Leaving Islam




The Miracles of Allah


By Ali Sina

Islam is a religion bereft of commonsense that is utterly against reason. Logically challenged Muslims try to confirm their faith with fancies and puerile beliefs. Only a cursory look at what they regard as miracles reveals the deplorable intellectual bankruptcy of the benighted followers of Muhammad. 

The entire Quran is full of errors - scientific errors, grammatical errors, historic errors and logical errors. Anyone, with a grain of intelligence is surprised at the stupidity of this book.

But the poor Muslims have to convince themselves that Islam is indeed the religion of God and Allah is God. For that they have to fool themselves. They desperately try to manufacture miracles and find "signs" of Allah in the most bizarre things and genuinely they fall for it. In the absence of logic they content themselves with magic and childish tricks.  The miracle indeed is not the Quran but the fact that 1.2 billion people read this nonsense and do not realize that it is a hoax 

List of Some Miracles of Allah 

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In these Islamic sites you can find loads of ridiculous miracles attributed to Allah. In the following pages I'll scrutinize some of them








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