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Sat, 29 Jan 2005 15:14:05 +0000 (GMT)


"Yamin Zakaria" <[email protected]>  


Challenge ?


Who will be adjudicating the debate? What proof do we have that you will pay up when you have been defeated ?    

Can we also get a glimpse of what you propose as  ALTERNATIVE?   It is very easy to call people ugly whilst hiding behind a mask. If you judge ISLAM to be incorrect you must have pre-defined set of critera, values and principles by which you judge. Otherwise the 'debate' is merely where you have setup your self as judge, jury and executioner.  

May I ask you also, that since you have this amount of money to give away does this mean you have financial and political backings from certain quarters ? Or are you just wealthy?  

Whilst in debate can you maintain a level of decorum as opposed to name calling, of which there are many examples on your website e.g. calling someone "subhuman". As you can apprecitate such labels can also be attributed towards yourself.  


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