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Hi Mr Sina


I was told about your site by a very close friend of mine about 3 months ago and i have been enlightened by it. I no longer go the mosque anymore but try to live the 'golden rule' just like you and i have realised how much this can change you to be a better human being.

Thanking you



Dear Mr. Sina,

thank you for your wonderful website.

My name is Hans, and I'm from Germany. Ten years ago some friends of mine told me that islam is a danger, and I thought they exaggerated. But that was before 9/11 and the following.

Everybody who reads newspapers with small headlines knows that you are right, Mr. Sina.

When looking for islam-critical websites I found many which are clearly right-wing or even nazi. My father was wounded in the war, and what fascist regimes can do is very obvious to me.

Your website is for people who love freedom and who respect women's rights. I can recommend your website to my friends without demurs.

As for some Muslim commentators: we have good mental-homes in Germany, inspired by Sigmund Freud and Carl Gustav Jung.

All the best


Thank  you Ali Sina, you are one of the most amazing people I have ever met on the web and on the planet. Thank you for showing the truth. The truth you write,  is so revolutionary, that you cannot deny in your heart.  It proves once again, that the pen is mightier than the sword.

Great is truth, and stronger than all things ... Book of Esdras



Thank you for your kind words. Apart from the fact that I am a very ordinary guy and there is nothing amazing about me, I think truth is not revolutionary at all. Truth is just stating the obvious. The fact that you and most other people find this site truthful is because it states the obvious.  There is nothing revolutionary in saying sun is bright, water is wet, fire is hot, ice is cold, etc. Then why the truth about Islam sounds so revolutionary? It is because we have been fed with lies. Those of us who are born Muslims are fed with lies from day one and the rest are told the truth that may hurt the sensitivity of others must not be told. Since Muslims have petal like delicate skins, they scream and will not hesitate to kill you if you hurt their sensitivity, no one tells the truth and this lie has been perpetuated to such an extent that now stating the obvious sounds like a revolutionary act. 

Most concepts that today sound truisms, were once deemed to be revolutionary and even heretical. Today, we all know for a fact that the Earth is round and it is going around the Sun, that sky is not a dome and at least the majority of us know that the world was not created 6,000 years ago. Yet all these truisms were once revolutionary and heretical claims. They sounded revolutionary because of the predominance of lies. Once the truth is given a chance, it will always destroy the lies, just as the light of the dawn destroys the darkness of the night. Now that we have the freedom to speak, the days of Islam are numbered. Islam cannot stand the truth. It will melt like ice under the heat of the sun. The hotter it is, the faster the ice will melt. This site is hot. Very hot! 

Many good intentioned people advise me to tone down. What does that mean?  Do they want me to tell only half the truth lest saying it all may be shocking? I leave that advise to others. I tell all the truth, naked and and unaltered. Is it ugly? Is it shocking?  Well, that is the truth. If it is hard to swallow, take it one bite at a time.     

Ali Sina  


Dear Mr. Ali Sina,

I have spent last few days going through your site. It is excellent! I am born Hindu and always had doubts about Islam. I happened to see the talk of Dr. Zakir Naik and was fairly impressed with him - the way he puts his words and defends Islam and quotes various scriptures. I was in fact searching him on Google that I encountered your site. Initially I thought it was another Islamic bashing site but when I went deep into it - it is mind blowing. It cleared all my doubts.

I congratulate you for this site and the amount of hard work you have put. I feel you deserve a Nobel Prize and I hope you win it some day.

All free thinking people shall forever be indebted to you.

Keep it up.



Thank you very much. I am glad you find FFI useful and informative.  If there would ever be a Noble Prize it should be shared among all the good people who make FFI a vibrant place. It is somewhat embarrassing that they do the work and I get the credit. 


Ali Sina



Many people criticize you in many places.  There main accusation is that you advocate use in violence against Muslims.   I see that you actually want to fight Islam peacefully, by exposing Islam so Muslims leave it without any need of force.  That is how we can prevent the war.  I developed this view by the help of your site.

