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See how Ali Sina dismantles Dr. Zakir Naik in this review of his 2000 televised debate with Dr. William Campbell.


 The Challenge to debate with Dr. Zakir Naik 

Several Muslims asked me to debate with Dr. Zakir Naik. The following correspondence should make it clear that I am ready and it is Dr. Naik who is unwilling to debate. 

This was a letter sent by a reader of FFI to Dr. Naik with a CC to me.  


Hello Mr. Sina,  

I sent this to Naik awhile back and no answer as of yet:



Would you be so kind as to engage in a written debate with a former Muslim turned Atheist named Alin Sina? He runs the web site called www.faithfreedom.org  and has over 70,000 people a month visiting his site.  

He would be more than happy to debate you and will post the exchanges on his site for all to see where the truth lies. You can even engage him in debate on his forum:  


It is easy to win a live debate where time limits allow either speaker the possibility to misquote sources and use flashy rhetoric to deceive and sway crowds. In a written debate, these things can't take place without the writer being exposed for doing so.  

Hopefully you will come forward and defend Islam, since many other scholars have refused, or won't acknowledge the challenge such as John L. Esposito, and others have tried but failed:  


Please respond back so I can inform him of your acceptance and refusal.




 Second attempt:  

This is just to remind you of what I had sent to you. The date now is November 19, 2004:



Would you be so kind as to engage in a written debate with a former Muslim turned Atheist named Ali Sina? He runs the web site called www.faithfreedom.org  and has over 130,000 people a month visiting his site.  

He would be more than happy to debate you and will post the exchanges on his site for all to see where the truth lies. You can even engage him in debate on his forum:  


It is easy to win a live debate where time limits allow either speaker the possibility to misquote sources and use flashy rhetoric to deceive and sway crowds. In a written debate, these things can't take place without the writer being exposed for doing so.  

Hopefully you will come forward and defend Islam, since many other scholars have refused, or won't acknowledge the challenge such as John L. Esposito, and others have tried but failed:  


Please respond back so I can inform him of your acceptance or refusal.




Because of the insistence of Muslims I personally wrote the following invitation to Dr. Naik  

Dr. Zakir Naik
An Invitation to Debate

To Dr. Zakir Naik 
[email protected]

Dear Dr. Zakir Naik  

My name is Ali Sina. I am one of the initiators of Faith Freedom International, a movement of ex-Muslims that is dedicated to promote the truth about Islam. We believe that without addressing the problem of Islam mankind will never experience peace.  

The reason I am writing this open letter to you which I am also going to publish in my site, is because during the last couple of years, I received several emails from Muslims daring me to debate with you. To all of them I said I am ready and asked them to invite you to have a debate with me in a public forum in writing. I am publishing these emails so Muslims may know I am not avoiding the debate.

If you accept this invitation, I would like you to give me one solid argument in support of Islam as a true religion of God that I can't refute.

Personally I have not had the pleasure of listening to your talks yet, but since your name always comes up, I suppose you must be an expert in Islam and hence you’ll have no difficulty accepting this invitation.  

Let me also reiterate that I have promised to remove my site www.faithfreedom.org should anyone prove my charges against Muhammad and Islam are wrong.

Of course if you decline responding or accepting this invitation, I am not going to unilaterally declare victory. However this public invitation will allow me to demonstrate to Muslims who challenge me to confront you that I have tried.  

I remain cordially yours  

Ali Sina  





This is what I received in response of the above invitation:


From: [email protected]  
Subject: Re: Debate with Dr. Zakir Naik
Date: Sat, 11 Dec 2004 12:10:14 -0000


Thank you for your email.  

However, I'd just like to point a few things out. Firstly Dr Zakir Naik doesn't read any emails which come to this website, he is mostly abroad and doesn't have time to deal with the hundreds of emails we get daily.  

Dr. Zakir Naik has had many debates, and they are all with high-profile and high-calibre people, people who are know to the Christian world etc...  

Dr. Zakir Naik will be having more debates, and they will be advertised on our website in due course, 99% of people who wish to attack Islam all use the same points, which are mostly answered on our website, so there will be nothing special to debate with you at this time.  

We are very busy, any new material that we find on the internet against Islam we shall answer in due course and post the information on our website.  

many thanks

Admin Team.  


Dear Admin Team  

The reason I wrote to Mr. Naik is because I received numerous emails from Muslims challenging me to debate with him.  

My site received over one million  visitors in the last eleven months. This number has been doubling each year.  According to Alexa.com today (Dec. 11, 2004) my site ranks 49,499 and Dr. Naik's site ranks  626,043 (these numbers change everyday) So my site is at least 12 times more popular than Dr. Naik's site. (World's most popular site is Yahoo that ranks 1)  

Faith Freedom International is advancing fast and is revealing the hidden face of Islam to millions of people. Many Muslims have already left Islam thanks to the information that our site has made available to them. If I were a Muslim and believed that Islam is a true religion I would not miss this chance to respond to the charges brought against my Faith in this site and shut it down.  

