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Answering-islam.org A Christian but a very  comprehensive sites on the web. There is a wealth of material on Islam and Quran. 
Answering-islam.org.uk This is the mirror site of Answering Islam in UK.
Secularizing Islam by Ibn Warraq  One of the best sites for liberal views on Islam. (highly recommended)
Prophet of Doom  by Craig Winn  
jihadwatch.org by Robert Spencer 
Loving a Muslim   This site must be read by woman dating a Muslim.
citizens for a constitutional republic.com
Islamic Sharia Law 
Muhammad's letter to the Julanda Brothers of Oman
Muhammad and Idolatry
The Historical Debate
Muslim tradition on Heraclius' response to Muhammad's invitation
About the death of Muhammad
The Satanic Verses
Muhammad's Suicide Attempts
God's Last Messenger (?)
Homa.org  The Dr. Homa Darabi Foundation.
About.com Critiques of Islamic religious theology - including the hajj, jihad, apostates, hell and other concepts.
Documenting the Persecution of Christians in the Islamic World It links the persecution to Quran and teachings of Islam.
danielpipes.org  An authoritative commentator on Middle East
Freethoughtmecca A satirical site on Islam.
Satyameva Jayate Good articles about the Prophet, women, terrorism, hell and other Islamic concepts.
The Islamic Monitor  This site warns the west of Islamic expansionism and the threat that it represents for freedom of speech and Western values.
The Internet Islamic History Sourcebook A wide-ranging collection of links pertaining to the Koran and Islamic history.
The Treatment of Jews in Arab/Islamic Countries By Mitchell Bard
Islamaniacs  Covers subjects like Islamic history, terrorism, totalitarianism, taboos, women and science
Denis Giron  Giron is a freethinker and writes very well. His articles include science and Islam, Muhmmad's idea of hell, etc.
Taslima Nasrin's page Another apostate carrying a death sentence for standing for women's rights in her homeland Bangladesh. 
Koran: Testimony of Antichrist a Christian site
New Secularism in the Arab World by Ghassan F. Abdullah It is wrongly assumed that there are few secular minded people within the Islamic world. Abdullah's article mentions many people and writings who dared to challenge Islam.
What is the Koran?" by Toby Lester Researchers with a variety of academic and theological interests are proposing controversial theories about the Koran and Islamic history, and are striving to reinterpret Islam for the modern world. This is, as one scholar puts it, a "sensitive business."
Jihad and Civilization - Part 1 (The Battle of Badr) Anwar Shaikh, an ex-Muslim, discusses the true meaning of Jihad (Jehad). Shaikh cites the battle of Badr between Muhammad's followers, and an army of Arab warriors there to protect a commercial caravan. For related material, see Shaik's book 
Jehad By Anwar Shaikh
Negationism and the Muslim Conquests"  by Francois Gautier Gautier discusses negationism, which he defines as "the denial of historical crimes against humanity", in Muslim-Hindu conflict. The article classifies the Muslim invasion of India as a Holocaust inflicted on the Hindu "infidels".
A Declaration of Women's Rights in Islamic Societies (1997) 
Jeremiah McAuliffe & Abdul Saleeb- ( Muslim convert v.s. Caholic Convert)
The Debate Site Muslim/Christian debate
Light of Life Investigate Islam from Christian point of view
Islam: The Way, The Truth and The Light? Islamic studies in Christian Perspective
The Tougher Answers
Islam Review  The Pen vs. the Sword
Islam Examined
Thinker's World  By Mughal
The Peace Encyclopedia: A Jewish site on Islam
www.mukto-mona.com  A Bangladeshi site of freethinkers
Dhimmi: The minorities in Islam 
Freedom Now World. An anti slavery site
Know Islam 
Nonie Darvtsh 
Middle-East-Info Advancing democracy, pluralism and mutual respect in the Middle East
10 Myths About Islam
Reality With Bite 


nosharia.com  A campaign to fight the adoption of Sharia in Canada 
omdurman.org Defending Western Civilization 

Atena Project - an Internet Information Bank on Islam fundamentalism with a special concern on Islam in European Union

islamkritik.blogspot.com in Sweden
 www.fomi.nu  a Swedish Forum Against Islamization 
fjordman.blogspot.com  Norwegian Blog with excellent articles about Islam from a Scandinavian perspective, in English
TheBlackKettle.blogspot.com Canadian conservative veiw 
laotze.blogspot.com Blog by an American ex-pat in Southeast Asia
refuting-islam.tk In English for Indian readers. 
efsha.co.uk/indexen.htm English and Farsi 
theultimateinsult.blogspot.com A blog dedicated to defeat Islam through ridicule
InTheNameofAllah.org  'A great site for accurate and
detailed analysis of the Quranic verses. 
HistoryofJihad.org History of the Islamic Jihad from its beginnings at Mecca in 620 C.E. up to 9/11, and the lessons it has for us for winning the War on Terror






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