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dear sir,

i don't know how to say this,

Your story is very moving about your girlfriend etc... but is it true???  or just to captivate audience?? anyway i say one thing: You are prophet of truth after i read yr mails, my false ego shattered, and my life changed completely....

wow!!! you are true prophet of god : truth

pls keep up good work...i am addicted to your writing... i need your doses to stay alive....



Hello dear Addict, ;-) 

Thank you very much. I suppose you wrote this as a compliment. But since I called the "prophets of God" charlatan, now I am confused. lol.  



i appreciate that u r very learned person  and truly enlightened.  but i need to trouble u some more. sorry for same. u hv inform abt life, the good part, ie sunshine, love etc...but what abt aids, starvation, terror and the other horrors??

i fully accept that there is no god/allah and nature is truth. so, nature is dual....the good and evil co-exist in this world....

so is it what it is???

evil always co-exist with good...

maybe this is the truth abt life...the dualism is part of the monoism...

it is very confusing...


Please read this: The Source of Evil 


 Dec. 05, 2003

Dearest Ali, 

Hello! My name is Melissa.  I am a 19 year old Catholic girl, and my boyfriend is Muslim.  Its sort of a huge problem for his family, because they cant seem to accept anything but their own kind. 

I recently purchased a Quran, because im VERY interested in learning more about the Muslim culture, and was even thinking about religion.  I tried to read it, but its sort of confusing to me.  I was wondering if you might know of a quran study group or if you can help me in any way. 

I would very much appreciate it.  I understand youre extremely busy, but I beg of you to please try to answer my e-mail. I hope to hear from you soon. 

Thank you!  

Yours truly, 



Dear Melissa, 

 If the family of your boyfriend cannot accept anything but their own why in the world you want to be part of that family? This is a bigoted primitive thinking family. Get the hell out of that relationship before it is too late. 

You are only 19. This is not time for you to get into any serious relationships. You need grow and have fun as a young woman. You need to continue your studies. Have fun, enjoy your youth, it is okay for you to date but never get into any relationships seriously. If you ask me, I tell you the best age for marriage is around thirty. By then you have matured enough to know who you are and what you want. Marriages at younger ages break up with more frequency. 

Then you wanted to know about the Quran and how to read that book so you can understand it easier. Well let me tell you that that book cannot be understood because there is nothing to understand. It is a hodgepodge of inconsistencies errancies and absurdities mixed with a lot of violence and evil thought. I do not believe in Satan, but if I did I would say that book has been inspired by Devil himself. 

Finally join our forum. There you can meet wonderful people who are rational and intelligent. You will be very happy to know such people exist. 

And look to find someone who can respect you and does not demand you to change. Did you know that Muslim men think it is their right to beat their wives? That is what is written in the Quran. Read this site and learn about Islam. We know Islam from inside. We are the apostates because we saw the face of devil unmasked. So no one can tell you the truth better that us. And what I can tell you is RUN, RUN, RUN. That relationship is not good for you. Run the other way as fast as you can. 

Come to the site and read what other women who like you fell in love with Muslim men and then lived the nightmare until they got themselves free have written. You can ask them personal questions and learn from their experiences. Their experiences can save you a lot of pain.



 Dec. 02, 2003


I am glad there are people like you that are brave to fight against this evil religion. I hope you can keep it up, I have taken printed texts from you site and mailed them to the politicians here in holland and hope that they will wake up. Please keep up the good work 




  Dec. 02, 2003


Mr Ali, 

Considering the amount of mails you receive, and the workload with your site, I honestly did not expect a reply from you, so was pleasantly surprised by your response . Have already spread the word about your site to an acquaintance and will do so in future when opportunity permits. 

I support your views because I know that the religion which you once believed in,  is a cult. It is indeed very sad for followers of that 'religion'. The evidences you provide are strong and stunning.  Take heart because you are not alone. There have been some other voices that in a way agree with your views. The highly decorated three star General Lt Gen William G Boykin   is the only public figure so far I know who has had the guts to also point out that the Emperor is not wearing any clothes. 

Many have benefited from your work and many more will in the future.  Men who are blinded by lies and hatred will no doubt try to frustrate your attempts at speaking the truth. Do not give in to them because at stake is the liberation and freedom of many. Continue to be brave and strong because in the end, truth will prevail and win. 

May your heart  find true peace, your body in constant good health and your spirit true meaning.


  Nov. 22, 2003

Dear Mr. Sina

Thank you for your reply. As I know you must surly be very busy caught up in all this so I was happy to see you had the time to reply. I was a bit disappointed in Rahee Shahzad last reply. I was hoping he was not trying to avoid the issues but rather to address them. I posted this on your forum already and I know where it is now so no need to repost this email. I also promote your site. I think its great!  

I typed www.faithfreedom.com instead of .org by mistake today. LOL what's all that stuff about? Friends of yours? I guess you make quite a few enemies with what you write but its people that you that can make differences and that normally involves some turbulence. Its great you got the guts to stand up and say something. With your in-depth knowledge about Islam there seem to be none that can match you so far. I have read another of your debates tonight (Dr. Nader Pourhassan) but saw no reply after part one. Did it end there? 

Thank you again for excellent material on your site. 

Best regards, Morten 


Dear Morten. 

Thank you for promoting the site. It is important to reach everyone and I rely on people like you to do that. 

Actually winning the Muslims is easy. Anyone can do that. Anyone can win when he is standing in the position of power with all the arsenals at his disposition when his opponent is standing below throwing stone. It is like I am standing on top of the hill while the Muslims are below. All I have to do is to kick a rock and it will role down knocking anyone in its path. Those guys can throw the rocks but it not only cannot reach me, it eventually rolls back to hit them. I hope this imagery makes the point clear. I win all the debates not because I am any more intelligent than these guys but because I fight from the position that cannot be defeated and they fight from the position that cannot be defended. 

As for Pourhassan, he wrote a 75 page response that I have to answer yet. But frankly it is so boring that I do not have the enthusiasm to answer. However this gentleman is now going to the Iranian televisions bragging that he has won the debate and that is why I have not responded him. So a response is in the way. 

The trial Humanity vs. Muhammad bin Abdallah also is not over. Mr. Shahbaz is a good debater and actually I like him better now than when we started. I think this debate is going to be very interesting. 



Ali Sina 


  Nov. 22, 2003

Dear Mr. Sina

Thank you for your reply. As I know you must surly be very busy caught up in all this so I was happy to see you had the time to reply. I was a bit disappointed in Rahee Shahzad last reply. I was hoping he was not trying to avoid the issues but rather to address them. I posted this on your forum already and I know where it is now so no need to repost this email. I also promote your site. I think its great!  

I typed www.faithfreedom.com instead of .org by mistake today. LOL what's all that stuff about? Friends of yours? I guess you make quite a few enemies with what you write but its people that you that can make differences and that normally involves some turbulence. Its great you got the guts to stand up and say something. With your in-depth knowledge about Islam there seem to be none that can match you so far. I have read another of your debates tonight (Dr. Nader Pourhassan) but saw no reply after part one. Did it end there? 

Thank you again for excellent material on your site. 

Best regards, Morten 


Dear Morten. 

Thank you for promoting the site. It is important to reach everyone and I rely on people like you to do that. 

Actually winning the Muslims is easy. Anyone can do that. Anyone can win when he is standing in the position of power with all the arsenals at his disposition when his opponent is standing below throwing stone. It is like I am standing on top of the hill while the Muslims are below. All I have to do is to kick a rock and it will role down knocking anyone in its path. Those guys can throw the rocks but it not only cannot reach me, it eventually rolls back to hit them. I hope this imagery makes the point clear. I win all the debates not because I am any more intelligent than these guys but because I fight from the position that cannot be defeated and they fight from the position that cannot be defended. 

As for Pourhassan, he wrote a 75 page response that I have to answer yet. But frankly it is so boring that I do not have the enthusiasm to answer. However this gentleman is now going to the Iranian televisions bragging that he has won the debate and that is why I have not responded him. So a response is in the way. 

The trial Humanity vs. Muhammad bin Abdallah also is not over. Mr. Shahbaz is a good debater and actually I like him better now than when we started. I think this debate is going to be very interesting. 



