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Reader's Comments 


Thank you for your good work...from a fellow lover of humanity. Sincerely, A.F.C. Wednesday, February 27, 2002 By Kenneth Adelman

27 Feb 2002

Dear Dr Sina:

I have been studying your sites  since last night and don't seem to be able to stop. I think you must be a God sent :)! A savior of some kind. Thank you for all your efforts in exposing lies that have infiltrated our lives for over 1000 years. Thank you for your enormous courage. I know I could not have done what you are doing because I would be afraid.

I have one wish and that is to someday maybe sit down with you for lunch and just chat. People like you are quite rare. I hope that you stay well and keep up your great contributions to humankind.

Best Regards,




26 Feb 2002

 Dear Mr. Sina,

I hope you are doing well.

I'm really sorry to inform you that your site has been blocked in UAE! I live there now and just recently the access to your site has been denied by the Internet service provider! I can still visit your site though my AOL account (different proxy) but others in this region can't. Well, I just wanted you to be informed…


 25 Feb 2002

I wanted to send the following message to the merciful, comapssionate one but his address seems to have disappeared from the FFI site: 

O Allah, 

We Muslims are oppressed in the world. North, south, east, west, the infidel occupies lands that you have decreed should be ruled and dominated by we your humble slaves. In these lands, that which you have forbidden is
permitted! All we wish for are the rights you have bestowed on us to divest the infidel of his ill-gotten gains as well as his life; to plant our seed in the most beautiful unbelieving whores so that their wombs may glory in the nurturing of true believers instead of the spawn of hell; to sell the unbelievers whelps and less-attractive bitches in the slave markets of Mecca; to turn his temples of iniquity into houses of the true faith. 

These rights you have granted us, oh Allah, but the unbelieving dogs prevent us from exercising them. If we try, I swear they will kill us. May you curse them! In the good old days, if the infidel did not accede to our reasonable request to accept Islam or die, we would take what was legally ours by force of arms. But that option is not presently available. For some reason you have given the hordes of Satan all the best weapons. In fact we have not won a major war against them for centuries. And they still outnumber us. Even the filthy idolatrous Hindus have managed to attain a population of nearly a billion, despite our best efforts to exterminate them. 

Some of your people have  settled in the Muslim territories known to their illegal occupants as Europe, Australia and America. We would dearly love to drive the interlopers out of these lands of ours as they drove us out of al-Andalus, but our numbers in these places are still small. The infidels that infest these countries have strange ideas. They believe that a Muslim man should only have sex with a kafir woman if she has first given him her consent. Some of our young men have actually been jailed for breaking this blasphemous rule! They even have the insolence to give we Muslims equal citizenship rights with THEM! Infidels equal to Muslims! such an idea can only have come from Satan himself. Why, oh Allah, do you allow them to heap such indignities upon us? What have we done to offend you? 

Perhaps we have been allowing our daughters to stray too far from the straight and narrow. I caught my daughter singing recently, but only punished her with a beating. Perhaps I should have killed her, like the good Muslim father in England who righteously stabbed his whore of a daughter twenty times after finding her in her bedroom with a man to whom she was not married. 

Or should we redouble our efforts to convert the unbelievers by that ever-unsatisfactory method of peaceful persuasion? Bizarrely, most of them find many of your divine ordinances - such as the chopping off of hands, the stoning of adulterers, the beating of wives - distasteful. We have endeavoured, therefore, to convince the unbelieving dogs that your religion is one of peace, toleration, pluralism, universal human rights, sexual equality and other such hell-conceived notions of theirs. Frustratingly, only the most gullible or stupid among them have fallen for this, and our efforts are being further hampered by a filthy apostate called Ali Sina who has made it his life's work to expose your holy dissimulation. Tell me where he lives, oh Lord, and I will silence him for you. 

Oh Allah, send us a sign so that we know you have not forsaken us! It does not need to be anything spectacular. The total annihilation of the United States by an asteroid will do.

Ronald B.


19 Feb 2002

Ali Sina, I never thought it would be possible for my muslim to break out of the indoctrination that surrounds him/her and rethink the doctrine with this much lucidity. 

Congratulations on your courage!. I am glad for mankind that there can be some people like you too. I will pray that you don't get killed for your honesty. And i don't think your site is going to be refuted, for to do that is to refute truth itself. 

