. Read their stories and pay attention to their writing. You’ll soon realize that these are intellectuals and not illiterate people.  

Now the question is why there is no a public declaration of disbelief. The answer is self-preservation. I said the intellectuals leave Islam. If they are intellectuals it means that they are not fool. Leaving Islam means death. These people if declare their apostasy will be killed or at least ousted by their families. Why an intelligent person should jeopardize his or her own safety and put his life at risk? That is why most of them do not announce their disbelief publicly and often their own relatives are not aware of it. Of course no one can doubt the Ibn Warraq is an intellectual. He has written and has sold successfully half a dozen of titles. But Ibn Warraq does not use his real name and his own relatives do not know about his apostasy. Salman Rushdie and Taslima Nasrin who did declare their apostasy publicly received death sentences and both of them have to be careful where they go and whom they talk to.  

Now we are interested to make Muslims see the truth and be aware of it. There will come a day that Islam with collapse like the twin towers that they destroyed. It will be sudden like the fall of communism.



   April 25,.2003



I should know what I am talking about. I have read the Quran from cover to cover. This is more than most Muslims can say. I have become very familiar with Islamic Jihad (Holy War), I have written many articles on Islam, and I have spoken with numerous Muslims and ex-Muslims, from all over the world. 


Bob Overall



Dear Bob,

Please do not get too excited. Muhammad is all that you said and worse. If you think you know how bad was he after reading the Quran, you should wait until you read the hadith and see what an evil monster was this man. Hitler had some virtues, for example he was not a lustful pervert man. Muhammad had none. 

However, as you yourself said, most Muslims have not read Quran and they genuinely believe that that book contains divine teachings. They have idealized an Islam that is peaceful and tolerant. So please calm down and do not unnecessarily fear the Muslims, many of whom you could trust with your life. Instead of becoming a fear monger why not help us reach them and tell them the truth about this ugly cult?



Ali Sina 



  April 23,.2003

Dear Ali Sina, 

I was reading the testimonials and now I understand what you meant about the need to make friends with Muslims. Everything is becoming clearer the more I read and make an effort to understand. 

By the way, the friend I mentioned has been back in Iran and now I want to learn more about your home country, people, etc.  This is a kind of new dream for me to build bridges between peoples. I will visit some day! 

It's very funny because even before I found your website I was recently thinking about him as I wanted to contact him to maybe help him get a job in Iran to repay him for stepping up for me. (I may be able to do so through my work connections).

Thank you for educating me in a way I needed. I feel much happier and less angry than just a day or two ago! 




  April 23,.2003

 Dear Ali, 

Some day I hope to have the pleasure to meet you in person.

I have never seen such logic and clarity of thought. I wish I had your intellect and common sense to make similar arguments that are so compelling.  

As I read your articles, though, it's like I am looking in a mirror or looking at what I might have written. I can not go as far as you do because I am not a former Muslim so I just try to present facts that I know I also write to say I would greatly appreciate it if you would read the Japan Times on Weds. and Sundays off the internet for the next couple weeks and possibly contribute at least one article. These are the days when readers' letters appear.  

Your perspective as a former Mulsim and Iranian living in Canada is truly unique. Many people read this newspaper and I think anything you wrote would surely be accepted. 




April 2 2,.2003


Dear Dr. Sina,


 I just had to write to you to thank you for the effort you put into maintaining FFI. You have given me an invaluble insight into the thing called Islam. Please allow me to explain. I am a fifty-two year old caucasian male who lives in a small, religiously conservative, christian, mainly Baptist, town on the midcoast of Maine, USA. I, personaly, am agnostic. I have never felt the need to hide the fact of my lack of belief. I never have hidden it. Back in school, a couple of tours in the military, twenty plus years in the work force, in my personal life, no one has ever bothered me. I have never felt rejected or discriminated against for the fact of how I feel. Due to the circumstances of my childhood, I was never exposed to regular religious instruction (the brain-washing?). I was forced to figure it out for myself. Takes a lot of work. I'm not done yet. I don't know if I will ever figure this God thing out. (If I do I'll let you know.) I am also an omniverious reader of the news so, unlike a lot americans, I knew who Bin Laden was before 9/11, but like almost every other american, I was stunned by the events of that day. I was privliged, (cursed?), to be a witness to history that day. I happened to walk through the break-room at work just after the first plane hit the towers and was standing watching when the second plane came sliding across the screen from the right side and disappeared behind the second tower. The talking heads didn't even know what was going on behind them. That's history. I decided right after that that I needed to find out more about this "peaceful" religion. I started to surf the net to see what people say aout this. Ain't so terribly peaceful is it? There are some who really hate this religion. I found plenty of people to tell me that! The Hindu site is pretty typical. I also found plenty of sites that told me how much moslems hate me. Kind of a shock to find out that there are some who would be happy to cut my head off because I'm not one of them. Strange individuals in this world. I found your web-site about six months ago and I feel like I've come home. You don't hate anyone. You don't advocate violence. You are presenting a balanced forum for individuals who are ready to think. Which brings me back to the point of this rambling discourse, to wit: THANKS. My re-found appreciation of this places stems from the fact that I thought I had read everything on the forum and tonight I discovered your library. WOW! I've got weeks of reading. I plan to write again when I come up for air. ;-) One small question, are you Dr. or Mr. Sina. 

Thanks again. Gil   


Hi Gil, 

Thank you for your email and your comments. I have a doctor degree. I do not use it. There is no need to. As for religion is concerned I am a layman. 



April 22,.2003

What a site!


