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The Purpose of Life 

By Ali Sina 

VirtualEye who participates in the forum of FFI sent me a PM  asking:  

ďCan you explain what is the purpose and from which divine source you got the purpose of life?Ē    

Before answering this question, let me clarify that there is no such thing as divine source. This very idea is a fallacy. Which philosophy or religion has divine source and where is the proof? We have great philosophies that teach us to be good, loving and how to be enlightened, in my view these are divine philosophies. But the source of these philosophies is not supernatural. They are manmade. They are made by people who were selfless and wise. Following those teachings will benefit us. They are true but not divine. Why they are true? Itís because they make sense, they are logical and they make us better humans.  

What is the proof that philosophy X is divine? Take the example of Islam. Can any Muslim prove that the Quran is the word of God? There are thousands of cults and each has many followers. Some of them are really dangerous. Why should we believe in Islam and not in these cults?  

We call divine something that is supremely good; beautiful; magnificent; pleasant; delightful. And we call satanic something that is extremely evil; cruel; fiendish and unholy.  

Based on this definition, in which category Islam falls? This is not a question that Muslims can answer objectively. The followers of any doctrine canít be objective about their faith. The followers of Jim Jones believed so much in him that they murdered their own children and themselves when he told them to.   

On May 19th 2006, CNNís Anderson Cooper showed a one hour program on Warren Jeffs, the self proclaimed prophet of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. His followers work for him for free. They live on welfare, while he makes 2 million dollars net profit per month out of their free labour. He has about 100 wives, more than seventy of them were previously married to his father who died in 2002. He decides who should marry with whom. Women are told that polygamy is divine mandate and they foolishly accept sharing one husband. His followers do not object when he orders them to give in marriage their minor daughters to old men. Women are taken away from their husbands and assigned to other men at the order of Jeffs. He has prohibited them to have radio, tv or the Internet. They can only listen to his songs. He is among the top ten most wanted men by FBI for statutory rape of a minor, but his followers protect him and therefore capturing him has not been easy.  

Is this cult divine? His followers certainly think so. That is why they are willing to sacrifice so much for their belief. But is this cult really divine? Does the intense faith of the believers prove the truth of a creed?  

The believers are not in a position to make objective analysis of their belief. So the opinion of Muslims about Islam are irrelevant. Once we analyze Islam objectively we can see that it is not divine. Islam orders killing the unbelievers, it says women are less than men, it is okay to marry 9-years-old girls, adulterers should be stoned to death and apostates should be killed. All these teachings are satanic. They are cruel, evil and fiendish. The actions of Muhammad were also fiendish. He tortured people to make them reveal where they had hidden their treasures. Then he killed them and slept with their wives. What he did was demonic.   

On the other hand we have men and women like Jesus, Buddha, Gandhi, Mother Theresa, Lincoln, Socrates, Zoroastre, Cyrus and Martin Luther King Jr. who were good people, did good things, thought good teachings and set good examples. None of these people had supernatural source but they were divine because they were good, beautiful, just and delightful. They did not harm anyone and did not cause pain to any person. That does not mean that they did not have flaws. But their good excelled and that is why we remember them for.  

Now, as for the purpose of life, this is a question for which each person must find his own answer. I will give you my answer. You should find your own. The answer I give you is not divine but it is good, pleasant and beautiful. It is an answer that satisfies my soul and lifts me up spiritually. It is not devilish, selfish, cruel or evil.  

I have chosen that my life should be to serve my fellow human being and make this world a better place. Since childhood, my dream was to go to a third world country and build orphanages, adopt the abandoned children and create a huge family. Not always our dreams come true. Far from a huge family, I have just my cat as my company. My dream did not materialize, but this does not mean I have failed the purpose of my life. I can do something else to serve mankind. Something that is in my power and I can do it. After I came to see how evil Islam is, I knew the purpose of my life is to destroy it. I started writing the truth about Islam helping Muslims see the light and others to be warned of the danger of this cult of death and terror. If I help one potential suicide bomber to see that Islam is false and leave it, I have saved his life and the lives of his potential victims. So I have done something good and divine. And this I have done already. With my writings, I have literally saved lives. But not all the Muslims are going to become suicide bombers. Some of them will just live a miserable life and make the lives of other around them also miserable. By making them see the truth and leave Islam, I can save them too. I can bring happiness to countless wretched lives.  

