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hi there! 

I tried to read your site, and tried to send you e-mail at yahoo, but I think that your  acount was not working. I would like to tell you four things: 

1. Please do not post at your website my e-mail addresse of message context for security reasons.

2. I am working on having my own web server at home, and once I have it working I would like to mirror your site there.

3. I would like to go on my own crusade to fight Islam and decrease potential converts to that religion. I would like to go arround and ask to give lectures in churches. i would like to use matirial from your site, on condition that it should be free, and that I should refer to you as the author if I take any of the exerpts, and that any prints of your site should be free and have you as the author. Thus I need to take your permission.

4. Last but not least, I am preparing my self to go to work as a missionary, and I would like to form a cyber friendship with you because i think that it would really much benifit my futur field of service. 




Dear M. 

I congratulate you for your decision to expose Islam and warn innocent people of the threat of this cult. John Walker is a victim and he is the victim of our “tolerance”. Our western values are lofty and praiseworthy but Islamists do not understand that. They abide by different rules, or rather by no rules. You cannot win any game when you follow the rules of the game while your opponent does not. 

Our first problem is at home. We have to fight ignorance and superstitions first and understand that nothing is sacred. Once we accept antiquated beliefs such as Christianity, Judaism and other mumbo jumbo we give credence to Islam too. In reality there is not much difference between Islam and other religions. Our problem is not just Islam. Our problem is the mindset that acknowledges a deity that needs to be worshipped. Once you accept this fallacy thousands of charlatans burgeon who vie for your allegiance and tell you that their way is the right way. 

Why John Walker fell victim to Islam and consequently to terrorism? Because the American society still is entangled in the notion of god and worshipping this deity. The problem is with our society. Even is this advanced society we speak of faith and beliefs with respect. While faiths and believes are the signs of human immaturity. Why instead we don’t talk about reason and logic? 

Look at what Christianity teaches! It teaches, “Blessed are those who believe without seeing!” This is foolish. Why should we encourage such an outrageous thing? Why should rational people believe in things without evidence or proof? 

Once you praise belief without evidence as Christianity does, you open the door to other cults such as Islam who take advantage of this weakness and misguide our youngsters. They propose the same things: They want you to believe in Islam without any evidence. 

If you want to go to Churches and tell people about Islam please tell them that it is not just Islam but this mindset of gullibility that they have to fight against and eradicate from their subconscious. Of course Islam is a major danger and it has to be tacked immediately but what about other cults that come to this great country of ours or burgeon from our own land, seduce our youngsters sometimes with deadly consequences? How can we immunize our young generation from these deadly cults? 

The answer is simple. We have to stop feeding them lies about our own beliefs that have no logical basis. Once our kids deride faith and ridicule beliefs and instead they learn to respect rational thinking, logics, skepticism and doubts they can withstand the onslaught of all cults that set their eyes on the shores of their hearts and defeat them.  

From your email I did not understand whether you want to become a Christian missionary and start a 21st century crusade against the Moors or you use “mission” in its wider meaning and you mean fight against bigotry in general and Islam in particular. If by this you intend to instigate the Christians against the Muslims, and convert this fight into another religious frenzy, I am afraid I am not with you but against you. In this climate of tension the least we need is another religiously motivated war. I am not with any hate group but against them all. The Hindu Unity group is a hate group that also fights against Islam, they called me to join force with them, but when I visited their site I saw them for what they are and I told them that I hate their ways. I am not their ally. I despise their ways and I fight against their message.   

My message is the message of love not of hate. If that is your message you are my friend and my ally. I want to promote rational thinking, independent thinking and freethinking not bigotry, faith, ignorance and gullibility. 

As for your question whether you can quote my articles freely, the answer is yes. As long as you mention the source and provide a link to my site I would be honored if others find my articles worthy of quoting and publishing. And of course they are available free of charge. I do not write for money but to witness the unity of humankind in my own lifetime. I absolutely believe that such unity is possible and attainable but the biggest hurdles are religions and these spurious beliefs. Although some of these religions are better than the others, all of them are lies and they do nothing but to divide humankind. Ironically, despite their apparent contradiction and the animosity between them, they actually validate each other.    

 I deleted your name so there is no risk for your safety and security. 




