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25 Apr 2001


The Matter of 4 Wives

Mizanur Rahman

Ottawa, OntarioCanada


As usual , Mr.Fatemolla has come up with yet another gem from his stock of knowledge on matters related to the Quraan and Hadith. Contrary to popular belief , he has found a strange ambiguity in the holy scriptures that would allow the Muslim men to have 4 wives at a time, yet the Prophet himself would not let his son-in-law Hazrat Ali to take a second wife while married to his beloved daughter Fatima. So what is an average Muslim male supposed to do ? To take advantage of the Quraanic indulgence of 4 wives or to do what the Prophet wanted Ali to do, namely to refrain from taking a second wife ? One is a Quraanic verse and the other is a Prophetic wish-in apparent contradiction with each other.

Who says the Islamic laws are easy for the ordinary person to follow? What can one make of a law anyway that seems to say two different things at the same time ? I was further intrigued by the astounding revelation that there was a severe condition imposed on the practice of taking multiple wives ,namely, that the woman involved must be an "orphan", that is, a destitute who has no chance of survival other than marriage to a kind-hearted Muslim man. That puts the Islamic decree of 4 wives in a more positive light, almost a noble one that one can feel proud about. But, in practice, as perpetuated by centuries of Mullah-dominated Muslim societies all over the world ,multiple marriages hardly occur due to the man's goodness of the heart. In fact ,the practice has been, for almost 1500 years, to put the perfectly healthy, normal and cheerfully blossoming young women through lives of total misery, hopelessness and humiliation, and not the other way around.

I have heard and read people say all sorts of things about Fatemolla-that he is an atheist ,he is anti-Islam, a pro-western Islam-basher. And yet, I have not heard him making any derogatory comment about Islam based on western sources alone. He always quoted from the Quraan itself and from the vast array of Sahi Hadith that adorn the shelves of his library. If he has to be labeled by any catchy epithet I'd say he is a pro-Truth person, as are the other frequent contributors to the NFB, like Ali Sina,Kamran Mirza,Jamal Hasan and so on. Instead of pro-Truth I should perhaps use pro-Fact, because Truth is a very elusive thing, in fact, a very relative thing. Truth for one person may not be truth for others.

In matters of religion that is definitely the case. But facts are facts. And what Fatemolla and others present on the NFB are plain facts gathered from the Holy Books of Islam themselves, and not from any distorted versions of them found in western literature. Do they feel happy that they expose some of the less-than-glorious things from the scriptures ? I don't think so. In fact it hurts them deeply to find out that their faith was based on a set of fictitious tales rather than a set of facts. Nobody wants to be a disbeliever. It is like the roof blown away from over your head. But a reasonable person always strives to justify his/her faith by logical arguments. So the Fatemollas of NFB feel obligated to their moral conscience to seek the truth from the documented facts and present them to the readers as they are.

They are neither pro- nor anti-Islam. They are just looking at the facts as described by the great men and women of Islam itself. Apart from their own intellectual and moral obligation to themselves I think they have an obligation to the curious readers to tell what they know without feeling intimidated by the strong arm tactics of the Islamic establishment.


20 Apr 2001



I wanted to comment on "Mosab Rayan debates Ali Sina" (2001-04-16). Mosab Rayan said:

“Not all Islamic rulings can be implemented at any given time and place. For example, the law of the cutting of the hands and feet due to theft, can not be implemented on society, until society has reached close to spiritual perfection (which is not the case today), and the reastablishment of the Islamic leadership (The Khilafah or Caliphate, which was destroyed in 1924).”

Excuse me??!! When society approaches spiritual perfection, it wouldn't be necessary to implement such punishments!

Mosab Rayan's comments remind me of comments made by a Lithuanian convert to some muddled form of Shi'ite Islam who was an interloper on Hindu discussion forums. He argued that sex with captive women was not rape, but that rule couldn't be implemented until some spiritual Iman arrives.

17 Apr 2001


I couldn't concur more with what you've written regarding Ali Sina's penchant for hyperboly. I have great admiration for the man and his efforts to expose the fallacies of the Quran and the moral turpitude of Muhammed. I dont even mind the interjection of emotionalism in his passionate appeals for the rejection of what he terms the cult of Islam. But there must be a self-imposed standard with which to conduct an argument without descending down the road of demogoguery. "The Quran says only one thing...KILL, KILL, KILL!" This is the kind of excess I'm referring to. The Quran does indeed exhort the faithful to "smite the unbelievers." He is erudite enough to utilize the theological arguments at his disposal without resorting to such over-statement.

I was also disappointed by his enthusiastic advocacy of the essay 'The Steep Climb", written by an American who flirted with the idea of becoming a Muslim. It is a rambling letter that takes forever to get where its going and its author's repudiation of Islam can hardly be considered authoritative. Perhaps we've over-estimated Mr. Sina.