Ali Sina 


  Nov. 21, 2003

To the staff at faithfreedom, 

If you read this and have the time to answer my question, i will be happy. If you don't I Understand. 

My question is based on the following observation. The number of young girls who converts to islam in the west have gone up in recent years, which worries me quite a lot. In Denmark we experience that 2% of a generation of young females embrace Islam. 

Therefore I need to ask about your experience that you get from converts. How many will eventually discover that it is all a lie. Is it only a small fraction, or can we expect that they remain muslims the rest of their lives. 



The majority of those who convert become disillusioned and leave Islam within a few years. They get older and wiser and soon see the ugliness of Islam from within. However leaving Islam without an aid is very difficult. Islam creates a tremendous fear of punishment that even the thought of leaving it becomes impossible. Of course if these people receive support, i.e. if they are given the truth about Islam, leaving it becomes much more easier. In fact truth is the best way to prevent these young girls of becoming the victims of Islam in the first place.  

The sites such as FFI are a big help, but also we have to stop the PeeCee culture and start talking about Islam openly just as we talk about anything else. Why it is okay to critique Nazism, Communism, Christianity or any other ideology while critiquing Islam is taboo? Of course Islamic hooliganism and threats have a lot to do with it. But if we are afraid of Muslims now what we would do if we let them grow among us and become more powerful?

Ali Sina




  Nov. 18, 2003

Can you please alaborate on the topic around Kaffirs Social Movement. Where is it based and what is its mandate.
 Does it have offices in South Africa.
What are the reason behind the formation of the movement.

Dear Dominc, 

Faith Freedom International, or what you call, “The Kafir Movement” is created by mostly ex-Muslims. Its mandate is to reveal the truth about Islam and free the Muslims from the claws of this false religion. Islam preaches hate and is putting humanity against humanity. This hate like cancer is growing and now it has reached to a stage that it could end the life of millions if not billions of people. 

We feel this threat and we want to stop this madness before it is too late (or may be it is already too late). We are not against Faith. We are against Hate. We do not fight Islam because it is a religion but because it IS NOT. Islam is a force of domination in the garb of religion. It is politics wearing the mask of religion. We want to unmask it and save Humanity from an imminent danger. 

FFI does not have offices anywhere. We are volunteers working for a common cause. The cause is the unity of Mankind, its peace and prosperity. Anyone can be a member if he or she chooses so. All you have to do is to promote the message of Faith Freedom in anyway you feel comfortable with. One big rule of this movement is safety. You must protect your own life and do not put it in danger. No martyrdom for FFI. Stay safe and help the message spread. We want you to help unmask Islam and you can do that only if you stay alive. The members of FFI do not know each other and there are no membership dues or cards.  

You  can join our forum and pose your questions there.  



  Nov. 10, 2003


                 I live in Pakistan and i ama great fan of yours and hate islam more than any one else in this world i am a regular reader of your site and all the artiucles a great now i can answer all the fale facts and figures of so called muslims thaks to u now i also dont find my self alone in this country of muslim animals.I know my mail has no new thing for me and u will not be able to answer my mail due to lack of timebut i wantedto tell u all these things wheich were in my heart for u.

I want to do some thing in this strugle please tell me wat can i do for this by living in this country i must tell u one thing as muslims can sacrifice there lives for the evil idealogy of islam just like that i can sacrifice my life for fighting against this evil.

your responce will give me a lot of moral support if it is poissible.




Dear Yasser,

Thank you for the email. There are two points that I would like to answer. First is that as a freethinker you should not be the follower of anyone. That is the nature of being a freethinker. If you are a follower, even the follower of a freethinker, then you can’t call yourself a freethinker. That is why the religious people, no matter how intelligent they may be, as long as they are followers, they are not freethinkers. 

The other point is about sacrifice. Of course sacrifice is necessary for the progress of any cause. However Muslims sacrifice their lives because Islam is a cult and Muhammad was an evil man who had no regards for the lives of the people. He himself was not willing to sacrifice his own life.  He escaped from the perceived dangers. In fact he was paranoid. He imagined that the Quraysh had plans to kill him when the evidence shows that the Quraysh had never harmed any Muslims. If fact they were tolerant of people’s beliefs. They were angry of him insulting their religion but never retaliated or kill any Muslim for that matter. Muhammad was the one who started the hostilities by raiding their caravans and killing their men. 

Muhammad himself never took part in any battle, he used to stand behind the army and tell others to fight and get killed for him. He used to wear two armors one on top of the other, that made him so heavy that he could not walk without the help of others. He sent others to get killed to promote his cause and make his dreams of grandiosity come true. As freethinker we do sacrifice our time and comfort to fight ignorance but we do not sacrifice our lives. We celebrate life not death. Heroism is staying safe. Putting your life in danger is not heroism but stupidity. That is more befitting for brainwashed people not for intelligent people. 

Please join the forum of this site and meet other freethinkers. We are there to support each other and exchange ideas and strategies 

Take care


Ali Sina 


  September 18 2003


Dear Ali Sina,
     2 Years have now gone by since that terrible day that was 9/11.  Luckily there are a few courageous people like yourself who are willing to tell the truth about Islam.  Having been raised and educated in the United States, even though there is definite prejudices between groups, the educational process here did nothing to give me a negative image of Islam.  Indeed I was both troubled and puzzled by the conflict in the Middle East believing that the 3 monotheistic religions had the same basic values of tolerance, love, and respect.  Why couldn't they, as the saying goes, just get along?  In addition I think that many people, my self included, were blissfully unaware of the violence caused by Islam from Nigeria to the Phillipines.  Fanatics, fundamentalists who just happened to get it wrong as Islam meant "peace"...
     What I am now going to relate to you will sound quite strange.  I have always tried to be aware of human suffering and have tried in my own small way to alleviate it.  In March of 2001 I read an article about the genocide and enslavement of the Christian and animists of the Southern Sudan by the Arab Muslims of the North of that country.  After reading the article I wrote an e-mail to the author of the article who put me in contact with a group that helps these poor unfortunate souls.  After 9/11, several months later, I again found and reread the article.  Throughout its several paragraphs were clear references to "Islamic Terrorism", jihad, etc., etc.  It was unsettling that this type of thing has been going on for so long that it took the tragedy in NYC and Washington DC to make people notice. 
     I do not know if anyone has ever made this point to you before but one of the most troubling aspects of Islam is this:  The Arabs in Mohammed's armies although powerful certainly could not have matched in size the vast populations they overtook.  Obviously the vast majority of Muslims, although undoubtedly mixed with the Arab armies, are descended from the pagan Arabs, Jews, Christians (Copts, Assyrians, Maronites), Zoroasterians, Hindus, Buddhists, etc., etc. who  were compelled to "submit" to peaceful, tolerant Islam.  Although we should love humanity how can it be possible when these people were taught to hate their own families?  A good book that explains this is "Indigenous People Under Islam" by Frederick Isaac, an Assyrian Christian.  If someone were able to explain this cogently to at least some open-minded, intelligent Muslims perhaps some head way could be made. 
     I'm sure you will agree that it is both troubling and also a bit humorous to see the extent to which Muslims in the United States go to portray Islam as peaceful and tolerant.   Being a bit of a gadfly I could not help calling CAIR (Council of American Islamic Relations).  I read on their website how they were sponsering a candlelight vigil as a tribute to the victims of 9/11.  I called the person setting it up and suggested that CAIR might publically make a statement apologizing for the numerous atorcities caused by Islam through the ages.  I think the gentleman was a bit stunned at how many I could list.  Needless to say I don't think any mention was made at their ecumenical gathering.
I also recently called an Islamic Informational Number, 1-877-WHYISLAM.  I spoke to a representative for about 45 minutes concerning the many things that trouble me about Islam.  (It would be difficult to tell if the person was brainwashed or just plain lying.)  When I mentioned the Hadith about the murder of the poetess Asma in front of her several children I went on to ask how such a horrorific act could be the act of a loving, peaceful, tolerant person.  The representative answered by saying that Islam is a very "proactive" religion and that there cannot be peace before there is justice.  Dear Mr. Sina, you certainly do have your work cut out for you...
Best Wishes (Towards a truly peaceful world...),


  Sep. 7, 2003

Just a few quick questions.  I am curious to know what the ex-muslims 
(yourselves) behind this site converted to?  Are you Christian now, or 
what is it?  Also, I'm very interested in getting in contact with 
ex-muslims, can you put me into contact with some.  I'm hoping I can get on 
messenger with a few to ask questions about what lef them to leave the 
faith.  I'm a Christian, and I'm trying to witness to muslim friends, so 
I'd like to get in contact with ex-muslim Christians, but even just 
ex-muslims would be great too.  Thanks.

