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The Mad  World

By Ali Sina   

A Muslim argued that when the Quran 9:5 says: “But when the forbidden months are past, then fight and slay the Pagans wherever ye find them, and seize them, beleaguer them, and lie in wait for them” it is not talking about the people of Book such as Christians and Jews but of pagans who associate partners with God and therefore my criticism of Islam is unwarranted.

I don’t know how one can worship a god who says kill those who ascribe partners to him. So what? Why this god is so jealous, petty and paranoid? If there are no other gods but him why is he so desperate to the degree that he orders his prophet to murder those who think he has partners?  

Suppose I live with my wife in an island where there are no other men. What would you think of me if I tell her I will kill you if you look at other men? Apart from the fact that this jealousy is psychopathic, the fact that I am jealous of imaginary rivals makes me a total nutcase. Is the maker of this universe a crackpot loony? If there are no other gods but Him, why is he so nervous?  

That is not how I see things. I see Muhammad as a psychopath and Allah was nothing but his own alter ego. He invented this bugaboo deity to fool people and ride them. Allah is no god and even if he was, Muhammad did not receive any revelations from him. Muhammad was a deranged man. He concocted this whole lie to fool people. He was no different from Jim Jones, David Koresh or Charles Manson. Muhammad was a ruthless man - a false prophet. He made people hate each other. He divided them so he could conquer them. He separated sons from their fathers and daughters from their mothers and even encouraged them to kill their own fathers and brothers if they do not submit to his sick claim. Allah was only a convenient tool in the hand of a psychopath. It was this pathological narcissist who craved to be loved and respected not God. 

Why would God be so desperate about being worshipped? Don't you see the ploy? It is not God who wants us to worship him. He would not give a damn if we do it or we don't. Raise your head! Look at this universe. Witness the immensity of it. Our solar system is not even a speck in our galaxy and our galaxy is less than a speck in this vast universe. You and I are insignificantly nothing compared to what God created. Do you really believe the creator of this magnificent universe is so desperate that would order his prophet to kill those who associate partners to him? Do you really think he is so sick to burn people for eternity for not believing in him?... For eternity!? …This is nuts! Now Imagine this sick Allah would forgive all other sins except shirk (ascribing partners to him). A mass murderer like Saddam is forgiven, but Mother Teresa will not be forgiven because she believed in Trinity. Khomeini will be forgiven but Gandhi and Dalai Lama will be burnt in hell. How can one believe in this absurdity? Would you punish your dog as Allah promised to punish humans for not wagging his tail for you? Would you torture a scorpion in this way for eternity? Can't you see Muhammad was only desperate that people worship him? Allah was just an excuse. Of course he could not tell people, worship me. If he had said such thing even his most foolish followers such as Omar and Abu Bakr would have left him. So he used Allah as a pretext and through him he got everybody's respect and attention.  

If truly this God is as psychopath as Muhammad described him why he dose not kill those whom he wants to kill and why he orders men to shed each others' blood? Why we should prove our loyalty to him by butchering our own kind? Why you and I should become God's henchmen when he can easily kill those who disbelieve in him or associate partners to him? 

Don't you see Muhammad's god is helpless? His only power is in fooling people. This is Allah's forte. After fooling them he makes them commit all sorts of crimes on his behalf. He makes them terrorists promising them rewards abd plenty of sex and debauchery if they assassinate and murder people. He tells them: "Fighting is prescribed for you, and ye dislike it. But it is possible that ye dislike a thing which is good for you”? (Q.2:216). Is really fighting good for us? In another place he says:  Unless ye go forth, He (Allah) will punish you with a grievous penalty, and put others in your place”?  (Q.9:39).

