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dear Ali: 

I stumbled on your website about a month back.Your site opened my eyes. I have read every thing on your site as well as on the sites of many other links. I go on your site every day looking for new articles. Count me in as your partner in the crusade of spreading the truth.Every day I e-mail about 15 people recommending to go on your site. You should think of ways to publicize your site. Please let me know how else can I help in spreading the truth and eliminating the fanaticsm and ignorance. It is such a pity that millions of people waste thier time and money in rituals, go through a hard life to be islamic, deny themselves modern day entertainments (declared un-islamic), spend their very hard earned money and sometimes lifetime savings to make an expensive trip to haj and umra, give zakat after paying all local taxes, go throuh a month of fasting (which screws up  thier health), and often live in fear after reading horrors of punishments for not leading a 100 % islamic life. A reply will be appreciated.



Jan 24, 2002 

I went to your page and found the link to the anti-Sina site.  Interesting to say the least, especially the two pictures, the one of the woman being beaten and the partially clad woman.  

I may be very mistaken about this, but are many men from Islamic countries obsessed with sex? 

I have asked people through chat if a woman in an Islamic country can drive alone at any hour of the night like I do and not fear violent crime.  I live in a larger city.  I've also lived in small towns where women will walk alone after dark without fear of molestation.  I've never had this question answered.   




Dear D. 

Not just Muslim men but Muhammad himself was obsessed with sex. It is reported that he refused to shake the hands of women who wanted to pay allegiance to him and his cause. Now this is either because he considered them dirty or because he was having sexual feelings about them and therefore wanted to avoid temptation. Muslim men think like him. The reason they beat the women if they expose a hair or a body part is as you said, due to their obsession with sex. They are unable to see women as fellow human beings. To them women are sexual objects and since this would cause temptation they force women to cover themselves. 

Of course Islamic veil has other causes too. Muhammad was an old man with a bunch of beautiful teenagers as his wives. He felt very insecure when young men could see his wives. Therefore in one occasion when some men were visiting him and his wives were roaming around in the house, he made his ready-to-comply Allah to "reveal" some verses that ordered his wives to cover themselves. Now Muslims use those verses to impose Islamic hi jab on millions of women.  When you have a billion people following an insane what else you can expect?



Ali Sina 




Jan, 24, 2002


I confess to tirelessly circulating your site the last few months, not only to friends, colleges...but journalists and think tanks, etc.



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From: Mark Thomas [mailto:[email protected]]

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Subject: Islamic Cults


Dear Steven Hassan,

I saw you on MSNBC this morning and have been reading your website today and remembering the Waco incident (I live north of there). I've been reading through your site today and one quote bothers me: "Islamic religious leaders need to communicate to these people that what they have been taught is actually against the Koran." 

I have known many Muslims both in Chicago where I grew up and in Dallas where I've lived for 15 years. While I've known them personally, and many were colleges and are friends, I was ignorant of Islam. After 9/11 the first book I read was the Koran, cover to cover. Then a book a Muslim friend recommended, Reading the Muslim Mind. When I discovered ex-Muslim Ali Sina's site on 11/20 and only then did everything make sense to me. Past statements of my friends and all. 

Steven, what the terrorists are doing is actually not against the oran.

They totally justify their actions with it. While I see your studies and links are extensive in western and Asian cults, it seems to me you've also only just begun to think about Islamic cults. I recommend reading Ali's site if you have the time as well as the Koran.




Mark Thomas 




Thank you Mark,  

Yes the world should really take a close look at Islam for the first time.  

What happened on 9/11 is just the beginning?  I am afraid more terrible catastrophes are ahead of us. We cannot win this war unless we destroy Islam. 

On one hand our governments expend billions of dollars to combat terrorism and on the other hand they allow the expansion of the philosophy that teaches terrorism. This is duplicity and insane. On one hand our president and our media call Islam the religion of peace and on the other some people want to hang John Walker the American young man who believed in our lies and followed that “religion of peace”. If Walker is a traitor why does our government allow so many mosques in this county? Why do they invite the Muslim leaders and give banquets in their honor? 

Yes please do spread the message. When more people learn the truth we will have less victims such as John Walker and the 3000 who lost their lives in NYC and Pentagon.


On Mon, 21 January 2002, "yaser " wrote: 

 Hi, i just visited your site and realized that you have become my personal hero. Never before have i ever seen such clearly presented ideas, a very  balanced and unbiased mind and intellgibile statements to convince others  about oneselves beliefs. You've done a great job.

