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30 Nov 2002


Dear Ali,

I discovered <faithfreedom.org> just a week ago. I must commend you on this initiative. I sincerely believe that your concerns for the fate of our humanity from the Islamic dogma and the world peace from the Islamists are genuine and are not motivated by your bitterness (perhaps due to having personally suffered from Islamic oppression) or any other personal agenda. I'm also very impressed with the quality of the site's content. I really enjoyed your style of writing! 

Just a word about myself: My name is ÖÖ., I'm a Canadian of Christian Lebanese origin who escaped from the war torn Lebanon in 1976. In the early

70's, I was a teenager with great aspiration to learn anything about everything. I made all sort of friends in High-school, more than half were Muslims. That helped discover 2 dogmas: Communism (Soviet-style that is!) and Islamism. Yes, in the 1st case I really wanted to learn about Communism 1st hand, so I followed a couple of Communist youth leaders everywhere and learned quickly how evil Communist Totalitarism is to the world freedom and well being. As for Islamism, I earned the trust of a young man from the "Muslim Brotherhood" organization (Sunni Islamists in Sidon, Lebanon). For him politeness was a luxury he couldn't afford. He explained to me how their doctrine dictates to them that "Muslim will not accept sharing power with "mushrikin" (my people) and that they will do whatever it takes, including war, in order to render Lebanon an Islamic State. I was utterly shocked. I considered myself very moderate (because I was ignorant) and did care much about my own religion, let alone other people's religions! Let's understand the context: This was 1973, Lebanon was very peaceful and prosperous.  

Besides Israel, we had the only Pluralistic Democracy in the Middle east. I could understand that some political opposition would want to "Arabize"  Lebanon a bit more, because they considered that most Lebanese, in particular Christians, most Sunni and Druze, are too "decadent" in leading Western-style life. But I couldn't comprehend how could people who enjoy peace and good life aspire to upheaval, destruction and killing just for the cause of a RELIGION. I started reading the Qur'an in Arabic, I started to understand that what I learned from my moderate muslim friends and the mainstream Lebanese media was a very polished interpretation of Islam.  

I could understand this because modern people need not interpret word-for-word 14 centuries old archaic writing for guidance, spiritual or behavioral! Well that man and the tragic events that followed 2 years later proved wrong! Results 15 years later: 10% of the population or 300 thousand massacred (mostly Nigerian-style or tortured in the undergrounds of the PLO camps or at the hands of Khomeini's followers), 1 Million displaced and 800 thousand (mostly Christians) immigrated all over the world. But worse of all Lebanon lost the Democracy and Freedom it took us 3 centuries to earn (since Emir Fakhr-el-Din II). 

In spite of our tragedy, I always shed away from describing Islam as it is. I felt that because I'm not Muslim, I would be bias and unfair to Muslim friends if I do so. But when Salman Rushdie published the "Satanic Verses" prompting the greatest satan of all Khomeini to declare that "Fatwa" against him, my patience with Islamism ran out. To me this symbolized the ultimate in Terrorism, way worse the 70's hijacking of airplanes, this was the Terrorism of Thoughts. To add salt to injuries, not one moderate or intellectual Muslim would rise to speak against such an odious act. 

In the late 70's, when the Afghan Mujahedeen were waging their war against the Soviet occupation, I was living in France. All of my french friends were siding with the supposedly "freedom fighters" and against the Soviet oppressors and their puppet regime of Kabul. Knowing me disdain of Communist Totalitarism, they were surprise in my expressing support for the Soviet army. I told my friend, no matter how bad the Soviet can be, you can't compare them to evil of Islamists. The Soviets are a modern society at the least. If the Mujahedeen win, the secular fighters will be swept aside (as it happened in Iran) and the Afghan people will truly experience the taste of oppression of the Fundamentalists. This wasn't a prophecy; it just seemed such a logical conclusion. When, the Taliban won the civil war, I told my friends, the American (who indirectly let the Taliban win with the help of Saudi Arabia and Pakistan) will live to regret what they've done in Afghanistan, both is helping humiliate the Soviets and letting the Taliban prevail. Well they didn't have to wait long!





24 Nov 2002


You write very well, and you are helping us win - thank you.

Regards, Mike


24 Nov 2002

Mr. Sina, I presume: 

I am no longer sure whom I am addressing, Mr. Ali Sina or the reincarnation of Abraham Lincoln! 