Dear Ali Sina,

I  just discovered your site today and I have to say it is far and away the best one I have found on the internet-ever!! Like many other Americans, I have been doing considerable research on Islam since after Sept. 11 and have reached the same conclusions as yourself and many others who are now seeing the light. I knew absolutely nothing about the religion before this senseless event, except it's "the religion of peace",  but now I can see so much more clearly about Islam, the world, history, people, etc. Thank God for the Internet! I will recommend this to everyone I think might profit from it. I also enjoy reading Daniel Pipes and others who speak the truth on Islam very clearly and logically.
Whether you are truly a former Muslim from Iran I do not know, but I though I would just say I do respect Iranians greatly. I have always found them to be nice, friendly, and open-minded. In fact, I have an Iranian friend here in Japan who jumped to my defense in a potential fight with two Japanese mafia in bar (they slapped my female friend in the face) and so I pushed the one who did it to say," hey, that's not right!" This Iranian friend was sitting across the bar but when he saw what was happening he then raced over as they came to confront me, while another Western friend chose to just watch. (No, I do not advocate violence, but I will in self-defense, ie, taking a stand when one is in the right.) On the otherhand, my one experience some years  before that with a Pakistani acquantaince (also a Muslim but from a country with  a certain Islamic bent) was completely different. He said to another female friend of mind that I had engaged in lewd acts with him just to spite me in her eyes or to win her from me. I couldn't believe it! I realize these are two small incidents that do not prove anything, but after reading your website and learning you were Iranian and a former Muslim, I could not help but remember these two separate incidents invloving Mulsims. Each little piece of information we read or hear, each observation we see, and each and every experience we have, all combine to give us a frame of reference in which to think and act in this world. Now is the time to expose Islam for what it is: a dirty religion.
Anyway, those ancedotes are just an side. My point is that I just believe in what most thinking people do: freedom, equality of people, secular values, humanism, etc. Treat others as you would have them treat you. So basic, so simple. Why can't many of the Islamic faith accept this?That's all we really need to get along! It's just such a shame that Mohammad even existed because it has only brought extreme misery since his lifetime to the many non-Muslims who come in contact with this religion over the years. It would be interesting to try to calcualte the number of people who have died at the blade of the Muslim sword since his birth. (Maybe you might try!)  It is really sad that a billion people follow this religion.  What a waste of minds! 
Now to another reason I write. I really don't believe in conspiracies that much but I have thought that the CIA might have known all along about the terrorist attacks about to happen but let it go so as to get people to take a real look at Islam. Take damage in the short term, but expose the enemy for what it is and then go on a full frontal attack. Thus, I could even imagine that you might even have CIA connections, etc. But this does not matter to me as I think the exposure of Islam for what it is is one of the most important things in the world today. We will win in the end, but we need to keep educating people so that the Muslims everwhere will only know ridicule from the "infidel" and not the other away around.
And lastly we really have to do more to spread the word and so now I simply refuse to associate with Muslims (especially, Saudis,  Pakistanis, ) and tell them frankly why if they ask. I have no fear of being called a bigot as I know deep in my heart I am not.
Thank you for your efforts and keep up the good work! You have inspired me more than you know!


Dear KM, 

Thank you for your kind letter. If my site inspired you to not associate with Muslims then I must have failed or perhaps you did not read enough. I am not trying to instigate hatred but understanding. I encourage the non-Muslims to associate with Muslims and become their friends. The idea is to make them see that you are not the enemy. Muhammad said that non-believers are friend to each other and enemy of the Muslims. Muslims believe this lie and feel that they are victimized. Hence they allow themselves to “reciprocate” and hate the non-believers. This is an old game. It is called divide and rule. Muhammad made his followers to distrust other and made them paranoid. If you stop associating with them you are validating their paranoia. The majority of Muslims are good people. I suggest you befriend them and love them genuinely so they can see in action that what Muhammad told them is false.  Islam is a religion of hate. It feeds on hate. It is through the hatred of others that Muslim unity takes meaning.  

As for CIA having prior knowledge of the 9/11 and letting it happen so they can expose Islam, this is an absurd theory concocted by the absurd thinkers such as Muslims. The official tirade of the government has ever since been that Islam is a religion of peace. I do not see that the US administration is doing anything to expose Islam. On the contrary they are trying to defend it by making a distinction between Islam and the “few bad apples”. And no neither the CIA nor any other organization is sponsoring this site. I am operating this site from my home and spend on average 14 hours on it per day. No one pays me for that. The number of friends have kindly have made some donations is very few, Not exceeding one or two per month. However I did not start this site to collect money. My hope is to help my Muslim brothers and sisters to see the light and give up this cult of terror. 

As for your Iranian friend jumping to your help, we Iranians are loyal to our friends and easily excitable, ready to start a fight defending justice and the honor of our friends. Actually we don’t mind a fight even has nothing to do with us. So it is not a bad idea to have a strong Iranian as a friend just in case. LOL




 20 Apr. 2003


You are doing a great service to all. My wife is an ex-Muslim that moved to the US about 6 years ago. What she was taught in her home country was basically brainwashing. She did believe in the Neil Armstrong & Cousteau myths and many other silly beliefs that I disproved one by one (some with the help of your site). Fortunately, she responds to logic better than others. Unfortunately, she still has to pretend to be a devout Muslim when she returns home or else she will be disowned or worse. It's funny to see that Muslims have a similar reaction to your site as they do when I talk to them. They either blame the US, Israel, Britain, or start flaming you. Thanks so much for your service! 



  22 Mar 2003

I feel Safer



  I must thank you because I fear the Muslims, everyday I wake up feeling that the world will become muslim and all the beautiful monuments, museums with marvelous paintings and unbelievable sculptures will disappear because Islam disaproves the images. Everyday I wake up believing that all the other religions will be erased and I feel sad thinking that the venerable Native Americans, the Australian Aborigines (with their 50.000 years), the ancient African cultures and the little European pagan communities won't pass their traditions anymore.

How many stories and knowledges will die? 

You are very kind people. Thanks a lot for respecting our way of life in the west. Thank you for having the courage or re-thinking those scriptures from a wider point of view. Now I feel less pain for the endangered arts and cultures. You are very brave. Keep doing this and be strong. God is higher than any religion and He doesn't deserve to be circumscribed into a book. 

From Uruguay, in South America,

Marilde G.



Dear Marilde,  

This is the kind of psychological war that Islam wages to impose itself on people. “We are Borg. You cannot avoid us. Resistance is futile” But don’t buy into this nonsense. The only thing that is in extinction is Islam. Millions of intellectual Muslims are leaving this cult. Half of Iranians officially declare themselves non-Muslims. Islam is dying fast. Our big enemy is the “politically correct” leftists who in their hatred of the west and anything western prop Islam and hamper our efforts to expose this cult of terror. These foolhardy ignorant defenders of Islam do not realize that Islam will take away all their freedom once it becomes a force in their countries. But we shall win over Islam and over these bigot PeeCee cultists. Truth always wins, no matter how fearsome is the lie. 

Of course I need your help to fight this battle. Please spread this message. Translate the articles of our site in Spanish, promote it in anyway you can. Don’t fear Islam. Fear, fear. Fear inaction. If we all work together and inform the youth before the Islamists with their billions of dollars of oil money reach them, we can immunize them to Islam. We can indeed fight Islam and destroy it in one generation if we work together. There is a movement fighting Islam. We are that movement. Join us and have dreams of freedom instead of having nightmares of Islamic domination.    

Best wishes 

Ali Sina 


  20 Mar 2003

Ali Sina (whoever/whatever you are), I used to visit your site very often and used to enjoy reading stuff against Islam. But now I think I wasted my time. Your blind devotion to the the biggest terrorist country in the world and your refusal to condemn American aggression proves you are working on someone's behalf. To me, Bush and bin Laden and Saddam are all equally detestable. I will not be reading your site any more. 

Vladimir Lenin

My devotion is not to any one but to justice and to those innocent children gassed by the butcher of Baghdad. Where lies your devotion? 

