Leaving Islam



A debate on Islam between 

Dr. Nader Pourhassan 

the author of Corruption of Muslim Minds 

and Ali Sina 


  Dear Dr. Nader Pourhassan,
[email protected]

I read your introduction to your book The Corruption of Moslem Minds with interest.

It appears you and I had very similar backgrounds and parallel life stories, which led each one of us, read the Quran and change our minds about Islam.

However when you read the Quran you found that Islam does not force women to cover themselves, it does not encourage the Muslims to be hostile with non-Muslims and in fact it is tolerant religion. On the other hand when I read the same book I came to a totally different conclusion. I found out, to my chagrin and shock, that Islam is a religion that violates the human rights of the non-Muslims, denigrated women and breeds terrorists.

So as you see I am very much surprised to see that you and I could read the same book and come to opposing conclusions. How is that possible? Naturally one of us is completely off the track. The question is which one of us is so mistaken.

That is why I am very interested to find out. Since I read the Quran and concluded that Islam is nothing but a lie and a cult of terror and after I came out of my preliminary denial, shock, confusion, guilt, dismay, anger and finally reached the shores of enlightenment I decided to write about my findings and let the world know the truth about Islam, that obviously is much different from what you say.

I am writing to you to invite you to debate with me in this forum and show every one that I am wrong. Millions of people have seen this site and thousands visit it on daily basis. They all get an opinion of Islam much distinct from what you believe. Do you think I am mistaken and hence misguiding the people? If so then it is your religious duty to come here and prove me wrong.

I understand and respect your decision to sell your writings. I am posting your link here so hopefully you can sell more of your books. However, my writings are posted in this site and are available for free. My goal is not to make money but to eradicate Islam. So in this stage all I am interested in is to make the message that Islam is a cult of terror, of violence, of hate, of bigotry, and or ignorance reach to all corners of the world.

Do you think I am mistaken? Can you defend your convictions in a scholarly debate? If you are sincere in your belief, then I am sure you will accept this invitation. If of course all you care is selling your book and truth is not in your priority list then I understand and will not insist.

I wish you the best and look forward to debate with you.

Kind regards

Ali Sina

Dr. Pourhassan wrote:

Dear Mr. Ali Sina:

Thanks so much for allowing me to debate with you.
I am always looking for such challenges to awaken myself if I am wrong and vise versa.

From your tone of writing I think you are truly after the truth and I admire that. I am totally against lack of use of intellectual in religion. I am willing to spend a life time against such things.

This is the only motivation behind my writings. I would like to make money to continue this fight as I have spent lots of money publishing my book. But I promise you that the money is not the motivation for my writings.

I am glad to accept your challenge and I also add this, if you proof to me that I am wrong I will stop the promotion of my book immediately.
Therefore showing my true commitment to truth.

Please let me know when and where and I will gladly be there.
Thanks again for the invitation and hope to meet you,

Sincerely yours,


Dear Dr. Pourhassan

I am very pleased to receive your response and learn of your willingness to explore Islam with me. Obviously you and I see Islam from different perspectives. You see the bright side of it while from my vantage point I see the dark side of it. Since both of us are after the truth I am sure we will have the most exciting intellectual trip together. We will explore unknown territories and tour the back allies of Islam to understand it better.

You asked when and where should we start. We can start anytime you are ready and right here in this forum.

Now to take the first step in our long journey let me invite you to read the prologue to our site. http://www.faithfreedom.org/Articles/sina/prologue.htm

In the above article I lay my charges against Muhammad and Islam. The whole site is of course to back that claim.

One of the charges I made is that Muhammad was morally unfit to be a messenger of God. He was a lustful man with dangerous criminal penchant. This can be easily demonstrated by reading his biography. We find many stories written by Muslim historians such as Tabari, Ibn Ishaq or al Waqidi that reveal the criminal nature of the prophet of Islam. This is a long discussion and the proofs are all over the books of history, Hadith and the Quran. However for now let us talk about Muhammad’s lustfulness. We will get to other charges as we continue our discussion.

I want you to read the following articles where I have shown Muhammad was a pervert. Your job is to show me that I am mistaken and he is indeed the example, "an honorable man" and the “mercy of God to the worlds” that he claimed to be.





After this topic is discussed I will show you that Muhammad was a pedophile, an assassin, a highway robber, a mass murderer, a schizophrenic and a narcissist. Each one of these charges will require dedicated discussion.

The next reason I say Islam is false is the Quran. This book contains too many errors and inconsistencies and therefore it cannot be from God. Discussion about the Quran will be the second phase of our debate.

If you do not stop in the middle of the trip whether because you realize that Islam is false or like many other Muslims who debated with us and in the middle of discussion stopped, I will publish our debate in the main site and who knows it may even end up to become a book.

If at the end you agree with me and leave Islam, we publish the book together. If you prove me wrong and I revert we can still publish the book together. However if at the end we stay apart and agree to disagree, I will still publish the book, provided it is worth it otherwise I add it to the list of debates that I had with other Muslims. As you see I hope we continue this debate and exhaust all the points.

If you wish you may want to take a quick look at the debates I had with other Muslims including Ayatollah Montazeri


By reviewing these debates you can get some insight into the subject we have already discussed. I am sure this knowledge will give you some advantage as the best way to defeat an opponent is to know him and find out his weak points.

I look forward to this debate. However please take your time. We are not in a hurry. You probably want to read some of my articles to find out my mistakes. Here is the list of them.


This discussion will be between you and I only.

Kind regards

Ali Sina


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