Its weird, but I think, just in the way and manner you are fighting this battle, is much closer to Lincoln than anything Bush is doing, so I don't take this comparison lightly. I loved your speech, or should I say latest writing. It has all the major firepower of a truth whose time has come, and is a real knockout blow to any of those still dangling the idea that this ideology called Islam can be dealt with in any other way than through the means of direct confrontation, if not equally brutal force.



21 Nov 2002

Dear Ali

I have been an avid visitor to your website for the past three months. I have read many of the articles, some of them more than once. I must admit that your writings have had a profound effect on me, and taken my thinking into a new direction. I am now able to say with pride and confidence that I am a humanist. I know now that I have always felt this way, and despite the testing, painful moments, the doubts and questions in my heart, I feel reborn. You have helped me to come out of the closet. Thank you.

Many of your articles highlight the perpetual pain and endless suffering and misery propagated by Islamists upon so many helpless people all over the world. Besides frequenting the Faith Freedom website, I have also visited Amnesty International and other humanitarian sites. When I read how little girls are raped and abused and forced into marriage, my heart pains and it makes me cry. I want to reach out and hug them, and hold their little faces in my hands and tell them things are going to get better. I want to tell them that we hear their cries and help is coming. I feel so helpless. When I read your letter :"16 yr old girl who was burned...". It made me very emotional and sad.

The other night I was perusing The Faith Freedom website, when my six year-old daughter came to sit at my desk. She asked me: " Daddy, what are you doing?" I told her I was reading about a little who was in trouble. My daughter said: " Daddy you must help herÖ tell her to come play with me". I promptly hugged her, kissed her cheek, and smiled at her.

Islam is a religion of violence and evil. This is an undisputed fact. Those so-called modernist Muslims, the pseudo-intellectual Muslims and the Imams who, in their sermons, tell the congregation, nothing else but: "Coca Cola is Haraam", and "women must embrace the hijab -that beautiful garment". All these people are blind - they are blinded by faith. These people do not have one molecule of Humility, compassion or love in their hearts. Those Muslims who criticize Faith Freedom in the debates, letters and other articles are living a fantasy. Many Muslims, especially those, who live in the west, claim that Islamic Fundamentalists are misinterpreting the Koran- this is utter rubbish. Their arrogance is only exceeded by their ignorance. Their incessant jabbering that the western world and the media are distorting Islam is beginning to sound like a stuck record. These are the very people who should be condemning and denouncing the violence and evil perpetrated against defenseless women and children, but they remain silent. Why ? Ö Why do they have such immense difficulty in condemning Islamic Fundamentalism? This can only conclude that Islam and Islamic Fundamentalism is one-and- the same thing. EVIL !

The Sept 11 attack on America was cruel and cowardice. It has exposed the true face of Islam and has driven yet another nail into the coffin of this evil religion. This very act of terror has blown the lid on Islamic Fundamentalism and has done nothing but elevate humanism one level higher.

My father once told me that the human mind is a force; that as human beings, our salvation and survival can only be achieved if we reclaim our humanist identity. When he said that, I questioned his very sanity. Now I realize his logic and intent. As humanists, we must focus this Force into a coherent stream of energy and use it to combat ignorance and uncertainty. We have a duty and a responsibility to help those little voices who are crying silently. We must give hope to those who desperately desire it.

We must take humanism to those who urgently need it. This is the only antidote for Islam and the physical and psychological  destruction it has caused. We have seen the benefits of education, music, art and sport, and how we can use this to empower our minds and bodies. This combined with a healthy dose of love, compassion and humility is the only way forward. It is only then that we can truly call ourselves Human.

Best Wishes



21 Nov 2002

Dear Dr. Sina,

I hope that this e-mail letter will find you well. When my financial situation improves I plan contributing more ($) that is to the web site. I have at this point only made a nominal donation of $10.
In my spare time I also work with an independant journalist named Maria Sliwa who is working diligently to educate the public about the existence of slavery particularly in the Sudan. Today I found an one line petition that will be useful to both of you. It is
www.dhimmi.com  On this website is an on-line petition to the United Nations' Secretary-General Kofi Annan informing him about the suffering of non-Muslims under Islamic regimes. Sadly I noticed that there were very few signatures on the petition. Perhaps your website could change this.

