Leaving Islam



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Hello Ali Sina  

Do you perhaps know who said this quote : " When logic fails to open the mind, compassion may open the heart " ?  



Dear Dale  

A couple of years ago I came to know a very wise Iranian man who impressed me very much. I met him in an Iranian forum. We Iranians are a divided people and fight a lot over politics. That is why we have not been able to overthrow the Islamic thugs that have ruined our country.  

I saw this professor showering even his enemies with so much love that their hearts were transformed and they all turned to be his friends. I was particularly moved to tears when one of the most hardliners and the most fanatic Islamists openly acknowledged he has been a fool, apologized and said he wants to love everyone and that he no more sees anyone as his enemy.

Those words are mine. But I was inspired by what I witnessed in this wonderful virtual friend.  They are a testament to the power of love. Love is more powerful than hate and truth is more potent than all the lies.

This friend whose name in Persian also means "friend" has written a book that you may want to look at and may be become inspired by its author just as I was inspired by him. 

Kind regards 

Ali Sina 

This is the book 



after reading your passages on allah's miracles i soon realised how blind i was. i dont know who you are but all i know is that you have A LOT of guts writing all of that. i agree with you on one thing, some muslims, no sory, most muslims would want to slice your head off after reading that but i give you credit. i just wanted to ask you

"did GOD create man or did MAN create god"

i have done some research in the era islam first came out a basically there was a lot of chaos because many people had unanswered questions. to shut them up the government made many rules and one of them was to "hack" peoples minds spiritually by saying there is a god and there is heaven and hell. 

i just wanted to say you are the BEST for making a site like that and for once i see a change. 



Hi Zabiullah 

First welcome to the world of enlightenment. :)

As for your question "did GOD create man or did MAN create god", it depends which god you are talking about. 

Each nation created her own god and Muhammad is the creator of the most sadistic god shaped and carved after his own psychopathic and narcissistic mind. 

As for the real God, it does not create anything. Creation is an action and one who performs an action is a slave of time; so s/he can't be God.  God is not a living, thinking being like these primitive religions of desert want to make us believe. God is the principle underlying the creation. It is a reality not a thing or being.  


  22 Jun 2004

i know you must have heard this like over a million times but you are REALLY clever. how old are you and where do you live in. basically you are not from this world. the thing that makes you stand out is that you say what you think is right and that is really facinating to me. saying that mohammad carved god from his psychopathic imagination takes a lot of courage and i that you have a lot of guts.

i live in london where there are a lot of pakistanies and somalians and basically i have been brought up in believing in the "allmighty" god and what you have showed me really opens my mind further. in my classes for RE (religeouse education) i always made up points about the non existance of god and i was always threatened for doing so.

i thank you once again for giving me so many points and your website is now VERY popular as it is all around our school.




please include more of those 'hate-mails' from angry moslems as it's an epitomy of their minds and hearts which echo nothing but hollow....as it has been for 1400 yrs.

As a former moslem who left the 'cult' with pants down, I enjoy reading and hearing their rage for which they can do 'nada'.




mr. sina,,,

  its a great work which you are doing, i find finly some one tell the people my thought ,i left islam 20 years ago, it was /is very hard as you know ,i just write to say i am with you fully and let me tell you about the arabic page in your site, its very week ,needs "modernize" and you may need to up date it .

    I ofer my "help" to translate some of your articles in arabic if you want,even if i will spend few days using the ditionary,dont under estimate me i am very good in arabic , and i can do it ,i want to do it ,and you will pay me when i will see you some day when this "mared almagnuun" finish

                 thank you ,,,,abul


Dear Abul  

It would be great if you could translate some of the articles in Arabic but do not expect pay from me any time soon. Iíll pay you when I am paid. (That is in other world, if there is one)  I am doing this for free and all other people involved with this site also work as volunteers. We just think this is important and we canít sit silent. More people are joining and more people are helping. Hopefully soon weíll have also our Postnuke sites and we can have sites in many other languages. Everyone is welcome to help. For all those who help I will ask God to give them 73 virgins (that is one more than what Muhammad offered) and if they are women I make sure they get one great charming prince in paradise.  (Muhammad promised nothing for women. In fact he said the majority of women will go to hell. So my deal is much better than Muhammad's. Also unlike men who love orgies, I donít think women enjoy being gang raped by 72 ghilmans)  





