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Defeating Islam 
By Ali Sina 


In one of my articles I wrote:  


I promise that if we continue this campaign of discrediting Islam and Muslim scholars, in no more than a quarter of century, Islam will be defeated. Islam will fall, like communism fell. Mark my words today, even if you think I am nuts. If we all work together, especially the ex-Muslims, we can get rid of Islam sooner than anyone can imagine. Iran is already anti Islamic. More than half of Iranians do not call themselves Muslims anymore.

We are demolishing Islam from its foundation. The edifice seems to be intact. But don't let appearances deceive you. This high tower of lies will come down at once.

One friend was skeptical about my confidence and wrote:  

Dr. sina, I am sorry that I am wasting your valuable time. But one thought recently just killing me. You said that you can eradicate Islam with this campaign within few decades.

But sir, are you very sure about this? A die-hard religion, which is of 1400 years old can be destroyed within decades, how, really it is possible. You talked about exponential series. It’s ok, but everything, particularly, stupidity about religion does not follow math.

I read all your articles, again and again. I strongly believe you are not that kind of person who talks big just to stay on the limelight. I have spent about 10 months with FFI, sent "a letter to mankind" to more than 4 thousands people (the number is growing everyday) and entered many forums with different name to post the letter but now i am in doubt. How can you achieve your goal? How is it possible, just tell me.

You said "if we all work together", if you have to use the word "if", then how can you promise. How can you be so sure?

Dr. sina, as the requirement of my profession, I have come in contact with many different types of persons of different nationalities (and mentalities) in my life. I can estimate a person by talking to him (and reading the literature produced by him). I am sure, you are very confident that you will be able to destroy Islam. But what is that “secret" you know, but you are not telling us, which makes you so confident.

Can you please spend some time and give me a reply whenever you get time. I will wait, no problem, but please clarify my doubts.  



Here is my response:  

Dear Antiterrorism:  

Let me clarify one misunderstanding in the outset. I have not claimed that “I” will eradicate Islam. I am not a megalomaniac fruitcake with thoughts of grandiosity. I am just a humble guy. Just ask my cat. This little fellow who lives with me and knows me well does not pay any attention to me. In fact he treats me as if I am his servant. Now if this is the opinion of a cat about me, you can imagine how insignificant I must be.     

I said WE, as we the humanity, can eradicate Islam if we work at it together and in this I am confident. Where this confidence comes from? I am confident because I know Islam. Islam is nothing but puff and pomposity. It is 1400 years old and it has 1.2 billion followers. Nonetheless it is based on lies. It’s like a tall high-rise built on moving sand. As long as those sands remain in place the edifice will stand on its feet. But as soon as you disturb the sand or remove it from its beneath, the edifice will come down crumbling.   

Islam is a lie. Its god is a lie and its prophet was a liar. He was not just a liar but also an extremely evil man. Once you strip Christianity from all the fairytales and superstitions, and separate it from the actions of the Church, you see that it contains  good teachings. Jesus' teachings are  not evil. Once you separate facts from fiction and what the Christians added to Christianity you find the essence of Christianity is love and it is beautiful.   

What will remain of Islam once you separate facts from fiction? Once you discard the ridiculous claim of splitting the moon and climbing to the seventh heaven to bargain with Allah about the number of prayers that Muslims should say during a day and other stupidities like these, you’ll find Islam is nothing but hate, violence, and terror. The psychopath narcissist does not understand love. He understands fear. Islam is based on fear.  

Then when you compare the life of Muhammad with that of Jesus, you’ll see that there is no comparison. One was the paragon of goodness while the other was the embodiment of evil. This is not comparing apples to oranges; we are talking of two opposite poles.  

Let me use an imagery to make my point. Think of Christianity as a beautiful sexy woman rapped in ragas. The more you strip her, the prettier she looks. When she is completely naked, she is so attractive you fall in love with her. Now compare Islam to an old witch, ugly and disgusting, but dressed in fanciful clothing and wearing a seductive mask. The more you strip her, the more frightening she looks. Once she removes her mask you want to run away.

With all this consideration, it is clear why it is a mistake to compare Islam to Christianity. Just because Christianity has withstood criticism, it does not mean Islam will also survive criticism.  

There is good in Christianity, which makes it worth to preserve. Even as an atheist and a rationalist, I can put aside the superstitions surrounding Christianity and appreciate its beauty and its spiritual teachings. I often quote the teachings of Christ, not because of his “authority” but because they are good teachings. “Love thy neighbor”, “forgive the sins of others so yours can be forgiven too”,  “Let the one who has never sinned throw the first stone”, “Only truth can set you free”, and many more. These are good teachings. Mankind will benefit from them. The world will be a better place once these teachings are taken to heart. Just think about these words: "You were told not to sin, I tell you not to think of sin for you would be committing sin in your mind". This is the essence of all goodness. All evil starts first in our thoughts. If we can stop sinful thoughts before they start, there would be no evil left in the world. There is nothing comparable to this in Islam.

Most other religions, like Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism, Sikhism, Zoroastrianism, Bahaism, etc. are mixed bags of good and bad. You can compare them to ore. There is lots of dirt but in the midst of that dirt, there are gems and precious metals.  

There is nothing good in Islam. Islam is sheer evil that is sustained by fear. Not only the teachings of Islam are evil, Muhammad was a monster. You cannot say this about the founders of any other major religion. Muhammad was more evil than most cult leaders. He can be compared to Shoko Asahara and Charles Manson. So as you see, there is a fundamental difference between Islam and other religions.


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