The reason I wrote this invitation, was not to debate with Dr. Naik. I knew already Dr. Naik would not accept. He is wise enough to protect his reputation. I just wanted to make it clear to the Muslims who keep asking me to debate with Dr. Naik that it is Dr. Naik who is unwilling to debate. Now whether it is because he is busy, he thinks my profile and caliber are not high enough for him or he does not want to risk his reputation by debating with me is up to the readers to decide. 

Dr. Naik should be able to read his emails no matter which part of the world he is. Being abroad, is no more an excuse in this age of the Internet. 

With kind regards, 

Ali Sina 


Muslims are encouraged to invite any person they think is capable to defend Islam to debate with me. There are 1.2 billion Muslims living in this world. Are all of them busy? Is there not even one Muslim who may have enough time to respond to these charges? Isn't it embarrassing that none of the great scholars of Islam is capable of refuting a person with such low profile and caliber like me? If what I say are lies, I have made a huge impact on the way people see Islam with these lies. Shouldn't you call your scholars and tell them you are not going to pay your Zakat to them unless they fulfill their duty and save Islam's "good name" from these lies?  

If you can't find anyone willing to take this challenge, doesn't this show that Islam does not have an answer? Why stay in a religion that can't be defended? 

I bet there are millions of Muslims eager to defend Islam by slitting my throat. But is there one Muslim who is willing to defend Islam with logics?   

I received information that Dr. Naik's various claims were refuted by Christian scholars while he showed no interest to debate with them 

Maybe Dr. Naik could tell us who are those "high-profile and high-caliber" opponents with whom he debated?  



  Debate with Dr. Zakir Naik 2005/12/19


Comment here



anasrafi wrote:

I believe that you clearly think of yourself as some sort of genius.

Oh no, no. You got it all wrong. It is not me who is genius. It is Islam that is stupid. Anyone can win debating with Muslims about Islam. We are standing on solid ground and our logical guns are fully loaded with deadly arguments. Muslims are standing in soft sand where they sink under their own weight, and can’t move. Their gun is also loaded with logical fallacies. You hear a bang but it is not hitting anything. It is natural that we win and they lose. It has nothing to do with our genius. It is just where we are standing and the arguments that we carry. If you switch side you can discuss with the most learned Muslims and win. Just read the forum, you’ll notice that all of us win the debates with Muslims all the time. It is not that we are all geniuses. It has to do with our position. Islam is false and falsehood cannot stand the truth. A small lamp can win the darkness of the night.

Do you really believe that you have discovered something in Islam, some flaw, that has not been detected already by renowned Christian scholars who have studied the Quran more indepthly then you have, and who are more highly-educated then you are?

No! Of course not! I never made such claim. I repeatedly said what I say is not new. It is as old as Islam itself. Many of the questions that I ask were first asked by the freethinkers of Mecca. The point is that these questions were never answered. The only answer Muhammad gave was that “they are deaf, dumb and blind and do not understand”. This is ad hominem not a logical argument. Then he killed those who asked these questions. After 1400 years I am repeating the same old questions. The questions are old. Where are the answers?

Do you really believe that you can present to the board one contradiction, one flaw, one error in the writings of our holy book, the Quran, which has not come up before and not already been clarified by Dr. Zakir Naik?

Yes, not one but many. Dr. Zakir Naik is not a true scholar of Islam. He knows it. He is just a showman. He is the Muslim version of Jimmy Swagart. There are many scholars in Islam but he is not one of them. I have had debates with much greater scholars. The reason I posted that challenge is because I received over a hundred emails from Muslims daring me to debate with him. To each I said I am ready, call Dr. Naik, but never heard from them again. Finally I posted that invitation for the Muslims to see that it is not me who is hiding.

How can you possibly claim that you have converted Muslims into non-believers through your research? It is a ridiculous claim.

Well I have posted the testimony of some of them in the Leaving Islam page. Many more have written also but did not give their stories. They just said they are now convinced that Islam is false. Many also leave Islam without writing anything to me. One friend said that she knows five Muslims who have left Islam directly as the result of reading this site. This is just the beginning. We are growing exponentially. Just watch and see. But I hope you do better. I hope you read and see the truth and you too join us in our struggle to wake up the poor Muslims. There are only two possibilities. Either we are mistaken or we are not. If we are mistaken, please read the articles we have written, familiarize yourself with our arguments and then point out our errors. But if we are right, why don’t you join us?

Moreoever, you have the audacity to say that Dr. Zakir Naik is afraid of debating you, for he fears his reputation would be greatly tarnished by someone like you? If you are under the impression that you are more learned or scholarly then Dr. William Campbell, a Christian scholar who recently debated Dr. Naik and was humiliatingly defeated, then clearly this is an egoistic thing for you.

Well, Dr. Naik can always dispel this “myth” and prove that he is not afraid. As for Dr. Campbell’s debate with him I think I should read that before believing a Muslim claiming victory. Muslims are thriumphalists and even when they have lost and have been humiliated they beat their chest and claim victory.