Mr. Sina,
  Thank you for posting such a site on the web. I am not a rascist, I am not a sexist, and I am not a torturer - this is why I am not Muslim. I think it is wonderful of you to put out one of the only sites targeted AGAINST Muslims, and to post the foolish writings of Muslim groups. I think you are very well versed and educated. I am of the Baha'i religion, which is supposed to accept all religions, but this is one I can not accept. When I read the tortures that they commit against women every day, I can not accept. When I hear the stories of brutality against my parent's neighbors in Iran, I can not accept. When I witness Muslims killing non-believers because the Koran allows it, I can not accept. You know, I often think: maybe it isn't the religion, maybe it's just a nation of crazies. But WHY do Muslims attempt to point out the so-called 'benefits' of their religion without EVER speaking about brutalities against women. Recently, I had read a Muslim FAQ site in which a 60 yr. old woman who had been abused physically and mentally by her husband for nearly 40 years was asking if it "was okay for her to leave him." I'm sure you already know the answer was something between "that is not good, the Koran says you are ALLOWED to divorce him" and "However, he must grant permission of divorce." WHAT KIND OF NONSENSE IS THIS? First they say that women are allowed all types of "rights" like leaving their husband and owning property, but NOT BEFORE THEIR HUSBAND AGREES!! I just cant understand this. I wish that those Muslims who are taking time out of their prayers to put up a site, would actually put one up that focused on how disgusting and abusive Islamic countries are...maybe they might collect money for the people who are brutally victimized by this religion instead of collecting for the rugs to pray on. Anyway, thank you again for this site - I especially enjoy your humorous responses to Muslim writers. I may only be 21, but that is old enough to know the difference between humanity and barbarism, something which many Muslims haven't figured out yet. 



Dec. 21, 2001


i have read a lot about the facts ur society have posted on the website. i agree to a lot of them, and in fact i was looking for long unto someone i could know the truth frum.  

no doubt islam is th realigion that is responsible for most of the terrorist activities in the world and no doubt muhammad and his so called caliphs spread islam in the subcontinent and allover the world by the order of sword. 

but, i do have desire for more. actually i would request u to kindly tell me of some place to get some more material over the issue, or may be if i can find some indivisual that can guide me about my future. and please let me know if i can do some at my part to revoke the humanity about the truth. 

a novice Free Thinker,



Dec. 21, 2001

Aubject: Just wanted to say thanks

For enlighting me and putting into words what I never could. I read you articles about the Quran and how religion feeds on hate and ignorance and it was like a smack in the face. It made me realize how blind faith has been a plague of this world for so long. Thank you for putting all your time into your thinking. No need to respond.... you have lots of thinking to do :-) 



Dec, 20, 2001

"James McCue" <[email protected]>

Dear Ali, 

I came across your site and read your discussion on Sikhism.  I still don't understand why you would think wearing turbans (which is a traditional dress of South East and Western Asian cultures) is outdated and backward.  How come wearing pants and shirts are not backward even though they have been worn by our people for a long time now.  Do you even know why different cultures adapt different forms of dressing?  Just because we dominate the world in most fields doesn't mean anything different from ours is outdated or backward.  It seems like you have made up your mind that you would use some smart and some silly viewpoints to reject all religions (although you deny it).  Just imagine a world where people are not taught at all about any norms and values and beliefs, where everybody is allowed to think freely. You get goosebumps, don't you?       So much of rational thinking!  



I do not think that wearing turbans is outdated. Any national costume is beautiful. But insisting to wear it in police force and demanding special status from the government that the Sikh police should be exempt from wearing the same uniform that others are required to wear stems from a primitive mindset. 

Sitting on the floor is also not “outdated”. I sometimes like to sit on the floor. But fighting and killing each other and causing riots that require the intervention of tax financed police force of a city is a sign of primitive mindset and inability to adapt with changing times. 

I am for freedom of expression and one of those expressions is the way we dress. Everyone must be free to wear what he or she pleases. With exception of public nudity I do not think anyone should tell another person how to dress. What we wear is our business and no one else’s. But if a religion requires from its adepts to have a certain dress code that they cannot undermine even when serving an honored institution like military and police force this gives the clue that that religion is controlling its followers excessively.  

You see; I do not mind men wearing beard. It even looks good on some people. I used to wear it for some times. But when it becomes a religious code this takes away the individual liberty. I don’t care whether it is the Taliban or the Sikhs, when a religion intervenes in the way its followers should shave or dress that religion is a backward religion because how we dress and whether we shave or not has nothing to do with spirituality. Both these religions claim that they respect the rights of the women, yet a glance at how women are treated in their communities belies this claim. 