Dear Ali Sina
You are doing a great job and I appreciate your dedication and campaign for a better world. The world has witnessed the fall of Nazism and Communism in the past that many people remember. Islam, with the same character of Nazism and Communism, must be the next candidate. Islam feeds from ignorance that is in abundance but its fall can be the best present for humanity after the fall of Nazism and Communism. The virus of Islam is 1400 years old and  humanity needs many dedicated sons and daughters to carry on this campaign. The process is very long and painful and I hope that our Iran takes a leading role up to the end to a world free from Islam.
Behrouz A




Dear Ali Sina, I just read your reply to NinaSimone. In my mind you will always be the bravest person of our times and a great and true Persian. I may sound childish saying that , because I am not eloquent as you are, but this is the truth. You are more than a scholar you are a true human the way Saadi meant it in his poems. 

Live long and prosper 



Thank you very much for lying so sweetly about me. Undeserving compliments are always welcome because the deserving ones are so rare. :)




 Dear Sir, you need not reply back to me, I understand you are very busy. I stummbled across your site and read a great portion of it. I must say it really opened my eyes to this religion. I think you are a very brave man to embark on such a journey and I respect that! After seeing the current events I have a feeling you are correct in your veiws. I to beleive in Peace, but I will fight for Freedom, including that of others! So I wish you much Luck in your work and maybe Peace will be found with out the cost of many peoples lives, for there are to many as we speak. 

                                      Sincerely, Chris  



Very nice 

after reading it I heard myself saying '' hear , hear ''

pity you can't publish and the other authors in the newspapers Europeans and Americans fold out in the morning.

I have told some of my collaegues about your website, specially that there is a Dutch forum as well. I tell them no need to read thrillers and bloody detective stories, Islam in the news is much more frightening. The same about a book I recently read by Bernard Lewis '' The jews in Islam'' it takes you 500  years ago into the darkest days for Dhimmies. Imagine like in a science fiction story, Islam would win this war ( why not s.o write something like 1984 but with futuristic Islam ) , I would not want to live 1 second of it. 

Take care 





Dear Ali Sina  

Many thanks for your wonderful web site. I have seen the horrors of Islam in Iran and I appreciate your dedication. Your argument with Montazeri has opened a new chapter in challenging superstitions in the highest degree. You showed that nothing was sacred and you have broken the ground for other people to follow suit. I lack your knowledge in this field but I do my best as much as I can. A web site in Persian, Arabic and Urdu, even in a limited scale because of its enormous difficulties, can benefit more people.  




Dear Behrouz,  

Thanks for your compliments.  

It is true; we need sites in Farsi, Urdu, Arabic and other languages. If anyone is interested to create such sites, I would be more than glad to provide a web space and a forum. You can start by administering your own forum in Farsi. This should not take a lot of your time. Gradually youíll find many more people that share your ideals and want to help. This certainly should be done as teamwork; all it takes is dedication and faith in the outcome.




You and I agree on the virulence of Islamic ideology.  It seems difficult to convince others about the obvious.  It is the only cure though. Islam should be dismantled in order for this world to rest.  

We will keep trying till it is done.  

Have a nice day,  



Hi Youssef, 

The funny thing is that we the ex-Muslims are convinced of it but try to convince the politically correct western crowd. Holy cow. These people want to be hotter bowls than the soup; or as the themselves say it, more Catholic than the Pope. 

They even go as far as to define for us that Islam is a "religion of peace". Guess what! Khomeini, Osama Bin Laden and millions of Muslims who read the Quran every day don't know this but Colin Powell knows it. I can't stop laughing. 

Take care 

Ali Sina




Hello Ali  

I enjoyed your essay about being/non-being though I don't agree with all your conclusions.  

There are some things we experience/know but cannot measure or explain, as you yourself have said. For me, God is one of these things. I have evidence of God's existence in my life, it convinces me but cannot convince you. It is not my problem whether or not you believe in God, but for myself I know there is God.  