I do not get angry by reading your reports and claims, rather I feel that you are needlessly acting to defame Dr. Naik.

Not so! Dr. Naik can come, defeat me, put me to shame and salvage his reputation at any time. There is also $50,000 dollars reward for him. These days we have over 9,000 visitors per day. This is a big number and it is growing fast. If he wins, the site will be shut down and all these people will not be “misled”. So if he really believed that he could win, with these incentives, do you really think that he would miss this change? Remember, we debated with hundreds of Muslims; some of them very prominent people much bigger than Dr. Naik, and no one has won yet. So if he wins this means a huge victory for him. If we win, it is not a big deal to us. He is just another Muslim and a statistic to us. He is a showman not a scholar.



This is now my third attempt to get you to respond to my emails. The following comes from Ali Sina's site. Do you have the courage to refute him? Your answer would be greatly appreciated.  

Dear Ali Sina, I have been a regular visitor to your web site since 15 months from now and I feel that you are the real messenger sent by God to eradicate the cult "ISLAM". I am a Hindu from India and as you know India has been from a long time a victim of Islamic barbarism.  

Sir, I agree with the articles on your web-site and I read them often. This led me to find and learn more about this cult and I read the Quran.  

Sir, but one thing I want to bring to your attention is that from last 2 months I've been watching Q TV, an Islamic channel by "Islamic Research Foundation" founded by Dr. Zakir Naik and in particular I watch the lectures of Dr. Naik about Islam and its misconceptions. After watching them I feel that he is a great scholar like you are and his talks have weakened my thinking that Islam is a cult and threat to humanity. I am sure that Dr. Naik is a scholar but in about a wrong field i.e. Islam.  

Sir, I request you to debate with Dr. Zakir Naik and prove him wrong since his talks have a great influence in Indian subcontinent which fuels the spread of Islam.  

Sir, is there anything that I can do to help faithfreedom to fight Islam. If I can, I will feel that I have done some thing for humanity.  



Dear Bandish  

I am not exaggerating if I say that I received the request to debate with Dr. Zakir Naik nearly 100 times. To each and every person who challenged me to debate with Dr. Naik I said I am ready to debate with him, please advise him I am ready and waiting for him. Some of them even wrote back and promise that they will let Dr. Naik know, but I never heard back neither from them nor from Dr. Naik.  

This time I publish your request and once again announce I am ready to debate with this good Doctor. Please let him know.  

I have also promised to remove this site if anyone can prove my claims against Muhammad and Islam are wrong. We will publish our discussions in this site and he is welcome to do the same in his site. Would you be kind enough to inform him of my readiness and then contact me and let me know what was his response?  The following is the email address I copied from his site. Whoever is interested, please contact him and tell him I am ready for a debate. If he responds or he does not, let me know. If many people contact him, he may agree to debate. If he declines then you make your own mind. http://www.faithfreedom.org/comments.htm



Invitation for  Dr Zakir Naik


Date: Sun, 28 Nov 2004 08:59:50 -0800 (PST)
From:  "MUNIR QASIM" <[email protected]>  
To: [email protected]


Respected Dr Zakir Naik sahib
Assalam-o-alykum Wa rehmatullah hay wabarakatuhu.


I am Alhamodlillah a Muslim and feel proud to be a Muslim (a fundamental Muslim). I ve arranged and listened nearly all talks available in Pakistan in CD and Video Cassettes. I believe the alhamdo lillah no one can prove the islam wrong in life of Zakir Bhai.


Today when I was using net I came across a web site  http://www.faithfreedom.org

This web is against Quran, our beloved prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) and Islam. I am copying a page of this web, which is self explanatory.






"kent steel" <[email protected]


[email protected]


U are needed, a challenge


Tue, 30 Nov 2004 23:51:32 +1100


brother Naik,my name is Nafees Khan and i am sure a few people may have informed you of a website


The man behind the website is Ali Sina 
He has written articles and has gathered numerous other articles about Islam, The prophet (PBUH) and the quran. This website is against Islam, period. If you simply browse through it's forums, u will see what kind of an effect it is having on people.

Ali Sina is willing to shut down the website if he is proven wrong. 
Here is the link to the list of allegations he has put forward.


He has stated in his forums that he is ready to debate you.

Dr Naik, i know that you are a very busy person, but this man has been spreading many false accusations against the Prophet and against Islam. As muslims i am sure we cannot allow this. that is why i am urgently reqesting of you to debate him, disprove his allegations, and his website can be shutdown before he spreads the wrong image of islam to more people. 
Insha allah.

I have attempted to disprove a few allegations yet i do not have suffiecient knowledge of Islam, it history etc.., to properly disprove the statements. 
It is also worthy to mention that Mr Sina appears to have very deep knowledge of Islam.

Mr Sina's email is faithfreedom2 at gmail.com

I hope to hear from you and pray that Allah helps you to guide people to the right path.


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  The World's Greatest Showman  is a conclusive rebuttal of all Dr. Naik's claims. 




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