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HinduUnity & Rational Thinking

Sun, 25 Feb 2001


Dear Shri Sina ji:

Please give us a link on your site.  Our web site is:

We are fighting the same battles against Islam.  We have already given you a link from our main page. We also host almost all your articles in our Islamic Archieves.  I believe that all of us should have links to one anothers pages.  This way we can stand united and broadcast our message to everyone around the world.

We have 430 members are HinduUnity.  If you ever come out with new articles, please send them to us as we will publish them on the site as well as send them out all over the world.

Thank you.
Rohit Vyasmaan.




I don’t think we are fighting the same battle. I am fighting against religious fundamentalism, hate, and bigotry. My biggest hero is Gandhi. I was disgusted to see your hero is the killer of my beloved master. You are a shame to humanity. There is no difference between you and the bigot Muslims. 

My way is the way of nonviolence, of love and understanding. My weapon is my keyboard and my battlefield is the Internet. I am after none but the heart of people; people who can love other human beings irrespective of their race, nationality or creed. I promote love not hate. I do not see bigots like you as my partners. You are hatemongering dinosaurs that like your Muslim counterparts are standing between humanity and its peace and prosperity. 

Rest assured that I will not rest until bigotry and hate that is being inseminated by blind fanatics like you, are eradicated completely. I will do that with the power of love and the forces of reason. And I shall win because light is more powerful than darkness and love is more potent than hate. 

Please remove at once all my articles from your site. You do not have my permission to use them. I do not wish to defile my name by associating with the admirers of the assassin of my beloved Master.

With Utter Disgust

Ali Sina  


Dear Dr. Ali Sina,

I have read your long debate with Ayatollah Montazeri who seemed to be a great Mullah from Iran. According to you he was second to only the great Mullah Komeneni who brought Shah of Iran down, and occupied Iran with his Islamic utopia. Therefore, anybody should consider Ayatollah Montazeri a great learned Mullah of not only Iran but from entire Islamic world. But I am surprised and dismayed by his helplessness in front of your trenchant and most powerful logic. His arguments were so poor and elementary that his apologetic views to save Prophet Muhammad were of no match with yours bold, clear, and to the point logic. I have noticed that, these Islamists Mullahs (so called Islamic Thinkers) are always so helpless and they always bring ludicrous logic to defend their blind faith in Islam. In my numerous articles in NFB, I have asked them many genuine questions, but surprisingly they never could answer them.  I am really puzzled why and how these Mullahs are acting so stupid? How they are so much occupied with illusions by these bogus/hoax of heavenly temptations in Quran? How these idiot Mullahs are considering that the divine Allah  (God the real one if exist at all) did suggest Muslims to kill people of other faith? I never can accept that a true divine power should ever can ask for killing! 

Another puzzle to me is about that great hypocrite French Doctor-Maurice Bucaille ? What for this selfish doctor wrote that garbage book of science in Quran? Where did he find science in Quran? I think this culprit M. Bucaille did the most damage for Muslims and Islam. This garbage book of his actually made most of these Mullahs, especially educated Mullahs idiot to believe his book that Quran has lots of science, even though there is no science in Quran at all! And this particular book really fed biggest does of utopia to Fundamentalists who started Monkey dance of Quranic science through out the Islamic world. And this stupid Maurice Bucaille really made the job of secularists very tough. Most of the hypocrite educated Muslims are Selfishly spreading this bogus news of newly discovered Quranic science by French Doctor, hence feeding the Fundamentalists more dose of utopia.

I have read some of your wonderful articles, especially about God, where is God etc., and I am surprised to learn that your views and explanations fits exactly of mine. Therefore, I must conclude that in this mysterious world there are peoples with pretty similar views and ideas. I fully agree with your views about God. God does not have any feelings/pains for the occupant of this ship called “planet earth”  nor has any sense of anger or happiness. It does it’s own business as per set principles, and no prayers or bribes of any kind can change that, period. 

However, your site is a great treasure for those who want to learn about Islam. Please don’t feel yourself alone, we are with you all the times. Keep up your good job. Thanks. 

Sk. Mirza 


Your views on Islam

Fri, 23 Feb 2001

Dear Dr. Ali Sina:

I have read your lengthy discourse with Ayatollah Montazeri on Islam and Prophet Mohammed and I am truly overwhelmed by your   trenchant arguments. I have, for myself, had the same doubts about the authenticity of the Quran - regarding its divine origins. I believed that Quran was a handiwork of Prophet Mohammed. It did not contain any Divine intervention - as claimed.

However while I read the article, I was also looking into your website where I found that you have received a death-threat from some Pakistani.

Since you are a born Moslem, and you have renounced Islam, don't you live in fear because for an apostate - unrepentant - the punishment is death ?

 Good luck to you and I hope that your voice never falls silent.

- regards,

D. Ch.

You are brave beyond belief.

Fri, 23 Feb 2001

Ali Sina, 

How could you do this and live to tell about it! I only wish you long life and peace! 

Regards & Best Wishes, 


Dear Dr. Ali Sina,

I have only very recently been introduced to your site. I don't know what words of thanks I can convey to you to express my profound sense of gratitude for your efforts in exposing the true nature of Islam. Your courage in taking the politically incorrect stance of criticizing the irrationalities of Islam is commendable. I see you have already paid a price for this with your site having been removed by Tripod (no doubt, as a result of the protests by muslims).