Your next point is about values. I do not think a world without religion is a world without values. This is an absurdity. Most secularists are humanists and they have more goodness and ethics than religionists. Good and bad people can be found among all people whether religious or not religious. But good people who are also religious often do very bad things impelled by their religious fervor. The example of that is Sikh’s fighting and shooting each other over bringing chairs in the temples or not. 

Though I have no knowledge of the tenets of Sikhism and frankly no interest to learn about them, curiously I find a interesting parallelism between Sikhism and Islam. Both Sikhs and Muslims claim that their religion is the religion of peace. Nevertheless both of them have sword as the symbol of their religion and have had violent histories. Both of them claim that their religion is modern yet both of them have very outdated costumes that have no place in the 21st century. Both Sikhs and Muslims often lie to defend their religions such as introducing themselves as unbiased “Americans” while in reality they are not. 

Anyway, this site is not about Sikhism and I do not wish to dedicate any more space to this religion. Each person is free to believe in the religion of his choice and I will defend that right with all my force even if I do not agree with that religion. The reason I dedicated this site to Islam is not because Islam is a false religion but because it is endangering the lives of the people and could also endanger the peace of the world. I do not think Sikhs, Christians, Jews of Hindus are any danger to World Peace. All these religions have some fanatics but as a whole they are no menace to the peace and security of the world.


Ali Sina 



I think you are very brave and you write very well. I had similar revelations when I read the Old Testament. Most Christians and Jews have no idea what is in there. 

I believe you are correct in your reasoning and I hope more people will come to learn the truth and give up hateful dogma. 

I hope you are well and continue to do good. 

Gary Zeger


Dec 16, 2001   


    I'm an agnostic, freethinker and an ex-evangelical Christian. I've found your site very interesting and insightful, but in particular I'm writing in regard to the recent editorial by Seyed Kamran Mirza about John Walker, the "American Taliban." He said that if he converted to Christianity that at most he might become an evangelical preacher. Unfortunately this is not true. America does have domestic terrorists, and the vast majority of them subscribe to fundamentalist Christianity. Planned Parenthood clinics are bombed, abortion doctors are assassinated, and anti-government "militias" are formed all with an extremist, fundamentalist Christian theology at the heart of it all.

    Among many conservative, fundamentalist Christians there is a strong tendency to believe in international conspiracy theories, especially regarding the creation of a single government that tries to rule the world. For some (an admittedly small number) these ideas, which come from popular interpretations of the book of Revelations, justify extremist and violent behavior. Example: Timothy McVeigh

    The real problem is not Islam or Chrisitanity, but religious fundamentalism in all its guises. Were an individual to proclaim that he is the chosen child of God and that all his actions were justified by that God, we would call him a sociopath. When a large group of people do the same thing, it is a religion. Once an unquestionable, absolute (and invisible, indiscernable) authority is claimed in the name of God, the individual effectively absolves himself of all personal responsiblity. "It is the will of God" he says. Murder, war, unimaginable destruction have been the result throughout history. Unfortunately, this can happen in any religion. And it does.

    I just though I'd add my opinion from a non-Muslim perspective. I enjoy your site, keep up the good work.






Dec, 15/01

Dear Mr. Sina,

I just happened to come across your website since a friend of mine sent me a link to it.  I am a religiously observant Jew, and defend people's right to find G-d their own way, even if such way happens to be Islam for some.  At the same time, I am VERY aware that some of the world's WORST religious crimes being commited today are done in the name of Islam, and that a great number of followers of the Islamic faith are involved in the movements that perpetratre those crimes.

I believe that religion is to many people a way of life, yet to some it is merely a tool for controling the poor and illiterate -- such is the case in much of the Arab and Muslim world at large.

An example of what I am talking here: I had the oportunity to listen once to the previous Mufti of Jerusalem.  The man spoke in Hebrew, and expressed his willingness to participate in peaceful dialogue with the Jews and the State of Israel (yes, those were his words, no mention of a "Zionist Entity").  Today, however, Mr. Arafat, a long time secularist, has replaced him for a hate-monger, Sheikh Sabri.  And things don't end there, hundreds of muslim crergymen have been apointed by the PLO to spread a message of hatred and violence -- the results of which are evident to anyone willing to open their own eyes and see!

