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Some Muslims have decided to accept my challenge and have tried to refute me. I promised to remove this site should they succeed. Here are our debates. 


Grand Ayatollah Montazeri vs. Ali Sina.

Javed Ahmad Ghamidi vs. Ali Sina  2006/09/04

Maulana Ajmal Qadri  vs. Ali Sina 2007/11/17

Symposium: Gender Apartheid and Islam

World's Greatest Showman  

Ali Sina dismantles Dr. Zakir Naik in this review of his 2000 televised debate with Dr. William Campbell.  2006/06/12 

Qur’an and the Bible in the Light of Science  


Faithfreedom.com is a site exclusively created  to prove us wrong. 

Here are the debates I had with them. Unfortunately they stopped debating. 

Also read the interesting debate that Ismahan Levi, a Saudi ex-Muslim Lady who has married to a Jew had with the faithfeedom.com team. 

Ismahan Levi writes to ff.com team     2002/05/06

Unanswered Invitations 

Since our challenge to the Muslims and their apologists has not been met,  we decided to invite the more famous apologists of Islam and challenge them to defend Islam. 

As the old and now forgotten adage says: “If the mountain does not go to Muhammad, Muhammad goes to the mountain”.  Here are the unanswered invitations to a few renowned apologists of Islam.  

 Idris Tawfiq  Dr Zakir Naik 
Dr. Mohd Asri Zail al Abidin the Mufti of Perlis, Malaysia Hamid Entezam  
Dr. John Esposito open letter to Prof. Michael Sells

Here are some of Ali Sina's debates with Muslims 

Mohammed Younus 2008/05/20



A Mystical Muslim 


Whi is Coward?  Responding to Saifan


Kkairul Makerin: The Best Deceiver 




Dr. Sohail Inviting Ali Sina to debate with Dr. Zakir Naik 


Abdur Rafay  The Absurdity of Allah 

Ali Sina's  response to Mr. Abu Saleh of Islam Australia Network  2006/05/12 
Response to Mohammad Shakil   2006/04/11 
On Democracy and Truth: A Discussion with Yamin Zakaria  2006/04/06

Linguistic Structure of the Quran Debate with Hamza Tzortzis 

Second  response to Dr. Alireza Assar   2006/03/13
Ramin Frough's Warning   2006/03/11
A letter to Mr. Hamid Entezam   2006/03/09
Shaykh Prof. Abdul Hadi Palazzi   2006/02/15
Mohammed Asadi   2006/01/22
Looting  Part II Respose to Basam Zawadi 2005/12/23
Muhammad Al Assadi: I believe in Bugs Bunny  2005/12/16
Looting  Part I Respose to Basam Zawadi 2005/11/22
Responding to Waqas 2005/10/19
Ali Sina vs. Mustafa Basheer  2005/10/08
A Plea to Sina From a Muslim. Faisal Siddiqui  2005/09/29
Rubina Ansari 2005/09/26
Mohammed Alam 2005/09/09
Mr. Faisal Siddiqui 2005/07/18

Response to Mr.  Abdullah Ramay  

Was the ‘Caliph Yazid’ really a bad character of Islam or the Savior of Sunni Islam? A debate with an Islamist.   2005/06/06
A discussion with Maya 2005/5/20
Making Muslims Angry: a response to Jack Mack   2005/04/06
Response to Mr. Hussein Jilani   2005/03/22
SHU Islamic Society 2005/03/18
 A debate with a follower of Terence the "Prophet"  2005/03/14
MF Rahman vs. Ali Sina   2005/03/07
Freedom of Faith in Islam  Zain vs. Sina  2005/03/02
Yamin Zakaria vs. Ali Sina 2005/02/20
Edip Yuksel vs. Ali Sina   
Edip Yuksel is the leader of the Submitters sect
Abul Kasem Vs, Mr. Hasan   2005/01/11

The Challenge to debate with Dr. Zakir  Naik   

Syed Kamran Mirza vs. a Harvard Islamist     2004/12/30
No Freedom of Religion for Muslims   2004/12/20

Sina's Discussion with the 'risen' Al-Imam al-Mahdi the Messiah  

Abdul Basheer   2004/12/13
Alicia on Islam   2004/12/11
Jalal Abualrub    2004/12/10
Ahmad Ayyad 2004/11/24
Help me understand you! Question from Sophie 2004/11/19
Did Muhammad practice beheading?   2004/11/11
Dr. GholamReza Farhad Assar   2004/11/09
Farhad Beladi   
Shahid Bin Waheed 2004/10/15
Kamil Arif  2004/05/10
UK Student Islamic Society 2004/02/22
Nadir Ahmed  This person is the owner of  examinethetruth.com . He is not a scholar but a lunatic arrogant liar. In his site he published an edited version of the debate he had in the forum of FFI where he was humiliated. And claims I have not published it. Here is that debate in full.  2004/01/30

The case of Humanity vs. Muhammad bin Abdullah

Preamble Part V Rape 3
Part I Assassination Part VI Pedophilia 
Part II Religion and Morality  Part VII Lewdness & Immorality , 
Part III Rape 1 Part VIII Misogyny 
Part IV Rape 2
AbulKasm_vs_Zaman.htm 2003/05/31
Dr. Nader Pourhassan 2003/05/20
Umara 2003/05/17
Tanveer on Predestination     (Part 2)  (part 3)  (Part4) 2003/05/06
Tanveer  (Part 2 2003/05/05
Shuryah  2003/04/17
 Propaganda from an apologist: a straight reply By Abul Kasem   2003/02/23 
Aziz 2003/01/25
Muhammad’s wives: Background you need to know-SKM 2003/01/13
Kafi questions the motive and the sincerity of this site. 2002/12/25
Rezwan talks about the miracles of Allah  2002/12/06
Muhammad Asadi 

Debate on Inheritance



Ghareeb A Hizbollahi Shiit from Lebanon 2002/09/18
Wissam Nasr The Executive Director of Islamic Institute for Human Rights challenged Ali Sina to remove this site and convert to Islam. Wissam Nasr's challenge    2002/07/14 
Jamal D. Ali Sina writes to a Muslim who reverted to Islam after apostatizing for a short time.  2002/07/03
Fatimah     (part 2) 2002/06/17
Terrorism in Israel/Palestine conflict  Freethinker vs Roy  2002/04/08
Mona J  
Zeeshan 2002/01/06
Jim Rea 2002/01/06
Abu Dosama 2001/12/29
Masalkhi 2001/12/23
Bakkah 2001/12/18
Abu Adam 2001/12/16
Maryam 2001/12/15
Mohammed Shameem 2001/11/27
Loay Al-Sharif 2001/11/25
Sonali Liksha 2001/11/22
Hosam, Mustafa,  2001/11/21
Anaon 2001/10/06
Jack Angel  2001/08/10
Syed Kamran Mirza responding to Mr. K. Rahman 2001/08/10
Roman Rahim  2001/07/25
Hassan Arif 200107/09
Nasima Khatun  2001/07/02
Ibn Mardhiya  2001/06/20
Malik Usman     Part II    Part III 2001/06/10

Debate with Farida Majid a "Secularist" Modernist Muslim

Rayan 2001/04/15




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