Ali Sina 


Forget France Boycott Islam  

20 Mar 2003

 Dear Editor, Many Americans are boycotting France but what about boycotting products from Islamic countries? Sure the French may seem arrogant but French men did not destroy the World Trade Center, radical Muslims did. It is not in the French constitution to hate Americans but it is in the Muslim Koran to kill the infidel. Our real enemies are laughing at us. 

Steven M 

New York, NY


This would only antagonize Muslims. Muslims love to depict themselves as victims. The only way to combat Islamic terrorism is to combat Islam. That is what we are doing. If you really want to eradicate Islam, support out site in any way you can and spread the word. 

Ali Sina 


 11 Mar 2003


 dear ali sina, it is pleasure to send you this email, i agree with you %100, iam muslim but do not like the contents of quran and have big doubt about it ,i grow up in a middel eastern country ina disfunctional society and family,i have suffered great deal because of this sick atmosphere, i have sever depression and difficult psychcological problems, almost all my life i take antidepressive drugs to ease the depression but without success also a have been with therapy but no progress either, now i do not know what to do , iam alone in usa and without support system even the government agencies has refused to help me( iam talking about social security disability) i have been in usa for the last 23 years, it is always difficult to live in this condition, somtimes i think of suicide is the only solution for my chronic problems, i hope you give your impression about my case,





Dear Aly,


Thank you for your email. You are absolutely right about the Islamic societies being dysfunctional.  All the Muslims are victims of this dysfunctional society to certain degrees. Islam is born out of the mind of a mentally unstable man. Muhammad was sick and the society that follows him is naturally a sick society. All the relationships in Islamic societies are sick. The relationship between father and children, between husband and wife, between teacher and student, are vertical and suffocating. It is inevitable that all the Muslims suffer from this nauseating culture and are sick because of it. 

However you and I know where is the root of the problem and once you know the cause of the problem you are half a way closer to resolving it. It is not a good idea to despair and let a narcissist evil man of the 7th century Arabia ruin our lives. That evil man is dead. Let us bury his negative influence on our lives too. 

If you have depression my suggestion is find a worthy cause and dedicate yourself to it. I have found my cause and this is it. I have made my personal mission to educate the Muslims and help them throw away this idiocy called Islam. I think this is a noble cause. In fact I cannot see any other cause as worthy as this one. I feel validated; I feel that my life is useful. I am doing something important. This is an empowering feeling. Nothing is more exhilarating that knowing that your life is not wasted, that you are contributing to the world that you are actually making a difference. I can’t say that I have ever been depressed clinically. On the contrary I think I have always been happy. But the truth is that I always had a cause to live for. But I am not stranger to depression either. The moments that I feel gloomy are the moments that I lose hope or somehow I lose the focus. These moments are rare and temporary. I go though these experiences when I face setbacks. But again when I concentrate on my goal, I regain my energy and become happy again. Life is full of setbacks. I should know it. I have had more than my share of them. Nevertheless, when I focus on my goal I forget everything and I smile again. 

What I am suggesting is that you should find a purpose to live. Find a cause that inspires you. Of course I would love to have you as my comrade. If you care about humanity, peace in the world and abolition of hate. If you are angry enough about the evil cult of Islam and want to eradicate it by educating thousands and millions of people, you are welcome to join me. I have found many other wonderful and caring individuals who also have the same goal. Come and join us in our forum, learn about our mission and if this is also your mission, let us work together. There is much to be done and you certainly can help thousands of people to leave Islam. I am convinced that this feeling of being useful and helping the humanity is so great that you will forget about your depression and all those negative thoughts of suicide. You’ll discover that life is beautiful, that your life is meaningful and that you matter. 

Join us in our forum and meet other great ex-Muslims who are also recovering from the negative impact of Islam on their lives. 

Kind Regards, 


Ali Sina


Hi Ali Sina, 

I hope that this e-mail letter will find you well. As I read most everything on your website I noticed a letter from a reader named Aly on your comments page. I was very moved by this person's story. It makes me deeply sad that a person could be so alone in the world. If you wish please give him my e-mail address if he needs someone for moral support. I would be most pleased to try and help this soul in need.



Dear Aly, 

I am afraid I did not keep your email. Please contact Matthew . This is Matthew 's email. [email protected]



 28 Feb, 2003

Dear Dr Sina


(First excuse my bad English) 

I am an engineer from Denmark.  

I have since 9-11 tried to figure out how anyone could be so fanatic killing not only themselves but also so many totally innocent people.  

After the attacks we saw Palestinians celebrating it as if they had won an important soccer match. In my country many Moslems were celebrating it too. I could not in my wildest imaginations believe anyone on the planet could celebrate anything so horrific. I knew only Moslems were capable of doing something that disgusting. I wanted to know WHY they did it (and celebrated it). 

Shortly after 9-11 president Bush said “Islam is peace”. Many politicians in Denmark said the same. All Moslem imams (or whatever you call them) tried (of course) to explain how peaceful and tolerant the religion Islam is. Those imams were quite famous before the attacks. When ever there was trouble with Moslem immigrants (like raping Danish girls) the imams were always blaming it on  “culture” instead of religion. The imams got even more famous six month ago. The media were debating the stoning of women in Iran and Nigeria. People were asking themselves why doesn’t the imams speak loudly against stoning. Big was the surprise that Moslems in general seems to support stoning. They even want sharia-laws forced down on native Danes in the future (the Moslem population is doubled every 10th year. 5 % now. I fear deeply for the future). 

Nevertheless, I read a lot of books on Islam by both Moslem/non-Moslem writers. Most of them told how great Islam was centuries ago. The poverty in Moslem countries was because of western imperialism. It isn’t the real Islam we see in Moslem countries etc.(in other words they were politically correct). I had surfed the net to find something that could answer my questions. But it is only 2 month ago I found your site. It was an revelation for me. Everything was crystal clear. You blame it on the qu´ran and the hadith. All the books I had read did not mention a single verse from the qu´ran. I am deeply shocked anyone can believe the cruel nonsense of that stupid garbage-book. It is the perfect book for any retard terrorist. The answer to my questions was right before my nose. Why didn’t I just read the qu´ran shortly after 9-11. The answer to that is simply that I could not imagine a “holy” book believed by a billion people could be the guideline for the hijackers of 9-11. 

Anyway I just want to tell you, Dr. Sina, that I think you have done a fantastic job with your site. I actually see you as the most important person in the world. I thought there was no hope for the world. Two month ago I believed Islam will conquer the West. What could possibly stop the Moslem hordes that are settling down in European cities. The answer is, as you say, the truth. Confront Moslems with the evil writings of their holy book. Make them aware how savage Allah’s messenger was. I tell you subject # 1 when talking to friends/relatives is the Moslem invasion. It took 800 years to kick them out of Spain. The answer today is not kicking them out. It is impossible. There are 25 million Moslems in Europe now. Tell them the truth. Eventually they will reject their faith in Allah and become good citizens. I tell everyone about your site. I hope your site will be as famous as CNN´s

You are the messenger of truth.  