Derek from Saskatchewan

Dear Derek,

 Most of the ex-Muslims have become humanists and often they do reject all the religions. Some of them have converted to Christianity or other religions. You can meet them in our forum.

If you want to discuss Christianity and invite them to your faith you are most welcome to do so in the Christian section of the forum. Discussions about all religions are free. However be prepared for harsh criticisms as well. People in the forum are sharp and they are merciless when it comes to criticizing beliefs. No belief is off limit and at the same time no belief is above criticism. So do join and promote your faith. However I warn you that these people are ruthless when it comes to dissecting beliefs. They basically mince them to pieces. If you think you are up to the challenge, here is your chance. There is a section dedicated to Christianity. 

As for what is my 

religion, you can read the answer here:



i know that my email is rather long, but please, please read on as i am desperate to tell you just how much i appreciate your work.


Respected Ali Sina, i am an ex-christian, son of a clergyman, and hater of muhammad and islam. all throughout my life i have been poisoned against islam by my parents(my grandparents were all muslims, and one hindu who converted to christianity) but that did not bring me to accept christianity blindly. i hate all institutionalised religions, especially islam.....because of its teachings of violence and hate. i know this makes me somewhat of a hypocrite because i have the emotion of hate in my heart (mind, just like muhammad), but i cannot help hating muhammad for making the lives of so many people miserable. i live in pakistan and all my friends are muslims. i have found them to be just like anybody else...no different from christians or jews or hindus who believe blindly. i wanted to do something to expose the reality of islam but that is proving very difficult: i am not very well read on the subject and rely on websites like yours for info. i am afraid that before long the pakistani authorities will firewall your site and i wont be able to write to you. if i had a million dollars to give to charity, i would give most of it to your site. your site is very good and i will definitely recommend it to my friends...those ones who have the brains to think beyound what their parents(or the quran) has taught them. anyway. i cannot explain just how happy i am to have come across your site. i am so excited that my thoughts and writing are both inconsistent and haphazard. i will write to you again when my adrenalin level has normalized, until then i wish you the very best of health, understanding, strength and wisdom to carry on your good work.


please do not judge me by my first email as i am very excited as i write this and i know that my thoughts are all jumbled up. i hope you understand.
i will definitely write to you again....

if you can, please tell me what nationality you are. if you cannot tell me its ok, i understand your need to be secretive....i live among muslims and i know what they would like to do to people who have left islam and people who like you and i who want to expose the real islam.

once again, best of luck in all your work.



Dear ...

Of course you are not a hypocrite to hate Islam. Muhammad told his followers to hate people who do not believe in his lies and kill them. To hate this abhorrent teaching is the most honorable thing one can do. Good people do hate Islam just as they hate Nazism. We have to be hateful of ignorance, violence, arrogance, oppression, discrimination and terrorism. Islam is all these things. So a hypocrite is one who does not hate Islam. The person who hate this cult of hate is not a hypocrite but one who loves mankind. 

Please enjoy reading the site and recommend it to your friends, but be careful not to be overly carried away and do not get the false sense of security. After all you live in Pakistan and if you introduce this site to someone, you could be killed for it. 

If you want to make your Muslim friends read this site send the URL of this site to them via email anonymously. And if you even happen to discuss this site with any Muslim never be supportive of it. Just say you know about it but you hope a Muslim will eventually will answer those charges. Never demonstrate your enthusiasm of this site. It is better to be safe than sorry. 

I hope in future we will have a news service via email for all those who may not be able to reach us because of censorship. 

I am an Iranian. Iranians are leaving Islam in big numbers. 

Best wishes 


Ali Sina 




 July 13, 2003 
Subject: thank you

Thank you ali sina for your courage. After I've read qu'ran, I was very confused and anxious. Now I feel peace and still I have faith in the spirit of peace (inside peace). After to grow tired about christianism I was about to convert in islam but I read owl qu'ran during ramadan and i've studied different aspect of sunnah and hadith then I slow down... Few weeks I've been disturbed but after I've read "Why I left Islam"after I saw a site (www.pages.intnet.mu/ramsurat/gaurakrishna/islam.html) I opened my eyes on outside and inside and thank GOD my desires are still noble and thirsty about discovering good sens and truth. Even if that message is not going straight to you, I'm shure instead of any disappointment there is a paradise for you. You know I really feel gratitude for you. I'm witness of few supernatural events in my life and I know we're not alone... I'm still studing theological history and origin religon. Thank you sincerly thank you!

May my peace follow you everywere beyond
the limits of life...

notice: this is not my real name but this is not important to you who I really am, just I feel better to write this message to you everything is so clear now...

All the world need is wise people like you!


  June 5,  2003

Hello there again, i have been researching more into religion and i still believe that we were created by some intelligence, there is no doubt about that, i am sure that no evolution has taken place, we may be similar to apes, but we have a soul and we are a special creation. In turn this still leads me to think that there is a correct religion out ther, but i am having doubts about islam and i find it hard to pull away for certain reasons... 

One of these reasons is the code on number 19. I have read your articles on it, but it just makes so much sense, over it is 19..... and it is supposed to stregnthen the faith of the faithfull, convince people that it  is a divine scripture etc. I know that u dont think it is amazing orneeds the use of a computer, but i think that u have missed out some important aspects, for example [1] Sura 1 is God's gift to us, to establish contact with Him (Salat).

Write the sura number and the number of verses next to each other and you get 17, the total number of units in the 5 daily prayers. 

[2] Let us write down the sura number, followed by the number of each verse in the sura. This is what we get:1 1 2 3 4 5 6 7. This number is a multiple of 19.  

[3] Now, let us replace each verse number by the number of letters in that verse. This is what we get:1 19 17 12 11 19 18 43 also a multiple of 19.Theoretically, one can alter the letters of Sura 1, and still keep the same number of letters, however, the following mathematical phenomena rule out that possibility. For the gematrical value of every single letter is taken into consideration. Here it is: 

[4] Let us include the gematrical value of every verse, and write it down following the number of letters in each verse:1 19 786 17 581 12 618 11 241 19 836 18 1072 43 6009 also a multiple of 19. 

[5] Now, let us add the number of each verse, followed by the number of letters in that verse, then the gematrical value of that verse.This is what we get:1 1 19 786 2 17 581 3 12 618 4 11 241 5 19 836 6 18 1072 7 43 6009a multiple of 19. 

And then there is the code 19 regarding the first verse of the quran, there are loads of long numbers and it is all amazing. 

Then there is the major thing that u missed out and have not mentioned, this is the realy realy long numbers that are multiples of 19. For example,  

7 1234567 286 12345...286 ...5 12345 6 123456 

FIRST No: This very long number consists of 12692 digits (19x668) and includes every verse in the Quran. The number of verses in each sura precedes its verses. A special computer program that divides very long numbers has shown that this long number is a multiple of 19. 


1234567 7 12345...286 286 12345 5...123456 6 6234 

SECOND No: The number of every verse in every sura is foll-owed by the number of verses per sura. The last 11 digits shown here are the 6 verses of the last sura, followed byits number of verses (6), followed by the total number of numbered verses in the Quran (6234). The complete, very long number, is a multiple of 19. 


1 2 3 4 5 6 7 1 7 12345 ... 286 2 286 ...123456 114 6 6234 

THIRD No: The number of every verse, followed by the sura number, then the number of verses in the sura. The total number of numbered verses is added at the end. The long number (12930 digits) is a multiple of 19. 

There are 15 long long numbers that involve the chapters and verses, there is even a programme that i have been on that confirms that these are all multiples of 19. There is no way that it is a hoax, and there is no way mohammed could have composed this, which in turn proves that if all these are multiples of 19, the initialed chapters also being a multiple of 19 is no coincidence. I suggest u check it out!! 

Anyway, i want to know if u are skeptical about these numbers and why u believe that the quran could not be a coded book.  

