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Lukewarm Muslims 2008/06/14
Why We Fight Islam? 2008/01/28
How to Beat Jihad 2007/07/24 
Viva Oriana 2006/07/13
Peace and Pride  2006/06/28
Defeating Islam  2006/05/23
The Purpose of Life 2006/05/21
Morality and Islam  2006/02/09
Laugh at  Mo oHamMad   2006/02/06
Why Mock Islam?  2006/02/04
Scholastics vs. Scouts  2005/12/27

The Fields Bloom in Spring  2005/12/14

The Power of Thoughts

Will Muslims Ever Wake Up?  2005/11/26

Islamic Stupidity: A Bottomless Pit 2005/11/20

What it takes to eradicate Islam 2005/11/19

Prince Charles: The Constantine of Islam?  2005/11/03

When a Muslim Thinks He is Not  5/10/24

Zakir Naik: Promoting Terrorism Ali Sina 2005/10/22

You Quote the Quran Out of Context  (FAQ #70) 2005/10/22

How to Speak to the Politically Correct Folk 2005/10/21

How to Counter the Cyber Jihad  2005/10/17

Muslims Pooh Pooh the Golden Rule 2005/10/07

If Islam is Bad, How Can It Inspire People to Be Good? 2005/09/18

Response to a New Apostate Ali Sina 2005/09/15

Every Time I Read a Muslim Letter I Want to Puke  2005/09/13

Once You Believe it, You See It 2005/09/12

The Prophet of Doom Ali Sina 2005/09/09

An Interview with Abul Taher 2005/08/27

The Useful Idiots 2005/08/23 

Ignorance Is Lethal: The West Is Its Own Worst Enemy 2005/08/02

Free Muslims Against Terrorism, Or More Deception? 2005/07/26

Islam Peaceful? Only in Our Dream Interview with Megan Fox 2005/07/21

Unbelievers Cannot Touch the Quran: CAIR members will go to Hell 2005/07/11

Neo-fascism in Europe on the Rise 2005/07/09

We Shall Prevail!...Or Will We? 2005/07/07

Are Muslims Humans? 2005/06/15

YOU are wrong Mr. Taheri 2005/05/31

The Fall of Europe 2005/05/25

Joooz Try to Give Islam Bad Name 2005/04/29

The Eradication of Islam: 
A Response to JihadWatch.com 2005/04/14

How Much Islam is Responsible for Making Muslims Terrorists  2005/04/13

Why do you hate me? 2005/04/11

Fighting Against a Phantom 2005/04/07

Smart People, Stupid Choices 2005/03/24

The myth of peaceful Muslims 2005/03/18

This Site Under Attack 2005/03/04

You Are Hurting Me 2005/03/01

Islam: Cult or Religion? 2005/02/18

Economic Development?  I Think Not! 2005/02/12

The Mad World 2005/01/29

Honor Killing 2005/01/28

Why Can't Islam be Reformed?  2005/01/16

The Game of Deception 2005/01/09 

Some Questions Answered 2005/01/06

 A message to hatchet men of Allah  2005/01/04

Learning to Love From Animals  2004/12/28

Was Jinnah a Great Leader?  2004/11/26

Islam: A Tool of Domination 2004/11/15

Fighting Back PCism 2004/11/15

The Convoluted Mind of the Islamists and the Impending Danger  2004/11/13  

Are We Losing the War on Terror? 2004/11/07

The Day Principles Triumphed    2004/11/05

Dutch to rally for freedom of expression 2004/11/02

Wake up America: Dutch Filmmaker Theo Van Gogh is  Murdered .  2004/11/02

What Was the Real Message of  Osama? 2004/11/01

My Discussion with the Terrorists 2004/10/30

The Left�s Folly 2004/10/26

The Traps of Islam:
A commentary  2004/10/22

The Armageddon 2004/10/18

Kerry For President? 
An Election Like No Other

The Iranian Crisis 2004/10/04

Islamic terrorism is Islamic  2004/1001   

Woman wants to be beaten only once a week 2004/09/30    

