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This is the latest death threat from the Islamists:

From: zalamah atterawi <[email protected]>

Date: Feb 9, 2006 3:30 AM

Subject: BEWARE!



NO.: 001/01



In response to the recent blasphemous publications against Allah (SWT) and His most honored prophet Muhammad (SAW) on your internet website, we, of the above mentioned international organization, have by the ruling of Allah's injunction in His Most Glorious Qur'an, chapter 02 verses 190-195, summarily declared and have vowed to carry out, the unfailing EXECUTION of the following persons irrespective of their real or fictitious names:  

Mumin Salih, Sher Khan, Khalid Waleed, Imran Hossain, Faiyza Taffakur, Abul Kasem, Ali Sina and Ayesha Ahmed.  

Wherever they may hide on this globe, their blood has now become lawful to spill for the immeasurable defamation of Almighty Allah (SWT) and the personality of the Rasuul (SAW) and the incalculable damage caused to the world muslims at large.  

Our unfailing order will be carried out where and when it is least expected.  

We therefore, urge the CONDEMNED people mentioned above to quickly inform their families and well wishers about this so as not to let such other people of theirs misconceive their about-to be deaths for some cause different.  





To the brainless assassins of Allah 

We are glad to hear your confession that by exposing Islam we are causing incalculable damage to it. This is an admission that Islam is not a religion from God. How else can a few individuals with only their pen cause incalculable damage to the religion of God? Why the great scholars of this religion are not able to silence us with logical arguments? Any criminal can kill. Assassinations, rioting, bombing, and causing havoc do not prove that Islam is a true religion but rather they prove that Muslims are savages. More The incalculable damage to Islam is not caused by a few detractors but by the conduct of the Muslims.  

We are not lying about Islam. We are unveiling its truth. We are teaching the real Islam. If Islam is ugly and abhorrent, we are not responsible. Time has come that this veil be lifted and truth be seen. If what you see is disgusting, don't break the mirror. 

Muhammad was a pedophile. He raided innocent civilians and after killing unnamed men, took their wives and children as slaves and raped them on the very day he murdered their fathers, husbands, brothers and loved ones. This is what is reported in the history written by early Muslim historians such as Ibn Ishaq, al Waqidi and Tabari. We are not making these things up. We are just putting these facts on the Internet for the world to see.  

The truth itself does not bother you but if someone talks about it you want to kill him?  

What kind of god is this Allah that is offended by the writings (let us say insults) of a few individuals to the extent that he has to kill them? Isn't that stupid? Let us say he is a sick god, why can't he kill us on his own? So he is not only sick but impotent too? Now you want to kill us to defend this wicked and  helpless god, but this miserable thing does not know where we live to help you. What does your god can do? Apart from deceiving fools like you to murder, riot and become terrorists, what else can he do?

Why he needs to hire criminals like you as his hit men? Isn't this enough proof that Allah is no God? If he is God, why he does not have answers to our legitimate questions? I already offered to remove this site should anyone prove our claims against Islam are not true. "Believe or my brainless followers will kill you", is not a logical the answer. 

Allah is certainly not the real God. God can't be offended by what we humans do. This is like an ant telling other ants that if you move your antenna this way the owner of this garden will be so offended that he will want to torture you and burn you for ever. The difference between we humans and God is infinitely vaster than the difference between ants and the gardener. Let us say your a two year old child is rude to you, can he do anything bad enough to offend you to the extent that you would want the kill him and torture him. If you beat a two year old child you'd be a psychopath. This is just foolish to think God is do petty that could be offended by us humans no matter how much we may be rude to him. All this shows that neither Muhammad nor his brain dead followers have any clue what is God. They are demon worshippers. They attribute human qualities to their god. He becomes angry, offended, sometimes he does not know things and asks questions from his followers like the silly conversation that he allegedly has with Jesus asking him whether he had invented the trinity, etc. He can't add us simple fractions, does not know how the cosmos work, and how this universe was created, thinks the sky is a dome over the earth. etc. Muhammad's god  is so stupid that only a primitive mind could conceive him. 

Our entire solar system inside this galaxy is nothing. Our galaxy inside this universe is a spec. And there is no reason to believe this is the only universe. There could be trillions of universes like ours of which we may never know. Now imagine a few people offend the maker of this (these) universe by drawing cartoons or writing articles. Isn't that ludicrous? One must be really stupid to believe in Muhammad and his petty god. Really it is embarrassing to be a Muslim in this day of enlightenment when the stupidity of Muhammad and his cult has become known so wildly. 