Like i said before, i am certain that there is a god, and we may think that the quran is a bit strange, but the code just makes it seem so apparant that it is from god, is there any other explination. I still believe that we are created, and if u dont believe this, there is no way u will ever belive in the scriptures.

There is no way, not even in 10 billion years that a camel could make itself, the creation is just proof that god is there, however blind u may be to this.  

If there is no religion, what is the point in our lives, is it just to live and die, it just makes no sense. 

I hope u can reply to this mail, as i want to know your views, thankyou very much, peace



Dear Dave. 

My point in making this site is not to prove that there is no God. Personally I do believe in God although my understanding of God is different from that preached by the Middle Eastern religions (Judaism, Christianity and Islam). I believe in a principle and not in a being as the author of this universe. However as I said this is not relevant to the subject of Islam. If you think that God is a being and he created this world like a carpenter would make a table; that is fine. There are many good people who believe in such a god. I am not here to disprove the existence of God as a being nor I am interested to prove that this universe is the product of evolution. Evolution is a subject of science. It is foolish for laymen to reject science when they have no understanding of it. This subject is proven and anyone interested should read the scientific books. The place to refute the evolution is the academic circle and not between people who understand nothing of science.  However if you do not want to read those books and if you are more comfortable to wear your blinders than taking them off that is fine. Let us assume that there is a God sitting in the heaven who has prepared this show for his entertainment. The point that I want to make is that Islam is not a religion of God and not that God does not exist or creationists are wrong. 

Now, what about the so-called numerical miracles of the Quran? I already explained that there are no such numerical miracles. Did you read these articles? 




Did you know that there are numerical miracles in the Bible too?


Yet Muhammad said that the Bible is corrupted. If it is corrupted how come there are numerical miracles in it? 

Let us also assume that Quran contains numerical wonders. How this proves that this book is from God? Muslims believe that there are other shadowy creatures like Satan, demons and Jinns. How do we know that the Quran is not the work of one of these intelligent yet evil characters? 

When you crack down the puzzle to its elements, it becomes very easy to solve it. Quran cannot be from God because it contains many stupid verses, many violent and inhumane teachings and many absurdities. Quran says that the Earth is flat, that the mountains are pegs to keep it from shaking, that the stars are missiles to shoot the Jinns (who climb on each other’s shoulders to form a tower to reach the heaven and eavesdrop the conversation of the Assembly on High), that the moon is above the stars, that the fetus is generated from the backbone, that moon was split it two halves in Mecca and many other asinine verses. There is no way that this ridiculous book is from God. The author of the Quran indeed must have been an idiot of the first category. How can we attribute these stupid verses to the maker of this universe? 

Therefore it is clear that Quran is not from God, it is a book full of violence and hate. God cannot be so hateful. If God wanted to kill those who disbelieve in him he could have done it himself, why would he need us to make war with our fellow human beings and become murderers to prove our devotion to him? All these show that Allah is not God but a demon. It shows that Muhammad was possessed by an evil force. If you say that Quran contains numerical marvels it is because Allah is an astute devil. May be he is Satan who is impersonating himself as God to destroy this world and lead people to his hell. How do we know that the angel who appeared to Muhammad was not Lucifer? The so-called numerical miracles of the Quran are a trick of this malevolent evil spirit to fool the gullible and confound the foolhardy. Quran is not from God because it is an evil book. If it contains numerical marvels, then it must be from Satan. This is the point that you have to focus on. 

If someone claims to be a physician you want to see whether he knows how to cure you. If he has no idea about human anatomy and everything he says prove to be wrong you know that he is an impostor and not a doctor.  Now suppose this impostor pulls out a deck of cards from his pocket and performs an impossible magic in front of your eyes. Doses this show that he is a doctor? Of course not! He could be a good magician but as long as he knows nothing about human pathology you are not going to trust him as a doctor.  The proof of a messenger of God is that he brings love among the people, does good things and lives a saintly life. Muhammad lived a life of a gangster and a marauding warlord. He raided unarmed civilians, murdered innocent people, looted their belongings, raped their wives and children and enslaved them. This is not what a messenger of God would do. But a messenger of Satan may do such things. So do not let these cheap tricks fool you. If there are numerical marvels in the Quran indeed, this is proof that this book is from Satan. This is even worse. I think it is better to be the follower of a crazy schizophrenic self-styled prophet than be the follower of Satan.  

It is up to you my friend. If you believe in God, you agree with me that he gave you a brain. If you fail to use it and instead fall prey to the envoy of Satan because he confounded you with some cheap numerical thrills, then you have betrayed the trust of God. Do you really want to be a follower of Satan?





Dear Dude, 

   Start writing congress. Ins and any one else that can change this situation. Today Islamic wahibbi schools funded by Saudi Arabia are open and expanding in America. These schools are subsidized by our tax dollars. See that

Islamic woman in Florida suing the state for the right to live like a wahabbi nut. She has a police record and her religion will spread because she is going to have kids ,a lot of them. Those children will get an education wahibbi style in the USA. The schools will be funded by Saudi Arabia in America. The end of minority rights and the of America as we once knew it. Have you seen Michigan lately. The signs are in Arabic.



  May 24, 2003

Hello again, i must thank you for trying to help me but even though i have read your replies, i stell cant pull myself away from religion, due to the fact that i still feel that god is there and whether he did it throgh creation or not, he has created us. I see only superficial similarities between apes and man. 

Since discovering your website i have been speaking to many people on the internet who claim that islam is a made up religion and is a bad one, but how can we be sure that the quran is not from god, how do we know that the torah and the bible are also from god as the quran claims they are. 

Is islam really that bed a religion, im sure that people like the taliban are not following the quran alone, as we are meant to, they are making up their own ways of life. When i read the whole quran and dont take words out of context it appears to be quite a good book, and i have read it so many times, i find it hard to believe anything else, for example, jesus is clearly stated as a prophet in the quran, not the son of god, so when i speak to christians i cant really see their point of view. I think i have been brainwashed, and there is nothing i can do about it.. 

but like i said, how do we know that god has not sent messangers and prophets to guide us out of darkness into the light, how can u be certain that the quran is not from god, even though there is evidence supporting the fact that it is a bit dodgy, the fact that it mentions hell so much has scared me to pull away from it, i think, what if it really is true.... 

Quotes from quran, "what if this realy is from god and you decide to reject it!" "we created the human being from a tiny drop and he turns into an ardent opponent" 

There is no escape for me... I am trying to look into other religions to see if they make any sense, but my mind seems to be fixed on the quran, and the fear of disobeying god and going to hell scares me. I may go and see a psychiatrist and see what they can do, because it occupies my mind nearly all of the day. Religion seems to be good and nice, but like i said, it could be the truth, and there are many people out there who are not willing to risk going to hell. 

If you can help me any more please reply, but if you cant i will have to look elswhere.  

Thankyou for your time and help,





Dear Dave, 

A Chinese proverb says: The journey of a thousand miles starts with the first step. Another proverb says you can eat a camel one bite at a time. (If this last one is not a proverb, it should be). Let us make this camel-size dilemma bite size. Let us assume that there is a God who created this world and let us assume that the scientists have it wrong when they talk about evolution. Let us concentrate on Islam and Muhammad only. 

Was Muhammad a messenger of God? Did he tell the truth? This is not difficult to find out. You say evolution is impossible. Now see what Muhammad said about the Jews.  

Say: "Shall I point out to you something much worse than this, (as judged) by the treatment it received from Allah? those who incurred the curse of Allah and His wrath, those of whom some He transformed into apes and swine, those who worshipped evil;- these are (many times) worse in rank, and far more astray from the even path!" 

This nonsense is repeated also in other parts of the Quran: (2.65, 7.166) Do you think it is possible to transform humans into après and swine? Isn’t this the most stupid statement one could make? Doesn’t this show that Muhammad and his followers were a bunch of idiots?  

The stars and the moon The Qur'an teaches that there are seven heavens one above the other [67:3, 71:15], and that the stars are in the lower heaven [67:5, 37:6 , 41:12], but the moon is depicted as being in/inside the seven heavens [71:16], 

Doesn’t this prove again that Muhammad was not a prophet but a charlatan liar? 

Here is a list of some of he errors of he Quran:

 Can possibly the author of this universe be so ignorant to write a book like the Quran so full of errors? 