 I, as a Kashmiri Hindu, am  myself a victim of this irrational belief structure called Islam. I don't know if you are aware of this: but nearly the whole community of Kashmiri Hindus (called Pandits; about 400,000 in all) have been forced to flee their native land of Kashmir due to the gun-toting jehadis. Amazingly the Islamists, through their petro-dollars, have been able to escape criticism from both the Indian and Western press. Worse still, they are able to garner public sympathy, especially in the muslim World, by spreading falsehoods (such as thousands of Kashmiri muslims are daily mowed down by Indian forces, or that Kashmiri Hindus left Kashmir in a diabolic scheme whereby the Indian forces would have a free hand in killing muslims). You may want to visit the following site to get a first-hand account of what is (& has been) going on in Kashmir:


The events in Kashmir have really shaken my views. Growing up in a background where we were taught that all religions are but different and equally valid ways to seek God; I & my family were completely unprepared for the Islamic onslaught that we have witnessed. I have been forced to ask myself the question, what threat did our unarmed and benign community of Hindus pose to the muslims that we had to be eliminated. I have realized, since then, that the problem lies in the hateful doctrine of Islam, which believes that we (idol-worshippers, in Islam's eyes) should be killed without any feeling of compunction. Your site has given me an even better understanding about Islam.

Anyway, please do keep up your good work. I, for my part, will try to advertise your site to all my friends. I remain firm in the conviction that the TRUTH about Islam will eventually come out and muslims, themselves, will realize that they have been following a hateful and irrational set of beliefs.

Rajender Razdan


A great site for knowledge and truth about Islam

Sun, 18 Feb 2001

Dear Dr. Ali Sina, 

I have just learned about your wonderful site and I have already read some articles/information about Islam. I specially liked your writings which have it's clarity with bold but sincere language, I mean straight talk which I do admire most. Islam is of course a biggest hoax, and for centuries vast majority of Muslims remained totally ignorant. We shall have to educate people by breaking the great wall of ignorance. Therefore, we need more writers about the truth of Islam. We need more Ali Sina, Kamran Mirza, Ibne Warraq, Anwar Sheik etc. etc. who can really break the wall of Islamic veils. Thank you for your good job. Please keep up your wonderful efforts. 

Thanks. Regards, 

K A. C.


Wed, 14 Feb 2001

Dear Dr. Ali Sina;

I had a request to forward this e-mail (addressed to you). Yes, I saw my article being put on your web site. I have received a few comments. Your site is a great source of truth on Islam. Many Bangladeshis find your web site an absolute must. We are very proud of what you have done. Please keep going. We are with you.

Best regards.


Salaam Br. Hasan.

Till then to them let there be their religion and to me mine.

Nezbath Maswood

Dear friend A K,

Thank you for the email and your generous kindness. I perfectly understand the reaction of your friend as I too was in that ship not too long ago and would have chained myself to its mast for safety if I felt threatened. The example that your friend uses is particularly true. We cling to our beliefs for “safety”. There is a wonderful article in this respect that I would like you to read and see why your friend (and me few years ago) clings to religion for safety. Perhaps the following article will convince you that he is doing the normal thing.  


As to his question: Why I left Islam I wrote an article called “Why I Left Islam”  

Also I would like to assure your friend that I do believe in God, though now I do not think of it as a being watching over me but as The Single Principle underlying the creation.

When Galileo rejected the universally accepted notion of the Earth being the center of the Universe he did not reject the Earth. I do reject the notion of god as described in Quran but do not reject the God. If your friend is curious, he may like to read my understanding of God in my articles.

However if your friend decides not to click on any of the links in my site that too is perfectly understandable and he is not to be blamed or criticized.  

Kind regards

Ali Sina

Kudos! Please keep up the good work.

Fri, 09 Feb 2001

Dear Dr. Ali Sina, 

I am overwhelmed by the depth of your conviction, the sincerity of your writing, the deeply felt moral imperatives that compel you to seek out the truth, and your obvious dedication to the cause. I wish you great success and much happiness in your endeavor. If I were religious, I would pray for your safety.  Please keep up the great work. 

May your tribe increase! 

A. D. 

University of California at Berkeley

Mon, 5 Feb 2001 

In this site, Dr. Ali Sina explores Rational Thinking exposes Islam, Quran and Muhammad’s claim as the messenger of God. 

Though apostasy in Islam is the biggest crime, punishable by death. He courageously uttered--- " I reject Islam a) because of Muhammad’s lack of character, moral and ethical fortitude and b) because of the absurdities in Quran."

We should be proud for his real courage, indeed.


Religion blinds

Sun, 4 Feb 2001 

There cannot be any doubt about it that faith is anti-knowledge. Faith is an enemy of knowledge.
This web site is a great work indeed.


 long live your mission 
 Sun, 4 Feb 2001 

Dear Dr. Ali Sina,  

The world needs many Muslims to give up Islam and be rational thinkers/doers. Then only the world peace is possible.

I pray Golshan Society grow very, very large in short time and accomplish its mission as early as possible. If there are separate schools made for the rational thinkers, then it would help the mission greatly.

Could you openly say you are a rational thinker in Iran (or any Muslim country)? Possibly not, I guess.

             - Steve

Sat, 3 Feb 2001 

Dear. Mr. Sina,

I am very happy about this, I had started to read your site when suddenly it disappeared. Your site is very informative.  Congratulation, and thank you for letting me know.




Tue, 30 Jan 2001

Dear Dr. Sina:

I am overdue in sending off this email to tell you how thoroughly I have enjoyed your comments and postings on different bulletin boards. Your commentaries are the epitome of rationality and common sense, thereby frequently putting them significantly out of step with the conventional wisdom on many of the issues you address. They are understandable and insightful. I had made it my business to look for and read each one. 

With profound thoughts,

Simin H.



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