Now, and I thank you in advance for indulging my sentimentality, I read something that made me both intensely sad but equally hopeful. I read about a woman named Layla Murad an Egytpian movie actress that was known as the "Cinderella of the Arab Cinema".  Mostly probably to further her success this "dhimmi",
born an Egyptian Jew, converted to Islam. Unfortunately her success and popularity did not protect her from accusations of Zionism after the Creation of the State of Israel. Although she stayed in Egypt until her death several years ago her career and fame faded. In reading this article I read that Layla's most famous and signature song was "Yahya Elhob" (Long Live Love!). Upon reading this I realized that this was the song that my Sephardic
grandmother from Morocco used to sing! It is my hope that soon with noble and courageous people like yourself soon the whole world will be singing the same,

"Yahya Elhob!" (Long Live Love!).

Your friend,
Matthew  F.


Dear Mathew, 

Just like you I am a damn sentimentalist and your email moistened my eyes.

I hope your finances improve, but donít worry about contributions. You can do more just by promoting the site. I am sure if this message becomes universal the fall of Islam will begin. The terrorists get their approval and their moral support from the non-terrorist Muslims. When there is no one encouraging them, hailing them as heroes and martyrs, when they find themselves scorned as brainwashed terrorists, they will stop this madness. The key to stop Islamic terrorism is to weaken the faith in Islam. We have to demolish the ideology behind Islamic terrorism. And the step one is to demolish the mindless leftist Pee Cee culture. Please promote this site in anyway you can. 

Yahya el hob  (long live love)




dear ali sinaji 

dear sir, great work, especially about the so called god not being creator!!! very intelligent and very well said. i am deeply impressed. 




Hi Mr. Ali Sina,how are you doing? im a 18yr old singaporean,unlike many countries in the world, Singaporeans live in peace and harmony regardless of language race or religon.but however our sense of security was shaken when he found out that muslim extremist of the Jemaah Islamiah were operating here right under our noses.Thankfully they were caught befoer they could unleash any harm.Being curious and having a insatiable appettite i do constant research on other world religons and their followers.One thing puzzled me greatly was the way how muslims behave,their intolerance to other religons and their sick idelogies.Once i was reading the Bible,when my muslim friend asked me a most riduculous question "Does the bible have anything on Muhammed?"Actually i was kind of pissed of cause i knew they are trying to lure me into Islam,i merely replied that there is nothing about Muhammed in the bible.Not wanting to give up he pressed on by sayin that Muhammed was the purest,holiest etc etc .I got exceedingly annoyed but just kept silent.I then decided to research on Islam and i came across your site.....God bless me at last i knew what to say to a nosy advocater of Islam,your site besides being comprehensive also promotes human rights issues and highlights problems posed by muslims to non muslims.I found the ugly face if Islam which disgusts me.I just cannot comprehend the muslims they are at war and odds with every other community or religon.In singapore or anyother country a person could walk into a Hindu temple,Buddhist temple or a church without inviting stares but try walking into a mosque your can feel the reception the moment one step in.I think the world would be a better place if everyone is a polytheist,im not saying this because im a Hindu but i have seen Chinese Buddhists worshipping at Hindu temples and vice versa and sometimes both shrines are even housed together.I find real harmony and peace between two distinct races and culture.Im not against monothestic religons,i have Christian friends who are critical of polythestic religons but they foster a sense of brotherhood on others.As for Islam,i wish it just did not exist.I believe there is a force above us and it is not Muslim,Hindu or Christian or watever.




Dear Kenneth,  

Thank you for sending me the transcript of your interview with the Grand Mufti of Egypt. I am afraid I was not shocked but only disgusted reading what he had to say. It is important that civilized world understand that we are dealing with a people pertaining to a different world. A world with values that are incomprehensible to us and utterly disturbing.

Thank you for having the guts to tell the truth and thank you for sending those articles. I placed links to them in the news section of faithfreedom.org and look forward to more of your articles to publish.

Take care, 

Ali Sina


Nov. 14, 2002 

Thanks, Ali - I saw it on your terrific website. I can tell you, the Mufti wasn't terribly happy he had agreed to meet me by the end of our 90 minute sparring match! He wouldn't even pose for a photograph!

Best regards,

Kenneth Timmerman



Oh I am too familiar with that. Before the debate Muslims boast like rooster just looking for a chance to smash their opponents with their irrefutable arguments. But after debating a little they chicken out and wish they had never met you. 