Comments on "Slaying Islam"

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Jamal Hasan



13 Apr 2001

Dear Sir

Very well done on your truthful site. We need such information more than anything else after centuries of superstitious propaganda to grow as humanity.
Here is a site that I think you should include in your links:


http://atheism.about.com/ is an agnostic section by about.com. 
"http://answering-islam.org.uk/" which will never change as it is a domain name.

I can't tell you what an important job you are doing to enlighten humanity. We need this site to be translated to Persian for future.

Well done and thank you very, very much for your efforts.
I wish you the best.



11 Apr 2001



Although I am no longer a Muslim, I still enjoy listening to the Koran recitation by the voice of Al Shaikh Mustafa Ismail. I have a large collection of his tapes and I listen to them quite often. I found Surat Al Namal (Ants) particularly amusing and perhaps down right funny. It talks about how Sulaiman was walking down the valley of the ants. One ant was warning the other ants and was saying "get down to your homes lest Sulaiman and his soldiers destroy you while they are unaware". Sulaiman, who understands the language of the ants, laughed and smiled at what they were saying.

You will find these stories and much more in the Koran beautifully described and the reading by Mustafa Ismail make them even more beautiful. Great stories for kids, dont you think so.

There are also good adult stories. The story of Yosef is one that is particularly erotic. I know that most of these stories was borrowed from previous works by Jewish authors. But the Islamic edition is far superior from a literary point of view. I may be biased because Arabic is my mother tongue and so I have a taste for Arabic language literature. One of my favorite Om Kalthoum songs are Nahg El Burda which is purely a religious song.

I like my Islamic cultural heritage and I enjoy it. Of course I am not taking any of it seriously. I understand why people still cling to their belief. They simply need it. I have nothing to offer these people because what they need is not the truth, they need to believe in something to ease their anxiety and their fear from death. If religion makes them feel good, let them. Where I draw the line is when they start to interfere in my own life. Fortunately, this is rather difficult because I no longer live in a Muslim country.



There may be some usefulness of ritualistic Islam.

Many of the readers of this site might have visited Ali Sina's  page. Ali Sina himself has contributed a number of articles for his web site. A remarkable one is about the cultist nature of Islam. He was enquiring if Islam a religion or cult. After reading his mind-boggling essay I was thinking deeply about this unique query. I talked to some American friends of mine. A significant percentage of African-Americans have some sympathetic view toward Islam. Maybe Islam has non-European facade, may be Islam comes across as a more egalitarian religion. Or may be Nations of Islam could reach the underdogs of society. 

One of my friends, an African-American is a Christian. I give him some insight regarding the diabolic nature of Islam on a regular basis. I found even though I spelled enough beans regarding immoral and brutal nature of Muhammad, the Islamic prophet is still considered a great administrator in his book. 

Regarding the conversion to Islam in US prison systems he gave me a very interesting rationale. He said those African-Americans behind the bar do not have any future; the prisons fail to reform them. If Islam or any thing can give them little hope or mold them to be a non-criminal, what is wrong with it? He understood that Islam has too much rituals like five times prayers, vodhu etc. 

His analogy is Islam has "boot camp" type ritual which is needed to straighten a rotten apple. I understood his logic. By the same token, Hare Krishna, if allowed, could have a field day in the US prison systems. What do you think?

Somewhere in USA



March, 10, 2001

Hello Mr. Sina, 

I read your site. I also read how your site was  shut down  by Tripod. I enjoyed reading the page where you described how Tripod showed cowardice by buckling under pressure. 

Let me tell you that I agree with you that what you are doing for Islam is what Bertrand Russell did for Christianity. Your efforts will help make Islam tolerant. 

In my childhood I read Russell and other writers. I stopped believing in religious superstitions and myths. I visit Hindu Temples but I do not believe in the rituals. The priests  make money from our believes in the rituals. 

The Muslims have been badly brainwashed. I have a neighbour who takes his sons to the Mosque whole day Saturday. He is brainwashing them so they grow up having blind faith in Islam. 

Anyway whatever I can do for you I will do. Let me know if you need financial help. Send me your address and I will send you donation to help in your cause. 

I would rather give money to you than to the religious groups who are always asking for donation. I will also contact some politicians and bring to their attention death threats against you.

Keep in touch.




Dear Barry, 

Thank you for your encouragement and your generous financial offer. At this moment my costs are very low and I believe I can manage it on my own. However in future I wish to create a radio program and it would be then that I would need financial help. But thanks for the offer anyway. 

What I would need at the moment is more materials to publish. I would like to have scholarly written articles to expand the site. If you can help in that regard I would be much obliged. Your article will be reviewed by a small committee and if approved will be published. Another way to help is to advertise the site among your friends.

Kind Regards 


Ali Sina





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