All i ask from islam is tolerance and respect for others beliefs. I do not expect it to happen anytime soon however. - 

asit kh.

Ali Sina responds:

Dear Asit, Thank you for your email and kind words. I am happy to inform you that you are wrong. Muslims are leaving Islam in big numbers. In fact millions of Iranians do no more believe in Islam. Islam is a religion in fast demise and I assure you this movement that has started is going to end the Islam.

Feb 17, 2002

 Ali, ...........help me..... 

Thank you for writing back.  

I'm a little confused.  How do you know that absolute truth exists?  It sound like you are saying that something exists, but can't be attained. If it can't be attained, how do you know it exists? It sound like you are exercising your own faith or religion.  Did you get a chance to look up the word religion?  

I am curious how you determine right from wrong in your life? 

How is it that you know there is absolute truth and say no one can  reach it? 

Have you really thought it through?


To say that "the absolute truth is unattainable IS an absolute statement and so you have come to what IS absolute truth which is there is none. This is called reasoning in a circle: 

You say there is no attainable absolute truth, so doesn't this prohibit you from having any opinion about truth itself? 

If I said, "there are no automobiles in the world" and then went on to give my view on automobile parts and how they work, what would you think? 

If we see part of the truth, as you say, how is it that you determined this? 

I appreciate your heart-searching answers...

Steve Fresquez


  Ali Sina Responds

Dear Steve, 

This is really a simple concept. The fact that the truth is one and absolute is self-evident. If there is no truth, nothing can be said to be false. False is what contradicts the truth. So truth must exist because falsehood exists. 

It is also clear that truth must be one. Can you have multitudes of truths that contradict each other? So truth is one and absolute. This we know by deduction and by the use of a little rational thinking. We do not have to know the entire truth to know that it exists and it is one and absolute. If truth is relative then it is some times false. If it is false then there must be a truth that it belies so that truth must be the absolute truth. 

Why I say that Truth (with capital T, i.e. the absolute truth) is unattainable? Because we are limited beings and no infinite can be contained in a finite container. 

How do I know that we are finite or limited? I know that because we are constantly learning new things. If we knew the absolute truth there was nothing that we did not know and there was nothing to learn. 

So these are facts deduced by logic:

Truth is one.

Truth is absolute

We are limited

The limited can never grasp the absolute and therefore

We can never aspire to know the whole truth. 

As for your question how I determine right from wrong. I do that through various means depending what “right” and “wrong” you are talking about. If it is the right and wrong of the truth, I determine it through science and reason. If it is the moral right or wrong, I determine it through the Golden Rule.  

You asked if there is no attainable absolute truth, so doesn't this prohibit you from having any opinion about truth itself? The answer is No. You can always progress towards knowledge and learn more and know that you will never come to a point where there is nothing else to be learned. Truth is absolute and I am relative. I can learn the truth my entire life and evolve but I can never reach the whole truth. 

By making the example of the “automobile”, it is clear that I did not explain myself clearly enough or you misunderstood me. Automobile is a limited thing. Of course you can understand it completely and even improve it. But the Truth is an absolute reality. It is not a thing but a reality. You can never understand the absolute reality but you can understand part of that reality and define it.  

Finally you asked: “If we see part of the truth, as you say, how is it that you determined this?” I already answered this question. But I answer it once again through a rhetoric question. You can only hear the sounds that are transmitted with a certain wavelength. How do you know that there are other sounds that you cannot hear and that fall out site the gamma of the audible sounds?  

Now my turn to ask you a question: Are you asking me questions to understand my way of thinking or you are judging me? It seems that with every question you ask you insert your own conclusion and judgment. Is this the right way to conduct an academic debate? Are we discussing the issues dispassionately or have we already come to our conclusion before hearing the responses to our queries and just are trying to mock each other? 

Now what I say may or may not be true. I never claimed to be the depository of the truth and therefore accept the possibility that I may be wrong. This is in conformity with my philosophy described above. I do not say it out of false modesty. The problem is that religious people part from the position of know-it-all and reject any idea before even hearing it completely if it does not fall into their mold of what the truth must look like. 

All wars are fought because one or both sides have faith to be right. If they followed the philosophy of doubt instead, if they were a little bit less certain of the truth, if they agreed that the truth is unattainable and they too may be wrong, there would be much less fight and the world would be a much more peaceful place to live. 