No Muslim Martin Luthers But Many Solzhenitsyns 2004/09/28

United We Shall Stand, Divided We Fall 2004/09/12 

Eradication, not Reformation 2004/09/11

The head of this snake is in Iran 2004/09/09 

A Letter to Mankind  2004/09/08

The Revival of Islamic Madness 2004/09/06

How to Fight Back? 2004/09/03

Defeated by Terrorists?  2004/08/30 

The Islamic Kingdom of England?   2004/08/28  

An Imperialistic Cult?    2007/08/11

To be enlightened. 2004/06/28

Islamophobia  2004/06/22  

Reagan Died Today, May His Torch Shine Forever.2004/06/05

The Definition of Love  2004/05/29

The Religion of Love 2004/05/27 

April 30, 2004 Declared as Muslim Family Values Day  2004/05/20

Justifying One Fallacy With Another. 2004/05/14

Heading towards disaster like a drunkard. 2004/05/03 

Lying For a Good Cause. 2004/04/28

Muslims are peaceful and friendly people, unless they remember that they are Muslims 2004/04/24

Who Said Politicians Are Not Funny 2004/04/24

The Paradox of teaching the Quran. 2004/04/23 

Morality: The Hidden Dimension of the War.  2004/04/10 

Who is behind Iraq insurgence? 2004/04/07

Fighting Terrorism Ideologically 2004/03/26

The Inside Enemy  2004/02/13

The discovery of the scientific evidence of splitting the Moon 2004/02/08

This Year�s Hajj Claimed 250 Human Qurbanis. 2004/02/02

Terrorism and The Iranian Model: 
Who is Responsible?

Yes, study the Quran! 2004/01/21

To Eradicate or to Moderate! This is the Question. 2004/01/19

The Source of Evil  2003/12/16

How Islam became the darling of the western apologists  Nov. 14, 2003

Truth is not Insult  Nov. 12, 2003 

In the Search of the Moderate Muslim.  Nov. 7, 2003 

Islam in Fast Demise. In Africa Alone Everyday, 16,000 Muslims Leave Islam"  Nov. 3, 2003 

Converting to Islam  22 May, 2003

Balancing Between Human Rights and Security 2003/05/20

Interview with Jan Fletcher (Journalist) 2004/04/20. 

Do we need religions or a spiritual renaissance? 22 March, 2003

The World Federal Government vs. UN   08 Feb, 2003

America: Neither a villain nor a savior   29 Jan, 2003

The Quandary of Muslim Immigrants  09-Jan-2003 

Islam: Politics In Religious Garb.   28-Dec-2002 

The Origin of Christmas  24-Dec-2002 

Has America Lost its Sanity?   20-Dec-2002 

America must help Islamic countries to reclaim their own past  11-Dec-2002 

Why burn the world when we can make it a paradise? Ali Sina responding to Terrene Robertson  10-Dec-2002 

This sun must dawn from the West. On who is to blame for the rise of Islamic fundamentalism By  11/22/02

Hogwash Muslim apology 11/16/02

Advertising American Values  11/03/02

Was Falwell Wrong?  10/14/02

Is Falwell To Be Blamed For Calling Muhammad Terrorist?  10/08/02

Let Walker Walk Away. Put America On Trial    10/01/02

Islamic Game of Victimization  09/24/02  

A Year Later: Are we heeding yet?  09/09/02

Say no to Political Correctness    08/11/02

Call to Muslims of the World   Faith Freedom International  18/10/01

Does Islam Really Have a Peaceful Face? A response to Karen. Armstrong    10/06/01



Intercession  2006/09/16

A Beast as a Messenger of Allah? 

Did Jesus Escape Crucifixion?   

Inheritance: Who Taught God Math?   

Masjidul' Aqsa Didn't Allah study history?   

Samaritans and Moses?   