However I think faithfreedom.org  should emphasize more the fact that we do not advocate violence.  



To falsely accuse their opponents of evil things is a Muslim trait.  It does not matter how much I emphasize that FFI tries to win this war by weaning Muslims from Islam with truth and not by killing anyone, Muslims will continue their calumny.  They can't help it. They are Muslims after all and lies and deceptions are Islamic ways. Muhammad said war is a game of deception. Muslims do what their prophet told them to do.  Nonetheless, many are seeing the light and we are winning this war.

Ali Sina 




Hi. I just thought I would drop you a comment to let you know (and I'm sure you already know) that you're site is a wonder. It's today's gold, only awaiting the great gold rush which is sure to be upon us.

Your website is like magic but should never be compared to magic as your website is raw truth, no tricks, just truth. I can read your website for hours, loosing track of time and whenever I'm bored, simply going to the "Muslim Comments" section gives me laughs. They have no logic or reasoning. By submitting the comments threatening you, exclaiming their need to rule the world and their constant violent comments simply support your writings. If only they understood. I may be quiet young but old enough to know the truth of Islam. Surely the Koran was written in blood, blood of us, the Infidels. I for one am proud to be an Infidel, such a beautiful word.

Keep up the fantastic work and I am surely going to help you in your fight, our struggle.

Also, you have recommended a few books but what one would you suggest that I can sit down and read for hours with the text telling me of the Koran relating it to today's society, much like your website. Your website in book form.

Great work. Never stop.


I just wanted to let you know that I have been browsing your website and wholeheartedly agree with your clear, concise, logical approach to exposing the gaping holes in Islam's credibility. I have viewed the counter-websites that have sprung up (quite hastily, in fact- they must be panicking) and the opposing arguments against you are ridiculous. You keep your cool and dictate knowledge while misled fanatics blabber incoherent nonsense against you and slander your name.
Remember, God said, "Blessed are those who are persecuted in my name"...
Keep up the good work!





I've been living with a musulman family in Senegal for 2 months now.

First I can tell that the situation of the women is sad and full of injustices. They accept it cause they have to, but you can see that deep, they are really sad and they would like that to change. Especially there is one girl in the family is now a good friend of mine, and it makes me sad to know what here future is gonna be made of because she deserves far better than that..

One thing ive experienced that scared me. I was with a guy of the muslim family where i live, we were driving back from the restaurant. He is a good friend and is always very sweet with me. He asked be: Will you ever convert yourself to islam? I said NO, of course No. (it wasn't a surprise I've already told him that clearly). Throwing back the question, i asked, (sure he would say no), And You, would you ever convert yourself to anything other than Islam? He looked at me, angry. Regret what you just said! I responded, surprised, What? He said loudly and more angry : Regret what you just sais or I smash the car! OMG I regret it I regret it! I couldnt beleive what just happened. Usually he is always so sweet with me and suddenly he became someone else, a defender of his religion who was willing to do anything to prove his faith to Allah. I was scared..

I'm telling you this from my own personal experience in a West African Muslim country...

A Canadian girl

Within every good Muslim there is an animal lurking. 



Dear Mr Sina,

One day the world will owe you a big thank you, there is no doubt. How much time and effort you put into this I can only guess and I hope you also get a lot of credit for it not only hateful stupidities. If you ever come to Sweden I would love to be of ANY assistance you might need, and proudly take you in as a guest in my home (so donīt hesitate if you come here). What you do takes a lot, so thank you on behalf of us all who can still think and love freedom. The importance of your work cannot be overestimated. The problems with Islam is getting bigger here in Sweden and still a lot of people donīt wanna face the obvious, so itīs always good to be able to point their way to faithfreedom.    

Dear Peter:  

Thank you. You made my day. I actually love it when I receive undeserving compliments that stroke my ego. Itís just too bad I know the truth and I canít fool myself to take these compliments to heart.  