I was born muslim and for  days I was wondering after reading an article on Abraham and his journeys  through the middle east wether these monothiestic religions

are true or are  just an invention and philosophies of the people from the middle east. Today  i have completely been elightened by you. You iranians are the most sensible  of all the muslim people, I must say. Others would listen and accept the doubts of islam but will always stay on that fundamentally weak path because  they are too egotistical to accept any mistakes. And beleiving and following  Muhammed is one big mistake. 

Anywaze besides your site having so much  information on the message you are trying to convey i would really  appreciate it if you put some information about yourself. Since you are  living in canada i beleive you will have no problems in revealing your 

identity. I know this is a long term decision and i bieng impatient can not  wait and would realy like to know all about you. So please do reply to me with whatever you can tell me about yourself. I am sorry  for having to write  this e-mail so long but i could take out anything i have written here.  

Please do reply. 


Dear Yaser,  

I thank you for your very kind words. Actually what I write is just simple commonsense. The reason you like it is because you already know it and believe in it. There is nothing new or original in my website. I say nothing that others have not said before me more eloquently. In fact I am very much aware of my own ignorance and shortcomings. My writings are expressions of simple thoughts. That is all I can produce: “simple thoughts”  I am actually very much honored to see people expend their time reading them. In fact I am more than surprised to see so much attention given to this site. I am quite aware that the reason this site has become so popular is not because what I write is important (of course there are very good writings that my friends have written and I have adorned my site with them) but because the message I deliver has never been allowed to be expressed and therefore has never been heard. In Islamic countries people like me were silenced and their books burned and in Western countries people avoided the criticism of religion and especially Islam due to “political correctness”. I suppose Sep 11 have changed everything.   

Anyway, despite my shortcomings I decided to write. I always wanted to do something positive for the world. For many years I dreamed of starting orphanages in third world countries. But this dream never materialized. I never made enough money to realize my dreams. With this website, I try to spread the message of love, eliminate the causes of hate, ward off a world catastrophe of unimaginable consequence and bring about the unity of human kind before nothing of that is left. Of course what I do is so insignificant but that is all I can do. As Edward Everett Hale said, “I am only one, but still I am one. I cannot do everything, but still I can do something; and because I cannot do everything I will not refuse to do the something that I can do."  

As for writing about myself, I don’t think that is necessary. In one word I am nobody. I do not write to glorify myself. I am not after fame or name and I do not wish to become the center of any attention. My site is not about me at all. It is about a message. The thoughts expressed here are not mine either. They are things I learned throughout my life from better thinkers than myself. They are commonsense. The problem is that the commonsense is not very common. And there are those who oppose even the commonsense.  

Best wishes, 


Ali Sina 



On Mon, 21 January 2002, Matthew Fleming wrote: 

 Dear Mr. Sinna,

      I recognition of the good work you and your organization are trying to do I just made a contribution to Iabolish (formerly the American Anti-Slavery Organization) in your honor.  This is an organization which is trying to end the sadly ongoing practice of slavery around the world.  I'm sure you support the aims of this very good organization.     As always only my best to you and your family.   Let's keep working to make our new Millenium the one where all human beings will be free to reach their full potential. 

Most sincerely and respectfully yours,

Matthew  Fleming



Dear Matthew,  

You indeed have surprised me. Of course I do certainly not consider myself worthy of such honor but I gladly accept the tribute on behalf of Faith Freedom International, the nascent organization for which I have the honor to serve. 

No I am not familiar with the Iabolish but if their aim is to combat the slavery, this shame that humanity has not yet been able to get rid of, I do agree with their aim holeheartedly. Do they have a website?  

Best wishes,




Dear Mr. Sinn:

I am fascinated with your Truth and Courage about Islam. I have been reading your articles ( not all of them due to the extensive material) and I agree with you.

From a constructive criticism point of view, Islam has massacred far out more Christians than Jews. As a matter of fact the numbers cannot even compare, Islam wiped out Countries with full Christian population like Egypt, Syria, Palestine, Jordan, Yemen, Turkey and even today in Sudan over ONE MILLION CHRISTIANS HAVE DIED AND MANY MORE HAVE BEEN SOLD AS SLAVES KIDS HAVE BEEN GANG RAPED AND THIS SAD SAGA IS STILL GOING ON TODAY IN THE NAME OF ISLAM.