Keep up your good work 

With blessings (I am not religious, neither are you, but anyway) from Denmark


M. H.   



  Dear Sirs,

On January 23rd I've read in Daily Jang/London a very tragical short news: the author of the forbidden book "The character of Mullah", Fazal Wahab, was shot dead by religious fanatics along with three friends in Swat (NWFP).

The fanatic terrorists who killed those innocents are still free without any charge, because the government of the province doesn't want to arrest them. They call themselves "Soldiers of God".

I am really shocked to know, that in a country of 140 million people there isn't a single person to stand up against this brutal killing. There isn't a single person to demand the arrest of those murderers and, on the other hand, to get the book published.

That' s why I appeal to all my journalist friends, to all enlightened people, to the writers to expose this brutality. Today it is Fazal Wahab - and tomorrow it will be us! We mustn't tolerate the intolerance of those fanatic throatcutte rs!

Therefore, I would be glad if you could write about this kind of religious based terrorism against the liberal intellectual.

With best wishes,
Liaquat Khattak

mailto: [email protected]


30 Jan, 2003


Dear Ali, Going to your site I just got the following message: ----------------- 509 Bandwidth Limit Exceeded The server is temporarily unable to service your request due to the site owner reaching his/her bandwidth limit. Please try again later. --- Apache/1.3.26 Server at www.faithfreedom.org Port 80 ------------------

Good news: Many people visiting the site Bad news: You have too little bandwidth. 

At least I think this is the conclusion. I'm not a technical guy. Just software. 

I should take the opportunity also to say how much I admire your clear way of thinking. Not only for your way of seeing through Islam. But the way you see through many things. You cut through crap like a razor blade. There is something very unique in your way of writing. I cannot exactly put the finger on it. I think it's the light you bring when you disperse the smoke curtains that the vast majority of people bring to a more or lesser extent when they write. There is a certain brutality in your style, but only to the amount that it is necesasary, a the forcefulness needed to make sure that the light shines through. Almost everytime that I read you I get this feeling. There are a number of writers (in the real world) that I admire, but there is certainly something special with you. The day I will be able to tell better what it is, I will tell you. 

Great to have you around, anyway!



Yes, looks like I have to buy more bandwidth. Soon I'll have to buy a dedicated server. I hope donations catch up with the costs, :)

Take care and thank for the undeserved compliments. I welcome them. The deserved ones are so rare. 

Best wishes 


Ali Sina


  30 Jan 2003

 Dear Dr. Sina, 

I recently came across your page, and saw the following tagline "Muslims are innocent. We want to show you that Islamic terrorism is due to bad teachings of Islam." 

I disagree with you. I don't know anything about Islam so will not refute your arguments, but to say that Muslims who commit murder and rape are innocent because they are simply following the Quran is absurd. There are basic human standards for which one does not need a Quran, Bible, or Torah to know they are wrong. A complete simpleton knows that murder, theft, rape, etc. are wrong. Even if what you are claiming about the Quran is true, this is no excuse. Every human being is born with enough sense to know basic right from wrong, specially with respect to blowing up people and buildings. It is an insult to the memory of the victims to say these animals are innocent because they were simply following the Quran. No court of law would buy that kind of argument. People are responsible for their behavior, despite what they read or are taught. 




Dear Tamir.

I agree with you. Those who commit crime are responsible for their acts and should be punished. But I am afraid you do underestimate the power of religious brainwashing. I assure you those who commit crimes in the name of religion often do so with absolute clear conscience and are convinced that they are pleasing God. I grew up in this culture. I know what I am talking about. Yes believe me Muslims are innocent. It is this madness called Islam, that makes them do these despicable things. Guilty is everyone who calls Islam a religion and that includes all those spineless American and European PeeCeeists and all those shameless Western apologists of Islam.  Please read this article.

Remember the story of Saul (Paul) persecuting the Christians? Well he actually did not kill anyone. But the annals of religions are filled with tales of those who persecuted the believers even killing them and were totally transformed after converting to the religions whose followers they were persecuting. What made these people kill was their faith and what made them change was also their newfound faith. A true believer can become a real criminal if his religion teaches him that violence is the way to God and the same person could become a saint if he receives the right guidance. Belief is a powerful thing. Islam is a religion that preaches violence. If we eliminate Islam, much of the violence will be eliminated. I promise.


Ali Sina 


Thanks for your reply. I read the article you mentioned, but want to state something that you mentioned elsewhere in your page. Especially in the United States, converts to Islam are over-represented in the prison populations. That to me implies that these are rotten people who are simply converting to Islam because it gives them an excuse to do what they want (murder, rape, etc.). Same thing in the Muslim world. I have a couple of Muslim friends who I really would trust with my life. They are not very religious, but one does visit the mosque every so often, fasts on Ramadan, abstains from alcohol and pork, etc. A Muslim physician colleague of mine once told me something interesting. There was a patient that left the hospital prematurely and there was a risk to her life if she didn't come back. My colleague saw how concerned I was even though it wasn't my patient, and told me - wow, you are a really caring person. I said - What do you mean? After all, this was a human life at stake and I didn't feel that I was doing more than what was expected. Anyway, this led to us talking about religion, etc. I am an observant Jew, and she a Muslim born and raised in a small village in the Kasmir. What she told me then made a lot of sense.


She said, I am a Muslim, you are a Jew, that patient is Christian, but when we die we all have to answer to the same G-d for our actions in this world. She spoke against the atrocities committed by the separatist Muslims in her homeland, and she made a lot of sense. Now how come she doesn't believe in murder, etc. if she believes in the Quran? My answer is that the Muslims who go out there and kill and maim are animals to begin with - they use the Quran to justify what they do, but inside they are thugs. Many Muslims such as yourself (I know that now you are an atheist) and others have a sense of right and wrong and know that killing innocent people cannot be what any Divine being would want.




Dear Tamir,

Please let your Muslim friends know about this site. Tell them you need to know what they think about it. Give them enough time to go through it and read it. If you see adverse reaction just leave them and do not discuss religion anymore. Good people are not easy to find and my purpose is not to divide but to dissipate the ignorance that causes disunity and division.

Ali Sina 



  30 Jan 2003

Dear Dr. Ali Sina, 

If you have a little time to read this personal message is OK, no claim for reply. 