Anyway, you can do a lot even if I never come to Sweden . You can join me and other friends in our fight against the spread of Islam. There is so much to be done and the workers are so few, the task is so lofty and the resources so scarce, the work is so big and the time is so short, the dangers are so immense and the rewards so immense that no one can afford to remain indifferent and let humanity face its doom. It is time to change the course of history and no one can do it better than you and me. We, ordinary people, can do it. We who care about this world, our freedom, our children and the future of human civilization must do it.    

Wish you all the best  

Ali Sina




I do feel the need to express my gratitude to you and your website. I finally decided to try and find out what makes Muslims tick.  What makes them so narrow-minded and blind?  Why do they want to kill people in the West?

I've spend numerous weeks now reading book after book after book (and still reading).  Not that I remember all the details, but I have to say, I have honestly
been in a state of shock.  Like many other people, I want to give everyone their space to pursue their religion of choice.  Never in my wildest dreams would I have been able to conceive what I have found. I have barely begun to read your website but I can see that the facts are obvious to you and anyone who informs
him/herself and dares to use their brain. My question most recently has been, what can I do, what can I do? I have been talking to friends about what I found but not having read what I read, they may very well think I am overreacting.  I am very concerned about our future - physical survival, history, etc. etc.  Will
everything be wiped off the earth?  Because I can see that even killing every last non-believer will not be the end.  Muslim will kill Muslim because s/he "interprets" the insanity in a different way.

So I have to admit, it was a relief to find your website, knowing there are other like minded people in this world.  

Thank you!




Dear Dr Sina,

I'm a newcomer to your site and haven't read it all by any means. Basically I think it's a good thing but I won't reiterate other people's praises, there's no need.  However, I feel that sometimes your tone doesn't help your case.  I admit that it's very difficult to avoid sarcasm when dealing with irrational opponents, but you could be accused sometimes of descending to their level, for instance in the following response of yours to a comment by a Muslim (and not one of the hateful abusive ones):

"You will wonder why MuHamMad is being roasted like a Ham and other Muslim terrorists who have gone to hell will tell you that he is being tortured because he sold his soul to devil in this world. He got to become king and sleep with a score of young women and lied to everyone. In exchange his soul is going to be burned for eternity. Then you remember my words to you."

Presumably this is some sort of joke as I gather you don't believe in hell.  It must be so tempting to make this sort of comment but I still think you should resist it.

Here is another comment of yours:

"I hate Islam because Islam is evil. But other religions are not evil. They are just fairytales. Many people like to believe in fairytale."

I don't think it's quite as simple as that.  Christianity is much more diverse than Islam but in some manifestations it can be just as evil. The first crusade was instigated by the Pope and culminated in the massacre of the inhabitants of Jerusalem - men, women and children. Then you had the Inquisition etc etc.  The Bible is more diverse and ambiguous than the Quran (from what I understand) and you can find something in it to back up pretty much whatever you believe.  But I think all religion is dangerous when it is fundamentalist - in other words putting dogma above reason and authoritarian teachings above human decency.

In another place you say:

When Amnesty International talks about the human rights of the terrorists in Guantanamo Bay I want to puke. These people have no clue what the heck these monsters are. Terrorists are not humans and human rights should not apply to them. Where is Amnesty International when Iranians are constantly being hung and tortured by the Islamic regime? The Amnesty International no longer has moral authority to decide what is right and what is wrong."

Amnesty International highlights what it considers abuse of human rights in all countries, irrespective of ideology.  That includes Iran (check on their website).  It might be criticised for concentrating too much on one rather than another, but it does aim to cover all countries.  As for your comments "Terrorists are not human . . . " you sound like a Muslim here!  Terrorism is evil, terrorists are evil (or misguided), but they are still human beings (that's the trouble - it's humans that cause the problems) and to say they have no rights and should not be treated as humans seems to me dangerous.  You should think not only of how you feel but how people might interpret your words.