It is clear that Muhammad was not a messenger of God. Therefore, if everything he said about this world is proven to be wrong, why should anyone in his right mind believe this man and his talk about the afterlife? 

Now let us take a close look at the afterlife as described by Muhammad. He spoke of a heaven with carnal pleasures such as wines, fruits and abundant sex (things that to desert dweller barbarians were important) and a hell of blazing fire. Do these really make sense? Sex is for procreation and not for recreation. Why would dead people need sex organs in the next world if no perpetuation of the species is contemplated? Muhammad describes the paradise as a physical/geographical place where buried bones will rejoin to form the body and then go to paradise or hell. Where is this paradise? Our knowledge of the universe is much more than the Arabs who believed in Muhammad. Has this place been seen? 

Muhammad spoke so many times about hell, frightening people that if they do not believe in his lies his imaginary friend would burn them for eternity. Is this logical? Why God is so desperate to be worshipped? Muslims say worshipping Allah is for our own good and it does not affect him. However Muhammad says that those who fail to worship his Allah will be burned in the fire of hell for eternity. So obviously this Allah is very much offended in order to avenge this lack of attention. Isn’t this a needy god? Isn’t Allah a desperate psychopath? Burning is extremely painful even for one second. Now imagine burning for eternity. This is the ultimate form of sadism. Do you think the maker of this universe is a sadist?  This simply makes no sense. Even if there is a God who created this world, Allah cannot be it. 

Muhammad used fear to control people and to dominate them. Fear is the most powerful instrument to make people do things that otherwise they would not do. So people are willing to accept any absurdity because they are afraid to doubt and they fear the eternal fire. This man was not a normal human being. He was a narcissist. This is a psychological disorder. Narcissists are master manipulators and they have no conscience. They lie and they are the first to believe in their lies. They are good to those who serve their purpose and supply their narcissistic needs, but they easily would kill any number of people if they stand in their way and their scheme of grandiosity. Hitler, Stalin and Saddam were more famous narcissists. Muhammad was no different. 

I have made a sketch of Muhammad’s psychological pathology. Please take a look.  

Forget about evolution/creation dilemma for now. Concentrate on Muhammad and discover that this man was not a messenger of God but a charlatan and indeed an evil psychopath. There is ample evidence in the Quran to prove this. Once you come to see that Muhammad was an impostor, the rest is easy.  

You say that you are brainwashed by Islam and there is no escape for you. Yes you are brainwashed, but there is escape. I was brainwashed too but I managed to regain my senses. In my case my parents and my society had brainwashed me, in your case you did this to yourself. So for you it must be much easier to free yourself from Islam. You say you read the books of HarunYahya and the Quran many times. Why you did not read some other books to see what others have to say? It is obvious that when you stand in one place you have only one point of view, while if you more around you can see things from different points of views your understanding is amplified. However, the very fact that you are reading this site and talking with people who are not Muslims is a good sign because you are listening to people who have different viewpoints and in this way you get a better and a more comprehensive view of things.  

 You wrote:

“im sure that people like the taliban are not following the quran alone, as we are meant to, they are making up their own ways of life” 

How can you say that you are sure? These terrorists read the Quran and try to follow it to the letter. They respond to calls such as these:  

9:111, Allah hath purchased of the believers their persons and their goods; for theirs (in return) is the garden (of Paradise): they fight in His cause, and slay and are slain: a promise binding on Him in truth, through the Law, the Gospel, and the Qur’an. 

There are hundreds of verses like this in the Quran.  

You wrote:

"When i read the whole quran and dont take words out of context it appears to be quite a good book," 

Do you think this verse is good?  

9:29, Fight those who believe not in Allah nor the Last Day, nor hold that forbidden which hath been forbidden by Allah and His Messenger, nor acknowledge the religion of Truth, (even if they are) of the People of the Book, until they pay the Jizya with willing submission, and feel themselves subdued. 

Or this one?  

2:223 Your women are a tilt for you (to cultivate) so go to your tilt as ye will, and send (good deeds) before you for your souls, and fear Allah, and know that ye will (one day) meet Him. Give glad tidings to believers, (O Muhammad 

How abut this one: 

4:34, Men are in charge of women, because Allah hath made the one of them to excel the other, and because they spend of their property (for the support of women). So good women are the obedient, guarding in secret that which Allah hath guarded. As for those from whom ye fear rebellion, admonish them and banish them to beds apart, and scourge them. Then if they obey you, seek not a way against them. Lo! Allah is ever High, Exalted, Great.  

Take a look at this collection, read them “in the context” and tell me what part of these verses is good? http://main.faithfreedom.org/Articles/quran_teaches.htm 


There is nothing good in the Quran. This book is the cause of all the ills of the Muslims. Once you realize that Muhammad was not a messenger of God but a liar and a psychopath, you’ll stop fearing and instead you’ll feel sorry for the poor Muslims who still believe in this garbage.  

Please read the articles I pointed out. Exposing yourself to the truth is the only way to get rid of your trauma. I do not think you need to see a psychologist. All you have to do is go through the articles in my site and you’ll be free before you know it. Also join the forum and meet many other who have been in your situation and know what you go through. There are sites that try to help the former cult member trying to recover. They will help you see that you are not alone. Islam is a cult and you need help to get rid of it. Make a google search with “cult recovery”. This is what I found.




May 20, 2003


Dear Mr. Sina.


Any time we read about Mohammad, it starts with:

His father died before he was born. His mother died when he was 5. His uncle took care of him, but he died too. So he went under protection of his other uncle. His life story almost stops here and then starts when he is 40 and starts to invite people to Islam.

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As it is obvious, most of the Islamic writers and historian are biggest layers in the history of the mankind. This is basically true because the fears they had from the rollers of their time. They have to make sure to writ something that the rollers like, even if it is not based on facts and true. That is why we see a lot of none since in Islamic writing and no facts, even to day.


I have not found any book, on the life of Mohammad between age 18 and 40. I am interested to be informed,what he was doing during these years, and how he got his education, in spit of that, mulems were told he was illiterate. I believe he was not. He was well educated and he was well informed about his time, religions and governments and political system of the day. And before he claimed his prophesy he had collaboration with Abobaker and Omar and have had well organized system ready to lunch. And the subject of his illiteracy was decided by this three men before he declare he is profit, because this will give them better bust.


As we know when Mohammad was dieing and starching on his bed, asked for, paper, ink and pen, but Omar refused to give him. I think the reason Omer refused his wishes, was right, otherwise their doctrines would not have religious preference.


If books be written on subject of Mohammad’s literacy and where about he was during those years, it would be big help for people to understand Mohammed was nothing but clever con man.


If you know of sources for that kind of information please let me and others to know.


Regards and (Mofagh Bashied)




Dear Sia. 

The reason you have not heard anything about Muhammad before he reached the age of 40 is because there is little written about him. This shows that he did not impress anyone and no one paid any attention to him. There are scattered stories about him crying when his uncle wanted to go to Sham for business and then some fables about a cloud accompanying him and shading him all the way from Mecca to Syria and back and that a Monk approached his uncle and told him about the august destiny of his nephew. Of course these are pure fabrications because as we know Muhammad’s uncles never accepted Islam and died in disbelief. If he really had seen this miracle of the cloud and if there was ever a monk telling him about Muhammad’s special position, he surely would have believed. However, Abu Talib loved Muhammad and defended him all his life as a nephew but never accepted him as a prophet. 

There is again another story of Muhammad participating in a war known as Sacrilegious where he actually never fought but used to collect the arrows thrown by the enemy for his uncle. He was about twenty at that time. Muhammad actually never fought personally. He used to wear two armors on top of each other in his Ghazwahs (raids) that would make him so heavy that he needed the help of two men to walk around. He used to stay back and encourage the Muslims to sacrifice their lives for him. 

There is really very little written about Muhammad until he reached the age of 40.  Sir William Muir has a chapter dedicated to his period. But the information about Muhammad is scant. 


Yes it is very likely that Muhammad knew how to write and read. His family was a noble family and they were educated people. Ali knew how to write and in fact he was one of his amanuenses of the Quran. It is unlikely that Abu Talib who loved Muhammad so much would not educate him when everyone in their family was educated. Bani Hashem were the rulers of Mecca and not just any peasant family. All of them were educated. But pretending to be illiterate was another way to gain credence. Interestingly Bab and Baha’u’llah who were both educated enough to read and write and had access to the books of their time, made the same claim of being illiterate. 