Recalling my last e-mail, I just wanted to let you know that by no means I am in favor of war for  petty  reasons. I remember in one of your articles you also explained  when some decent human being can be turned into an evil. Sometimes I had the feeling that I have also become  one of them during my writings, a strange situation indeed. You may have noticed that in my essays I could replace easily the word "Muslims" by "Islam". But that happened because sometimes the border line is so hazy between these two words and I am not experienced writer either. Due to time constraints I am sometime in a hurry. At least some quick editing is very important to display high quality and informative writings on your very valuable website. To let you know that I did not send my essays to you to score between hindus and muslims. It is very important to let others know what is going on around in the name of Islam. Bangladesh is simply a living example and I am a living witness. 

I remember once I saw an interview of respectable Dalai Lama, probably the most vocal personality on non-violence principle at present time. Still he advocated that to save a larger number of human beings, killings of a few may be the better solution. Examples

in our present time are plenty, Hitlar, Tikka Khan (Butcher of Dacca) etc. Although Iraq is probably the most secularised country among all Islamic countries, but their misdeeds overweigh this remarkably good quality (another example to look a trace amount of Vitamins in the piles of garbage). 

I am not sure either how Islamic couuntries will embrace free society. Because even the so called democratic elections in some of the  muslims countries can cause rather disastrous consequences. Recent examples are Pakistan (newly elected Parliament glorified a killer as Martyr !) and Bangladesh. 

You are probably regular visitor to a BD website (NFB) where writings of all sorts appear regularly. Among those you will find many articles written by known muslim Bengali scholars from abroad. A recent example one is of Dr. By Dr. M. Mohsin Ali, NY (NFB, Jan 21, 2003). In yesterdays (Jan 27, 2003) issue of NFB you can see several writings from Bengali Muslim scholars (Some thoughts in the aftermath of Bangladesh's inclusion in "The list", By Jisnu Akhter, UK;  The endless Hide and Seek ... By Jamal Hasan, Who Is a Muslim? ... By Abul Kasem; Number of World-Muslims, By-fatemolla). 

Well, I have extremely high respect for you not because that you are against Islam but because for the "truth". I am grown up in BD always surrounded by very contradictory and false Islamic propaganda which most of the muslims believe without any argument. Can you imagine, a London educated barristar, the present Law Minister of BD quite recently (on the occassion Sab-e-barat I think) very loudly propagated that Islam is the most democratic system gifted by the God to the humanity ? In the same occassion he mentioned that Women´s right is  best guranteed by Islam (if you want source I can provide). My understanding is that you have taken this mission which was overdue  centuries ago. 

I have a feeling that you are spending a bit more time taking part in the discussions. I am not sure if the larger part of the readers have any benifit from that. Instead, I would like to read your articles and discussions on the main page. I have read many of your writings but never got tired to read. Let other people (if you have anybody reliable) take care of that part. Your time is too  precious to be engaged in that kind of discussions. Your comments to Lopa Hassan could have been displayed in the main page after you decided to display her comments. Please do not let anybody else take over your site to spoil your mission by bringing in confusion, contradiction and suspicion (very typical Islamic tactics). I can see that that clearly in the piece by one "Awakened" in a very carefully worded but some false and contradictory messages at the same time.  To open too many fronts can be also of counterproductive by diluting your main mission objective. 

I know what is going on in BD. It is yet not as Iran or Afganistan or Pakistan, where almost everything are lost. The reversal process probably has started silently from Iran. But in BD, still the process of  Islamisation is  a bit more than half way to complete. It may be or may be not possible to save whatever is left of the word "humanity" in BD. Just yesterday, eyes of five young peoples (even they were criminals) were gouged by the mob in the day light in Dhaka city (http://www.dailyjugantor.com/tuesday/; this is in Bengali and you can see the picture), burning human beings alive openly is rather also common in the city of Dhaka. Cruelty can happen everywhere in this world even in the most developed countries but what is happening in BD is the symptom  extreme Islamisation.   

If we see the millions of human beings in the middle east, I am not sure if they can change anything in their mind in the next 1400 hundred years. But there is a ray of hope because of people like you, although very insignificant in numbers ! 

With all my best wishes to you.







  25 Jan 2003


I think it is great that you left islam and have the courage to talk about it.  I left islam after 4 years of being a true believer.  I just left a few weeks ago and have experienced a lot of grief from people i thought were my friends.  They just cannot accept me.  They cannot understand me.  I feel such relief and happy.  They cannot imagine how i can be happy or even have faith without islam.  I can and that's all that matters to me.  I have not yet read your site, but will when i have a chance.  I got on to do research for people like me.  I have a friend who also decided to leave islam, but she is not faced with the community as i live right next door to the masjid:>

Islam is complete separation from the rest of the world and they do not se it even      thought they cannot accept me for being  a free thinker.  The crazy salafi sect is near tome and i have "friends" in it and i also am afraid they may kill me.

Well i am actually looking to buy the book i heard about leaving islam.  SO feel free to reply and discuss things you feel i should know since i am new to this.


Dorothy, formerly Aisha.....and i read a hadith where muhammad hit her (IN MUSLIM) and that was it for me, after a bunch of eye opening episodes:>



Hello Dorothy.  

Happy to hear you left Islam. Please join our forum and meet a lot of other ex-Muslims.  http://forum.faithfreedom.org/ 

Also write your story so I can publish it in the testimonial page. 

However, be very careful. Do not advertise your apostasy. You could actually endanger your life. You do not have to tell anyone about leaving Islam. Go back to your friends and tell them you do not want to leave Islam but to be a Muslim in your heart as you need some time alone. Never criticize Islam, just say you are upset of the action of some of the Muslims because they behave un-Islamic. This is no joke. Your life could be in danger. Your very best friend could kill you. Come to the forum and discuss it with other ex-Muslims. 

Best wishes, 

Ali Sina


  24 Jan 2003

 Dear Sirs,

On January 23rd I've read in Daily Jang/London a very tragical short news: the  author of the forbidden book "The character of Mullah", Fazal Wahab, was shot dead by religious fanatics along with three friends in Swat (NWFP).

The fanatic terrorists who killed those innocents are still free without any charge, because the government of the province doesn't want to arrest them. They call themselves "Soldiers of God".

I am really shocked to know, that in a country of 140 million people there isn't a single person to stand up against this brutal killing. There isn't a single person to demand the arrest of those murderers and, on the other hand, to get the book published.

That' s why I appeal to all my journalist friends, to all enlightened people, to the writers to expose this brutality. Today it is Fazal Wahab - and tomorrow it will be us! We mustn't tolerate the intolerance of those fanatic throatcutters!

Therefore, I would be glad if you could write about this kind of religious based terrorism against the liberal intellectual.

With best wishes,
Liaquat Khattak

mailto: [email protected]


  Jan 24, 2003

Dear Mr. Ali Sina,

I must agree with what Lopa Hassan wrote.
I first came to your site over a year ago. It was full of information And answered a lot of my questions about Islam.
I notice that I don’t visit your web sites as often as I used to. I believe that as Lopa Hassan suggested, your web site and your forum has taken a different turn. When I first came to this website I immediately found myself at home. In your web site I learned that we should love Muslims but expose Islam. The separation these two was very liberating for me.