Dear Mark:  

Your words are wise and everything you say is true. However, remember that I am writing for nine years and I generally write everything that comes to my mind. At times I am angry, at times happy and optimistic and in other times calm and rational. My moods change like everyone else and my writings reflect my mood.  As time went by, the site became more than my personal blog. I probably should have been more careful in the choice of my language. 

Now we have a panel of editors who make sure everything is written in a right way. My original writings did not pass through this rigorous filtering and frankly it still does not. They almost tolerate me and let me do what I want. I am treated like Prophet Mo. I can act above the law and no one stops me. (I don't get as many women as he got.) I am sure one day they will draw the line in the sand and will tell me enough is enough.  

I fully realize that the site is no longer my ranting soapbox and I must be more careful of what I write and how I express myself. However, going through all those thousands of pages and cleaning them up, is nearly impossible. Let this stand as the testimony of my imperfection. I will be more careful in future. You are not the first to tell me that.  

Wish you all the best  

Ali Sina




I just visited your website for the first time and spend 3 hours reading and looking at the pictures. Some were difficult to see. I plan on visiting it more and reading it all. I want to thank you for all this information about Islam. I personally don't know any Muslims but I have had email conversations with 2 Muslim men from Egypt. They promote Islam as a religion full of love and that they only want peace in the world. But from your site and from the comments from Muslims on your site, I don't see them promoting love for their neighbors. All the Muslims that sent you a comment threatened you with physical pain and even death. I see no love nor peace in that. And they all told you that your site is full of lies and errors. But not one of them gave proof to your so-called errors. I doubt you will ever have to pay out the $50,000 to anyone.
I am a Christian and I hate no one. I dislike some people and hate sinful acts but I love the persons and pray for their souls. Just like I would hope others would pray for my soul (I am not perfect and I sin from time to time). But I would never threatened harm or death to another person because they disagreed with my religion or believed that Jesus was a fraud or mock God. I'd rather talk with reason and respect and if we still couldn't see eye-to-eye, leave it alone and let them disagree. I would still believe and go on with my life. I pray that non-Christians some day will find the Lord but I never want them dead. That isn't a religion of love and peace. How can Muslims promote love when they are constantly harming and killing non-Muslims? They say that Islam is spreading worldwide. I see people converting to Islam due to fear and out of force. If one converts to Islam out of fear of being killed, they don't truly have that faith in their hearts for Allah. In Christianity, God is love. He wants a personal relationship with us and we earn entrance to Heaven through our loving faith and good deeds on earth to our friends and enemies. In Islam, Allah sounds like a distant God who will allow one in Paradise if they kill non-believers. How do Muslims repent for their sins? Who gives them the right to judge others when they themselves are killing millions of people, molesting children, treating their own women (mothers, wives, sisters, aunts) as vaginas [can't men have self-control??]?  Plus Jesus never sinned, making Him perfect. And Muhammad lived a sinful life. Which man would be a better role-model for you?
It scares me that Islam is getting stronger. Maybe not stronger, but definitely more world spread. I do believe that the word is mightier than the sword. But it's doesn't seem fair that that sword is touching more hearts than the word is. I pray that no harm comes to you and your loved ones. I pray that your website reaches thousands every day and never stops. God bless you for opening your heart to the truth and telling us the truth about Islam. Please don't stop!
Peace and love!
Wisconsin, USA




To Ali sina sir,

I have become an ardent lover of this site. there is a lot of substance in your articles. sir, since years i was dubious about the teachings of "quran". i feel very fortunate and lucky that i got this site. now i am completely aware of what quran mean.

i feel you are a spark of divinity, and a boon to human race. you are the eye opener and an inspiration to many of us who used to think quran is as much sanctimonious as any other holy epic.

i think islam is a "virus" spreading through out the world and your site is an anti virus for the eradication of this contagious disease. i highly appreciate you for the effective work you are doing as a responsibility to save humanity from the claws of evil islam.

it's obvious that mistake doesn't lie with muslims alone but the preaching of Mohammed prophet & quran is making them to live like wild animals. I feel quran is applicable to animals rather than humans.

being a Hindu and a peace lover from india i would like to ask whether it is possible to change minds of stubborn people (muslims) whose blood is filled with aggression and malice ,flowing through out their body?