The only truth that I know is that the Truth is not attainable, we all could be wrong. We all change our thinking constantly. This means we were wrong before. So there is no need to fight over what we would give up on our own. Now you may become a cynic and claim this is a dogma. If that is a dogma, so be it.


Ali Sina 

Please continue your debate in out forum

Feb 17, 2002

A friend send the faithfreedom link to my hubby (an ex-muslim). He claimed your site blewup his mind!. My husband is very wise (beyond words). I knew this when I met him and he was only twenty. Living with him is and has been a privilege. He has no time to read your website, but be assured, he knows as much, if not more of what you say. I did read many of the posts and comments, and I'm delighted to find another soul down this path, if only for awhile. Some times it feels like we are alone. I'm just happy you are around. 





Thank you for your email. I was also delighted to see you love so much your husband. It warmed even my heart.

Thank you, 



Feb, 16, 2002

Dear Mr. Sina, 

I stumbled upon your website yesterday and have not been able to pull myself from the computer ever since. I had always felt that all religions were evil but Islam takes the cake.  It must be that Christianity and Hinduism were much older religions and were formulated at a time when human beings had not developed the level of sophistication to manipulate their fellow humans yet. 

However, I feel that religion is a very emotional issue for most people and for those living in Muslim countries, is the only real positive thing in their lives.   Most of these people live lives of illiteracy and ignorance forced upon them by a variety of reasons.  It is heart-wrenching to see interviews on television of gray bearded scholars in Pakistan who had encouraged their teenage students to go die and become martyrs in Afghanistan.  The wicked Khomeini did it in Iran and almost wiped out the conscience of an entire generation. 

What really disturbed me all along was the support all of these characters had among educated Muslims here in America.  This is why Islamic fundamentalism is so pernicious not only to those who are unlucky to be living in a Muslim country, but also to those in the West. 

I wish all Islamic countries make your website a required reading for all students.  I know this is wishful thinking but it is sad to see these societies like Pakistan and Egypt wallow in ignorance and be willingly manipulated by wretched rulers on one hand, and the likes of Zawahiri and bin Laden on the other. 

Keep up the good work, my friend.  The nobility of your cause is very inspiring even for a crass capitalist like me. 

Best regards, 

Matt Marris


Feb 16, 2002

Dear exective members of FFI 

You have no idea how happy I am about the formation of this organisation and congratulate you from the bottom of my heart. I hope with utmost sincerity for your success in your objectives which are praiseworthy. You have my full support in your fight against ignorance, supersitition, terror and tyrranny. Your cause is noble there is no doubt about it. I request people at large to join in with you in this great task so that together we could make our world a better place for all of us. You are surely a bunch of courageous people and if you keep your courage you will indeed overcome the obstacles in your way. I think all freedom loving people through out the world are with you. 

I love you all freedom lovers. 

Wishing you all the best Mr M.F.Mughal 

[email protected]


Feb 16, 2002

The fact is one does not really need to read the Koran and hadith to get the low-down on Islam. One only needs to read some history books, and to see how Muslims behave and Islamic states operate in the world today. 

Everybody can SEE that it is violent, oppressive, intolerant and misogynistic. Everybody KNOWS that it was spread overwhelmingly through military conquest and that unbelieving peoples were sent ultimatums giving them the choice between Islam, tribute or war. Indeed this undeniable fact has actually been admitted by one of your Muslim opponents: 

"Before any war the Prophet sent invitations to convert to Islam and only as a last resort the Muslim army used to take up arms..." 

"Of course, in a war casualties are unavoidable. The Muslim fought those wars to spread the message of Islam..." (Would that all Muslims were as honest as Mona J who, like a true Muslim, does not see anything wrong with imposing Islam on people by force). 

However many Muslims, particularly western-resident ones, have been making great efforts over the years to prove that black is white. A favourite trick of theirs has been to quote lovey-dovey verses from the Koran knowing that people who have never read it have to take what they say at face value. But when others use the same methods to prove that the real Islam is that practiced by contemporary Islamic States and Muslim terrorists they squeal "out of context"! 

Thank you again for blowing away the veil of deception with which these liars have sought to obscure the true nature of the religion of hate, war and death.

Ronald B.

Thank you so very much

Fri, 15 Feb 2002

I want to thank you so very much for your web site 

I probably will never know how close I came to converting (reverting) to Islam but your site, which I had seen a few months ago, but shelved has opened my eyes. 