All this proves that Allah is not God. Allah was the figment of Muhammad's imagination. It was a tool of domination for him to make stupid people like you kill others, and even be ready to kill themselves to make him powerful. 

How much stupidity is enough? 

Allah is for sure not God. If Allah really exists, he is Satan. Everything Muhammad did and said was satanic and everything his brainless followers do is evil and satanic. 

It is time that all those good people who by error think they are Muslim leave this damn cult and join the fold of humanity. 

The ghost of this demon who was known as Kotham and Halabi for 53 years and when he went to Medina he asked his foolish followers to call him Muhammad (the praised one) is back from hell and this time he wants to burn the world in a holocaust. Don't be his follower. Don't be a fool. Leave Islam and join the rest of mankind in amity. No one hates you as human being. This hate is brought to the world by Islam. It is you who hate others. Leave this cult of hate and terror and reclaim your humanity. 

To Muslims at large:

As a Muslim you are not a full human. A prerequisite of being human is having humanness in our heart, i.e. the love of humanity. As a Muslim you can't do that because you are required to hate mankind. So as long as you believe in Islam you are not a full human. This is the truth. If this offends you be offended. I am slapping you so you come out of your coma and wake up from this deadly dream. You can't have your cake and eat it too. You can't believe in a cult of hate and murder and count yourself among us humans. Just as a member of KKK can't claim to be a good person, you as a Muslim can't make that claim either. You follow an evil man and therefor you are evil. As long as you believe in the hatemongering teachings of the Quran you are not a human. Read my lips. You can't be a human and hate humanity.     

Leave Islam and join mankind. We are all brothers and sisters to each other. Don't follow demonic men like Hitler and Muhammad who tried to divide us with hate. No real God would want us to hate each other. No real God is so desperate that if someone does not bow in front of him he will be offended. This is stupid. Muhammad did not know God. His god was petty like his limited imagination. He was a stupid man and so is his god. Allah is Muhammad's alter-ego. He is like another alias that kids create on the Internet forums that comes to their assistance and approves whatever they say. 

How can you let yourself be fooled by a psychopath? You are fooled. That is all there is to it. It is all a big lie. You better face this truth and wake up now. Islam belongs to these criminals who issue death threats. If there is a shred of humanity left in you, leave Islam now. You can keep you head in the sand and pretend not to listen  But this truth is becoming wide spread and everyone is learning the truth about Islam. The rest of the word start seeing you as zombie. They see Muslims as miserable, stupid brain-dead fanatical creatures. Don't you feel embarrassed? Don't you have enough dignity to feel embarrassed? 

Islam means terror, ignorance, murder, war, oppression, jiahd, poverty, discrimination, hate, violence, dictatorship, stupidity and insanity. It is an acronym for  Ignorance, Savagery, Laziness, Arrogance and Misogyny. Do you really want to belong to this this stupid cult? 

Muslims riot and act with savagery demanding respect. Do you think the world will respect them after seeing their savagery? 

If these does not apply to you, if you do not belong to these goons and are embarrassed of what they do, leave Islam now. If you have dignity, if you value your humanity, leave Islam now. Islam is for fools and if you are not a fool leave this stupid lie now. 

Islam is a disgusting name. Submission is for dogs. You are created noble and noble means free. God wants you to be free not a slave. God does not need slaves. It was Muhammad who needed them. He invented this cult for the fools and said obey Allah and his messenger. Don't fall into the trap of that narcissist fiend. Leave Islam. Humanity is waiting to embrace you with open arms. 

How stupid is the idea that someone form a "organization to defend God". Isn't this pathetic? This poor Allah is so helpless that is offended by simple mortals and his foolish followers form an organization to defend him.  Shame on you for worshiping such a helpless god and for blindly following such an evil man. No other cult is as stupid as Islam. How can you live with this much disgrace is beyond me. How can your children raise their heads in school now that the stupidity of Islam has become known to everyone? 

If you are a woman and still believe in Islam, then double shame on you. You follow a man who said women are deficient in intelligence. Indeed you must be deficient in intelligence for following one who denigrated your kind to this degree. 







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