I was surprised to read your very adamant denunciations of Muslims -- you say you are an ex-Muslim. Hard to believe. You sound Jewish.  

Assuming it's true you used to be Muslim, what made you change your mind? What made you be Muslim to start with?  

What do you propose we non-Muslims do about this threat that you see? Should we kill all the Muslims or put them in re-programming centers?  

I haven't read the Quran, I don't read Arabic but it seems there have been Muslims around for about 1400 years and though they did cause havoc for the first few centuries to my knowledge they lived quietly for at least the last 600 years or so, no?  

Best regards,  


PS is it safe for you to be so vocal about these beliefs? I'm guessing Ali Sina is not your real name but I do hope no heavy-duty Muslims track you down



Dear Joanne,  

I am a humanist. I think Jews have the right to live in this planet just as everyone else and they have the right to lave a country of their own. Remember that Judaism is not just a religion it is a nationality. Now where they should live? Brazil, Siberia, Australia, or in their own ancestral land. 

This land belonged to them before it was confiscated by Muslims. The problem is that once Muslims confiscate a land, they can't give it up. That becomes the land of Allah and it is humiliation for all the Muslims to give back any land to their original owners. Osama bin Laden mentioned this. He said the Ummah will not accept the same humiliation that they suffered in Andalusia. So the war in Middle East has nothing to do with land. There has never been a country called Palestine. Palestine is the name of a region like Sahara. Part of that falls in Israel, the other parts fall in Syria and Jordan. No one is asking Syria and Jordan to give back the territories. That would be absurd. Give back to whom? Palestine never existed as a country. 

Prior to the Jews the Turks were ruling this land for centuries. There was no call for Jihad then because although the Turks are not Arabs they are Muslims. So it was okay. But a Muslim can't have the humiliation of being ruled by non-Muslims, and especially a Jewish state. This is a religious war.      

The Israeli Palestinian problem is really not that difficult to crack. If the Palestinians did not hate the Jews this much and if driving all the Jews out of Israel was not their only goal, it wonít be hard to come to an agreement.  

I met a Palestinian and a Jew who were best friends. I could not resist the curiosity and jokingly asked, ďArenít you guys supposed to be enemies?Ē They laughed and said we are unbelievers.  

Most Jews are unbelievers; if we could render the Palestinians unbelievers, we would surely pave the road to peace. Believe me, Islam is the only obstacle for peace in Israel . It is also a big stumbling block in the road to peace and progress in all Islamic countries.  

You can read my story of apostasy in Leaving Islam written by Ibn Warraq. You can also read this short testimony online.  

Reading Quran is the most tedious job. This book is so poorly written that is an editorís nightmare. You can go here to read just the gist of it.    

No I do not think we should kill all the Muslims or put them in re-programming centers. We have to be truthful with ourselves and with them and instead of spending so many billions of dollars fighting Islamic terrorism; we should spend just a fraction of that exposing Islam and educating the Muslims. If truth becomes evident no one would want to live in lies. Most Muslims will leave Islam and when that happen this religion of terror will collapse like communism did. Islam is a religion of hype and Muslims are triumphalists. Once they see Islam is not the fastest growing religion as they are led to believe and in fact Muslims are leaving it in big numbers, Islamic zealotry will give way to realism and all this terrorism will vanish.  

This is a much faster way to deal with the problem of Islamic terrorism than killing the terrorists. The Islamic terrorists grow on the tree of Islam. My solution is chopping the tree.  

Islam is a snake that will strike anytime. The reason there was a relative period of peace for several centuries after they were defeated in Europe is because Muslims were poor. Poor people can only think about finding the next meal. Today Muslims, thanks to oil and to well paid jobs in the West are making money and that is why you see Islamic terrorism is on the rise.  

Yesterday I saw a program about Islamic cola called Mecca Cola. The person behind it bragged that 10% of the sale (or revenue) goes to support the Palestinian cause, or in other words suicide bombing of civilians in Israel . All the Muslims who buy this product are supportive of the political agenda of this man and directly are funding Islamic terrorism.  