These are not the teachings of a loving God. These are satanic verses. These are the teachings of a demon who wants to create hate among us humans and destroy us. He is helpless and powerless but he can lie and he can deceive and he can use the fools to do his demonic work. And you have allowed yourself to become the instrument of this Satan! With what face you will present yourself in front of your creator? How would you cover your shame when the real God asks you why you did not use the brain that I gave you? No, the real God is not going to send you to hell; burn you or torture you. He is not a psychopath. He most likely will forgive you. But what about you? Will you be able to forgive yourself and your stupidity for defending the cause of the Satan all your life and for being part of a terrorist network that took the lives of countless innocent people? Don't you think you are guilty too? Don't you think you have a hand in the massacre of the children in Beslan, the commuters in Madrid or the clerks in New York

This life is our chance to do good and sow the seeds of love. Instead you are promoting the cause of Satan and fomenting hate. This is not the reason why you and I have come to this world. We are created to bring love and unity among all the children of God. We are not created to hate, to divide and to kill. 

Muhammad raided innocent people. He looted them. He massacred them. He raped their women. He assassinated poets for composing poetries that he did not find flattering. He tortured people whom he captured in his ambushes to make them reveal the whereabouts of their hidden treasures. Why this Allah who was always ready to provide for his beloved prophet's sexual needs and license him to sleep with any women he lusted for, did not tell Muhammad where his victims had hidden their treasures so to save those wretched people from being tortured? Muhammad beheaded people and slept with their wives in the same night. He fooled his followers to such an extent that one of them allowed him to sleep with his 9-year-old child. What kind of person can have sexual feelings for a 9-year-old child? Normal people do not get any sexual feelings for; 9, 10 or even 13 year old girls. Children at that age do not have femininity. They are not sexually appealing to grown up men. Only a sick person can be aroused by a 9-years-old child at the age of 54. Yet Muhammad had sexual feelings for Aisha when she was only 6-years-old. Abu Bakr, the history's greatest fool, begged Muhammad to wait for a few more years until she matures. But Muhammad, this sick monster, could not wait more than three years and when Aisha was nine he took her to bed and entered her in the same forenoon that she was brought to his home. Don't these things bother you? How can you justify them? How can you believe in the lies of such monster? 

Do you really want us to believe the God of this universe is a psychopath like Muhammad? Do you really want us to believe that even God is bereft of decency? Allah appears to be more concerned about the sexual needs of his prophet than the lives of tens of thousands of innocent people that he destroyed. Do you really want us to believe that God was a pimp of Muhammad? 33:50

If you want to believe in false prophets, there are plenty of them. But why you choose to believe in a monster? Muhammad was not a human. He was the most evil creature who ever walked on this planet. How can a billion people be so foolish? How can the rest of mankind allow this madness to continue? This is the greatest insanity of our species. It is a far bigger insanity than Nazism which affected only a few millions of people and for only a few years. The insanity of Islam is going on for 1400 years and has engulfed everyone, Muslims and non-Muslims alike.

Islam must be denounced. It must be stopped at all costs. We are at the threshold of the Armageddon. Millions, nay, billions are going to perish. Hundreds of cities are going to melt in scorching smoke. We are the doomed generation. We are the cursed people. Why don’t we dare to question the validity of Islam that is threatening to destroy our world? Why we want to continue with this insanity?     

Don’t you want to pause for just one minute and think about these Questions? What if Muhammad lied? What proof you have that he told the truth? Is there any proof that he was telling the truth?

The evilness of Muhammad is more obvious than the glaring sun. Why you people do not want to open your eyes to see the truth? You resemble one having an erotic dream and while the house is on fire, he covers his head beneath the pillow to prevent waking up because he has an erection and does not want to give up on his dream.

Can't you see Muhammad's heaven and hell are stupidly childish? How can grown up people believe in such stupidities? Having orgies with 90 feet tall see-through celestial whores!? Isn't that ludicrous? What a pathetic man was Muhammad who could not envision a pleasure bigger than sex? Even his paradise is carnal! This man was sick in the head. But, what about you? How can you follow a sick man? Doesn't this mean you are sick in the head too?

What insanity is this that in this day and age a billion people believe in absurdities, feed their minds with lies, fill their hearts with hatred of their fellow beings, and are ready to commit atrocities and blow up this world? What insanity is this that their to-be victims, those who are the objects of the hatred of these billion zombies, do nothing to stop this madness and accept the rights of these benighted souls to continue with their insanity, to promote their hatred and to plan for the destruction of the world?

This is indeed a mad, mad, mad world.




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