I realized that the way we should approach Muslims was a very different from what I thought I should.

I also came from Iran and as you know I carry a lot of resentment about how Islam had destroyed our country. And I wasn’t able to distinguish that those vicious “pasdar” or Basiji (revolutionary guards and militias) are our brothers. They were just trapped in this vicious circle called Islam. I was then able to forgive them and got liberated from my angers. Being able to differentiate between Muslims and Islam gave me a new possibility to work on. I actively promoted your website to all my Iranian and other friends. Visiting the faith freedom forum I realize that it wasn’t the same. The forum which is primarily dominated by Hindus has no trace of love towards Muslims And to guide them to show them the truth. It is just became war or and hatred and the question of who is right.

Growing up as a Muslim We all had many questions that our mullahs could never answer them. When talk to my friends they all have the same types of questions. Their questions can got answered through your articles.

Reading through your articles we can see and feel the love that you have for Muslims and how you want to guide them out of this vicious circle like you did for me. I can’t thank you enough for the contribution that you are to all Moslems.

My point is when any Muslim come to this form, all they can feel is hatred. What do you do when someone is trying to attack you? You defend yourself right? So I suggest that we take another term to this form. The context of this form should be love for Muslims and expose the vicious circle of Islam. If we all take this attitude we will break them free from Islam. We give up being right; instead we’ll show them we care. We All should take the hands of all are Muslim brothers and pull them out of their Vicious circle and show them another way of being: love and forgiveness



I agree with you fully. It is regrettable that India that gave birth to Buddha and Gandhi is also home to the most vicious hatemongering bigots. These fanatical creatures of hate do exert a very negative influence on our movement. At times I say I should end their membership altogether. They have no love for anyone; not the Muslims, not the Christians and not even the rationalists and freethinkers. There is so much anger; so much hate built up in them that is mind-boggling. May be that is why I feel pity for them as I see they need more than anyone else and perhaps even more than the Muslims to hear our message of love and unity.

I hear you and I am saddened for what these people do. But my hands are tied. If I censor them for their hate speeches, I have to censor some of the Muslims such as Menj, PS, BFL, too. But our goal is not to have an exclusive club of all the nice people that think like us and agree with us. The world is made of people that think differently. In the real world people do hate each other. Here they insult each other but out there they shoot at one another. I know that by avoiding each other we are not going to become any better. The reason the rubbles in the rivers are smooth is because they have rubbed against each other so much that they lost their sharp edges. May be this is what is happening here. It is my hope that eventually we all lose our sharp edges in this turbulent river we call FFI. I think this is a great place for all of us to learn from on another, understand each other’s fears and hopes and witness our own prejudices reflected in people whom we never had anything to do with.

It is hurtful to endure other’s sharp edges, but it is also hurtful for them to endure our asperities. The unavoidable truth is that this world belongs to all of us. All of us have to share this tiny planet. There is nowhere else to go. This is our only ship in this vast sea of the universe. Nothing is out there, nothing! We have no one else but ourselves. We are growing in numbers and the world is shrinking. We have to learn to live together. The alternative is unthinkable. Don’t give up. Let us practice here. Let us learn the art of co-existence in this small cyber community of humanity. Learning to live together is not going to be easy. But we have no other choice. These walls must come down. These fences must be destroyed. We just have no other option.


   January 10, 2003

Dear Mr. Sina

Let me begin by telling you why religion should exist on earth. Simple, so that we can have something to laugh about. I find it very depressing to conceive a world without a creator/supreme being. Hence a little diversion in the form of religious circus does not hurt.

Having said that, I must also admit that sometimes I find your web-site to be a little jarring. It is very aggressive and to a certain degree, militant in nature(my personal opinion of course).

The reason I took to writing to you was a letter in the site by a certain Vinitha. The claim of Vedic origins of Mecca and its rituals are simply ridiculous! I do not mind her(I assume its a she) opinion, its your concurrence that irks me. You do realize that the fascist forces of India are trying to put forward their bizarre form of myths claiming it to be history. The Muslim population of India are becoming like the Jews in Germany( Aryans always stick together, whether Germany or India).

Pogroms of Muslims in India are a matter of grave concern for world community.

Similarly, non-Muslims in Pakistan and Bangladesh face similar danger.The claim of the Indian Right that Vedic India had nukes and cruise missiles, as well as part of Arabia in their occupation is laughable. It is also dangerous because it feeds on chauvinistic attitudes of the average Indian and tries to make truth out of myths. I hope you will agree with me that fascism, whether Christian(Falwell

and co), Islamic(Wahhabism and others) and Hindu(RSS, VHP and the rest) is a very dangerous phenomenon. It will not help if you agree to the claims of the Hindus that Taj Mahal was an ancient site of somekind. Calling Emperor Shahjahan incestuous is also a form of libel. Taj Mahal is a work of art. Chauvinist Hindus cannot stand the fact that the symbol of India was built by a Muslim(that has nothing to do with Islam. He was only expressing love for his wife).

However, the work of art is also the result of blood, sweat and ters of millions. Hence it is also a reminder of feudal India and its repressions. You do realize that Babri mosque incident had led to deaths of more than 20,000 Muslims in Bombay, instigated by RSS and VHP. I know you do not like Islam but that hould not mean that you should agree with the people who bring death to Muslims! They are the neo-Nazis of today, just like their bretheren in the Muslim world who bring havoc to the lives of non-Muslims.

I saw that letter which claimed that you are a part of a Jewish conspiracy. My sympathies to you. Much as I sympathise with Muslims (not Islam, mind you)I cannot stand their anti-Semitism. It is disgraceful.

I just hope that your site does not end up stirring hatred towards Muslims in general. You do realize that militant Hindus in India and Falwell and

Robertson in the West can do much to undermine Muslims living there.

Please let me congratulate you on your site. It is brave and pioneer attempt and should be encouraged among the populace in the Muslim countries. I can compare you as the "Dr. O'Hair" of the Muslim world.





Dear Leon, 

I was about 13 when I read the Bible. If you think religions should be kept alive because people need something to laugh at, let us keep Christianity and Judaism. But when I read the Quran, I did not laugh. I was scared to death at seeing this much hate. Let us get rid of this religion of hate and them everyone can have a hearty laugh. 

As for the Hindu fascists I totally agree with you. The gang that call itself Hindu Unity is as evil as Islamofascists. As for the claim of Vinitha, I have not done research. One thing is certain however and that it Abraham (if such personage ever existed) had nothing to do with Ka'ba nor ever traveled that far just to abandon his wife and his new born sun in the middle of nowhere. This is just childish story.   