Kind regards 

Ali Sina



  My 20, 2003

Hello mr sina, thankyou for your email, but it still leaves me more confused than i was before!!

I have read all of harun yahyas books many many times and his works on evolution seem to be true. He believes the opposite to you, he believes that every single creature, including bees camels (qranic quote "why dont they look at the camels and how they are created") and fish, and foods, and the sky, the humans the apes were flawlessly and indipendantly created. And from reading his books, it seems that there is not much evidence for evolution, i mean if a statue could not make itself, how could a living thing have "evolved" it almost seems impossible. I cant seem to get it out of my head that we are created, there seems to be no other option, when i look at the complexity of these living things. You presume that we are naked apes, but where the hell did the apes come from. 

Secondly, this leads me to conclude that there is a creator, independent of time, and place outside of this universe. The evidence seems to me that there is a creator. The reason we are here mr sina, is not to ass lick god, but we are here as our last chance to redeem ourselves. We have all been thrown out of heaven and placed on spaceship earth, and it is up to us whether or not we want to follow gods guidance. According to the quran, we are the ones who get benifit from praying, not god. The reason we pray is to stregnthen our souls, so on judgment day we can be near the front and not at the back and then thrown into hell. We are supposed to follow the guidance to stregnthen our souls, and like the quran says, god is in no need from any of us. This creation to god is nothing, heaven is situated outside of the universe, and hell is not yet been created, it will be made on the day of judgment. 

Also, like i said before, we cant believe in the hadith books, they are nonsense. PLEASE, U HAVE TO HELP ME!!! If islam is not the true religion then what is the point in us being here, i know we didnt evolve, and im waiting for someone to prove me otherwise, so there must be a correct religion, and islam claims to be that. 

A year ago i was just living life happily enough, but now religion controls my mind, what if god really does know our innermost thoughts, what if some people are just made for hell, how do i not know god has just made me into a hypocrite, who says he believes and then has doubts. There is no escape from the quran, once you have read it as many times as me. It is always in my mind, and i get scared that if i dont believe and follow the path, i will be in hell forever. God made us and he only lets us see what we can see, so devils, jinns and angels could all be as real as just another animal is. 

I dont know what to do, im going a bit mad, religion has made me into a wreck, because i just cant disbelieve. 

Thankyou for your help again, i hope you can make some sense of this mail and reply




Dear Dave, 

You have read all Haroun Yahya’s books many times. Have you read a single book from a real scientist on evolution like Richard Dawkings or any other book written by real scientists? It is natural that if you read only one point of view you get a tunnel vision. This is not the way to research the truth. Haroun Yahya is not a scientist. He is just a charlatan. Did you send the invitation to him to debate with me? It does not take much to show that this man is lying through his teeth. As a matter of fact there are many Muslims who also believe in evolution or some aspects of it. 

Evolution is not an outlandish idea. There has been a lot of research on it and it has been proven extensively. People have been playing with evolution for centuries. Animal breeders have been using the selective genes to create better livestock, dogs and horses. Today in laboratories animals that have short lifespan like fruit flies are used to study the evolution and even force the nature to pick the choices that we make and new species are being created. 

The creationists ask why evolution is not gradual. That is because they have no knowledge of genetics. Genes are interlinked and they are triggered as groups. Often when a mutation takes place many features of the organism is changed simultaneously. The study of DNA today is almost an exact science because they can be seen under the microscope and mapped. This new science has completely demonstrated that Darwin’s theory of evolution through natural selection is true. Evolution is demystified and it is shown empirically. It is no more a theory. It is a proven fact. 

The creationists keep saying than man cannot evolve from chimpanzee. This shows that they do not even understand what the science is saying about the evolution. No one is saying that man is derived from chimps. Science says and it has demonstrated that humans and chimps had a common ancestor some two million years ago and that about four million years ago we had a common ancestor with the Gorillas. Each one of these species has evolved differently and we keep evolving. New species are being evolved everyday. This is more noticeable in microorganisms such as viruses, amebas and bacteria. The SARS virus for example did not exist a few years ago. 

If you study the genes you’ll see how they reproduce. The reproduction requires that each gene is duplicated and one cell is divided into two identical cells. However errors always happen and the two halves are not exactly alike. This is called mutation. These mutations are responsible for the variety that you see in the world. That is why no two people are alike and no two grains of wheat are alike. Sometimes these copying errors are greater and the species shows abnormal features. Most of these mutations are detrimental and the individual does not survive to pass his or her mutated genes. But if the mutations are beneficial, for example if an animal is born with longer neck and can reach the higher foliage, its chance of survival increases and it can pass that gene into its offspring who will also have longer necks. If the sibling of this animal is born with shorter neck and it cannot find enough food, it will not survive to pass its genes and eventually the subsequent generations will have longer necks. This is how evolution through natural selection takes place.  If you are an animal breeder, you can do that choice deliberately and breed only the animals that have a certain characteristics and not breed the others. 

Now is it possible that one species through many processes of selective breading evolve into another species? Yes it is. Dogs and wolfs were originally one species. Now dogs have been evolved to a completely different species and through human intervention there are tens of different subspecies of dogs that are all man made. 

If two sub species are kept apart for several hundreds of generations, they evolve so distinctly that they can no more interbreed. Canaries for example find their mates through songs. But the canaries of each region develop a different accent that is not recognizable by the canaries of other regions. If you take a canary from one region and release it in the wild in another region, he cannot find a mate because the female canaries do not recognize his love song. So these two groups of canaries will not interbreed and eventually evolve into two different species. 

 I am not going to teach you biology. Don’t just read Haroun Yahya’s books. This man has no qualifications. If he had any guts he would accept my challenge and debate with me. Read proper scientific books on this subject. It is very simple and you’ll see how stupid are the creationists who deny it. 

Now as for the fire of hell and other stupidities that Quran teaches, know that Quran maintains itself on fear. It is like a child molester who instills fear in the mind of his victims and the poor children are afraid to denounce that beast because of the fear. You asked me whether I have some doubts some times that Quran could be true and that God would send the disbelievers to hell and fire. I have absolutely no doubt that this is a foolish concept and such a thing is nothing but the hallucination of the mind of Muhammad and he was no prophet of any god but a psychopath. 

The first thing you should do is to see whether Muhammad was telling the truth and whether he was actually a messenger of God. Read my site and see for yourself that everything this man said has been proven to be false. The Quran is full of errors and absurdities. It is a ridiculous book. Once it becomes clear to you that the Quran is not the word of God, and you realize whatever Muhammad said about science is false, it will be easier for you to see that whatever this man said about the afterlife is also false. A man, who was so idiot that he did not know the Earth is not flat or the moon is not above the stars, cannot possibly now anything about the afterlife either. The concept of the eternal fire and a revengeful deity that enjoys burning people for eternity just because they did not believe in the absurdities that he said is plain stupid. 

Did you read the articles I asked you to read in my previous email? Pleas do so before sending another email. 

Keep well


Ali Sina   


P.S. Read this report on this man who calls himself a "renowned scholar". He is nothing but a low life criminal 


Look at this thread where I announced that HarunYahya accepted to debate with me. 


He never showed up. He prefers to lie and cheat and do crimes. Honest debates where he can be exposed as a charlatan is not to his liking. 





  May 19 2003

Hello again i sent u some emails the other day but this one is more important.

Basically i discovered islam about a year ago and i had never been so happy in my whole life and i knew the quran was the truth, (by the way it was rashads khalifas version of the quran) I looked at the 19 code and all the scientific miracles and i read the quran and i had no doubts. 

I started to pray and i was happy, but then after speaking to many people and looking deeper into religion i started to have doubts. 6 months later and i was having doubts and i felt like i was turning into a hypocrite, (obviously you know the deal with the hypocrites they are the worst people in the sight of god). Because i say i believe in god and the last day but i have too many doubts about islam, now after reading your site and many others i simply do not know what to do. 

I believe that we were created, im certain of it, if you have any websites please show me otherwise. I dont know if you have heard of www.harunyahya.com, but he has many views and ideas that we are definiteley created, and i have been brainwashed to think any differently. 