These people who become enlightened will not sit silent. Immediately after seeing the truth they rise to let other Muslims see it too. So if I help one person out of Islam, that person will help someone else and that one will help others and we grow exponentially. Do not underestimate the power of the exponential growth. We can destroy Islam in our own lifetime. By destroying this evil cult, we will save the lives of millions of people and improve their quality of life. Why all people in all Muslim countries are backward, poor and suffer? It is because of Islam. Once we defeat Islam, Muslims (or rather ex Muslims) will be awakened and will go after science and progress, not after wild geese and 72 ninety feet tall see through celestial whores. By destroying Islam the quality of the lives of all these wretched people will be improved and the world will be saved.  

What would you say of a person who finds a cure for a disease and saves millions of lives? Donít you think that person has fulfilled the purpose of his life? Now which organ in human body is the king? Of course the brain! What if we manage to save the brains of a billion people who now suffer from sever mental disability? Wouldnít that be a mighty feat? There is no doubt that Islam destroys the brains of its victims. Muslims are sick in the head. Let me put this very clearly. Muslims are not fully humans. They are part beast and part human. This is true for all of us, but in Muslims the beastly part dominates their humanity. What task is more important than transforming a billion beasts into humans? I canít think of anything more important than this. And this is something all of us can do. This should be the purpose of our lives at least until Islam is totally destroyed and Muslims are rescued. Then we will find other lofty goals to pursue.  

The purpose of life for us humans is to live as humans and that means to use our brains. This is what distinguishes us humans from animals. Muslims fail miserably in fulfilling this purpose because they have forsaken the use of their brains and have reduced their status to that of beasts. As a Muslim your first goal should be to regain your humanity. Presently you are no more than an animal. You have been born an angel, with the potential to become a saint, and all you have become is a beast. Your purpose in life should be to come back to your roots, throw away your satanic beliefs that reduce you into an evil being and become human again. Weed out the thorns of hatred from your heart and plant the roses of love in their place.  

What is the purpose of the life of a tree? Itís to be a good tree, to blossom in the spring and to yield copious and sweet fruits in the summer. The purpose of our lives is to be full humans Ė to acquire, not beastly, but humane and spiritual qualities. Love, compassion, forgiveness, caring, empathy and kindness are humane qualities. These are qualities that we have to acquire to fulfill the purpose of our lives. These are the sweet fruits of the tree of humanity. Islam incites hate, instills terror and causes war and bloodshed. It is contrary to the purpose of life. It is evil. It takes away your humanity and it reduces you to an animal or less than that. To the degree that Muslims follow Muhammad, they become beasts, evil beings and satanic.  

The purpose of our life is to advance the human civilization. What is the purpose of the life of a bee? The purpose of her life is to provide for her hive and make sure that future generations thrive. The purpose of our lives is no different. It is to live, to be happy and to pass this happiness to others. We must realize that we are part of this universe. Like all other objects, and creatures in it, we have a job to do. Our job is to evolve, live happily, learn and pass that learning to others and contribute to the vast pool of human knowledge.  

The purpose of life is to be happy and make others happy too. Islam does the opposite. It tells Muslims that God loves suffering and also it makes them so evil that they take away the happiness of others and rejoice in their pain and sorrow.

To be happy and contribute to the happiness of others are interrelated. We canít feel true happiness at the expense of others. We are part of this world and a member of the family of mankind. In order for us to be happy as individuals, all mankind must be happy.  


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