If you check most of the old Mosques in these countries, you will find they were previously Churches. So, I would appreciate if you include this information in your Website.

I think the best fight against this terrorist mentality is to expose them (like your website) and encourage Islamic people to challenge their faith and not believe in it blindly right or wrong. I also think that the Mullah's are the Source of this hatred because they breath it into the souls of the Muslims UN challenged.

Good luck to you.

God Bless,



Jan 23. 2002

Many Muslims living in western countries do not seem to have grasped a basic fact about the societies in which they have settled which they must grasp if they and their co-religionists are going to keep the goodwill of their hosts. 

In our countries Islam is and should be just one religion among many. The fact that Muslims have been allowed to come and live here at all is due to the secular nature of our societies and the fact that most of us no longer take religion too seriously. For most of the past 1400 years the practice of Islam has been prohibited in the predominantly Christian lands of Europe. If Muslims see themselves on a mission to turn our countries into Islamic states by stealth then they are not welcome and should leave. If they think our societies are decadent then they should go and live in countries more to their liking. 

Muslims constantly complain that "westerners" don't understand Islam. That is just as well for them. If the population of my country were aware of the nature of this nasty, hate-mongering religion when large-scale immigration from the Indian sub-continent began then not a single Muslim Would have been allowed to set foot on our shores. Although Muslims constantly express contempt for our "western" values, Muslims living in todays western democracies have enjoyed more religious freedom than Jews and Christians in any Islam-dominated society that has ever existed. Muslims take advantage of our climate of religious tolerance to seek converts to their faith yet give moral support to Islamic regimes which deny the same liberty to non-Muslims, as well as financial support to organizations like al-Qaida whose aim is the creation of an Islamic superstate with the power to threaten, invade and conquer non-Muslim countries. 

It is time we treated these subversive fanatics according to their own warped standards. 





Dear RB


As much as I hate it but I have to admit that you are absolutely right.. I often talk with Muslims, shopkeepers, taxi drivers, even educated ones. When the subject of terrorism is raised, they all say that USA is terrorist. When I ask them to explain they say America killed civilians in Afghanistan and is helping Israel who kills Palestinian children. These people live here, enjoy from all the liberties and all the benefits that is given to them but they are secretly harboring the enmity of the country that they gave an arm and a leg to get into.

Everything you said is plain truth. But I do not know what is the solution.

Should we start screening people on the basis of religion? This of course goes against the very foundation of our humanistic values, values that sets the civilized secularist world apart from the barbaric Islamic world.

Screening people on the basis of religion is extremely unjust and a shameful thing yet this is not something unknown to the Muslims. Muslims have been practicing it as if it is their right for the last 1400 years. The Prophet was the architect of religious apartheid. He was the one who introduced religious animosity in Arabia and prohibited his followers to take the Jews and the Christians as friends.    

You of course know that no non-Muslim is allowed in Mecca and Medina. You also know that in many Islamic countries anyone seeking jobs, admission to universities or passport must fill a form and declare his religion. Often those who are not Muslims are denied.

According to Islam if a non-Muslim kill a Muslim he must be put to death but no Muslim could be put to death if he kills a non-Muslim.

As you recall the Hindus were forced to wear a yellow badge in Afghanistan during the rule of the Taliban. Baha'is in Iran and Ahmadis in Pakistan are persecuted. Most of the religious minorities in Iran found life unbearable in Islamic Republic of Iran and were forced to leave.

I am a secular Sthical Humanists and I firmly believe in secular values of equality and abolition of discrimination on the bases of religion.

But in this case I do not know what to say! Should we screen people on the basis of religion? Should we control the expansion of Islamism in our Western countries? Don’t we really have other alternatives? 

Funny how Muslims in the West have learned how to take advantage of the benefits of the law and not only have equal but sometimes more rights than the main stream locals. In Canada for example there is a law called Equal Opportunity Act (or something like that) According to this law the visible minorities get the first chance to get the job. Compare that to the rights of the minorities in Islamic countries. In those countries even the human rights of the minorities are violated systematically.  