If the only possible reading of the Qu'ran was permanent and open violence and hatred toward Jews, Arafat would not have found it necessary to make so many changes in the palestinian clergy.  Obviously, there are those who, after having learned Islam and obtained religious ordinance, still did not see their mission to spread hatred and call for violence.

And such people were inconvinient to those who want violence and hatred to reign, so changes had to be made.

The same may be said of all the Muslim countries were a group is forcing a change of poitical power to bring about a Shaaria: other than purely religious interests are behind religious movements and selecting the teachings of Islam that promote hatred and violence over the teachings which may not do so.

I am wrong to assume that there could be much better relations with the muslim world if the religious leadership were to opt for a more benevolent school of thought within Islam?  Is it really necesary to get rid of ALL Islam regardless of which school of thought or interpretation of the Qu'ran muslims belong to? 


Rafael V. Rabinovich


PS: I'd appreciate if you'd not publish my e-mail address, I'd rather not be exposed to a flooding or virus attack from hate-moanging fundamentalists.  Thanks.

 Dear Rafael. 

You are right. Any person can interpret the Quran according to his or her constitution. If a person is a good person s/he will find quotes that corroborate his or her liking. The terrorists and criminals also find many verses in Quran that confirm what they like to do. The book of Quran is hardly a book of guidance. However, as a whole the violence in Quran is more emphasized than the goodness. Those who are more versed in Quran and its history know that the good teachings of Quran that were “revealed” in the early stages of Muhammad's prophethoot were abrogated by the more harsh and violent verses that he revealed when he came to power. Nasikh and Mansookh (The aborgator and the abrogated) in Islam is a science that many scholars study for years. Many humane and good verses of Quran are abrogated. Please read From Rags to Riches From Preacher To Despot for more details. 

I am afraid it is Islam that makes Muslims terrorists. To fight terrorism without regard to Islam is like fighting Nazis while praising Hitler and revering his words. The root of Islamic terrorism is in Quran. I invite you to read it. 

As for not revealing your email address, you don’t have to worry. I never publish the email of those who agree with me. This would put them in jeopardy. But as for you, I believe Muslims should love you because you help them to perpetuate their lies that Islam is a religion of peace, which is much misunderstood. Of course they are unable to love you or they would go against the mandates of Quran. 



Ali Sina  


Dear Mr. Sina,

Thanks for your prompt response.  I do not intend to perpetrate any myths about Islam, I and emphasize that some of the worst crimes being commited today against humankind are done in the name of Islam and by people who study and follow Islam along with the mythology of hatred that muslim clergymen are spreading today.  My question regarding benevolent schools of Islam comes from a simple observation: there are hundreds of muslims in this world.  Nearly six million of them live right here, in the USA. Yet, you do not hear of everyday American muslims becoming suicide bombers in open malls.  The Sept. 11 events were carried about by a few muslims, in a secret operation, and directed by a minority group half way across the world.

It is true that many palestinians celebrated openly in the streets -- that just goes to show the results of the message their clergy are drawing from Islam.  But at the same time there are Muslim clergymen (not palestinians, certainly!) who repudiated the attack on America.  Sheikh Palazzi in Rome even went as far as to warn that suiced bombers will not go to paradise but to hell(!), and he made it clear it refers to suicide bombers in Israel, as well as in America, or anywhere else for that matter.

Is there a benevolent school in Islam, or is it a deceitful maneuver to continue spreading the Islamic faith, or at least create a sense of tolerance toward it inspite of the violence the world is suffering today at the hands of religious criminals?




Good and bad people are everywhere. Among Muslims there are many saints. We are talking about the teachings of Quran and not about Muslims. Good people will do good things and bad people will do bad things. But often good people are impelled to do evil motivated by spurious beliefs and false doctrines.

The schools of Islam are man made. Rumi opened a school of Islam that was mystical and benevolent. Khomeini's school was ruthless and violent. The point is that Khomeini could find justification for his ruthless version of Islam in Quran.  All Islamic terrorists can find justification for their crimes in Quran. Shouldn't we take a closer look at this book and see whether we can do something about it? 

The problem is that when you call a book a divine book, you accept it as the  words of God. No one can argue with that anymore. So when ignorant youth fall prey to these so called religions of God and become terrorists like Walker the sweet American boy converted into Taliban who is to blame? 

