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Yamin Zakaria vs. Ali Sina 


Mr. Yamin Zakaria is an outspken Islamic apologist who calls the Islamic terrorists, “freedom fighters”. His articles are carried by Media Monitor Network, Al Jazeerah,  Information Clearing House and a series of other publications.  He lives in London, UK. 

  Yamin Zakaria  Ali Sina 
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Mr. Yamin Zakaria claims in his site that I have not published his responses completely and I received several emails from Muslims who believe what he claims without verifying the facts and accuse me of cheating.  

I have published all the responses of Yamin Zakaria twice. Once in their entirely as he demanded and then when I responded to them paragraph by paragraph.  

Yamin Zakaria, like his prophet and all other Muslims lies. Lying is what Muslims do best. They lie about everything but this is too obvious. Anyone can compare what I have published here with what he has published. As you can see I have published his responses twice. The column under his name (the above table, pink column) contains all his messages and the one under my name contains again the same messages interpolated with my response. 

It is disgusting to see Muslims lie so patently and so shamelessly. Their entire religion is based on lies. Other Muslims who never verify the facts, also love lies and believe in any lie if they are said by a fellow Muslim. This is sick. These people are not people. They are brainless zombies. Animals have more commonsense that Muslims.







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