I guess I owe you more than I know and all I can wish for you in my own small way is A happy and prosperous and a long life 

Thanks for your site 



Thank you Tony, 
I am happy to read that. Now it is your turn to help others. The world needs unity of humanity not a hatemongering cult. 

Best of wishes. 

Ali Sina


Hello Dr. Sina: 

Please accept my compliments, that if I had the power and choice to nominate you for “Nobel Peace Prize”. I would love to do it. I don’t know how I ran into your web site, but whatever I read, it educated me more towards Islam. I hail from India from a Punjabi family (Punjabis are known to resist Islamic expansion in India, not just that but also inflict severe punishment on its followers). 

You are right to say islam is not religion but terrorism. There is absolutely nothing divine and spiritual about islam. I am an atheist, but I will ask all those moslems, that which god ever professed/preached to kill people of different faith, kill innocent defenseless children, even fetuses, rape women, regardless of their ages, even rape the boys. How sickening and low could one get? God is perceived in every religion as a creator, not a destroyer. Yet islam preaches destruction, savagery and cruelty. Compare islamic teachings with Christianity, Buddhism and Jainism. Love, compassion and forgiveness. Especially the last two have a doctrine of “absolutely non-violence to any living creature”. This is why the most Indians are vegetarians.  

I don’t think a person could understand an intricate philosophy of a religion who could not even read and write (Mohammed). Who ignorantly, claimed that “earth was flat” where as a century before his birth astronomers in India, were telling their masses that the earth was spherical (AryaBhatta). In fact there is documented evidence that Braham Bhatt, a scientist of that time went to Iraq to teach them the Math and Astronomy. This is just to prove the point that how wise could Mohammed be without education. Yet he invented a religion which was shoved thru the throats of people with help of a “cunning sword” and temptation of infidel’s women and wealth. 

Some of your readers are so naïve and ignorant of the truth to point to atrocities committed on moslems in India especially Kashmir. Your reader J. Rea and Abu-mohammed should know that Islam in India did not arrive the way Buddhism did outside India. It slaughtered the non-violent masses by millions, needless to say that they were “Idolaters”. The people in Kashmir were once Brahmins, who were given a choice to either become savage moslems or die.  

The islamic monuments constantly remind the history of yesterday. Nearly all of them were built on Hindu sacred places. The proof: every islamic monument is built with stones with Hindu scriptures on it in Sanskrit. These stones were taken from destroyed temples at the same place, which were replaced, by mainly mosques. Here is another wonder “the tajmahal” was built on a Shiva Temple, which is still underneath this mausoleum and has been kept as a secret in present times to avoid a mayhem. The Babri mosque was built with same scriptured stones, which were taken from a destroyed temple. “Jim Rea” should look in his native Pakistan, all those old islamic monuments will witness the destruction of some great Hindu temple of that time (Turkey’s famous Blue stone’s mosque was built on a destroyed church site) . Today the sick people (moslems) talk of desecration of the Babri mosque, despite the fact how it came in to being. Look what happened after the mosque destruction, in pakistan, three of the oldest temples destroyed, riots against Hindu minority and carnage. Among one of that sick killing, some half a dozen Hindu children who were in temple “stoned to death” the oldest child was 10 years and the youngest 3 years (BBC news). This event took place some “thousand miles” away from the Babri mosque. Ask these savage islamic lunatics, what those children had to do with the Babri mosque  

It appears, that it is okay to kill a non-moslem even in his own home, but if he defends himself from invading savage moslem, then islam is in danger, and atrocities are being committed on moslems, and the world community becomes guilty for not doing anything. India was, is and will be a Hindu land. Its boundaries were from present day Afghanistan thru pakistan to the rest of India. There is absolutely nothing wrong to claim our land back and ally with Armenia and Israel to help them do the same. 

India opened its doors to the oppressed people of the globe since the dawn of its history with all the “religious freedom”. We are still preserving some of the extinct cultures and religions from outside India, where there own people gave in to islam. It is perfectly justified to hate islam and punish what it has done to the Hindus, Armenians and Jews. In India one of the mogul insane savage ruler Orange Zip slaughtered half a million Hindus of Punjab in one day for not accepting islam (recorded by savage moslem historian of that time). And that savage justified it by saying that islam allows it. How different statement could this be when compared with the present day coward terrorist/fugitive “Osama-Bin-Laden” that islam justifies the killing of innocent civilians? 

