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Ali Sina's Disagreement With Fundamentalist Atheists (Materialists)

  This is the list of my discussion with fundamentalist atheists. I am myself an atheist. I do not believe in the existence of any God as a being. Yet I cannot accept the extreme fundamentalist view of pure materialism. I disagree with fundamentalism, be it religious or of other kinds. I believe that fundamentalist atheism is every bit as ugly and dangerous as any other form of fundamentalism. The brutalities of the atheist states (communists and Nazis) during the 20th century proved that there is little difference between religious fundamentalism and atheistic fundamentalism. 

I copied the following somewhere from the Internet: “The essence of any fundamentalism is the view that there is only one possible explanation for reality, that everybody else is deluded and that the world would be a better place if other people just got with the programme and accepted the self-evident correctness of my opinion.” 

This debate at times became vitriolic, as it often happens in any debate with fundamentalists and those who are convinced of their point of view.

Rational Spirituality  An exegesis on Being and Nonbeing. Ali Sina 2004/03/13 
What it Takes to be a Rationalist Ali Sina 2004/02/26
Response to Ali Sina by James Randi
Sina's response to James Randi's 1st rebuttal 2004/03/05
Randi's 2nd rebuttal  2004/03/08
Sina's response  2004/03/14
Randi's 3rd rebuttal
Randi reveals his trick  2004/03/16
Sina's response to Randi's 3rd and 4th letters 2004/03/19
Further evidence that show psychic phenomenon cannot be just dismissed but has to be researched 2005/12/30  
Brent Meeker rebuts Sina 
Sina's Response to Meeker  2004/03/06
Meeker's 2nd rebuttal 
Aparthib Zaman's rebuttal of Sina 
Sina's 1st response to Aparthib 2004/03/07
Aparthib's 2nd rebuttal 
More Holes in the Materialist's bucket. Sina's response to Aparthib's  2004/03/16 
Aparthib's response 
The Masks of Materialism Sina to Aparthib 2004/03/21 
Response to The Mask of Materialism by Aparthib 

Defining Materialism Ali Sina 2004/3/23 

Aparthib's response
Aparthib bridges the gap and Sina's response 
Avijit Roy rebuts Sina 
There is a hole in materialism Sina's response 2004/03/15
Avijit's response  
The Self Deception of a Materialist Ali Sina 2004/03/20
Avijit's angry rant  
Sina's final response to Avijit 
Avijit continues with his diatribe 
Sina responds 
Responding to Materialists: Was it a diversion? Ali Sina 2004/3/22
Truthspeaker rebuts Sina 
Sina responds 
Truth speaker's clarification 
Sina's 2nd response to Truthspeaker 
The logical fallacies of pseudo rationalist crowd: Ali Sina 2004/03/28
Wrapping it up by  Ali Sina 2004/3/26 


More debate on this subject is in this thread of the  forum 

In addition to the above Mukto Mona has published a few "mockeries" in lieu of scholarly debate that you can view here







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