Day of Judgment   


Speed of Light in the Quran? 2008/02/29

Layers of Heaven

Purpose of  Creation

Genesis According to Muhammad  

Shooting Stars, Allah's Missiles to Scare the Jinns? 


Miracles of the Quran

Numerical Miracles of the Quran 

Did Muhammad Perform Miracles?  

Miracles of Allah  

Splitting the Moon 

Women in Islam

Symposium: Gender Apartheid and Islam 2004/12/31

Women Before and After Islam  Did really Islam improve the status of women?  

Wives of the Prophet

Juwairiyah  14-Feb -2003

Mariyah The Coptic Sex Slave of the Prophet  

Safiyah: the Jewish wife of Muhammad 

Ayesha: the 9-year old Wife of the Prophet   

Controversies About the Age of Ayesha  Answering the Muslims apologetics denying the young age of Ayesha when the Prophet married her. Understanding-islam.com  

Moral Evaluations of the Marriage of the Prophet with Ayesha  

Morality and Ethics

Morality vs. Ethics  

Human Rights Abuses in Islam

Flogging a 11/24/02

Human First 05/02/02 by 

Islam: The Real Source of Violence  

Muslims in the West    

Pakistani Muslims in UK   

Free Thought 

Faith vs. Doubt 2008/06/13

The Grip of Faith  2007/11/24

Dare to Doubt 2007/11/01

Dare to Know 2007/10/31 

Rational Spirituality  An exegesis on Being and Nonbeing  2004/03/13 

What it Takes to be a Rationalist   2004/02/26

Be a Prophet Unto Your Own  2003/12/13

From Belief to Enlightenment:   How to Wean Muslims From Islam      05/24/01

The Origin of Faith  Why Rational People Have Irrational Beliefs?     06/16/01

Freethinkers of Islam      05/28/01

Lies vs. Hate      05/15/01

Finding the Truth   

Reason Is The King   

Which  Religion Is Good?   

Reason and Faith   

About God 

After Death Certainties 2008./02/25

Why be Good if there is no Afterlife? 2007/06/028

What is God? 2007/04/24

Soul and Immortality Ali Sina 16 -Mar -2003

The Origin of God      06/02/01

Chance or Intelligence?  B

Life Beyond and the Single Principle.  

The Purpose of Creation

The Evolution of Monotheism 

God: Some Logical Difficulties 

Modernism and Reformism in Islam  

The Two Faces of Islam 2005/05/02

Are Persians Ready to Leave Islam? Ali Sina answering Anahita 09/30/02

The Fall Islam     08/05/01


Cocooned in Lies   

Fascistic Islam   

Slaying Islam     


Islam vs. Muslims   

Is Islam a Religion or a Cult?   

Absurdities of Hadith and Muslim's Denial    


Miscellaneous Articles 

Can Apostates Revert to Islam? 2008/12/23

Christianity: A Debate  2007/11/27

Muhammad and Temporal Lobe Epilepsy (TLE) 2004/12/04

Were Muhammad's Wars in Self Defense?  2004/10/19

The examples of Muhammad  2004/06/21

A Course in Miracles or in  Brainwashing?  2003/12/14

The Origin of Christmas 24-Dec-2002

Islamic Game of Victimization  09/24/02

Brigit Interviews Ali Sina  08/30/02

Ali Sina's open letter to Prof. Michael Sells 

The Baha'i Faith         10/22/01

Sex In Paradise        09/07/01

Why I Am Not A Muslim   A Review of Ibn Warraq's Book  

Why I left Islam   Ali Sina's Testimonial   

Jinns that Haunted Muhammad A Study of the Mental State of the Prophet.   

From Rags to Riches, From Preacher to Despot. The Good and the Bad in Quran.  

What Happened to the Jews of Medina   

The Invasion of Banu Qainuqa

The Invasion of Bani Nadir
The Invasion of Banu Quraiza

Apostasy in Islam   





Jooos Try to Give Islam Bad Name Ali Sina 2005/04/29

The Unbelievable But Honest To God True Story of My Ascension To Heaven   06/10//01


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