There is no way that we evolved, because it just isnt in the fossil record. You have to help me, i am losing my faith and it is all i think about day and night, i cant even sleep sometimes, i am only 19 and i have been indoctrinated by the quran and i cant disbelieve in it because i do not want to go to hell. It has to be there, because if god created us, sureley he can create heaven or hell. I am scared, i dont know who to turn to for help, i feel that god has sent me astray, if it is not the quran, then where do i get my answers from, im going mad and sometimes think of suicide!! 

I just cant disbelieve in the quran, because of its threats of hell, and it just makes so much sense, i dont know what to do. I am a complete hypocrite and i cant take much more of this. I am sure there is a knowing god who has created us, but there are so many religions only one can be right. 

Please please please try to help me, i dont have a mind anymore, i am just a quran, that is all i am



Dear Dave

Don’t commit suicide yet. LOL Don’t worry, you are not the only one going through these torments. I went through them too and I know what you are talking about. Read my story of torments in the link below. I call passages from faith to enlightenment. This path is very arduous but the destination is beautiful. You are just in the middle of the way. Don’t give up and don’t despair. I will tell you what happened to me and how I made it. I will answer all your questions and I assure you that at the end there will remain nothing that you would not know or cannot find an answer for, on your own. Enlightenment means this—you do not seek answers from others but you find them yourself with your own logic and rational thinking. The comparison of a man with faith and one who is enlightened is that the former is like a blind trusting someone else to help him find his way. If he finds no one to help him or is in doubt, he panics. The enlightened person is one who has eyes and sees things for himself. He does not need anyone to show him the path for he can find his way on his own. I am not going to tell you what is the way. I am going to tell you how to be enlightened and how to find your own way. Then you do not need me, or anyone to guide you. You will find your way on your own and with confidence. That is my goal in life. I want to convert believers to enlightened people. I do not want anyone to follow me. If anyone does that, that is the sign that I have failed.  

As for this charlatan Haroun Yahya this man has no academic qualifications. He is a deceitful liar. One year ago someone said I should debate with him. I accepted. This person wrote to HarounYahya and told him that I have accepted the challenge. HarounYahya told him that he knows about me and he accepts the challenge too. I have been waiting for one year now for that debate to take place. Just to prove you that his man is a total liar and a coward, I urge you to write to him, and tell him I am still waiting to debate with him on his own turf, i.e. evolution vs. creation. Tell him this invitation is up in my site and is public. If he does not show up he is a coward and that should be enough for you to know that this man is not just misguided but a hypocrite charlatan. I was misguided before reading the Quran, I believed in this book and the nonsense there in. But in no time in my life I was a charlatan or hypocrite. I was honest even when I was misguided. This honesty made me realize that Islam is nothing but a lie—a lie that is based on fear and ignorance. If Haroun Yahya accept the invitation, I will show you and the world where this man lies to make his claim work. The lies are very pathetic and obvious. In one of his videos someone interviews Richard Dawking where the interviewer asks whether Mr. Dawking know any case where mutation is responsible for evolution and then it shows Mr. Dawking for one minute puzzled as if he does not know what to say. This is forgery. They edited that piece of video. Not only Mr. Dawking know the answer to this question any of his freshmen student know it too. Virtually every instance of evolution is due to mutation. This is how this charlatan makes his points. By lying and cheating. Tell him I am waiting to confront him and tell him truthful people do not fear confrontation it is the hypocrites and the liars that fear.

While you write to Haroun Yahya and we wait for him to respond, I invite you to read a few of my articles that may help you understand better why all this Islam and whatever it teaches is plain nonsense. 

This is my story of the passage from faith to enlightenment. 


Also please read the following on chance or intelligence: 


Also take a look at the fallacy of the claim that Quran is a numerical miracle. http://main.faithfreedom.org/Articles/sina/numerical_miracles.htm

Write to me. I will tell you everything I know. This psychological hell that you are in, is caused by Islam’s lies. You’ll be out of there in no time. I did not have any coach and it took me several years (may be 3) but I know the rout now. It should not take you long. 

Instead of despairing consider this as a blessing. Once you get out of this labyrinth you will be far wiser and you can become a torch of light to others. You will never be lost again because you will be enlightened can find your way in your life and help others.

Kind regards 

Ali Sina  


[Speaking of Muslims' fascination with ridiculous miracles, as you showcase at your website],
The bottom-line is, Ali, that the global Muslim culture in general is comprised of many a gullible folks that have little or no intellectual capacity to turn the stupidity of forging miracles into the volumes of pseudo-logical bull crap, for instance, that, over centuries, the Christian priests and the Vatican have masterminded, if only to offer relevance to their irrelevant religion for a fast changing world. Refusing to understand this global history of the west, quite possibly, the global Muslims still seem to resort to these antics that passed muster for the masses to retain their faith in another time and another place. In addition, because of the internet and technology, a lot of the bull crap people try to pass, to show yet another non-miracle from God, can now be quickly and easily refuted.

When a civilization or a religion is rotting from the inside and when the common sense of its general adherents has long retired deep into their elephant-like faith's posterior, every desperate act of the average faithful and its stupid clergy to confirm faith can in effect serve as a sabotage of the same, as one can see from these desperate attempts to prove the unprovable--Allah's miracles.

Another related observation. There seems to be a rising group of Muslims intellectuals, many educated in the west, yet what I see most often is that they seem amenable to the status-quo or perhaps fearful of the potential wrath of global, ignorant Muslim masses in the event they really spoke their mind about a rational-type reformation of Islam, which seems possible only if its believers' approach to faith should undergo a radical, tectonic (so to speak) shift. Practiced over time, this intellectualizing attempt of the religion may serve little else but help compile a stableful of ineffective nonsense that will hardly pass muster in the world of sharply critical intellectuals.

If all of their western education can add up to little else but a claim that all the hitherto acts of cruelty in Islamic theocracies are nothing but misinterpretations of the noble and peaceful message of the Quran, then the future seems quite hopeless as to the Muslim intellectuals' rational efforts to affect real change. This gets worse when I see some of them speaking of the modern world in terms of 'true path to God' (Islam) and 'path to Saitan' for all else, while concurrently refuting Huntington's contention of a "clash" and chanting their preference for a "dialogue". As to how it is respectful of others to consider them to be little else but kufr and Jahiliyyah and what not, I do not see too many Islamic apologists clarifying and that saddens me, since I have reasonable doubt to contend that they're being hypocrites at some levels.

I personally do not anticipate too many realistic alternatives for Islam other than the marginalization that has befallen Christianity and its myriad variations of the Bible, for instance, for the majority of Muslims. Well, except maybe for some southern literalists who married their first cousins and who still believe that every word of their generational version of the Bible is a word from God, its many alterations by nameless editors who, last time I checked, having no direct authority from either Jesus the son of god or his Father God notwithstanding. Ha.

Religions in general have outlived their usefulness, in my opinion, and I am simply amazed how many of us still nourish such a morbid romanticization of it. Even in the US where 1/3 of the people are areligious / atheists, supposedly, it is amazing how deep inside so many people still harbor religious sentiments, but like unthinking quadrupeds, they can hardly articulate their faithful obedience in Jesus too well, while still believing he is indeed the son of God.

On the part of the majority of Muslims, if you really think about it, the Internet and rapid globalization have really served to bare the fact that their approach to faith strongly resembles that of most Europeans before the Period of Enlightenment. It is perhaps a "clash" of approach as if we have teleported many of them a few centuries forward, and spiritually they feel like a fish out of water.

I am afraid, though, that there will be much more dust to be kicked up over Islam before it settles down reasonably, simply because, quite possibly, there are vested Church groups who are funding projects to denigrate Islam, Jewish organizations doing the same thing, and there are propagandists that are mixing up truth with lies and distortions. While lies may serve some short-term agenda for select hate groups, those seldom help the truth in the long run, in my opinion.

Ali, If you feel you have and can continue to keep your site free from intellectual influence the basis of which is anything else but honesty, then it is quite possible that, over time, your site will become more and more a voice of reason. However, if you should let any monies laced with prejudice and selective hate influence the conclusions that you espouse, then the sustainability of your efforts may not stand the test of time. These are just my personal observations and opinion.