Just to bring some smiles to your face. See how this Wissam Nasr, the Executive Director of Islamic Institute for Human Rights brags about his erudition and challenges me to debate with him promising that he would make me revert to Islam.

"I am very knowledgable about Islam and I promise you that I can win absolutely any debate with you, from philosophy to theology to Islam in actual practice. I challenge you to publish my comments and I challenge you to try to answer them. I must tell you right now, however, that I am heavily armed with information and citations. As you will soon see, my good friend, it will be impossible to prove me wrong. I will give you so much accurate knowledge and reasoning, that inshallah you will convert to Islam. If that sounds crazy, then look around you Ali--crazier things have happened." http://main.faithfreedom.org/Debates/wissam_nasr.htm  

But after the exchange of few messages with our group, he was sorry and embarrassed for starting the debate and this is what he writes:  

ďAli, I am flattered that you are making a big deal out of me visiting your hate-site by giving me front page billing, but frankly I am ashamed that my colleagues would find out I am even speaking to you. I really am.  

And like someone drowning and gasping for air, he tries to untangle himself from the embarrassing mess in which he finds himself. He continues:  

ďI do this as a my form of Jihad, so I must admit my motivations for being here are limited to that only. I don't expect you to convert, or even listen to me. But interestingly enough, ever since we started our debate, no less than ELEVEN people have written me and asked to hear more about Islam from me. They compliment me on my excellent arguments and my style of debate. I imagine I am gaining a "cult" following, if you will. So you see Ali, my work here is getting done. People are listening to me and examining the facts for themselves, instead of reading your hilariously inadequate articles. Silly rabbit, do you really expect objective people to listen to your hate-filled, ONE SIDED articles? Actually, I realized that most of the people here already had something against Islam and now this is a place to vent their hate and frustrations. They were already prejudiced. That is why I will now announce that ALL people that wish to speak to me in order to learn more about Islam can contact me freely at the website address I posted here, [email protected] I am winning the debate Ali, because people are defecting from your camp.Ē  


Well, we argued that if he is being so successful and just after less than a week 11 people wrote to him complementing him for his "excellent arguments", he should stay longer and enlighten more people. But our pleas were to no avail.

The truth is that Muslims have never been courageous except in battles. If you read the history of Islam, youíll see that Islam grew only by sword. Muhammad, Abu Bakr, Omar and Ali, killed more than a hundred thousand Arabs. Invading civilians, killing their men and enslaving their women and children was the norm. For example in the Battle of Yamama during the caliphate of Abu Bakr, Muslims soldiers killed more than 10,000 of their Bani Hanafi opponents. When the women and children saw that most of their men had died, they surrendered and accepted Islam. Despite their acceptance of Islam, Khalid ibn Valid, the Muslimís commander demanded half of the population and half of the gardens for booty as the condition for peace treaty. Khalid was tricked into signing the agreement, because the women dressed like men and paraded over the walls of the fortress making him believe that there are more men in the town.  The winder was ahead and Khalid thought his soldiers couldnít fight anymore. Otherwise he would have not accepted the treaty and would have massacred everyone. When the agreement was reached and the treaty was signed, the letter of Caliph Abu Bakr arrived in which he ordered all men be executed and all women and children be taken as slaves. 

This is how Islam grew. Muslims are brave only when it comes to killing their opponents. But when it comes to debates and logical arguments, they are very shy.

Best wishes 

Ali Sina  



Nov. 11, 2002

Dear Dr. Sina


First off all my congratulation & kudos to you for provoking the conscious of our fellow Muslim brothers to question their beliefs and not give in to the blind faith handed down to us by our family and religious instructors at a very impressionable early age. Letís not forget that most of us do not get to choose our religion but rather is born into it by the virtue of our inheritance. Very few of us get motivated enough to study different religion and then get to choose the one according to our liking, but we rather just maintain the status quo handed down to us from our parents. As a rational human being we have every right to challenge our beliefs and explore the underlying message within it, unfortunately it seems most of our Muslim brothers are frozen in kind of a time wrap in the early centuries when Islam & itís beliefs might have been appropriate for the savage Arabs and the nomadic tribes but it seems totally irrelevant for todayís modern world and itís people. Sadly enough, every religion have gone through major reformation to make it more passive, nonviolent and tolerant for the modern world except Islam and Itís teachings, or maybe because the underlying theology behind it is so crude  & lacking in sophistication that there is no way to improve upon it. I can some what understand the blind faith in those who are uneducated in the traditional sense but it absolutely amazes  & horrifies me to see so called well educated Muslim professionals making irrational and emotional comments in defense to any constructive criticism of Islam and itís teachings. We can continue to blame the entire world for the recent fallout and controversy regarding Islam, itís messenger and itís teachings but no rational individual will buy into it once they get to study it with an unbiased & open mind. If there is one religion that is in total contrast with the universal message for peace, tolerance, harmony and non-violence then it has to be Islam and itís teaching.