  January 9, 2003

I am writing to inquire if contributions to your site are tax-deductible.  I saw no mention of this at your "support" link.

Thank you,


Dear Mercury 

If I register FFI as a non-profit organization I can be easily found and killed. So I am afraid contributions are not tax deductible and they can never be. I know this discourages a lot of people to contribute but unfortunately we are dealing with a very unforgiving and brutal force. Anyway, when I started my campaign, I knew it is not gonna be picnic.



  January 8, 2003

Hi Ali,


I beginning to feel quite pessimistic about the way current events are developing.  I don't see how it will be physically possible for ex-Muslims and liberal Muslims to successfully wean people off of the religion before the conservatives and reactionaries instigate a world war.  I believe a US war on Iraq is a mistake because it does nothing to change people's minds about Islam.  Such a war will likely make things worse and will probably encourage more people to either support terrorism or become terrorists.  I fear that, unless things change, it is only a matter of time before one of these terrorist groups does something so over-the-top that the entire West and remaining outside world develops a berzerk, insatiable bloodlust. 

I believe the war on terrorism needs to be fought on the one hand with diplomacy, in order to gain the empathy of the common man.  Likewise, it should be fought with small covert military forces.  This fight needs to be taken directly to the source of the violence - the clerics themselves.  The US needs to get Muslim governments to put lots of pressure on conservative clerics to stop preaching hatred.  If they do not, then such clerics should be the targets of assassination.  Such clerics, calling for the overthrow of and destruction of the West, who also live in the West, should be regarded as criminals and imprisoned for inciting rebellion.  I don't understand why intolerant clerics are not put into the same group as the terrorists. 

Like you've said many times, if there is to be some sort of Islamic Reformation or Enlightenment, it must come from within.  But Muslims do not exist in a vacuum and there is a great race between the forces of love, compassion, tolerance, and human rights against those or reactionary religious brutality, who will bring out the decimation of the Middle East. It is frustrating for non-Muslims to have to helplessly watch this race from the outside.  Your emotions must range alternatively between encouragement and despair.  This is the problem of our age and likely that of the next several generations.



  Jan, 6, 2003

Dear Sir, 

I found your site enriching and very informative in regard to the true nature of Islam in general and Millitant Islam in particular. The site has many links to up to date news entries from all around the world and in that shows us the extent of Islamic terror in the world.  

However, I find one aspect somewhat peculiar. Browsing through the list of news items for the 6th of January I hadn't found even one item relating to the last suicide terror attack that took place in Tel Aviv, israel on the 5th of Jan.  

As an Israeli, and as someone who feels as he shares the same boat with you, I would like to know why is this so? Is it just innocent negligence or is there an agenda that excludes Israel and Israeli suffering from being mentioned in this site? 

I would very much appreciate an answer.  

Thanks in advance, and with wishes for a better year





 Dear K Y

 I am just one person running this site. I work on it 14 to 16 hours per day 7 days per week. Last weekend I went to visit some relatives out of town and I did not read the news of January 4th and January 5th. So I apologize for missing that News. However, if you find any News worthy of publishing and you do not find it in the News section of the site, please post it in the News section of the forum. I can transfer it to the main site after I see it.   





  Jan, 6, 2003

I'm not trying to start up any correspondence or receive condolance. Yesterday everything just came to a head and I guess I need to let it out somewhere.  I was watching parts of a Bill Moyer's "Now" (PBS) 30-minute discussion show between liberal Christian scholars and Muslim scholars.  The conclusion they mutually arrived at was that there is basically no difference between "orthodox", or "fundamentalist" Christianity (Moyers uses the terms interchangeably, although in my mind they are not the same) and what it teaches and so-called mainstream Islam.  What particularly incensed me was that there was no serious discussion as to what is in the Koran and no acknowledgement of how non-Muslims are discriminated and brutalized in Muslim countries and have been for centuries.  Instead, it was all masterful bullshit, led by a real leftist bigot. That term "bigot" is the one I think fits so many leftists today.  They have no tolerance for truth where it disagrees with their prejudices or people who disagree with them.  Even harder to admit, Moyers used to be one of my favorite journalists. Moyers recently lashed out against fundamentalist Christians to I think the New York Times, saying they are damaging our relationship with Islamic countries. Given these recent displays, it would seem he has no real interest in learning about the real Islam. What this particular show instead offered for bait as debate was a series of disparite incidences of violence by lone or small group Christian fundamentalists against domestic places like schools and abortion clinics matched against Islamic terrorist deeds, though acknowledgement was given to how much of Christianity has mellowed post-Reformation (I actually think Christianity changed even more post-Enlightenment.  Most people, particularly bigots, don't seem to get the Reformation.  It was mainly a political movement).  Even that doesn't come close to being a valid comparison, if sheer numbers are used as criteria for discussion. This all reinforces what I think may be the real group to watch out for are liberal Christians, who tend to predominate in academe.  Non-religious liberals, which is the majority, I think will eventually fracture, once they realize how badly women and minorities are being treated (enough of these minorities will have to speak out in the west for this to happen) and how the connection traces directly to Islam's beliefs and practices, but that won't happen til the get past their hatred of Bush, and for many, Christianity itself.  They've already have begun to fracture, a little bit at least, on the issue of political correctness, in general.   It may only be a small minority, but that's it all it may take to raise sufficient doubt and puncture any credibility the left may have with regard to their stances on Islam and related issues, such as so-called religious racism.  Multi-culturalism, however, I don't think they'll ever relent on, not to the degree that it will become an issue for serious examination.   That seems ingrained in their DNA.  In any case, it may not matter, as Muslims in the west will always play "the racist card" over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over -- it won't stop.   That's their most potent weapon and they know it, and its precisely that that makes them so dangerously invisible in the west.  One of the few bright hopes I see is the gradual coming out against the blight of mult-culturalism's excesses and its abuse of individual rights is from a new black, or Afro-American intellectual elite, from scholars like Randall Kennedy (read the book "Liberal Racism").  


One of the interesting things of note was the new posters who showed up at http//littlegreenfootballs.com/weblog yesterday.  They are the first American muslims and ex-Muslim Americans I believe I've seen that offered inside info as to what Muslims living in America and attending mosques really think and believe.  Its this description of these Muslims that really put me over the top emotionally.  My hope is some of these talkative Muslims will show up at your site, as well.  They more than anyone have something to reveal and discuss.  I've long suspected Muslims don't give a damn about infidels, but I actually didn't think it extended to western Muslims and with such unanimity and that they could be so callous and cold in the face of genocidal murder.  Its getting harder and harder for me not to want to face-off against some Muslims (or bust them in the jaw -- I'm an ex-amateur/semi-pro athlete, as well) in person in my daily life, and I honestly don't know what I may do if I see one speak up before me about Islam around a group of people. I've generally gotten along well with them (never discuss religion), but my patience is now about over.  You should see the community I live in. We're flooded by Saudi influence, through organized efforts and the local media and libraries.  The newspapers are beginning to open up to counterarguments, as they realize more and more readers are becoming ducated about Islam, but on tv I still see the local "nodding tv journalist interviews", where Muslims continue to say outrageous things, hoping, actually knowing how ignorant much of the public, including many journalists, really are.   My belief is it won't really change til enough people, particularly scholars, show up on tv to counter the many lies, half-truths, and dissembling statements still be passed by Muslims and their minions, mainly journalists, relinquish their monopoly on the spotlight. That's beginning to happen and I actually think things will change, as they already have begun to do so.  Its really only been a little more than a year. Of course, domestic Islamic terrorism is the one thing that can really upset the cart, and who more than Muslims know this.