If we reach these people, convince them that Islam is false, Muhammad was a liar and terrorism will not guarantee virgins, we can stop this terrorism. Once the Palestinian terrorism stops, there would be a chance for them to negotiate for their claims. As it stands now, it would be suicidal for Israel to make any concessions and risk its own destruction.  Today the Palestinians want nothing short of destruction of Israel. Would anyone make concessions to someone who openly says I want to kill you? Judging by the number of geniuses among the Jews, one thing they are not is stupid. 

BTW, I am not the only one who thinks this way. You should read the essays of other ex-Muslims in this site. We all agree on this issue. The problem is Islam. Take a look at this.




To whom it may concern at FFI,

   I simply wish to commend what you are doing and wish you and all freethinkers in cause the best of luck. I am myself a freethinker who disbelieves all of the traditional religions that exist, yet though I am a skeptic, I still believe in God (Of course I don't believe in miracles or any form of revelation) as I am a Philosophical Theist and part time deist. I sincerely hope though that all freethinkers: Philosophical theists, deists, agnostics, atheists, and pantheists will unite together to defeat the superstition that reigns on our unhappy globe, anyway bless you for your efforts, for the day of enlightenment will come if humanity can learn to survive long enough

                  A lover of truth




Dearest Ali,

I've discovered your site today, and I've spent all the afternoon reading it...
You are GREAT.
You have deep knowledge of the subject and a really sharp and clear mind...
your rational and deeply analytical approach to Koran... you analysis of it, is DEEPLY beneficial for lot of confused, influenced, politically-correct minds.

Your own life-example is a true example of strenght, analytic mind and intelligence.

I support your work, I will read everyday more and, as soon as I will find some free time, I will also try to offer you my collaboration.

Thank you VERY MUCH and I really send you all the good wishes for the great altruistic work you are doing






Dear mr. Sina, 

I read your testimony in Ibn Warraq's book ďleaving Islam" and I want to thank you. Your testimony is not tarnished by hate whereas I am still trying sometimes with success not to hate Muslims personally. I am proud because my father is an Iranian like you, and I am sure that it's the Persian intellectuals who will open the eyes of other Muslims to the truth. I salute you and I wish you lots of good health and peace of mind and happiness. In my heart you are an angel of peace and love.  

Sincerely yours,  





I support you1

I have little money, but I'm trying to let people  know about your effort. I have made it a point to 
let at least 20 new people know about your site each day. I hope that will help.

Thank you for such a great effort.

Of course it will help. :-) We need to reach millions of people so everyone in the world realizes that Islam is not just another religion but something very nasty and dangerous. If you promote the site and others do the same, we will reach our goal. The sooner the world sees the ugly face of Islam and rejects it the sooner peace will come. 





Your tale is remarkably similar to mine, in that I came to reject the Christian teachings of my youth by actually reading the Bible, where I encountered tales of Yahweh-commanded genocides in the Old Testament and the psychotic doctrines of Hellfire in the New.  The one difference is that we ex-Christians don't have to fear being murdered for telling the truth.   

One thing that I find appalling is that my fellow agnostics and atheists seldom feel obligated to come to the aid of our brethren who are being assassinated daily by the brainwashed idiots of fundamentalism.   

That said, I have to admit I don't see much hope for either of these religions disappearing from the earth in this millenium, as good as that might be.  Most of my friends and family are Christians; most would scoff at my literalism in Biblical interpretation.  It may not be a bad thing if

Muslims follow the liberal Christian example of rewriting and sanitizing the nastier aspects of their so-called holy books. 



Dear Vaughn, 

Thank you for your email and encouragement. However I strongly disagree that Islam will be around for another millennium. Christianity could be around for a few more centuries but Islam will not survive this century.  

The reason is that Christianity is mostly based on myths. It is hard to fight myths. Christianity is a concoction of legends and earlier religions with a lot of supernatural concepts such as virgin birth and resurrection. The character of Jesus himself, though mythological is saintly. Some people do not mind believing in absurdities as long as they believe in something that is essentially good or at least they perceive it that way. Even as an ex-Christian, you find it difficult to Christ. Christ is a lovable person even though he is a mythological person. In a sense he is like Santa Clause. When you grow older you know that he is not real, despite that you do not despise him because Santa is a lovely mythological figure.  

