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Please visit also the Resource Center. The RC is the collection of Internet websites and other documents that deal with various subjects about Islam. This RC is an excellent database for those conducting research on Islam.  As members of FFI keep adding links this database the RC is growing into an encyclopedia about Islam.  

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Twenty Three Years:
A Study of Prophetic Career of Muhammad 
Ali Dashti
Sirat Rasoul Allah  The earliest biography of Muhammad,  by ibn Ishaq
Life of Muhammad     Vol 1Vol 2 - Vol 3 - Vol 4    Sir William Muir Esq.
The Muhammadan Controversy   Sir William Muir Esq.

Prophet of doom

Craig Winn
Apology of Al Kindy  By Al Kindi Written in the court of  AL MMN Circa A.H. 215; A.D. 830) in defense of Christianity against Islam.   Edited and compiledSir William Muir Esq.
An Introduction to Real Islam and Jihad  S.K.M.
Islam Undressed  Vernon Richards 
Who Authored the Quran?  Abul Kasem
The Root of Terrorism a la Islamic style  Abul Kasem 
Sex and sexuality in Islam   Abul Kasem 
Women in Islam: An exegesis   By Abul Kasem
Muhammad & Islam
Stories not told before 
Mohammad Asghar 
The Quran: An Introduction    Theodor Nldeke
The Original Sources of The Quran   Rev. W. St. Clair Tisdall.
Influence of Animism on Islam   An Account of Popular Superstitions    Samuel M. Zwemer    
Heirs of the Prophets   An Account of the Clergy and Priests of Islam the Personnel of the Mosque and "Holy Men"   Samuel M. Zwemer
Muhammad, Quran and Islam  
Is Muhammad Foretold in the Bible   John Gilcrist
My Question to Muslims Jochen Katz
Behind the Veil (Unmasking Islam)  A book with the Christian perspective containing many good essays on the status of women, discrimination of non Muslims, slavery, origin, contradictions and the errors of Quran.  
Quran and Kafir   A. Ghosh 
Christians Ask Muslims

Gerhard Nehls

The Challenge of Islam  Gerhard Nehls
Negationism in India - Concealing the Record of Islam   Koenraad Elst
Understanding Islam Through Hadith 

Sh. Ram Swarup

Hindu Temples: What Happened to Them Vol. 1   Sri Sita Ram Goel
The Calcutta Quran petition  Sita Ram Goel
The Bible, The Qur'an and Science  Maurice Bucaille 
The Qur'an and the Bible in the Light of History and Science   In  Response to  Maurice Bucaille Dr. William Campbell 
The Codification of the Qur'an Text  
Qur'an and Embryology (In response to Prof. Keith Moore)   
Themes for the Diligent  
Books by Iskander Jadeed  
A Perfect Quran   
Internet Islamic History Source Book   
Christian Martyrs in Muslim Spain Kenneth Baxter Wolf

Understanding Islam through Hadis Religious Faith or Fanaticism? 

Ram Swarup

Books By Anwar Sheikh
Anwar Sheikh is an apostate of great intellectual value. As a young man he was a Muslim who had killed 3 Siks because of Islam, the memory of which has haunted him for over 40 years.


Books in Parsi 

If you do not have a decompression software you can download Winzip to unzip the books.
Book Two: Supreme Religious Leadership [Velayate Fagheeh]
in 4 parts,

Dr. Ahmad Kasravi:

Book One: Shiitism [Shiegary]  
Book Two: Sufism [Sufigary]
Book Three: Bahaiism [Bahaiigary]


Prof. Ali Dashti:
The 23 Years (History of  the prophecy years of Mohammed The Prophet)
[23 Sal] (Tarikh-e vaghe'eeye bist-o se sal be' esat-e Mohamad Peyambar-e Eslam), Read...


Dr. Ahmad Irani:
Views on the origin and the evolution of Religion  Read

Impurities of Iranian culture Read



Dr. R. Ghaffari: 
An Eye Witness Report of Islamic Regime's Prisons in Iran  Read


"My only wish ...is to transform friends of god into friends of man, lovers of God into lovers of man, believers to thinkers, candidates for the next world into students of this world ... Christian who by their own admiration are "half-animal, half angel" into persons, into whole persons !"[Ludwig Andreas von Feuerbach]





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