Coming to the point, that moslems do not get the opportunities in india is another pakistani propaganda. 3rd richest man in this world is a moslem and lives in india, (Indian Bill Gates). There were and are presidents, top ranking army generals, scientists many other politicians and businessmen moslems. The Indian film industry is another example. We do not discriminate but it is the mainly the moslems who do. There case is that the body lives in India, but mind and soul lives in Islamic world. India doesn’t need the islamic scholars who are nothing but anti-nationals. But on the other hand if you accept “India” as your own country with true allegiance, then there are thousands of success stories of Indian moslems. 

In pakistan the non-moslems (Hindus) do not have the equal voting right as their counterpart, needles to say “ON Hindu Land”.  

Compare India with moslem countries. In 50 years we have become the 4th largest economy in the world with the objective to become number one. Our intellectuals are revolutionizing in the high-tech and other sciences, whereas our counterpart who embraced islam (the pakistanis) are graduating as Jihadis and terrororists. No different than any other moslem nations. 

I think that it is the islam at fault and not the world around it, I strongly believe and agree with you. I have a great respect for you Dr. Sina!!! Two reasons, a)… your truthfulness and b)….We have a blood relationship, which is, both You and I belong to the “”Aryan”” family of Indo-Iranians. 


Feb 10, 2002

Dear Mr. Sina, 

I have a problem and I need your help. 

Last week, at school I gave a speech titled "The root cause of the Sept 11th attack". I explained to the whole class how the teachings of the Qur'an and the Hadith inspire terrorism and why those Muslims who oppose Bin Laden cannot be real Muslims. Your excellent website and Secular Islam site helped me a lot when preparing this speech.


However, I'm sorry that I ended up discrediting your cause. Virtually everyone in the class misconstrued my claim that Islam is a terrorist religion. Even our teacher was so confused that she asked me: "Are you telling us to regard all Muslims as our enemies?" She seems to think that by claiming that Muslim extremists are real Muslims I'm somehow denying the existence of 'moderate Muslims'. One of my classmates (presumably non-Muslim) posted the following comment in the Secular Islam Discussion Forum:   

"to the boy who has issues understanding that one should not dispairage other people's religions, buddy u know who u r

From: Nagai sakura
Date: 27 Jan 2002
Time: 13:57:09


islam is a religion that preaches respect to all living things and peace. indeed this is not all that it is saying, and saying that it is a peace loving religeon may be incorrect, however by picking up on one point and calling the religion of islam a terrorist religeon you are being narrow minded, disrespectful and ignorant. you can not accuse people who call themselves muslims as being not muslims on the basis that they have not read the religious books as religion is something far deeper and personal than that :-)" http://secularislam.org/discussion4/_disc4/00000234.htm

How shall I respond to this kind of convoluted gibberish? I wish I was as eloquent as you.




Dear Naru,


What you have encountered in your school is one of the biggest obstacles that we face to get the message across that Islam is not a religion but a very dangerous cult.

In the West, the great majority of people consider respect for other people’s belief as the sign of civility. However this is an oxymoron and a grave mistake. Beliefs do not have to be respected, PEOPLE must be respected. Human rights must be respected not their faiths and beliefs.

Let us open this point and see exactly what is belief. Belief is acceptance of something without evidence. This is the definition of belief. Let me make an example. There are people who believe in Bigfoot. They “believe” that Bigfoot exists because they have not seen one and they accept the sketchy evidence that is available. Do you believe in Bigfoot? What would happen if you see a bigfoot with your own eyes or better yet their hiding place is discovered and a group of scientists confirm that bigfoot exist. Would you still say that you believe in Bigfoot? Not any more! Then you KNOW that Bigfoot exists.

Few centuries ago some people “believed” that the Earth is flat and some “believed” that it is round. But today the shape of the earth is no more a belief. Now we “know” that it is round.

This is the difference between belief and knowing. We believe in things for which we have no evidence but we know things for which there is ample evidence.  

Now, what is faith? Faith is absolute belief in things for which there is absolutely no evidence. Do beliefs really have to be respected?

What if I believe that I am better than you and you are inferior to me? Would you still respect my belief? What if I believe that I have the right to subdue you, to impose on you my ways and to kill you if you disagree with me? Do you still respect my beliefs?