Muhammad is different. First of all he is not mythological. There are a lot of legends and testimonies left by his followers that can portray his character. When we sieve all the miracles and absurdities that his devout followers have attributed to him and try to understand who was the historic Muhammad the figure of a monster emerges in front of us.  

Jesus never killed anyone. The words attributed to him are the words of love and compassion. Muhammad was a mass murderer, his words are recorded in the Qruan and that book is the textbook of terror. Jesus suffered the ultimate sacrifice. Muhammad killed others, looted their belongings, raped their wives and enslaved their children and built an empire based of tyrany. There is nothing good about Muhammad. He was the epitome of evil. Compared to Hitler Muhammad is far worse. We are not talking about just a liar, we are talking about a satanic character.  

Ex Christians have no reason to hate Jesus. Ex-Muslims do have a lot of reason to hate Muhammad. There is a kernel of goodness in Christianity. There is nothing good in Islam. If you live Christianity to its full implication, you will become a Mother Teresa. If you live Islam to its fullest you become a Khomeini, or an Osama bin Laden.  

It is a mistake to compare Christianity with Islam and assume that since Christianity has survived the age of enlightenment, Islam will do the same. Once the truth about Islam is out, it will be hated by Muslims who are its first victims. I do not see the ex-Christians creating a movement to encourage the Christians to leave Christianity. There is however a movement of ex-Muslims who actively try to expose Islam and destroy it.    

The only thing that props Islam is fear, both fear of retaliation in this world and the fear of punishment in the other world. Once the fear is removed and truth is said, once the Muslims see that Allah has no power and is in fact just the figment of the imagination of Muhammad and a tool for his ambition to dominate, they will abandon Islam en masse. Remember that communism was also a strong political power that was entirely based on fear. Once the Perestroika was established, communism could not survive. Once the truth about Islam is told, it will fall just as communism fell. In contrast Christianity is mostly based on love and not that much on fear. Fear is always more persuasive but it is al also more vulnerable. The fear of dark can be dissipated with just a stick of match. But love last longer. 

With all the above considerations I am certain that though Christianity may survive another three or four hundred years, Islam will not survive another three or four decades. Islam will collapse like a house of cards. It will fall like communism, from within. That fall is already put in motion. 





dear Dr Ali Sina, 

i have just came across your website, it is really astounishing and interesting. reason for this e-mail is to inform you to look through these books

1: TIRUKURAL by SAGE TIRUVALLUVAR -written 2000 year ago

2: TIRUVAASAGAM BY SAGE MANIKAVASAGAR - written in 5th century


Check out their LOVE for all living beings. These are the products of South Indians

Not the from hindu scriptures eg: VEDAS, BAGAVAT GITA. 

The information from those books might give you some boost for your debate with any religion.

good luck.... 


Dear keetha

Thank you for letting me know of the Tirukural. I found a translation of the most ancient Tirukural on the net and read a few chapters of it.

Our ancestors were wise men and taught good things. However they also were humans and many things that they said is no more applicable to our lives. We must learn from them, but it would be a mistake to follow them blindly. We must chart our own destiny and write our own book of guidance. Some of the things they taught should be discarded. 

Take for example the following verses from the Tirukural by Tiruvalluvar: http://www.mountainman.com.au/kural/


Verse 54

What is more majestic than a women
Who preserves the prodigious strength of chastity?

Verse 55

Even the rains will fall at her command
Who upon rising worships not God, but her husband.

Compare the above with the following verses:

Verse 901

Those who dote upon their wives will not achieve great success,
And those of great ambition avoid that very thing.

Verse 902

The riches of a man who rashly follows a woman's ways
Will buy him only shameful shame.

Verse 903

An abnormal submissiveness to his spouse
Will earn a man endless disgrace among decent men. 