India a country where people given equal rights irrespective of religion is now under the threat of islam. its vivid that demons and divines cannot live under one roof. we (hindus) cannot change them, even if we do so, they are not in a position to face the truth.

hinduism is not an identity or religion but a path to reach righteousness of ones soul. soul searching with wisdom and knowledge is the theory of hinduism. peace and love are the main brands of it.

the situation in india suggests a war for the survival of humanity. but is it possible for a strict follower of peace take his sword and combat in the battle field? can you suggest what can we do this high time?

eagerly waiting for your reply .for now ill conclude by thanking you whole heartedly. you are a graceful man and i want to become your disciple. 

with lots of love from hindus,

your disciple ravi 


Dear Ravi: 

Unfortunately when one follows an evil doctrine one can become evil and do evil. Many good people did terrible things when they joined the Nazi party. They later came to their senses, alas too late, and regretted ever since. Yes, it is true that humans can act like beasts or even worse by believing in big lies such as those of Hitler and Muhammad. These terrorists plotting against the lives of innocent people so zealously cannot be called human. 

How to counter that? Not with violence. We must be firm and unyielding towards them and meet their aggression with force. You canít contain ferocious beasts with kindness because they interpret kindness as weakness and become emboldened. When faced with ferocious beasts you must show strength and frighten them. Animals will respect you if they fear you. People whose humanity is not evolved, who have no feelings for members outside their own pack, are very much like animals.  However, these beasts we are talking about were not born that way, they have become beasts through indoctrination. If you pay attention to what Muslim countries teach to their children in schools or to their public in their media, youíll see how easy it is to become beasts through indoctrination and brainwashing. Lies and hatred can transform anyone into a subhuman. 

So what is the solution? The solution is to counter this brainwashing with education. Truth is very powerful. It is the antidote to lies. All we have to do is tell the truth. We canít of course rescue everyone, but we will eventually be able to rescue the good people caught in this web of lies. The majority of Muslims belong to this category. These people will see the light and will leave Islam. Once they do that, others will follow. The collapse of Islam will be sudden. 

Also you should not expect Muslims to leave Islam as soon as you tell them the truth. Faith is not something that can go away easily. Those who have been victim of faith know what I am talking about. Look at the communists! Some of them are highly educated and yet when it comes to reasoning they are as dumb as doorknob. They are unable to see the truth that communism is evil, unworkable, causes poverty, encourages dictatorship and results in oppression. They are brainwashed. Communism is an atheistic religion. Theistic religion are much more difficult to get rid of. The fear of hell and punishment is an added impediment for the believer to see the truth. It took me two years to admit the truth that I had found on my own. I was ready to deny my own intelligence and not give up on my faith. The process was painful and difficult. 

The best way is to spread the truth far and wide, like sowing the seeds, and leave time to take care of things. Once the spring comes all the seeds will germinate at once.  

I do not believe in pacifism but also it is not necessary that you take your sword and combat in the battlefield. Pen is mightier than sword.  The added benefit of waging the war with pen is that every person that you conquer becomes your ally. What a marvelous way to wage this war and win. This is truly a win-win situation. You win and so does your enemy whom you win as a friend. This is not wishful thinking. This is already happening. FFI has won over many enemies and has converted them into allies and friends who are now fighting alongside us to wage this war of truth against falsehood. Moreover, your pen can conquer, hundreds, thousands or even millions of people, while with a sword or a bomb you can only kill a handful of people and make more enemies.