One of the problems that we humans have is that we do not read the history and do not draw lessons from it.

70 years ago Nazis was a triumphant ideology. Millions of Germans believed in it. Unfortunately not enough people stood against it. Most people in the free world taught that what the Germans believe is their own business and their beliefs must be respected. The result was a disaster of such magnitudes that the humanity had no parallels in its annals. If 70 years ago, enough people had spoken against Nazism, perhaps this evil doctrine would not have taken Germany by landslide and millions of lives would not have been lost in vain.

Today Islam represents the same or even more danger to the stability and peace of the world. We are in the threshold of a catastrophe that would thwart the WWII. It is naïf to assume Islamic terrorism is a phenomenon independent from Islam. Only a quick review of Quran reveal the fact that the Islamic terrorists get their inspiration and their instructions from that book. The fact that the Westerns and even masses of Muslims are unwilling to read the Quran to find the truth on their own and base their beliefs on pure hearsay and the tittle-tattle of uninformed people and the lies of unscrupulous Islamic apologists is a sad thing that is taking us into the precipice.

More lives would be lost. Thousands and perhaps millions of innocent people would be sacrificed before these blindfolded “moralists” open their eyes and see Islam for what it really is. 

Would these upright Western moralists condemn the person who speaks out against the dangerous cults that burgeon everywhere and cause the death of many foolhardy people among their followers? Would theses people condemn me if I write against the Heaven’s Gate cult, the Supreme Truth cult, the Moonis cult or the cult of David Koresh?  Then why they are so shocked when I write against the cult of Islam? Islam is far more dangerous than all those cults. Only the brainwashed Muslims are ready willing and able to kill millions of people. London, Paris, Rome, Berlin, New York, Toronto and many other cities, where millions of people live, are the target of the Islamists. Muslims have access to atomic bombs, chemical and biological weapons of mass destruction. These weapons can be easily shipped to or even manufactured in the cities that are going to be the targets.

After what happened in Sep. 11, only a fool can afford not to read the Quran to see that the inspiration of that attack came from that book. Only a fool would say beliefs that call for killing people must be respected. Only a fool would believe that the attack of Sep 11 will not be followed by more attacks much more catastrophic.  

I salute you for not fearing the onslaught of ignorance and for speaking out the truth and risking being labeled with derogatory names. But know that ignorance is like darkness. It may look too dense but it is also very vulnerable. Just as a beam of light can smash the darkest night a word of truth can destroy the greatest of ignorance.

Your classmate wrote  “islam is a religion that preaches respect to all living things and peace”. This is sheer ignorance of Islam. Does he know that  Muhammad ordered killing the non-Muslims and said the Jews and Christians must be Jizyah a penalty tax for being unbelievers? Does he know that Muhammad in his deathbed ordered all Jews and Christians be banished from Arabia and Omar executed his master’s wish? Does he know that Muhammad raided the quarters of the Jews in Medina and Kheibar, killed all their men, looted their belongings, enslaved their young women and children and banished the elderly and the sick? Does he know that Muhammad ordered his followers fight and kill the unbelievers until the whole world submits to Islam and he said the only acceptable religion is the religion of Allah?

Call upon your teacher and all those who want to be nice and play the “civilized game” with Islam to face me and defend Islam publicly. Should your teacher or anyone else prove that Islam is the religion of peace and deserves respect I will remove my site from the Internet. But if s/he refuses to debate with me s/he must stop teaching falsehood and advocating for evil. I question the honor and the intellectual integrity of that teacher who would tell his/her students to respect a belief without bothering to investigate that belief first.

Soon the world will learn the truth of Islam. Soon you and I will be vindicated. Soon Islam will be put to shame and eradicated. But let us hope this happen before it destroys millions of lives. Let us hope we do not commit the same mistake that we made when Nazism was strengthening its foothold in Germany.  

Not to speak out against evil is supporting it.  


Ali Sina     


Feb 10, 2002

I've been taking this position for sometime now, and it's not very popular even among the Christian ranks. But when you analyze most of the major flashpoints worldwide right now, it's impossible not to notice that Islam seems to be at the center of most of them. I'm in favor of religions competing in the free market place of ideas, regardless of my personal feelings about them. Islam does not wish to do this, and the world cannot continue acting as if it does.  

I admire your courage to take a stand, particularly given the violent nature of your foes.  

Best wishes,  

Jay Barnett






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