Leaving Islam




What it takes to eradicate Islam

By Ali Sina 


Dear Mr. Sina,  

Words cannot describe my appreciation of your site; I have referred this website address to many of friends and anyone who tries to be politically correct (appeasers). Ali you have started something big here, the way you and other ffi members have ripped apart every Islamic argument with so much ease is truly amazing.

You are to this evil religion what Lincoln was to slavery, what Mandela and Dr. King were to apartheid and segregation, what Gandhi was to imperialism and what Churchill was to Nazism. Ali, I am beginning to see you as one of the great minds of our times.  

In the not too distant future when this evil ideology is conquered I have no doubt people will say "Dr. Sina started it all".

Yours Truly, Ross


Dear Ross

You said it right! In the not too distant future, this evil ideology will be conquered. But I am no great mind.  The fact that you like what I write is because I am penning what you already know. This does not make you and I great minds but rather individuals who are using their brains and are capable of having commonsense. Believe me, "commonsense" is not that common. Also I did not start it all. This is an idea that its time has come. I realized this is the most important cause ever in the history of mankind. So I decided to have a share in it. The course of history does not depend on one person, but it is average individuals like us who make the history. If the American founding fathers did not exist, others would have done what they did. If Galileo had never been born, someone else would have made his discoveries. Now this is not to compare myself with these famous people, but to make a point that history happens independent of people. It is like a train in motion. If you are smart you know when to get on it. If you are not, you will be left behind or worse get overrun. 

The only thing I said and for which I take credit is that Islam will be history in the not too distant future. I know there are still many who look at this claim with incredulity and maybe a concealed smile. Let them smile now; we will have our laugh at the end. Mark my words! Islam’s days are numbered. Now, the question is how. Would it implode from within like communism did, or would it explode, causing the death of millions or even billions of people like Nazism did? The answer to this question depends on how we counter its threat. If we do nothing, then we should brace ourselves to see the Armageddon very soon.  

Those of us, who are active in FFI, strive to avoid this scenario and make Islam implode without causing unnecessary deaths. If a lot of us become involved and spread this message so everyone can see the ugliness of Islam, we will succeed. Muslims will leave Islam when everyone denounces it. How do I know that? It is because I know the Muslim mind. Muslims are desperate for others’ approval. See how they quote this or that celebrity who praises Islam and how they lobby for recognition of Islam by politicians and governments? No one else does that. No other religious group need such approvals to feel good about their religion. Muslims are very insecure of their faith. This can be witnessed in their reaction to criticism. Muslims are the only group that go in a frenzied hysteria, riot, burn houses of worship and kill innocent people if someone somewhere says something not so flattering about Muhammad. These insecurities are the signs of their vulnerability. Once the "useful idiots" stop praising Islam, it would be like cutting their narcissistic supplies. Their pride and arrogance will whither and eventually they will  leave Islam. Believe me, they will! 

So, forget about the Muslims, you target the “useful idiots”. When these useful idiots and appeasers stop praising Islam, Muslims will atrophy and vanish. Educate and if necessary put the useful idiots to shame to grab their attention. 

Once a good number of Muslims leave Islam, in a noticeable way, all this edifice of lies will crumble at once. Islam is sustained by hypes. It is like an inflated balloon. All it takes is a needle to deflate it. The needle is much smaller than balloon, but don't let size fool you. It's the sharpness that counts. We are a needle to the inflated Islam. Falsehood cannot stand the truth. Islam will either implode or explode very soon. This would be the end of terrorism, the end of war and if we can make it implode instead of exploding, the dawn of the first day of peace and collective happiness of mankind.  

I don’t think there is anything we humans set our minds on that we can’t reach. So I suggest, instead of being a cheerleader on the side, join us and become a player. It does not matter to be part FFI. You can start your own site and campaign in your own way. FFI is not The Cause. FFI is just a means – one of many. The Cause is the eradication of Islam.







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