All the best 

Ali Sina 




Dear Ali Sina, 

After I have spent hours and days reading through your site, I found my self compelled to write few lines to you and I hope it will be posted for all to read. What interested me the most is the debates that you have done with many people. And taking the time to write, document and publish every thing on your site. Great work, I congratulate you for a job well done. Nevertheless, I found one thing consistent with all the Muslims that you debated, that they all rely on what other scholars; I should say Islam apologists and Muslim writers, to present their case, by defending Islam through writings of Muslim apologists and Muslim writers. Not one could prove that Qura'an is divine revelation.  

They always find a good reason to divert from the main subject, and direct the discussion into some other path. They are swift to quote what so and so said about Islam, they take pride in that, but blindly they turn away from reality of Islam, the cult of doom. Egocentricity is their dictum, being superiors is their doctrine that they took from Mohammad and the Qura'an. Every one else is looked upon as lesser in his humanity than them, Islam is the sublime and no others could be as equal. These are the beliefs of every Muslim, can you see where the hate comes from. Deceiving is also a doctrine, because Allah, according to Qura'an is the best deceiver ever, I don't remember the 'sorra" and the number of the verse where it says "deceive and Allah will deceive, Allah is the best deceiver" these are the words of Allah to men. So what do you expect from people believing in teachings like this, worse yet defending it.  

Serving in Iraq with US army for quite a while now, put me in direct contact with these people and the way they believe and live. Some savage rules, brutal customs, and inhumane activities even the monkeys in jungles have better rules to live by. I have a lot to say from what I have seen here, from brutality and violence, child molestation and many other things, but not much time to write every thing. I will try from time to time to visit your precious site and drop few lines in the future. But most importantly I can see the main goal of work like yours, it is very essential to rid this world of this destructive cult that will destroy this world and all the advancement that was accomplished by the mankind, if given the opportunity to do so. Simply because they haven't given any thing to this humanity other than killing and destruction, so their trend is obvious. keep up the good work.  

Yours truly,




Your website is fantastic. It really reveals the TRUTH about the cult of Islam. You display the perfect arguments and yes you are right, the Muslims have no legit response to your challenge.

Not too long ago I was very close to converting to Islam because of a handful of videos I watched, most influential videos were that of Sheikh Yusif (an ex-priest), from Texas... he was a Protestant white man who converted to Islam. I viewed many of his lectures in the past and they convinced me to want to convert. Make a long story short, after a few talks with the family, few friends talking some sense in me, and a few hours browsing your website, I learned that Islam is EVIL and I want to thank you personally for your website...not only have you opened my eyes wider, but you WILL open the eyes of many Muslims as well in the future. Don't let the negativity of these Muslims get to you... trust me... your website IS very influential, and I'm sure you know all of this.

Anyway, this Sheik Yusif had many videos on Google video, and I was browsing it earlier today and I stumbled upon this 1 video of his lecture in India where he spoke about Islam and terrorism. In this lecture, you won't believe what he said ...     he actually compared Muhammad to Jesus. He said that Muhammad told his followers not to kill, to let the disbelievers talk but not to fight back... this is what Yusif preached. It disgusted me, so I had to take matters into my own hands, and wrote him an e-mail myself, pretty damn big email too... using lots of the points you brought up, and I challenged him as well to prove to me that Muhammad wasnít a narcissist, rapist, pedophile, mass murderer, etc. Iím hoping he replies back or something, but it is YOU who gave me the courage to take a stand whenever I see wrong. I just wanted to ask if you're familiar with any of his lectures, or if you have had any contact with him, any debates or anything. I really want this man to snap out of being an Islamified zombie and to really look at what he's doing. By the way I love reading the Muslim hate mail on your website, it gives me a great laugh haha... I especially love the part when you responded to the Muslim who wanted you to take off the Muhammad portrait , you served it to him brother haha. Anyways, hope you can reply to this e-mail, just wanted to thank you... keep doing your thing and I will KEEP browsing your website, may it never be shut down.

Take care.


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