If I may make a recommendation, I think you should consider putting up a separate site, linked to yours, that uses multimedia to teach about Islam and Muslim history.   Multimedia instructional design is a terrific way to teach, and it can be done in a way that can overcome the limitations of print, or text-only articles.  I think it would simplify as it clarifies so much of the content found in the innumerable articles already listed on your site, as it would allow the learner to have some control over the learning content, in terms of scope and direction.  I also think it would be great if you could post up some of the many historical documents, like the ones Bat Ye'or uses, and embed them in the learning content.  Yes, this is a very involved project, but I don't think it is necessarily expensive (we're not talking video or high-end animation), but would include a lot of man-hours.  It may be that you can colloborate with other authors, other scholars, working online together.  This may be something you will have the time to look into 1-2 years down the road.   



Dear Robert,  

I do perfectly understand your anger. But please whatever you do, do not “burst them in the jaw”. One thing I have tried to make clear through this site is that Islam feed on violence. Any act of violence used against Islam is like throwing gasoline on their fire. Please understand that Muslims need enemies to survive and when there is no enemy they create on. If you react with violence you have answered their prayer.


However I do not say you should not be angry. But you should channel your anger in the right direction. To win this fight we do not need big muscles, we need good thinking. One thing that you must realize is that many of these Muslims you want to smash their jaws today are your potential allies. And tell you the truth they are far deadlier for Islam than you or anyone coming from a non-Islamic background. No wonder Muhammad was so afraid of them that ordered killing those who apostatized.


But the challenge is to reach them and educate them. Your multimedia idea works wonders. But of course it requires a lot of manpower and money. I am working on this site close to 14 hours each day. It is beyond my power to do anything else. But fortunately there are people who are offering their assistance and taking upon themselves responsibilities. Faith Freedom International is now becoming teamwork. Creation of documentaries and even radio programs are part of our goal. We will cross that bridge when we reach it. For now all we have to do is to increase our base of support and create a huge network of volunteers who want to help.    




    Thanks.  I've since calmed down.  I'm beginning to understand the real genius of your approach, the Ghandi/Jesus approach (love, forgiveness, understanding, truth).   I do however want to expose them, particularly those living amongst us in the west, the way any black man wants to expose clandestine racism, but you're right, it can only create problems if you try to give back what they're giving off.  Another analogy, from one of the things I learned in playing sports, and sports is an excellent metaphor for life, is if you loose your head, then you're already out of the game, and you are in effect handing the game to your opponent without putting up any focused competition. 

     As for multimedia, I think its an idea that must be considered, but for the moment, you need to stay focused on the agenda at hand.  I believe allies, all sorts of experts and scholars, will continue to come to your aid, as they are now.  I'm just one of thousands (and I'm sorry to write to your personally, monopolizing your time).  I have several books and journals I can recommend on learning, or instructional design as well as multimedia design, and hope to do so soon.  I also know software.  I would love to see something done using historical documents, photos, charts, maps, etc. With that type of documented authenticity, it could become a good academic source for instruction, as well.  Multimedia can go where books, video, and audio simply can't in terms of teaching.  Once you see its potential, it will be hard for you not to consider it.  Manhours will be a challenge, but that is just another challenge that can be surmounted.  I'm sure you can find willing assistants.  Also, there are ways colloboration can be done online.  Down the road you may want to talk up doing multimedia instruction on your site. As you do, you may get some interesting personal queries and offers.  I'll talk more about this later, down the road, as I look at your content from your site and upcoming books, but this could be a long time, like a year.  There's no way I can keep up and its likely I'll be pulling out forever.  I see nothing but major change ahead and near-impossible workloads for me. 

     I think what we are now witnessing is a phenomena.   Everytime I look at your site and think it may collapse into the sewer of internecine struggle, another great poster with a fresh, clear-thinking perspective comes along and then the debate lifts up and moves in a promising direction.  It just keeps building on its own momentum as it grows.  Its like watching a very young democracy in transition.  I even checked your ratings numbers against other, similar sites as well as other religious sites, like CBN.org and TBN.org, two tv networks who each have hundreds of millions of viewers worldwide.  There you are beginning to beat them, at least on your weekend numbers.  Imagine where you'll be in a year or two.  As I said, this is a phenomena and right now your site is clearly becoming the leader in this entire debate.  

For my part, I'm doing what I can to bring scholars on board.  As for Sudanese, all I can say is stay tuned.  I don't write form letters, if you know what I mean.   Your site is getting out there.  If the people I write decide to write to others, then you see what I mean.



Dear Robert. 

Actually I am not a pacifist like Gandhi and Jesus. I believe there are times that force is necessary. For instance against Islamic terrorism, the Taliban, or Saddam it would be foolish to be a pacifist. These people are not sane and they do not understand the language of love, forgiveness, understanding and truth.  They speak violence and understand nothing but force.  

However the average Muslims are not insane. Actually the majority of them are exactly like you and I with the same values that we uphold. This site is focusing on them. Those are the people that we want to reach and those are the people who will become our allies. The terrorists must be dealt with the no mercy.  

The problem is that the silent majority in Islam feeds the extremists and the terrorists. Once a great number of them realize that Muhammad was no messenger but a narcissist liar, an insane man who fooled them to gain control over them, they will leave Islam. And when that happens, the terrorists will lose their moral as well as economical support.  

So I fully support America’s war against terrorism. But that is not enough; we have to eliminate the ideology behind this terrorism too and that is what we at FFI want to achieve.  

This is not something that can be achieved by one person. We need to work together as a team. I certainly do appreciate and welcome your offer to help. I see others are coming forward too. I am sure if we keep this pace of growth soon we will become a mighty force and we will achieve our objective. What is more heartening to me is the fact that most of the people who are offering to help are ex-Muslims. But of course in this war all of us are together. We have to abandon these antiquated concepts of Muslim, Christian, Hindu, etc. We are all humans and we are united in our humanity. We have a common enemy and a common destiny. This is the war of humanity against barbarity. Everyone should take part in it.



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