Nov. 8 2002

Ali, it's me [TH] from Indonesia. I have sent my article and my graphic, which entitled 'Oh...Seram!' (Oh...Terrible!) to Indonesian section of your website (I sent it directly to Wong Jowo because it use Indonesian language). However... as you maybe have already known, it seem the wind is not in our side. Have you heard that US government has launched a campaign to show Muslim world, including Indonesia, that muslims there is treated well as US citizen, and that the muslims enjoy freedom to practice and spread their religion in the free country and other western countries. The US government policy wants to show to the people in muslim countries that Americans actually their friends. Perhaps it has something to do with the plan of attacking Iraq or the detention of Abu Bakar Ba'asyir of Indonesia. But above all, who said becoming a muslim is not pleasure; while living in western countries they can live without fear of religious persecutions, get big attentions from their government, enjoy freedom and equality, but when living in Islamic countries they can freely oppress and transgress the rights of the minorities. Is it mean US government don't care about minorities persecuted in Islamic countries? Oh, they even don't care about their own religion! 

So, at present, I am afraid the mainstream of intellectuals and politicians of western countries will close their eyes and shut their ears to our efforts in telling the truth. Furthermore, million dollars had been poured to support the campaigns of Islam openly and massively. The impact looks like very tremendous. Even the US president and UK prime minister give big attentions to Islam, excelling their interests toward other religions, including their owns. Of course oil factor has played its roles, but I think you must take CAIR fiery propaganda seriously. Do the westerners think they are just at war with Al-Qaeda? Or they maybe think that the fundamentalists who attacked them come from other nations, so no problem with muslim citizens. 

I suggest you'd better seeking help from professionals, those who is expertizing stratagems to face their campaigns. I think the sincerity is not enough anymore. Perhaps you can bring the matter to the forum. 

I myself is considering to bring yours into non-muslim public. I think you should know but in Indonesia there is movements in Christians (mainly Catholics) to make friends and brothers with Muslim! They think if muslims have been appeased (with the warmth of the Christians and financial aids) they won't attack non-muslim anymore. Sadly, although often be persecuted and treated unjustly by muslims, the non-muslims of Indonesia still think that Islam is a good religion and the 'radicals' just misunderstand the teaching of the 'holy' prophet, whereas many muslims have been taught from childhood to suspect and dislike non-muslims. These dhimmis think that it is natural for minorities to be persecuted because it take place everywhere in the world. I wonder whether the westerner diplomats didn't know the factual condition or they wont't care about it; they even complained to Indonesian members of parliament why Indonesian muslim just pay a little attentions to Bali bombings, in contrast to the Islamists' concerns to the Palestinian or Bosnian muslimss. Do you know that many muslim in Indonesia (including the so-called moderates) think that the bombing is the act of CIA or Israelis. Of course, there is no Indonesian newspaper dare to connect this bombing with Islam. 

The other problem is that the internet still a luxury for the majority of Indonesian regardless their religions. The accesibility of the net even lower than India or China. 

I know perhaps it's dangerous, but I will be careful. I still believe in personal aprroachs. I think if you limit the information just on the net, we will not attain many advances, while your opponents can speak out their convictions in various mass-media and with supports from their governments. Perhaps you can also bring the matter to the forum. However, you can not play a super hero game, just a few fighters have to face so many Islamic 'villains'. Perhaps you should consider not to take your noble job as your private side-job anymore. I also think you even have to get your sucessors. Also, don't easily shed your tears, Ali, I mean don't be too impulsive. It's not a cruel advice. But please consider it: if you think about the sufferings of other people so deeply that you finally weep over them, will your tears help them? Besides, it also can harm your health, you can be sick, and make your dearest ones sad. Be strong, Ali, so you can be a strong light for not only your family, but also for humanity!





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