The solution that I propose is to spread the truth about Islam and let the world know that Islam is not a religion but a dangerous cult of hate. Instead of expending billions of dollars to combat terrorism we should expend just a tiny fraction of that to educate Muslims. Most Muslims are good people. They are misled and if they learn the truth they will never stay in Islam. I have taken this mission upon myself to help my fellow Muslim brothers and sisters to see the truth. There is a small group of freethinkers of Islamic origin who also is dedicated to expose the truth of Islam. But to counter the Islamic propaganda machinery we need more than just a few volunteers. Muslims expend billions of dollars to spread their lies and they have well paid staff such as those who work at CAIR whose job is to twist the truth for the American audience.

We created the Faith Freedom International to tell the truth about Islam. Our group is very new and our number very limited, yet despite our limitations we have been very successful. But FFI is not enough. We need radios, literatures, documentaries and even movies depicting Muhammad and his life truly as he was. 


 Jan, 17, 2002

Hello, Mr. Ali Sina. 

My name is Shu and I am from Indonesia.

Please excuse me for my poor English. 

I just visited your website about your observation towards an Islam religion. 

Don't you think that people start to doubts the religions since the first time man landed on the moon? 

All the vision about this world on Bible and Qur'an, isn't it's different with the fact we know at this present time? 

Like human evolution, Dinosour, Earth is Round, etc. 

And this made me to have one question Mr. Ali Sina and I hope for your advice. 

What is going on right now with all this Major Religion?

It seems that all the information and teaching didn't connects each other with the reality. 

I hope for your reply.

Thank you.


Dear Shu,

You are right. It is amazing how people are so willing to fool themselves. But things are changing gradually. Today, especially after the invention of the Internet many Muslims get the chance to read about Islam and they are leaving this cult of deceit and ignorance. The process is slow but it is getting momentum. 


Jan, 17, 2002

Hello Mr. Sina,

I am writing to you because of an article that I believe accurately 
portrays the Palestenian misinformation effort.  I'm not sure if you would want 
to link to said article, but, I thought I would give you the URL just in case 
you were interested.  Please disregard if you have already seen it:


I just wanted to tell you what an great job you did!  Let me tell you a little about my self.  My name is Amir, it's Pakistani.

 I come from a            muslim father and a Catholic mother.  I just wanted to tell you that your web site had helped me a great deal because my father who is Muslim is so angry that I am a Christian because I believe it to be the correct way.  

Anyway I just wanted to say that your site had helped me because my dad is constantly showing me errors in the bible but I guess I can get him back thanks to you... I just wanted to say thanks...  Oh yeah Islam tore our family up too, because my dad feels he has to choose either "allah" or "us"... and he said "he chooses islam over us"





Thanks for the courage to call a spade a spade. I lived in Pakistan for most of my young life and know exactly what you say. This is a violent religion, and they can eliminate anyone or even a whole community under the "laws" of Islam. In the 70's when I was a college student the Sunni's killed many Ahamidis whom they loathed, later identified them as minorities and amended the constitution of Pakistan. It was from that day that Pakistan puts ones religion on their passport to identify the minorities from the Muslims. My brother lived in exile for his questioning the Muslims, he had to leave the country to escape the Blasphemy law, a law that came into effect after Salman Rusdhi's book the Satanic Verses. My brother is now back in Pakistan but lives in another city under another name. Under this law Muslims have killed many minorities and taken their small possessions like their houses and land, it is legal in Islam to kill, what baffles me is that no one seems to challenge this.

My relatives know about my and my siblings beliefs so we cannot inherit any of my fathers land or his house, under Islamic law a Muslims children if not Muslim cannot inherit from their father.

I have adopted some children from Pakistan and have learnt that Islam does not allow adoption and  have read many strange views about adoption in Islam, views that I'm sure you are well aware of. I had a horrendous time adopting these girls in Pakistan. I had to tell the judge that although I did agree with the Koran, I am "foolish" to adopt these abounded/orphaned girls. I also took an oath that I was risking all this against the wishes of the Koran and sunnah. Pakistan does allow adoption but only gives you Guardianship and that is only done when the child is a relative.

Minorities live a life of fear in Muslim countries, there is another side to the Muslims in Pakistan they have a different face for Western citizens, for them they reserve another "gentle" side... the "Peaceful Islam"

Keep up the good work, I did not believe that a Muslim had the brains and courage to do what you are doing, you do not know the service you are doing to mankind, it is immense, expose the violent faith.

Please do not print my name or my email address, I have family and relatives in Pakistan who are very dear to me, both you and I know how Muslims react, Allah will tell them to go kill my family. In fact it is written in the Koran.





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