The President George W. Bush and the Prime Minister Tony Blair go out of their way to introduce Islam as a religion of peace. Why then you blame Walker when he wants to follow the very religion that his president calls a good religion. Who is here to blame? Isn't this the acme of hypocrisy?  On one hand we claim Islam is a good religion and on the other hand we accuse those who want to follow it. This is absurd. If you think Walker and the terrorist have gone awry, then show them. But you can't because I can show you that they are not doing anything, which is not instructed in Quran. 

Those who are good Muslims and there are in the majority are good despite the teachings of Quran, but the Islamic terrorist take guns because of it. 


Dec. 15, 2001

Dear Ali:

 I wish to thank you personally for you site. I happened to stumble across it while researching the Muslim faith more in depth. 

For a very long time, I was under the misconception that this was not a hate filled, violence-glorifying belief. I am disheartened to learn that I was so grossly misinformed. 

Perhaps, with more people willing to speak openly and who apply rational thinking to religion, our world will really be a more peaceful place. Perhaps if we all took the time to look more closely at the battles fought in the name of a God we will realize that these are simply just ways to justify the senseless killing of other human beings. 

Thank you for having the courage to speak out and I look forward to reading more on your site. 

Yours Respectfully, 

Jenn M. 


Open Your Mind. Open Your Heart.
Tapping the Muse. 



Recently I stumbled across your website Islam Unveiled with Rational Thinking  and was most impressed by the content of rational and logical thinking, and the large amount of well presented information.

Thinking for oneself is not a crime (or should not be).  Our greatest freedom, in my view,  is the interpretation of our own thoughts, and the validity of such, and the right of expression.  Most important is the recognition of others having that same right.  THOSE WHO HAVE VOICES - SPEAK!

It takes real courage to stand up and say what one really thinks. You do it very well.

Best wishes to you and yours.
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13 Dec 2001


I just stumbled upon your web site and I must say that you are one in a million! I truly admire you as a human being for exposing islam for what it really is. It is such a shame that islam took over Iran. Iran could have really been great, the only muslim country with a rich history and great literature and poetry. 

I see that you get many death threats from all sorts of muslim idiots. No religion is perfect. I am 100% Jewish and I am the first to admit that we are far from perfect. Keep up your good work and remember that you are not alone. May G-d bless you. 



Dec. 1, 2001  


I came across your website some time ago and it has been very interesting to read. Many of the aspects of Islam do seem very violent and backwards. I have researched Islam to gain a greater understanding of it, so that I know more background to the current global conflicts. What I have read and seen is much different from what Muslims and the media have portrayed. They make Islam out to be a misunderstood religion that is constantly attacked by the West. 

However when I was in a Muslim chat room last night I spoke with a woman who said " All Jews are our enemies because they want to destroy our mosques". I pressed her for more info and she said that every Jew is really evil and is out to destroy Islam! Another man in the room boldly stated " I would chop my own head off for Allah and I would gladly chop other heads off for Allah too." Scary stuff. 

Being Buddhist, I find much of the glorification of violence in Islam to be shocking. The Buddha constantly taught the compassion and wisdom are the greatest virtues, violence has no place in his teachings. I honestly thought that the violence in Islam was twisting the teachings but now that I have seen you site I see that there is no twisting needed. 

Thanks for your site, its really the only non-Christian challenge to Islam out there. I imagine its hard work, but keep it up!


P.S. I have been to a local Mosque to write a paper on Islam so I have interacted with Muslims before. I think that they might have been disappointed that I wasn't instatnly converted. :-)





Dec, 10, 2001


I've come across this verse of Quran Chapter "Alzumor" (39) verse 5 that reads in Arabic[ ...yokawer alail ala alnahar wa yokawer enahar ala alail...] 

In English [...He spheres the night over the day and spheres the day over night...] 

Muslims are using this as a clear indication that Quran talked about the spherical shape of earth, do you have any rebut to that?


 Dear AE

The Sun and Moon seem to have circular orbits when they rise and set. This is what Muhammad saw and everyone else can see with naked eyes and this is what he is referring to by  Yokawer (coil). Otherwise Sun does not have any orbits and certainly it is a mistake to speak of the movement of the Sun in the same way one would speak of he orbit of the Moon. The Sun in reference to the solar planets it is fixed. The Sun’s orbit is around a giant black hole in the middle of the Milky Way. But from a man who thought stars are lamps hanging from the roof of the sky to adorn it that sometimes are used as missiles to hit the jinns one cannot expect to have any understanding of the Milky Way and black holes. 




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