Best regards,


  Re :    http://main.faithfreedom.org/oped/Harding30205.htm

Dear Ali (Sina),


This above letter is from a Christian pastor! With due respect to your ability for choosing materials for post on your website, this one seems to take away from your cause. A pastor's existence rests on creating and nurturing the same divisiveness and bigotry that this guy seems to set out to criticize Islam for. Any organized religion thrives on denigrating all else, because, simply put, it claims to be the ONLY true messenger for God, and the god of each religion seems to utterly dislike all competing and/or preceding faiths. This simplification may sound a bit farcical, but the reality may not be very different once we can toss out the pseudo-rational defensive psychobabble that has built up around most religions.

Belief as a concept is thus quite inane, and just because there can be much sugarcoating over the Christian version of divisiveness and bigotry that the modern churches now put out, please do not forget their bloody history, which in more ways is quite comparable to the Islamic theocracies of today and their in humanity than any pastor would have the honesty and guts to acknowledge.

If you look around, there will be plenty of cases you can elect to put up on your forum that are presented by people other than a (dubious) man of God, as this pastor is. So long as any shallow servant of God as this guy contends that his faith is the one and only, he is a bigot and he promotes divisiveness, no matter what dung crap of convincing psychobabble in which he packages it for the western, more enlightened yet believing crowd.

There is another post on your website, but an ex-Muslim who is now an "agnostic Jew", Mobeen Shirazi!! [http://main.faithfreedom.org/oped/Shirazi30222.htm] How credible is the term "agnostic Jew"? When a person is an agnostic he hardly needs to subordinate it to any particular religion, or do you disagree? Also, his arguments were incoherent and did not support well the conclusions against Socialist groups, despite his presumable delusions to the contrary.

These shady characters, loons, and prejudiced bigots aka men of God you may want to keep away from your website, if you truly prefer rationalism to override all irrational nonsense the dung heap of which is pretty high around us, in this world, and stinking to high heavens, intellectually speaking. An "agnostic Jew" is not a rational thinker, because he uses an oxymoron to label himself and seems too stupid to recognize that. Similarly, any "pastor" cannot be a rational individual, so long as his faith contends that the 'miracle birth' and 'resurrection' are true, for instance.

I think you may want to consider a simple litmus test for credibility of the people that you choose to feature: Is their personal philosophy a rational one?

Best regards,



Dear Munir, 

You are absolutely right that all religions are divisive and the world would be a better place if we had none of them. However, this is how you and I see it. Should we force our views on others and censor all those who think differently? Maturity cannot be forced. Let them grow and mature at their own pace. All we have to do is be patient with them and without attacking them gently expose the fallacy of their beliefs. One thing we should not do is become “rationalist bigots”.  This may seem an oxymoron but it is true. If as rationalists we see no place in the world for those who do not agree with us, we are as much bigots as those whom we criticize. 

I do not see my role as the champion of the Truth. I do not think it is right to pick a fight with all the people who want to believe in something. If your belief is not hurting anyone, what right do I have to stop you? It is none of my business to tell you what is right and what is not right. The reason I have chosen to fight Islam is not because it is a false doctrine but because it is a dangerous doctrine. Every day there are people who die because of this religion. They are either victims of Muslim fundamentalists or they are Muslims who bring upon themselves misery and death because of their bogus belief, like stoning, honor killing, mutilating and poverty. Who cares if someone believes that Jesus was born from a virgin, that Moses split the Red Sea or that Ganesh is real. Just smile and nod in agreement. One day when these people grow up, they will smile with you and chuckle at their own naiveté. However there is nothing to smile when someone thinks it is his duty to kill us, and all those who do not believe in the bull that he believes. These people we have to stop or they can cause a lot of harm. Those who deny this are accomplices to the crime. The one group perpetrates the crime and the other provides the cover up.  

I do not know exactly what agnostic Jew means. However I think Einstein was an agnostic Jew and Marx was an atheist Jew. Judaism is also a nationality. May be that is the source of misunderstandings. 

Kind regards 


Ali Sina
Dear Ali (Sina),
Greetings. Sorry for the delay in responding to your excellent reply.
On my previous email, I probably did not make my points as clear as I had intended, and hence I owe you an apology.
For instance, I did not suggest in any way that we should "force our views on others" or "censor all those who think differently". I simply raised the issue that, when you chose to share the opinion of a Christian pastor and how he might be fearful of Muslims, may be you could have been more discerning. A pastor by definition must uphold his faith, while he must also emphasize, directly or indirectly, that all other faiths are not as good. This irrational claim passes muster only in the realm of faith, where validation of such claim at levels other than blind faith is not warranted. People dedicated to be 'men of God' as pastors do not by their vocation seem capable to offer a balanced perspective on Islam and/or Muslims. For every aspect of Islam that he may criticize, for instance, there is possibly something equally criticizable in Christianity that he'd try psychobabbling his pastoral ways out of. In stating that, I must pre-empt any finger-pointing that the political Islam as we see it these days might be much more ominous than what we tend to see of Christianity today, for the most part. We must consider the difference of "age" of the two religions, and may be able to understand the difference in levels of militant bigotry by recalling where Christianity was, intellectually and politically, six hundred years ago, and their comparability might very well become more reasonable and clear.
When you state that, if, as rationalists, "we see no place in the world for those who do not agree with us, we are as much bigots as those whom we criticize," you might be presupposing that I had suggested "no place" in the world for someone like this "pastor," but actually I had been more specific about his credibility to display his thoughts against Islam on YOUR website, when to me it seemed reasonable for you to feature nothing but "rational" thoughts regarding Islam, no matter who composes it, so long as his vocation by definition did not render him "irrational," as it does this pastor. In my estimation, this pastor's views can hardly merit the label "rational", specially when those are directed against Islam, an alleged enemy of his faith that denounces his deification of Christ.

Like you, I also do not care if someone believes in Jesus, Moses, or Ganesh, and any respective mythologies about them. Nowhere did I suggest or imply that we have ANY right to stop them, as it seems you perhaps misunderstood it from my earlier comments. Of course you and I can rationally agree that the critical phrase in this context is what you stated, which is "IF" their faith is not hurting anyone. Regardless, presenting a clergy's viewpoint on your website, in my opinion, accords it a degree of rationality that by definition it cannot claim, and I simply questioned that, dear Ali.

Had I proposed or implied that there should be "no place in the world" for any believer, then you'd be absolutely right in suggesting that we'd be just as much bigots as those who we criticize. And that we'd also risk becoming 'rationalist bigots.' However, because I neither proposed nor implied any such thing in my previous email, I do not think this concern, while noteworthy, is relevant to my previous comments.

As far as the reality of anyone being an agnostic Jew, the claim itself deserves a closer look and critical evaluation, in my opinion, and not whether Einstein had claimed to be an agnostic Jew or whether Marx was an atheist Jew. The terminologies themselves are oxymoronic by their impossibility to co-exist, and quoting any famous person, as you did in this context, may appear to be a fallacy of argumentum ad verecundiam [Link: http://www.infidels.org/news/atheism/logic.html#authority]. Hence, I simply questioned the sharing of a letter on your website that was written by someone whose self-proclaimed position on faith or lack thereof seemed quite oxymoronic. I questioned it because, by its selection, you seemed to accord his perspective a degree of rationality that seemed quite unmerited.

In the end, please consider our recent exchanges about the Muslims who conjure up one indefensible Allah's miracle after another which, by the speed of dissemination as of the internet, (praise a non-Muslim technology; this is slightly sarcastic!) only help make bigger laughing stocks of them as Muslim faithful. It is indeed unfortunate that they are too blinded by faith and, arguably, too unevolved intellectually to recognize this silliness on their own.

Rationalists like us do not take them seriously. Your website features their claims NOT to accord any rationality to their claims, but to expose the utter irrationality of their contentions. On the other hand, when you're presenting a Christian pastor's as well as an "agnostic Jew's" viewpoints as if those offer any defensible rationality in this context, I am unable to see the objectivity and balance that which in my estimation your website must uphold, if only to keep its perspective free from any irrational biases and prejudice against Islam.

That's all I tried to convey to you on my previous email, but from your reply it seems that, perhaps, I was unclear. I hope this addendum will help clear up any misunderstanding between us on this topic.

Best regards,






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