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 Jalal Abualrub

My name is jalal abualrub...i am currently writing a book on muhammad, pease be upon him, titled: the prophet of mercy...may be you should read the two chapters of it available at: (www.madinahstore.com)...i heard that you challenge muslims to debate you, but from looking at your wesbite i did not see anything original other than the usual stuff that some non-muslims dwell on without knowledge...is there a real reason for you leaving islam?...do you have any original evidence that made you leave islam?

jalal abualrub


Dear Jalal Abualrub  

Thank you for writing. To be precise I do not challenge Muslims to “debate” with me. I am actually very busy for debates. I challenge Muslims to prove my charges against Muhammad and Islam wrong. You can do that with one letter alone. If your arguments are convincing, there would be no rebuttals from my side and that would be the end of the debate. I will immediately agree and withdraw the charge that is refuted.  

I also do not claim originality. In fact these questions are old. They are as old as Islam. These are the same questions the freethinkers of Mecca , such as Abul Hakam and Abu Sofyan used to ask Muhammad. The reason I am repeating them is because they have never been answered. Muhammad killed one and bribed the other but never answered their questions. Just because these questions are old, they do not become invalid. On the contrary, because they have never been answered, they are very likely to be true. If Muslims could answer them, someone would have come with an answer in these 1400 years. Who knows, maybe that person is you.  

Yes, there is a real reason for me to leave Islam and no that reason is not original. It is the very same reason that makes others leave Islam and reject it and that is:

a) Muhammad, by virtue of his conduct does not qualify to be a messenger of God and 

b) The Quran contains too many absurdities to be considered a book of revelation from God.


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