Donít you think this book treats men and women differently? Donít you think it is unfair to women? I think it is. I think I will be a happier man and more successful if I make my wife happy. I do not want my wife worship me. I want her love me and respect me, but I am not going to ask her to respect me and love me just because I am her husband and this is her duty. No, rather I will love and respect her first so she falls in love with me and respect me. I will make myself deserving of her love and respect. Love is the child of freedom. You cannot force anyone to love you. You must make yourself deserving of his or her love. You can do that by lavishing them with your love and respect.  

Do you really think modern man needs the guidance of the ancient men? Do we need their knowledge, their science, their technology, their tools or their medicine? If no then why do you think we need their wisdom? Why do we have to follow their spiritual guidance? I think we can perfectly chart our own guidance and be just and fair not just to our women but also to everyone including ourselves. 

My whole goal in creating this site is to encourage my fellow humans





I've read many things in your website and treasure it as much as possible. I think you maybe telling us the truth and maybe there's a lot of mistakes or something that is a lie in mooslem religion. My question is.. what will you do if you are finally proved that you are true and all of us do believe in you? 

Will there any changes in our world? Will we live in peace together? 

Those are my little hopes, because I feel so sad... I have seen many murder in my country that caused by the two major community (both mooslem and christian).



-Conflict in Poso (Province Sulawesi)

-Conflict in Ambon (Province Maluku)

-Bomb attack that was done by fundamental mooslem in Bali

-Bomb attack at JW Marriot Hotel

-Bomb attack at many churchs. 

Thanks, may God always be on our side.. 



Dear Manda,

My objective is not to make people believe in ME. My hope is to convert people from believers into doubters and thinkers. And if you think about it, most of the wars and killings in the world are and have been religiously motivated. Faith is a strong feeling and the hate that it engenders is deadly. Once we stop believing in religion or any doctrine for that matter and instead of following someone, whether dead or alive, think on our own and rely on our own intelligence we will have one less reason to hate one another. And as it happens this is the greatest reason to hate. 

Religions and doctrines tell us if you believe in what we say you have found the truth. This is the source of evil. Because once you think you have found the truth, you not only stop searching, but also despise others whom you think are misguided. 

When we do not believe in anything we are constantly searching. Knowledge or truth is unlimited and therefore search should never stop. I do not want people to believe in me. I want them to doubt what I say, doubt everything and find their own light. When we think we know, we act condescendingly, if not ruthlessly towards those whom you think do not know. Once we admit that we do not know, we become humble, we listen to others, pay attention to new ideas and strive to learn more. We become conscious of our limitations,less arrogant and more tolerant. 

You made a list of some of the terrorist crimes. Why do you think the terrorists terrorize people? It is because they are convinced that they are right and others are wrong, that they are good and others are bad, that they are victims and others are the culprits for their plight. This is an arrogance caused by faith, whether in a religious or in a political doctrine.  

The more self-righteous is a doctrine, the more dangerous it becomes. Buddhism is the least dangerous religion because it encourages you to doubt, while Islam is the most dangerous because it demands you to believe. All other religions fall somewhere in between. To the degree that they are self righteous, they are dangerous.  

Todayís 90% of conflicts are religiously motivated and perhaps 99% of them are ideologically motivated. If we remove religion we will eliminate the cause of 90% of deadly conflicts. If we remove ideologies, we will eliminate the cause of most human conflicts.  People will still have problems. As human beings we will not be able to live together without conflicts. However, once we stop believing, stop erecting ideological and religious walls amongst ourselves, we will have far less reason to hate each other and fight.


Ali Sina 




Dearest Ali Sina,

I hope this e-mail finds you well. I stumbled upon your site 2 years ago and it's only now that I have joined the FFI forum. I commend you and the others who work with you on FFI. You are very brave and wise. 

As for myself, I am an African-American female born and raised in NYC. Because of the racial tensions that are all too infamous throughout US history, many Americans have been taught to be politically correct (PC) so as to bring equality and peace towards all of humanity. Prior to 9/11 I had only a vague notion of what Islam really was. All I kept hearing from Muslims of various races was that Islam was peaceful and the prophet Muhammad has a gentle, peaceful man sent by Allah.

