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The Genocide of The Jews  

Question No. 4

The Prophet introduced religious hatred in Arabia and like Hitler exterminated the Jews of Arabia in a vicious ethnic cleansing. Should a messenger of God be so ruthless?  


Ayatollah Montazeri,

4-     Comparing the treatment of the Jews of Medina by the Prophet and their genocide by Hitler is unfair and very cruel. After immigrating to Medina, the Prophet dealt with the Jews with utmost cordiality. Treaties and agreements of friendship were signed between the Jews and the Holy Prophet.  It was the Jews who conspired with the Meccans and it was them who breached several treaties. Detail of these cannot be contained in this letter. 


It is amazing that Hazrate Ayatollah Uzma calls me “cruel” (zalim) for comparing the massacre of the Jews of Medina to the holocaust of Hitler but does not see any cruelty in the cold blooded execution of up to 900 men, the exile of the thousands of the Jews, the slavery of their women and the complete eradication of these people from Arabia who had been calling Medina home for 2000 years. Hitler killed the Jews because of their race. Muhammad killed the Jews because of their race. Hitler intended to cleanse Germany of all the Jews. Muhammad did cleanse Arabia of all the Jews. What is the difference? Why should I be called cruel for comparing two similar episodes? 

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