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Debate with Grand Ayatollah Montazeri

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In the Bulletin Board of Jebhe Melli (Democratic National Front of Iran) I asked several questions about Islam. Ayatollah Montazeri responded to some of them. What follows is the translation of his letter and my response to him.

Ayatollah MontazeriAyatollah Montazeri is a senior cleric of Iran who was first chosen by Khomeini to be his successor. But his liberal views angered Khomeini and he was ousted. In recent years Ayatollah Khamanei, Khomeini's successor has placed Ayatollah Montazeri under house arrest. Mr. Montazeri is still the main opposition figure for Islamic reformists who believe in Islam but not in the Velayate Faghih. He is the most respected religious figure in Iran.

The subjects discussed with Ayatollah Montazeri were about

The young age of Aisha

Were the Prophet's wars defensive?

Safiyah the Jewish wife of the Prophet


The Genocide of the Jews of Medina

The following is the sealed letter of Ayatollah Montazeri





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