But I always seemed to have doubts about Islam even as far as 10 years ago when I started high school. I couldn't understand why Muslim women had to always cover themselves (hijab,burqa) while the men were allowed to wear whatever they wanted. I heard from Christian friends of mine that in Islam women are oppressed and treated like garbage while men were treated like gold. When I asked Muslim women about the hijab, many said it promotes modesty and helps people not to look at them as sex objects. At the time, I thought that excuse sounded ok.

When I got older, more doubts started to come into my head about Islam (sorry for the long email). I always kept hearing about the Palestinian suicide bombers. I couldn't for the life of me understand what would make young children blow themselves up, killing innocent people, thinking they are going to heaven. I asked this question to many Muslims whether they were black,  white, Arab, Pakistani, Nigerian, American, British, Afghani and etc. I kept hearing the same excuse over and over again, "the Isrealis are destroying the Palestinians, and the Palestinans are desperate for equal rights, but the Jews are denying them this". I said to many Muslims that blacks were desperate for equal and civil rights all throughout American history too, but if many killed white people out of "desperation" white people would have used that as an excuse to kill blacks and deny us civil,equal.....human rights. With that logic, many Muslims seemed to agree with me, one even acknowledged that they kinda understand why Israel is retaliating
the way it does.

What really turned me off from Islam was a couple of years ago when I was standing in front of store in Brooklyn that was broadcasting a Nation of Islam speech by Louis Farrakhan. I was drawn to it because the NOI always preached black "unity" (which I realized was masked by virulent anti-semitism). A man who said he was from Kenya, said a REAL black person would NEVER become Muslim. I asked the man why. He said Arab Muslims are still enslaving blacks in Africa up to today and their so-called holy prophet had many black slaves and treated them cruelly! I was
slack-jawed. I didn't want to believe it but I kinda did considering that here in America,especially NYC, many Arabs have businesses in black neighborhoods and often times treat black customers with no respect whatsoever.

With what the Kenyan man had told me, I underwent a journey of research and slowly came to realize that Arabs are committing mass genocide against blacks in Africa. My blood literally began to boil. When I found out with what was going on in Sudan and Mauritania I found it to be on the same level as Apartheid, segregation and American slavery and yes, even the Holocaust. I confronted Muslims with my research, especially black Muslims and they said that I was causing "disunity" with "our Arab brothers" and that I shouldn't be brainwashed with "Zionist propaganda". I told these Muslims that Amnesty International and the UN aren't "Zionist" propaganda machines. The Arab Muslims came up with this wild excuse," Arabs treated their slaves kind and freed them and were more humane with their slaves and treated them with dignity unlike the Europeans". I almost fainted from the stupidity I
was hearing. I literally wanted to bang my head against the wall. Many Muslims just thought I was brianwashed by white people to cause friction amongst "people of color".

Then September 11 happened and since I live in Brooklyn (across the river from Manhattan), I saw everything that happened. Then CNN showed footage of the Palestinians (I used to feel sorry for these guys) celebrating in the streets at the World Trade Center collapsing. I was pissed off! But in the mean time, I was trying to make sense out of it all. I did an internet search on Islam and came across your site. I spent weeks upon weeks reading your articles Mr. Sina. It took me 3 months to digest a lot of stuff on your site. I understand Islam now, and what it means (oppression, racial and gender apartheid, terrorism, poverty, famine, theft, hooliganism, and all the ills humanity has to offer). I used to hate Muslims immediately after 9/11 but your site changed my heart.
I realize that Islam is cult dedicated to most adept mass-murderer of all time (Muhammad). Maybe in another life, Muhammad and Hitler could have been best friends.

I will try to spread the word around about FFI and you have taught me how to confront Muslims (properly at least) with a lot of issues around Islam that seems to violate all human rights that were sanctioned by Muhammad and his ready-to-comply Allah. I want to get the message out mainly to black Muslims, if they despise European-sanctioned Apartheid and slavery they should equally despise Arab slavery of Africans. I just hope it's not too late for all Muslims around the world to find the light of truth instead of the light of Allah-sanctioned nuclear device.

Pax Aeterna




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